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Ludacris – Sex Faces (Feat Lil Wayne & Trey Songz) x Lil Wayne Has A Mixtape On The Way?

Tue, Jun 14, 2011 by

Ludacris Sex Faces Feat Lil Wayne & Trey Songz x Lil Wayne Has A Mixtape On The Way

Check out this new Ludacris track titled “Sex Faces” featuring Lil Wayne and Trey Songz. The song is off Rap-A-Lot Records’ upcoming 25th anniversary compilation album. Have a listen below and hit the jump for the first glimpse of info on a new Tunechi mixtape.

Props RD

Last night, Lil B was in the studio with Weezy and tweeted that him and Wayne have recorded a track that he has landed a spot on a new upcoming mixtape.

“Studio with @liltunechi lastnight was amazing we got something 4 yall, check me out Lil Wayne Feat Lil B ON HIS NEW MIXTAPE SWAG” – Lil B

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  • tunechi is the best



  • Kuzz

    Download not working alrede! 🙂

  • domo

    Mack Tweeted The Mixtape Called “Sorry For The Wait”

  • weezyf

    why can’t i listen?

  • Mr Xclusive
  • secretweapon


  • Tommy

    listen here:

    follow me:


    Acepttance Speach for Winning First :::
    I love God! All of my family. SHOUT OUT TO MY HOMIE WEEZY AND DANNY!!! Y’all make my workouts like a music video cause Once I put my head phones in I’m in my zone…
    I love everybody that post under my First comment. Thanks to all my fans!!! Deuces lol


    Acepttance Speach for Winning First Award :::
    I love God! All of my family. SHOUT OUT TO MY HOMIE WEEZY AND DANNY!!! Y’all make my workouts like a music video cause Once I put my head phones in I’m in my zone…
    I love everybody that post under my First comment. Thanks to all my fans!!! Deuces lol


    damn when will tha tape drop

  • Jordon 6’7

    yep mac jus comfirmed it via twitter “SORRY 4 THE WAIT”

  • Darryl Darensbourg

    Sorry for the wait… ahhhh YMCMB

  • ^^^lol.. Its abt time! Mixtape king cnt w8. YMCMB! Legooo


    Lil B is fuckin serious he gonna put dat garbage ass fagget on his mixtape


    damn im late but he killed it

  • BOII

    SORRY 4 THE WAIT!!!! let’s fucking go!!! My whole summer is about to be a music video!

  • Rio904

    o hell yea lol……drop dat hoe!

  • Lil_E23

    ya the mixtape is called sorry 4 the wait.

  • ryang

    hey anyway i can get it to work

  • steven



  • weezy wee


  • Nak Nak

    ha if this mixtape is really called sorry for the wait imma laugh my ass off! haha tune feels us man…. he’s all “damn… my fans are pissed the FUCK off that i pushed the album back… sorry 4 the wait…” hahaha


    Yall know the haters mad like “wayne dont care about the fans” NOW WHAT!?!?! hahah
    yes wayne yes this made my fucking day
    sit back and ease your mind cause weezy bout to snap!

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy


  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    and i think lil b is not even that good but oh well!

  • Nak Nak

    who is lil b?


    LMFAO @Luiseezy slow your ass down and type lol i know you hyped cause im playing No Ceilings getting crunk as fuck right now lol “Sorry 4 The Wait

  • T Cmata

    Weezy Has Improved,If u can look at anne,how to love,his verse in dis track have a meanin unlike sum verses with random ass punchlines

  • Tune(Man on the Moon)

    your just talking about the mixtape and here isnt a comment to the song yet lol

  • aish thaks

    Dedication 4

  • Weezy f crazy

    link doesn’t work :S

  • LuCkY41

    download aint wantin to work………

  • Reezy

    hello? weezy has just featured on a track with 2 of the biggest names around and all we can talk about is his mixtape?

  • Dmac

    Lil B….Really? C’mon tune youre waaaaaaay too good to get involved with making music with him.. cant wait for the mixtape tho


    go to hiphopearly . c o m and its at the top of the page im typing this while listening to the song

  • LuCkY41

    why aint this ilivid or hulkshare shit lettin me download the track??

  • LuCkY41

    got it appreciate that.

  • Nuni

    Carter 4 all day!!

  • Real_G

    Ludacris Is So Fuckin Under-Rated Its Sooo Crazyy

    Wayne Is Just Wayne BEAST MONSTER MARTIAN ETC……..

    This Smooth Azz A Bitch

  • C_MEEZY 3

    I’m just as pumped about this mixtape as anyone, but really? lil b? wtf. that nigga softer than a spider web. he as bad as soulja boy. still cant wait for the mixtape.

  • lilwayne>allrappers

    dope song! and cant w8 for mixtape

  • Dan

    One of the best Wayne features I think since jail.

  • Dan

    Also, the ad in the left corner of this site is so annoying…

  • Wheres Dedication 4 ??????

  • @inizzle dedications come out after tha carters drop

  • why yall trippin you know wayne do songs with erybody so this shouldn’t come as a suprise

  • Real_G

    It’s a surprise cuz its his mixtape and if u been followin Wayne you know his only features on mixtapes are ppl from YMCMB OR PPL AFFILIATED…… and lil b out of all ppl…. that’s a wtf…… but can’t wait tho

  • morris

    fuck that pussy called lil B ….wayne i am ur number 1 fan but quit fuckin with small cats damn u the big dawg in this

  • nola native

    heres a good link, i cant download from the link in the OP…

    Ludacris – sex faces :

  • D.R.K.

    this link is working 😉

  • Youngtune

    Lil B? Really. Thats taking feats too far now smh. He sucks…he doesnt even deserve to be in the same studio as wayne. But im lookng forward to the mixtape, hope we still get dedication 4 some time after C4 drops.

  • Lil Tune

    we cant download any of the songs cause he changed the provider… so in google type the name of the song and at the end write mediafire and it will come up and click download..

  • WhereThaC4

    lil b is the worst effin rapper alive… lil chuckie is better than this guy!!!
    wayne really desperate these day!!!

  • Toon BasedGodd

    Man What y’all Mean yall Should Be Happy Lil B The BasedGodd On His MixTape Ha … Lil B BasedGodd Swagg

  • WhereThaC4

    that nigga lil b suck!!

  • lil_KaneB

    ey, the download and the stream aren’t working 🙁


    YEEEEEEEEEEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAYNE GOIN IN!!!!!!!!!!!

  • White kid

    People who comment on this site need to learn to be helpful….
    working link:

  • Wisheezy

    Lil_KaneB I reuploaded it for you:

    I’ll edit the blog post in a bit

  • lil_KaneB

    OK Thank You Man!!

  • So SEXY! love trey!

  • Artemio

    Can someone help out and explain in a couple of steps how to download these songs on Hulkshare. I go to the website, but I get confused and end up not downloading anything.

  • that is my remix to dear anne. tell me what you think!!!!!!!! weezy fan till the day i die.

  • V i L L A i N

    I’ma delete that lil b song tho. fuck that shit

  • jimmy

    Lil B is a better lyricist than Wayne

  • @jwilliams_305

    follow me on twitter @jwilliams_305 #TeamFOLLOWBACK

  • babygirl397

    aye yo steven is yo whole name steven howie jr.

  • babygirl397

    aye yo weezy weenie sorry for the wait week is already started dummy

  • babygirl397

    aye yo white cracker you need to shut tha fuck up

  • KayelonLovinMickey

    wat u said aye yo wezzy wat

  • fuck lil wayne… hes a mother fucker!!!!!!!!!!1

  • rainbow_barbie397

    steven i’m waiting 4 my answer

  • rainbow_barbie397

    @kayelonlovinmickey shut tha fuck up

  • J-Sway

    Hard work is everything

  • De Vante` Gray

    yo jay d you got it all confused you try to do what wayne do and you be another star missing you don’t have half the talent wayne do release a album and see how many albums you sell