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Video: Young Jeezy Brings Out Lil Wayne At Birthday Bash 16 [Updated]

Sun, Jun 19, 2011 by

Here’s a nice surprise, tonight (June 19) at Hot 107.9’s Birthday Bash, Young Jeezy brought out Lil Wayne to perform “Ballin’“. Weezy‘s energy is incredible and the crowds reaction is intense!

We will update the video when a better quality one becomes available. We have updated the video with a higher quality version and from an on stage perspective. Hit the jump to view the original video of the performance we posted.

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  • Eastsider

    Jeezy TM103 Huh I C yah


    Follow @MR_YMCMB on Twitter! Summer=Weezy Takeover!

  • Kennyy10


  • Tristan



    Damn Wayne got HYPE AF!

  • Bin Ladins Beard

    Damn Too Much Crips Too Where Weezy And Birdman Couldn’t Wear Red.

  • Eastsider This shit go hard they did a remix.

  • steveo

    damn everybody love weezy , you saw how that crip nigga hugged him lol , , i would hug that little mf too lol nohomo

  • DanYMCMB4ever

    Weezy = fire, dont mistaken that!!! The energy of the song, just like changed 1000x

  • Mike

    Weezy rarely wears red anyways and none of the guys up there look threatening.

  • I was there and when Weezy came out the whole stadium started rockin. Mr. Birthday Bash Jeezy was rockin but when Tunechi came out AND THREW THAT HAT it went from 100-10000 times better, he def. made bday bash this year YMCMB


    I’m amazed how Weezy sent the crowd through the atmosphere!!! … Swag wise and performance he’s untouchable.

    He was rocking so hard the crips were HYPE at first! then they had to calm themselves lol they looked confused on how to act his whole performance LMFAO!

  • o.O

    common people u know that C IV wont be that much selled as the C III …

  • ummm weezy getting respect from crips and shit?
    he didnt get that much respect from bloods for real…
    its right when he said “its blood gang slime, but i party with snoop”

  • lilwayne>allrappers

    wayne was hype as fuck. LMAO @steveo fuck it ill hug that lil nigga as well no homo.

  • DOPE

    wayne going hard! damn this tha shit

  • R3m1

    Hot hot hot indeed, love the energy like always

  • Weezy

    What does weezy mean with that hand gesture on the 7:13 mark ? always wondered

  • Lkay

    wadddup bloood you killled em weeezy mofuckas . ahahahahah jeeezy was the nicest thing you ever said for tunechie bout ben laden .

  • Real_G

    @o.O Gne wit that bullshit. Ain’t nobody even talkin bout that shit……. and jeezy prolly already put Tha word in cuz he been da homie since day 1


    all niggaz starting jumpin if lil wayne goes in.

  • jaman10

    This is why Weezy is the best.. he’s respected by EVERYBODY(except haters)… You see REAL Crips(no 40 Glock) dappin the nigga up and hugging him!! that’s real shit right there.. and other bloods and crips need to do the same thing respect each other and become one big familyy.. YMCMB.CTE.BWS.. they all family! getting bread together!!! LOVE.

  • Randy

    lmao, why does wayne dress like a clown? don’t get me wrong, he’s my favorite rapper, but needs to stop dressing like that lol


    One last thing…. Imagine how hype Wayne’s verse would be if they didn’t cut out half of it!!! Damn Best Rapper Alive.

  • Tune(Man on the Moon)

    does anyone know about lil b is gay?

  • ninab


  • Chris

    That’s was so hood

  • DOPE

    @Tune(Man on the Moon)

    Lil B claims he ain’t gay, but is album is called I Am Gay. That’s some mindfucking shit.

  • John Rozay

    Tunechi straight fireee !

    C4 / TM103 Legooo !

  • robot chicken

    damn…his voice sounds like the carter 2 wayne

  • Dan

    The guys running around on stage with the camera are really annoying.

  • Tune

    Dont like father like son II suppose to be out 2day??

  • real respect real and wayne respected by erybody

  • Nik_Tune

    maaaan…his just performing on stage infront of a crowd of crips and he´s wearing a red bandana if you watch closly…i think he doesn´t have any problems with crips…
    cain´t wait for tha C IV !!! 2 mil tha first week !!

  • soowoo5blood

    if yall look closer he has his flag on

  • what is yall sayin his flag is on the rightside my nigga

  • Fly Iwishitwastoo Dungas

    @Tune according to Birdman, so no

  • UncleBlueJuice

    yo some1 make me a ktt Account

  • soulja slim

    i bet none of you kids know that wayne cut the bottom half of his dreads off in jail. the hair that he has now is called a weave.

  • Real_G

    Jeezy Tha Realest Nigga In It Real Talk……


  • What Wayne mean when he say
    “They say numbers don’t lie cept one time”?

  • @darius one time is a old name for police

  • Rose



  • jean

    verdade a multidão fica doida com lil wayne

  • mmm

    demmm no doubt best rapper alive, look only what happens when he walks in the building..

  • doo7a

    wt was the previous song?
    tht shit goes haard..

  • #1

    On June 20, 2011 at 2:32 pm doo7a responded with…
    wt was the previous song?
    tht shit goes haard..

    It’s called Lose My Mind and even Drake did a verse on it 🙂

  • john

    jesus f**ing christ loooool all those crips niggaz looking at him waiting to jump him for all his songs he made about how blood is is like “blood niggaz” , man……. loool that would of been really cool if a fight had happend like weezy n the crib miggaz loool i was like WTF is he doing giving his back to the cribs while preforming balling which have some bang shit in it looooooooooooooooooooooool , fuking weezy never calm down till he gets shot

  • Nak Nak

    SMH at yall sayin his verse is cut up… fuck ya’ll talkin bout?

  • Mugtown_General

    Real Niggas dont trip on what color you banging, thats for them young wild niggas… Plus Jeezy stay Trued up and he fucc wit Wayne. I know hella Crips that listen to bloods and hella bloods that listen to crips

  • Waynehead

    Yall notice when he said “Run in ya house and get to poppin at ya showercap” he shot to the front then back at the crips lol Weezy da fuckin best.!

  • @Waynehead He Didn’t shoot at the crips in the back he put his fingers to his head to symbolize “poppin at your shower cap” dummy why all ya’ll dwelling on this crip and blood shit get over that shit damn….

  • TONY
  • UncleBlueJuice

    Make me an account on ktt

  • ¤Mazin Carter¤

    21 June Is Come In…Where Is Brisco & Lil Twist’s Album…Somebody Answer Me Please???


    Crips and bloods.. Lol kiddies shit and only niggas without brain and life fallowing such thing like red and blue

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  • yung_money

    it’s june 21st ain’t C4 dropping today???? LMFAO

  • Tune(Man on the Moon)

    how about sorry 4 the wait drops today

  • Dungas

    I was so hard to hear that mixtape today plese put it out hahahaha

  • DOPE

    @yung_money no it’s now august 29th

  • Daknite

    Sorry 4 Tha Wait bout to go down

  • Rell

    You see how fast Wayne left that stage? You can tell he was shook haha

  • issey ……………..hihihihihilisten to yhiis song i bring it before the web site


    Sorry4thewait really drops 2day??

  • Maddison

    And to think I should be rocking out to c4 right now.

  • Gary


    Does anyone know a lil wayne verse or lyrics where hes talking about proposing? or putting a ring on a girls finger?

  • Ecko

    Now when is that mixtape coming? If it’s not coming within a week they should release another mixtape called ‘again, sorry 4 the wait, but we just can’t keep our word’

  • yung_money

    @ DOPE i know my nigga i was just bullshittin around but since we couldn’t go cop c4 today wus up wit that sorry for the wait anybody got a release date yet?????

  • FlyDungas

    I hope we at least get a release for it today if it doesn’t drop it should though i picked up some widow just in case

  • ¤Mazin Carter¤

    I Hate Dis Page !!!

  • rem93130

    when the hell is wezzy’s mixtape coming out… its ridiculous i hate the dude in charge of wayne’s releases. id pop one in his mouth!

  • Pdizzle

    …well i’m patiently waiting for this site to post his mix-tape….

  • Ecko

    Me too…can’t wait much longer…

  • Nak Nak

    what do you guys mean post his mixtape? @Pdizzle and Ecko. is it out yet?

  • Ecko

    @ Nak Nak not yet, but mack maine said it was ‘coming soon’. It’s called ‘Sorry 4 the wait’


    No doubt best rapper alive..

  • cali

    so whens the next post coming

  • No info on the mixtape until next week

  • babygirl397

    mazin carter tha album is up yo ass

  • niga wayne should rolled up in the bitch with YMCMB nigas fuk them crips

  • Pdizzle

    Well if you say no info until next week, then I am very disappointed that nothing came out today… I really was hoping for the mixtape to drop today. Ohhh well.

  • Iowa

    Also kinda makes me mad.. he hasn’t dropped anything since last yearrrrrrrrr

  • yung_money

    these niggaz don’t know shit how they gonna say info on da mixtape come out next week where da fuck did they get there info??? niggaz just be lying and guessing shit DJ_KOOL008 fuck outta here wit that shit state facts bum ass nigga

  • YM Militia

    You actually beleive theres a mixtape coming? gimme a break YMCMB lies all of the time to get people hyped up when nothings actually happening

  • YM Militia

    Besides Lil Wayne probably watching sports other than recording

  • Nak Nak

    hahahahah @ YM milita. your probably right. or he’s at liv makin it rain on some fat ass strippers….. FUCK THAT we want some MUSIC!!!!!!!

  • Dannny drop some harrrd shit! Flystealth YMCMB!

  • Loyalty

    You know theses hos love to see me ball! Weezy F. Baby!

  • JRO

    This video gives me the chills…

  • rainbow_barbie397

    yung_money shut up

  • rainbow_barbie397

    Nak Nak u need to shut up too!!!

  • rainbow_barbie397

    jro shut up

  • I Love Lil Wayne =)