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On Set Of N.O.R.E.’s “Finito” Video Shoot x Trae – That’s Not Luv (Feat Lil Wayne) [Full]

Tue, Jul 12, 2011 by

Last night, N.O.R.E. shot a music video for his single “Finito” off his upcoming Superthug album featuring Lil Wayne and Pharrell. Mack Maine will make a cameo in the visual that was shot in Miami, and it will be directed by Spiff TV. You can watch some short footage from the video shoot above and view some photos after the jump!

Also, you can download the full mastered version of Trae‘s “That’s Not Luv” record below featuring Weezy, which leaked back in 2009 on the Hottest Nigga Under The Sun unofficial mixtape. The song was produced by STREETRUNNER and appears on Trae‘s Street King album in stores now… and yes, Fabolous used the verse for a track on his mixtape too.

Download: Trae – That’s Not Luv (Feat Lil Wayne) [FULL]

On Set Of NOREs Finito Video Shoot Feat Lil Wayne

On Set Of NOREs Finito Video Shoot Feat Lil Wayne

On Set Of NOREs Finito Video Shoot Feat Lil Wayne

On Set Of NOREs Finito Video Shoot Feat Lil Wayne

Shouts to 57thAve and YHTN

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  • nachito

    firts madafakas


    Wayne is a work-aholic like Danny lol

  • alex

    2nd dam so close

  • J

    Dammit when I saw a new post up on here, I was hoping for some news on SFTW dropping!

  • dillon

    4th, nxt time its #1 bt its all gud weezy keep wrking

  • pocket full

    sorry 4 tha wait today or tomorrow ???

  • dillon

    hey danny any word on wen wayne gonna shoot a video to Hot To Love?

    • @dillon – Wayne already shot a video for it, but I’m not sure when he plans to release it.

  • jazz

    wtf kinda pants wayne got on? lol

  • Dank

    Look at the beginning it looks like Wayne is standing there asleep. Then the way he pops his head up.

  • -__-

    where’s @it’s ceeGAY ..opps i mean @it’s cee j .lmao

  • fly DuNgas

    Finito is just too hard

  • MJ

    SFTW Dropping Tommorow!!!


    @MJ true ??

  • Dmac

    Wayne said SFTW drops today or tomorrow… my bet is tomorrow night tho haha

  • gabos

    hahaha weezy is high

  • Byrd McFly

    I heard Sorry 4 the Wait was going to be released this morning at 6 a.m., but they pushed it back to after Tha Carter IV haha

  • druskey F. crazy

    Hahaha.. WAYNE ON ONE.. Look at em go.. This mafucka said “waitin on tha revolution”?… Tha FUCK haha.. Plus he got them shades on.. Uh o.. He gone

  • malev

    Sounds like it should have been on Carter 3…Weezy was tight on this track

  • Lil_Tune

    I thought he said “red flag revolution”

  • AllieRaeTunechi

    Sorry4thewait tmrr!! yyyeeeaaaahhh buuddyy! cant wait! its gonna be the shit! <3 Weezy till i die! <3 ;-*

  • -___-

    queer as ever boi!

  • fLy dUnGAs

    im not one to comment on his clothing but that upside down flag hat is fuckin dope.
    i hope the mixtape comes out today, or at least at midnight, cuz im not gonna fuckin sleep if it doesn’t its like fuckin christmas eve

  • hi wayne everything ok ,have you listen to al green/i,am so tired to be alone. and is nicki going to put some clips for the reaggesumfest-jamacia for us fans to see on her page send to us from billyjean peace. halla.

  • Akilleeesssss

    Wayne Looks Ridiculous but Like The Song Has a Playing With Fire Flow

  • C4

    tha carter 4 comes out july 19th in

  • jc

    I know wayne has to be sober for 3 years but does it not look like hes on somethin? lol


    honestly i think on 13 july droppin the mixtape

  • Militia Gang

    Remember nothing is promised everyone. Chances are we wont even get this mixtape so keep your fingers crossed!

  • iowa

    @fLy dUnGAs lololol

  • JohnnyB

    @fLy dUnGAs i know how ya feel

  • vonte

    Wayne got so much money dat this nigga dont even care wat he be wearin!! lol


  • Pauly D

    that voice of that other guy is kind of gay

  • Steven

    why is he wearing 3 watches??? pic 2

  • MJ

    lol is indonesia really getting c4 next week? that shit would hit the net as soon as it comes out

  • MJ

    and it looks like we’re getting the tape tommorow, they ussually stream there mixtapes in the morning

  • Tunechi

    So Umm Anybody have the artwork or the tracklist for SFTW?

  • Tune

    Yeah I frogot the site but the cover has been revealed it was in the comments of a recent post in the background it’s a bunch of his old mixtapes they are all black it says Lil Wayne sorry 4 the wait in red and white

  • realmuthafucker

    hey theres a song called last night by mark battles…….on youtube people saying that lil wayne brought them to the song…..whats that about?……..

  • real-talk

    If the album was coming out on the 19th in a different country it would already be leaked..

  • zTunechi-


  • young tune

    lil wayne – rack on racks leaked … he killed it for 5 minutes.


    He re-did the “Thats Not Luv Verse” and he ruined it lol … it was better before.

  • zTunechi-

    wers the racks on rack leak????

  • MJ

    it didnt leak

  • A MAC

    haa ha mis matching socks and 3 watches. only Wayne!

  • cubanlinksjeans

    follow me on twitter yall @CubanLinksJeans im famous got 20,000 views on WSHH

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