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Lloyd – Dedication To My Ex (Miss That) (Feat Andre 3000) [Narrated By Lil Wayne] x The DUB Magazine Project Commercial

Wed, Jun 29, 2011 by

Lloyd Dedication To My Ex Miss That Feat Andre 3000 Narrated By Lil Wayne

We previously posted this Lloyd record back in March, but we now get the full mastered version! Unfortunately, Lil Wayne only narrates the song, but it does have a verse from Andre 3000. This track, which was produced by Polow Da Don, is titled “Dedication To My Ex (Miss That)” and will appear on Lloyd‘s upcoming King Of Hearts album dropping on July 5th. You can listen and download the record below, courtesy of YHTN.

Download: Lloyd – Dedication To My Ex (Miss That) (Feat Andre 3000) [Narrated By Lil Wayne]

After the jump, you can watch a promo commercial for MTV2’s The DUB Magazine Project, which is a new show that will begin airing on July 10th. The show will basically interview rappers including Lil Weezy about cars, life and family.

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    Wayne is narrating cuz the record is for lloyd and Andre 3000 is on it. I’d guess it’s cuz he wants a verse vs Andre on his own record or on a YM song… now shut the up dumb broad.

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