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Video: Lil Wayne Speaks About Shooting “John” With Colin Tilley

Tue, May 17, 2011 by

Tunechi sits down with Sway of MTV to speak about shooting his John (If I Die Today)” music video with director Colin Tilley.

“When I shot the ‘Look at Me Now’ video, I was envious,” Lil Tunechi admitted to Sway in an exclusive sit-down with MTV News. “I was mad that I was on a video that was that damn good and it wasn’t mine.”

The Chris Brown video, which featured both Weezy and Busta Rhymes, immediately sparked the interest of the Young Money CEO. “When I looked around and noticed that I was standing on top of an ambulance and they had somebody doing doughnuts on a motor bike. They had another dude on a skateboard doin’ tricks, they had people around a bonfire, they had people dancin’, everybody was dressed cool. Busta and Chris up here, Chris doin’ moves with his body that I didn’t even know that your body could do,” Wayne recalled. “I looked around when he said, ‘Action.’ All that went on during action. All that I just named; all that went on during one single action.”

Weezy F. was so impressed that when it was time to shoot “John,” he brought Tilley into the fold.

“When I first talked to Wayne about the video, we had just done the ‘Look at Me Now’ video,” Tilley told MTV News earlier this month. “And he really liked the whole feel of that video, how there was just so much goin’ on and just the whole energy and colors and all that. That’s pretty much what they gave me when they gave me the song. They were like, ‘We just love that energy and we want that whole vibe from it.'”

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