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Directors Talk About Working With Lil Wayne On Set Of Commercials

Directors Talk About Working With Lil Wayne On Set Of Commercials

Complex recently chopped it up with people that have worked with Lil Wayne on set of his commercials to see what it was like working with him.

Sara Gilbert, who is the Public Relations Manager for Sovereign Brands, talked about how Weezy acted as his own director to improve the scenes while on set of the Bumbu ads and the “A Word With Wayne” series:

“It must be from his experience being a professional for all of his adult life. He can hear something and put his own spin to it instantaneously. He might hear something upstairs or down the hallway-[maybe] someone shifted their weight and they have their keys in their pocket. He’ll stop and wait for the noise to clear and then he’ll resume or we’ll take it from the top. He doesn’t miss a stride, it doesn’t throw him off his game. The fact that he self-corrects, he’s directing himself, is amazing.”

Matt Aselton, who directed Tunechi in the commercials for Samsung, spoke on how his crew were unconvinced at first if Tune would be able to act the scenes, as well as how he reminds him of an athlete:

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Lil Wayne Spotted Filming Either A Photo Shoot Or A Music Video For “Tha Carter V”

Lil Wayne Has Shot A Photo Shoot Or A Music Video For Tha Carter 5

Lil Wayne has been spotted with director and photographer Nabil Elderkin, who previously shot the photo shoot for Tha Carter IV.

Taking to social media, Nabil shared the picture above of him and Tunechi with a caption reading: “Back at it a couple Carter’s later” with a “direct hit” emoji.

This makes you think that Nabil and Weezy were either working on a Tha Carter V photo shoot, or even a possible music video for a C5 single. What do you think they were up to?

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Feature Friday #88: Avant – You Know What (Feat Lil Wayne & Jermaine Dupri)

Avant You Know What Feat Lil Wayne & Jermaine Dupri

I have chosen Avant‘s “You Know What” single featuring Lil Wayne and Jermaine Dupri for this week’s “Feature Friday” installment.

The Jermaine Dupri-produced song, which was released in 2005, appears on Avant‘s fourth studio album that came out in 2006, Director.

“Nasty, it’s all in me; How he rap and got women like he R&B?”

You can watch the official “You Know What” music video below that was directed by Benny Boom.

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Video Director Eif Rivera Teases A New Lil Wayne Music Video

Video Director Eif Rivera Teases A New Lil Wayne Music Video

Video director Eif Rivera uploaded the picture above on his Instagram page yesterday with the caption: “Edit mode. A little effects here and there by me with a little assistance from my guy @madmaxmordechai Final Cut 7… #WeezyFbitches”

So it looks like Lil Wayne has a new music video on the way. For anyone thinking it will be the Glory” music video, unfortunately it won’t be that one as Wayne can’t drop visuals for any songs off his Free Weezy Album and he also didn’t have the blonde dreads back when he shot it.

If you zoom in onto the bottom row of editing in Final Cut Pro on the photo, you can see the text says “Lil Wayne – The Trap“. This could possibly be the title of the upcoming Weezy video, or it could mean nothing at all!


Lil Wayne To Shoot A Music Video For “Cross Me” With Future & Yo Gotti

Lil Wayne To Shoot A Music Video For Cross Me With Future & Yo Gotti

After finding out that Baby E. and Lil Wayne shot a music video for “Finessin’ on Monday, Eif Rivera has confirmed that there will be another No Ceilings 2 visual being shot.

The video director has revealed on Instagram that Weezy will be shooting and releasing a music video for “Cross Me“, which was produced by The Beat Bully and features Future and Yo Gotti.

Who is looking forward to seeing a “Cross Me” visual?