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Feature Friday #220: Mario – Crying Out For Me (Remix) (Feat Lil Wayne)

Mario Crying Out For Me Remix Feat Lil Wayne

It’s that time of the week again! Today’s “Feature Friday” installment is the official remix to Mario‘s “Crying Out For Me” single featuring a dope verse from Lil Wayne.

The original version of this Polow Da Don-produced song appears on the R&B singer’s third studio album, Go, which dropped back in 2007.

“And she done heard so many lies, she don’t what’s true or not; Shawty like a valet service, I swear she been through a lot; But I put her car in park and never let her cry alone; I listen to her heart beat because it plays my favorite song”

You can listen to the “Crying Out For Me” remix below. Fun fact: this Wayne verse is one of Drake‘s favorite verses of all time!

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Jozzy Calls Lil Wayne The GOAT & Reveals How “Sucka Free” Came About

Jozzy Calls Lil Wayne The GOAT & Reveals How Sucka Free Came About

Jozzy recently chopped it up with Navjosh from HipHopNMore for an interview that included her speaking on how her “Sucka Free” collaboration with Lil Wayne came about.

During their conversation, Jozzy explained how working with Timbaland and Polow Da Don at The Hit Factory Criteria Recording Studios in Miami gave her the chance to meet Weezy and work with him.

The Memphis music artist/songwriter also revealed how nice and supportive Tunechi is towards her, as well as called him the G.O.A.T. You can check out exactly what she said about Tune after the jump below!

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Feature Friday #136: Chris Brown – Forever (Remix) (Feat Lil Wayne & Lupe Fiasco)

Chris Brown Forever Remix Feat Lil Wayne & Lupe Fiasco

The “Feature Friday” installment for this week is Chris Brown‘s “Forever” remix featuring verses from Lil Wayne and Lupe Fiasco.

The original version of this Polow Da Don-produced song appears on Breezy‘s Exclusive: Forever Edition album that was released back in 2008.

“I’m so on another pedestal, my foot is on the pedal; I never ever swerve baby, I’m on the syrup baby; I know you fast, but I can make you *errr* baby; Don’t hit the curve baby, yes I’m for sure baby; I know you’re hot, but I can make you hotter baby; Like fur maybe, now we got PETA hatin’; But we put great to the test, and now we the greatest”

You can listen to the “Forever” remix below.

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Monica – Just Right For Me (Feat Lil Wayne) [Music Video]

Monica Just Right For Me Feat Lil Wayne Music Video

Here is the official music video for Monica‘s “Just Right For Me” single featuring Lil Wayne.

The visual was directed by The Rite Brothers and the Polow Da Don-produced song will appear on Monica‘s upcoming Code Red album, due to be released later this year.

Click here to check out some behind the scenes pictures and footage from on set of the “Just Right For Me” video shoot!

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On Set Of Monica & Lil Wayne’s “Just Right For Me” Video Shoot [Pictures & Footage]

On Set Of Monica & Lil Wayne Just Right For Me Video Shoot

Last week, Monica and Lil Wayne shot a music video for their “Just Right For Me” single at a skate park in the early hours. Mack Maine was also spotted on set, so maybe he will be making a cameo in the visual.

If you haven’t already heard the Polow Da Don-produced collaboration, which will be appearing on Monica‘s forthcoming Code Red album, click here to listen to it.

You can view a couple more behind the scenes photos from on set of the “Just Right For Me” video shoot after the jump below, as well as also a short clip!

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