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Lil Wayne Gives Details On His Forthcoming Sorry For The Wait Mixtape

Tue, Jun 28, 2011 by

Lil Wayne tells XXL Magazine that he will be dropping his Sorry For The Wait mixtape in a week or 2, and that he decided to release the tape because Cortez Bryant pushed Tha Carter IV back to August. Weezy also says the mixtape will have about 10 songs and be similar to No Ceilings, with him going in over other artist’s beats. Lil B a confirmed feature too.

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  • Ecko

    First oh yeah

  • SS


  • SS


  • NICE!!!!

  • snoclaf


  • dracula

    “the mixtape will have about 10 songs and be similar to No Ceilings, with him going in over other artistโ€™s beats.” Oh damn that’s SWAG

  • real-talk



    OMG!!!!!! Yess!!!!! Let’s gooooooo damn Wayne but I love yo ass!
    YMCMB summer take over in a week or 2 I’m guessing

    July 4th

  • weezynweed

    does anyone no if d4 is still going to be released?

  • Its CeeJ motha fucka

    stuff we all get

  • Wayne On Em

    wtf lil b’s featuring? he sucks.. still can’t wait for the mixtape though.

    twitter: @thechadhood

  • GC

    I wonder wat beats he went over

  • Wayne-Train

    damn just 10 songs? oh well that still aint to bad, plus i bet they’re going to be straight bangers!

  • Its CeeJ motha fucka

    man just forget it. this video/ audio will be deleted in a couple hours and we’ll get that mixtape in a couple weeks and itll be a couple of remixes to some songs that we wanted a couple months ago

  • Shell

    Awesome!! Cant wait ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jonathon Taylor Thomas

    10 songs? WTF, No Ceilings had like 18 tracks. Where did the old Wayne go, the Wayne that was the hardest working rapper in the game.

  • ms.weezy

    he should go in on big seans “i do it ” beat lol cause big sean didnt do the beat justice

  • domo

    You Know Damn Well Its Going to Be More than 10 Songs

  • Real_G

    Naw Yaw Can Shut That Stupid Talk About Hoping Dear Anne & Carter IV Leftovers On Tha Mixtape

    Same Ol Format Just A Different Mixtape. They Want Tha Carter IV BITCH its Coming Soon

    Now His Single Thats Suppose To Come Out On Tha 4th MIGHT Be On There… Slim Chance….

    lol we forgive you for tha wait

  • Its CeeJ motha fucka

    wayne drops shitty rock album that flops….. one year later wayne releases another rap album that happened to be pretty shitty and also flops
    lil wayne gets out of jail on good behavior and his producer announces that his album will be coming out when he is released….. half a year later the same album is pushed back for a 2 (“official”) (3months)
    lil wayne’s producer/manager/friend?/fellowrapist mack maine announces a mixtape called sorry4thewait….14 days later they’re still in the talking about it stages of the rap mixtape.
    in other words, lil wayne talks about the rap music…. talking over synthesized beats for anyone who doesnt know what rap music is… more than he actually makes rap music these days. and who killed hiphop? does embalmic fluid kill people.. i think so.

  • Seth Gecko

    10 songs is kinda weak. But I’m sure he’ll have more than that. I just hope they dont suck.

  • Real_G

    Dude Asked Em Would He Be Rappin Ova Other Ppl Beats

    And Wayne Answered Like Dude Asked A Dumb Azz Question…

    Yaw Should Be Feelin Dumb Also….

  • Deonte Hill

    dude on top of me for one “Rebirth” or “Im not a hunman being” didnt flop… SMH people these days
    but anyways Cant wait for this mixtape.!
    Everybody follow me @Deonteian

  • Seth Gecko

    lol @It’s CeeJee motherfucker

    Nowadays all wayne does is talk about rap, rather than actually rap. all his features are straight talking over a beat. 9 piece, im into you, bow chicka wow wow, grenade remix, etc

  • Deonte Hill

    Wells “Its CeeJ Motha Fucka” SMH

  • Its CeeJ motha fucka

    nah they both flopped forreal, they got no sells no radio time.
    got a fuckin WEAK song called im single and fuckin weird song ianahb with a fuckin weird music video filmed outta some guys garage

  • WoopsieGuy

    NO DOUBT “Racks” will be a beat he will jump on!!! Would like to hear him on “marvin gaye and Chardonnay” oh yeah fuck lil b


    @CeeJ you mad? If i ever felt like you did i would just say fuck lil wayne! i wont vist his fans sites any more or listen to his wack ass music.
    His crew is shitty anyway. im not going to leave comments on his fan page. lol

    Just say lil wayne “fuck you” and allow us stupid dumb idiot fans to be happy


  • Its CeeJ motha fucka

    haha fuck that? i been listenin to his music too long to sit back and watch him fuck this shit up after he played the hero. hahah he gonna know how he screwed it up in the end… he gonna look on hear and see all the shit that got him the hate thats why he went into exile like fuckin yoda. so he can see whats fucked up about it.
    if yal were tru fans yall would know sorry4thewait dont mean shit if he still got everybody waiting.

  • why not C4 remixed songs in that mix tape

  • ytone
  • Daknite

    Bet he gon do racks on racks

  • CeeJ’s a fag

    @Cee J

    …..yaaaaa. Wayne sucks. “Been fuckin the world and I ain’t cum yet”

  • DanYMCMB4ever

    @Its CeeJ motha fucka….oh man, u should sit back and see yourself from a different perspective. What you look like is a whinny kid, who is so much in love with lil wayne, but has his own issues, dont know how to express his emotions other than thru hating, and just frustrated with life. Man up man…dont be so obsessed…wayne dont care about ur comment anyway, he doesnt even hv the time to come up here and read it. U r wasting your time while burning urself up…cuz u hv to be mad or in a bad mood in order to post very well thought of hateful comments. Take a moment…it dont do you any good.

    Do you man…stop being an audience…or find another rapper or other type of entertainment that makes u happy.

  • TONY
  • Its CeeJ motha fucka

    stfu i said the same thing to u before. try and stop me. u dont know me and u damn sure dont know what state of mind im in. just cuz i got the time to give my two cents to wayne or whoever that reads this so wat. nigga please.


    We are holding a Funeral for all the beats Wayne is going to kill at my house on the 4th of July lol R.I.P Racks on Racks!!


  • lilwayne>allrappers

    glad 4 an update hopefully more songs then that but it is what it is. leggo!

  • Its CeeJ motha fucka

    alright ur a fag… hold a funeral….. lmao

  • Its CeeJ motha fucka

    i mean forreal i get on here and vent on the little weezy nigga for fuckin up his own music that i used to appreciate and uwanna tell me somethin… then look at urself “from another perspective” trying to announce a damn funeral, or getting followers on ur weak twitter shit or 4 of july party or something on the here…. wft is u thinking bitch!?! huh? u a fag. haha

  • Its CeeJ motha fucka

    ill ruin this fansite all day i dont give a shit
    dont tell me nothing mother fuckers i got shit to say and ill say it when where i want and u can read it or u can scroll away fag.

  • Its CeeJ motha fucka

    i got shit to say and im gonna say it wherever i want
    i will ruin this fan page website all day if i want

  • ??????????

    wayne lied this interview was taken 2 weeks back no mixtape for yall bitchees

  • Its CeeJ Motha fucka

    I like white wieners in my butt

  • Its CeeJ motha fucka

    My daddy sticks his finger in my pooper while I listen to lil wayne


    this @CeeJay nigga got no life lol, trolling a fuckin Fansite, nigga dont u got somthin better to do? u mad cuz u get no attention at home? get ur fat ass up off the CPU and try and do somthin with ur life prick

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy


  • Prime

    Follow me @lilwaynelyrics1

  • yung_money


  • druskey F. crazy

    Really bluh.. A feat. with Lil B- itch.. Gotta be kiddin ma niggah.. This is a FUCKIN joke..



    This kid is been misused in his child, thats why he got so much hate and no confidence in ppl leave him we all know annyway waynes better than him..

  • Man if you aint a fan of lil wayne then please dont come to this site! For all yall sayin that Wayne cant rap and all he does is rap about some random stuff, yall just dont understand the genius. What makes Wayne so good is that he thinks of the lines that no one else can think of. Thats what makes him great and such a pleasure to listen to. Anybody can rap about real world shit and put a few random rhymes together and there you go. But what he does and comes up with is truly amazing. So I dont want to hear that Wayne cant “rap”. This nigga runnin circles around the game and yall just hatin.

  • ??????????

    STfu lilwayne dickriders lil b bout to ether this pussy nigga little wayne smh

  • ??????????

    lil b fucked all his remainin bitches

  • YM Militia

    Fuck yeahhh

  • Its CeeJ motha fucka

    I’m a hater, and I know “Tha Carter IV” will sell more than C3 in a week. I also know sorry4thewait mixtape will be “fire”.
    I have a small weiner.

  • Chris

    This mixtape is gonna be amazing. He’s comparing it to no cielings….nuff said, fucking amazing, and it takes him no time at all. Spitting out raw mixtape producing 2 or 3 tracks a day? so live.

  • T-Raw

    that bitch better have like 21 songs, idgaf.

  • Keith
  • Its CeeJ motha fucka

    wow i got more people commenting about me on this post than lil wayne. yall some dick ridin niggers. wanna stop talking about my wiener and trying to copy my name please? also im working on a remix for the its young money track wayne did ill put a link up in the mean time check this site out with all the official track dates album cover snippets and more… for all you who cant wait!

    seriously stop riding my dick/talking about it cuz yall make this shit so pathetic when u do that.
    #ifursayingigotasmalldickurtalkingabouturdick… u dont know me

  • Bout time!!!

  • can’t wait !

  • Its CeeJ motha fucka

    YMCMB if i burn u for what u saying and then u go and bring on 7 different comments from different emails using different names how u think that looks? like u got no life… exactly
    fuck off faggot i got nothing for u. im doin me and im on here saying what i want if u agree if u disagree i really could care less. this is the last time im gonna address u specifically, and its only because ur maturity is legitimately annoying. dont talk about my penis u fuckin fag

  • Its CeeJ motha fucka

    Sorry for my outburst guys, my daddy was too busy sticking a zucchini up my cornhole.

  • MJ

    did he just say he was 3 songs deep? O.o why dat nigga mac tweetin like the whole tape was done. rofl 3 songs deep, we be lucky if it came out in 2 weeks


    you @ceej motha fucka check this link out homie, u got mad niggas on ur dick tryina bee just like you hahah its cute ๐Ÿ™‚


    @CeeJ i aint mad at you lmao!

    Im too hppy right now

    Yes im holding a FUNERAL for the Tracks on “Sorry4TheWait”

    @CeeJ follow me on Twitter i follow back ๐Ÿ™‚ @MR_YMCMB

  • im sure u do… but no. thanks.

  • ITS CeeJ

    lil nigga bigger than gorilla cuz im killin every nigga that could try to be on my shit opps i meant to say on my dick
    since we’re talking about my dick why dont u haters say bye to it? im gone.
    hey u guys wanna have a flow session for songs that are already made by someone else at my house party this friday friday friday!!!? follow me pwease!
    nigga please.

  • StarENiX

    Why my f’king comments don’t show up!

  • StarENiX


    Don’t bother replying to @Its CeeJ motha fucka. He’s on every post with atleast 3 responses all talking about how he dislikes Wayne and shit.

  • jessi


  • joe_

    @ceej take yo cry baby ass to another site bitch asss motherfucker…

  • terry_22

    lmfao ohh shit i remember that shit @jessi lol they killed and buried that nigga too. lol


    @CEEJ bitch you been talking alot of shit lately .but not too long ago yo hoe ass was all on wayne dick tip . fuck outta HERE STOP BEGGIN FOR ATTENTION


    yeah i remember that too when ceej got mad and couldnt take the heat and ran off this site… i was dead laughing @that shit. i guess he thought people forgot NOPE!!hahaha anyway fuck him i cant wait for this fucking mixtape man

  • staci

    lol somebody called him CEEGAY…lmao

  • StarENiX

    @staci LOL



  • -__-

    wayne mustve fucked ceej mama sor something.. he always talking down on wayne. smfh “DAMN BITCH YOU BEEN A FAN” -NICKI MINAJ VOICE

  • WTF

    i swear too god if lil wayne does a song with LIL B, i will never listen too him again considering the fact that people was sayn hip hip/rap was dying and he saved it(which he kinda did) then turn around and do a song with a nigga thats makin hip hop worse… smh this nigga need a reality check real shit.

  • domo

    ^Well,I guess you wont be listening to weezy anymore. your loss.

  • ITS CeeJ

    hop off ok?
    u really think lil wayne did my mom and THATS why im pissed that the mixtape isnt out yet? stupid ass bitch-brittany spears voice

  • ITS CeeJ

    wtf i feel u
    i think wayne turnin into a contradiction just cuz he got so much talk but his songs are all pop shit and his fans all got his dick in there ass and wanna tell me im the one getting fucked-sidebar… no homo btw.

  • man listen here wayne is a genius realeasing a FIRE mixtape almost 1 and a half months before his album GENIUS ….watch c4 will go a milli in one week……hop of waynes dick @Its CeeGAY Motha Fucka

  • WTF

    @ITS Ceej rite, but i Love Wayne “no homo” but heis becoming too mainstream and he aint making shit thats lyrical nomo he doing shit thats for these white people{not racist} and too make money, i understand the make money part but this lame ass bullshit lyrics they all suck. i havent seen good lyrics since C2

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    i hear what ur saying and thats kinda why im not liking his music no more, but i just dont listen just for punch lines and ryhmes, i mean if im gonna listen to a song i at least want some kind of original content or meaning. like whats the point of a song called im on one when nothing about the song has any meaning of being on ur game or on drugs or even on a team or planet earth…. i mean i just want songs to have meanings and not random ass ryming words.
    and btw thanks for the spinn off of my name? iz kalifa u got some weed i can steal?

  • Mistah612

    so for all yall that think, Rebirth that sold almost 1 million worldwide and I am not a human being sold almost 1.5 million worldwide, with no promotion or radio play, flopped…..yall outta yalls fuckin minds lmao, u tell me how many artists are doing those numbers with real mainstream promotion…….don’t worry, i’ll wait!!!!!!! lmao

  • Mistah612

    Oh don’t get me wrong…..I hated Rebirth, but flop it did not, especially when he put those albums out with no expectations anyway


    HIGH AS FUCK???!! i know he’s not but he damn sure sound like he iz

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    rock: greenday
    rap: uuhhh didnt kanye do pretty good on his last album? idk just guessin. i mean u cant blame the artist when there arre 6.7 billion pirates and they all have internet acess so stfu dumbass.
    and i had that same question btw. if wayne is sober why is he still doing that lighter sound thats so original. and rapping about syrup

  • StarENiX

    What ever happened to the “All of the Lights” remix? To my knowledge, it was never finished and officially dropped.

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    itll be on no ceiling II
    or that was the finished version and it was shitty. who really noes/cares lets get that c4 over with babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • DanYMCMB4ever

    damn man @its CeeJ…u got issues buddy…serious…dont got time for niggers like u…stay at ur block stuck at a fan site, bitchin all day! what a fag! wayne will be stacking racks on rack on racks while u bitch all day asking ur mom for a bus money…”u niggas on the bench, like the bus coming….Itโ€™s a slim chance I fall, Olive Oyl” there you go, in case u wanted the meaning of “i’m on one” hahahaha nigga pls!!!

  • DanYMCMB4ever

    By the way I’m not Mr.YMCMB…we aint no creating 7 different sites for a loser like u.

  • Hawk

    That’s wats up

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    what. the fuck. are u talking about. how about u get a life and leave me alone dannymcmb or wahtever u call urself. fuck off!

  • you idiots he said 10 solo songs and the rest features

  • @ CeeJ mothafucka u just want attention u little faggat!!
    Weezy really flystealth know wat it is YMCMB!!

  • Rose


  • keyzf93

    dats what im talkin bout cant wait for dis ish to drop i hope he go in off of the ima boss beat snd knowin his crazy ass he prolli goin do love faces or sumthin and make dat shit hot as ever lol

  • realg’smoveinsilencelikelasagna

    its funny how CJ over here is callin ppl fags and yet hes still on a fansite hating for fun. ur as bad as seth gecko bro get a life

  • Shamear

    Should have called it No Ceilings 2, would’ve sounded better..

  • Nak Nak

    ha ill believe that wayne is droppin a mixtape when im jammin to it on my i pod…. but like a said a minute ago… i miss the pre jail, high as a kite wayne. the one that hadnt forgot the meaning of work ethic and was droppin HARD shit like crazy… the only two songs he has “rapped” in sice he paid his bid were Jon and 6 7 … all the others he just straight talkin over beats… smh lemme hear the mixtape and lemme hear C4 then ill decide if the best rapper alive still deserves that title. no hate just observations…

  • ely_youngtune

    you know wayne needs to jump in that “tupac back” beat!

  • @it’s Ceej motherfucker Do all of us a favor and fucking hang your self… I always come to read the comments and it’s always your bitchass bitching and complaining about something like little white boys in Call Of Duty.. Get the fuck out of your depression stage and grow the man fuck up! You low life piece of shit! Stop feeling so damn miserable!

  • lashonda

    does anyone know if nicki is gonna be one it?? or who else will be featured on diss?

  • WeezyMyNigga

    If he compared it to No Ceilings, its gunna be murderous. He will probably feature some artists because thats what he did on the last one. Maybe Tunchi will start making mixtapes like this before every carter ?

  • WTFisgoingON

    Rebirth was actually a good album lots of songs was deep my problem with that album is too much autotune I am not a human being sucked should’ve been a mixtape instead the reason it suck was because it was rushed he was just rushing to make songs before he got locked I mean he was killing songs an all but the quality sucked like he did the song in on take wasn’t that good but both albums went gold I hate Wayne stans on this website y’all be sucking the skin off his dick seriously that’s why he’s falling off because of u stans y’all don’t know when to admit when he sucks and y’all allow him to sell when he sucks so he’s going to continue to be trash because of u y’all have his dick in ya mouth so much I question if those are really his sons it’s always “Wayne has so much swag” “best rapper alive” “he killed it” when he didnt stop saying ymcmb don’t claim it they dont know u an all of a sudden when everyone finds out Wayne nick name is tunechi everyone want to say it even the Stan who created this site

  • WayneFanatic

    @C Gay: Why dont you learn about wayne before you start talkin shit. Anne had lighter sounds and codeine references beceause it was recorded two years ago.. fuckin dumbass. It was supposed to be on the C3. Get ya shit straight faggg

  • WTFisgoingON

    Y’all suck the skin off Wayne dick it’s actually sad cuz even dudes are blowing him UR not a fan a fan well admit when he sucks or when he looks like a clown stans are obsessed and will say it’s hot when it’s not for the past few weeks Wayne been walking around wearin the dumbest shit ever and u stand eat it up talking about he has the most swag he this and he that that’s why I think he keeps doing it or maybe he’s trying to prove a point that no matter what he does you stans eat it up he went on the bet awards performing looking like he got all his clothes out of the lost and found and y’all ate that up I swear it’s crazy tho he really dresses like odd future and acts like lil b these days he was on stage skipping and singing in a Girly voice and y’all ate that up then u got the thirsty stans that just have to know what he’s wearing y’all be like does anyone know where I can find those shorts he’s wearing what kinda fitted is that it’s like get off his dick

  • WTFisgoingON

    Then you got the stans that go around quoting Wayne songs and say some next shit that Wayne didnt even say so I know y’all don’t understand rap yapp don’t understand punchlines metaphors and shit y’all just saying he killed shit cuz u a Stan if Wayne didn’t make lollipop 99% of u on this site wouldn’t know who he was it amazed me when y’all said Wayne killed fuck food when tech n9ne did that’s a Stan everyone has their opinions true but tech killed that song that’s a fact yal really don’t understand rap seriously Wayne is not the best rapper alive he nice and has good punchlines but lots of rappers would destroy him EM did and does fab does tech did lots of rappers would murder Wayne styles p jada Joel Royce crooked budden banks and other I can’t think of even juelz did when they did that MIXTAPE together except for one song n.o to NY when Wayne said “shots through the drive side that mean the driver dies car crash kill the passenger double homicide” I wish Wayne would go back to that Wayne

  • Nak Nak

    hahah whoa…. ^^^ fuck outta here… ha!

  • joey

    lmfaoooo @nak nak ikr wtf is that dumb ass writing letters or comments? NOBODY gonna sit and read all that shit. #fail! lol

  • paul


  • aaron

    @WTFISGOINGON you reeeeaaallllly need a fucking life, noone gives a fuck about what u want. wayne gonna do HIM dont like it? dont listen and get the fuck off his fansite . THAT SIMPLE.. that’s for you and your girlfriend @ceej

  • kelly _b

    to the dumbass that actually sat and wrote them dumbass long ass comments ……PLEASE KILL YOURSELF

  • travis26


  • Kaplun


  • eCH0752

    why the fuck is wayne working wit lil b unless its like him insulting him and making lil b look like more of an ass than he already does the fucking kid cant rap if wayne has a miley cyrus swag song im gonna fuckin start to wonder about weezy but this mixtapes gonna be fuck fuck lil b he can go die no one would care

  • Ya’ll dont know

    Lil wayne doesnt suck…but nor is he the best alive….not even close. He aint even a m.c….whens the last time he got on the radio and spit some shit off his head….miss the 90’s when there wasnt “rappers” only true M.C.’s


    lol Wayne may not be able to freestyle but he is the best rapper alive!… Put him and whoever you want besides PAC.. (thats unfair lol) In a studio for 1hr and Wayne’s Track>>>>>>

  • DeadCivilian

    Fuck Lil B. Shows just how much effort Lil Wayne is gonna put into this so called tape of his. 10 tracks? Gtfo.

  • Deonte Hill

    “Its CeeJ motha fucka” you need to look at the sells before you said something flops and thoses songs are raw listen to them….
    but anyways Wayne is the greatest of all time #YMCMB

  • yall some fuckin idiots the album drop august 22 he droppin the mixtape before the album just like he did with the suffix 10 songs right before he dropped the carter2 so 10 song is bout right for that time frame before the album which drops 1 month after then the mixtape this man knows what he’s doing just an appetizer before the main course stop trippin its comin

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    @ rose.

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    half a year later.. its comin. stop trippin what do you expect from him like music or something haha stop trippin lil wayne said it himself ‘BiTcH its comin soon’.

  • YungClay25

    he said he will drop it in a week or 2 so we gonna be bumpin dis in 3……..he alwayz late haha

  • WTFisgoingON

    don’t tell me I need a life and kill myself I did that real fast on my phone on my break I never use a computer like clowns just sitting on this site all day refreshing the page blowing Wayne don’t be mad at my comments everything I said was true look how mad it got u stans lmao

  • YM Militia

    spur of the moment mixtape?

  • Rell

    I swear @Its CeeJ is the ultimate troll. He’s on every post complaining about the same stuff. I mean I’ll admit Wayne needs to stop these weak lyrics but theres no need to waste your time on this website “typing” your feelings tryin to get all the 14 year olds mad.

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    I swear @rell ill stop because u said so ;}

  • WeezyBleezy

    Alright first off I am a huge wayne fan just as everyone else on this site, but he has changed differently. His attitude is starting to change, and hes becoming a hypocrite. In the video above he says how hes gonna ‘kill n!ggas on there own song and make them wish he was put on it originally……………BUT this goes completely against what he says two three years ago. Watch in this video from 2:20 on as he completely contradicts himself


  • Tcrecords

    Most of you guys don’t know nothing about wayne
    The rebirth didn’t flop it went platinum and the I am not
    A human being wasn’t album it was a digitally released
    Mixtape so it could only be sold online and still sold
    Over nine hundred thousand

  • MOE

    @Cee J : LMAO nigga knows more info about wayne than me ..


  • MOE

    HATER **

  • bigguyrapper

    wayne will killed this mixtape and cant wait wat beat he went in on also i got a big weiner

  • i love my sife

  • waitn…..

    Come on mannnn…tired of waiting for this sh!t!!!drop it already

  • Junior

    i hope my nigga wayne is working hard on that tape, cause sorry 4 the wait is a test for the haters to see if the nigga fell off

  • Swizzle D

    Why is lil b featured …. Wayne you woulduve been better off with somebody good … Like yelawolf , Ross , t.i , jeezy , or fabolous. There’s alotta good MCs out there and yu pick Lil B <– he got his fame from YouTube. He's not even signed with soulja boy anymore

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