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Videos: Lil Wayne & Rick Ross Perform “John” In North Carolina x MTV Unplugged Re-Cut

Mon, Jul 18, 2011 by

Above, you can watch some high quality footage of Lil Wayne and Rick Ross performing “John (If I Die Today)” in Raleigh, North Carolina at the Walnut Creek on July 15th for the “I Am Still Music” tour. You’ve got to find it funny how Weezy went high-pitched half through the song haha 😆

After the jump, you can watch Tunechi‘s MTV Unplugged Re-Cut, which shows Wayne rehearsing for his MTV Unplugged performance.

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  • Lil_Tune

    what up

  • DOPE

    hehe HELL YEAH nigga

  • I just saw a guy air-DJing in his car. I laughed so hard that I almost dropped my air guitar.

  • Shrei

    Ten drugi filmik jest super . Dla wpisu daję 10 / 10 : D


    when is the unplugged album out

  • nurse91

    what is the name of the last song on the video?


    Tupac – Hail Mary?

  • JohnnyB

    well done 2 is dope

  • Ha ha ha dope video

  • vibing

    “hell yeahhh nigguhhh” lmfao

  • Make Me

    That was dope seeing Wayne rehearse Hail Mary


    weezy got up on that jumper lmao

  • rita32

    i was at that concert in Raleigh, NC. fuckin crazy like always!!!

  • Loyalty

    Nice videos! Mr. Carter looking real good 🙂

  • frinese93

    it was soo amped, i met him after the concert at his hotel!

  • mr tunechi

    i saw lil wayne last night best concert ever he was rockin tha snapback

  • theCeeJ!

    word of advice to wayne, stop performing those slow songs, love the hype

  • Mr. J.B

    The Name Is Wale Ft J.Cole Bad Girls Club

  • Eezy

    Wayne is freakin out haha sickkkkkkkkkkk

  • ayoo

    @it’s ceej words of advice to you stfu!!

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!


  • Tune

    Check out tygas well done 2 it’s better than sorry 4 the wait!

  • AllieRaeTunechi

    ahhhhh hes hot! i was sooo pissedd i couldnt see him live yesterday! i was legit in a depression! </3 soo sadddd): those words are understatements! i was heartbroken! hahaa. when u gonna have vids of him porforming in mansfield? wish i could of gone. </3

    mrs. tunechi right hereeee

  • maybech music rival to young money now???? it looks like they gotta a lot of shit cumming out! Weezy still FLY STEALTH!!


    @tune not really 1 track i like the most tracks shorter then wayne songs….omfg wayne mixtape more fire..

  • junie

    yall buggin if yall think lil wayne aint smokin weed u ever heard of flush pills?

  • junie

    yall buggin if yal think wayne aint smokin weed u ever heard of flush pills

  • Birdman III

    When are you gonna put up the deluxe album cover artwork for c4? And well done 2 on ymhq?

  • junie

    did yall see the c4 tracklist it looks legit

  • C_MEEZY 3

    Aint hatin but… come on wayne. TYGA is one of your own, and your the CEO of YOUNG MONEY. HE DONE OUTDONE YA WITH WELL DONE 2!!! COME ON MAN STEP YA GAME UP! Been a wayne fan for years, not hate but observation. WELL DONE > SORRY FOR THE WAIT

  • LJ

    I love him! He’s amazing! & I don’t use that word unless I’m talkin about Wayne =) he’s so sexy!

  • Mike

    Yo I just wanna ask I have a track called Wayne’s World it’s been with me for like 2 years now & it’s like a snippet only 1:50 min so I was wonderin if it’s the same song that’ll be on C4 ????

  • Yeeaaaah nigga, that’s it !

  • dann

    anyone kno where i can get that be easy sweater wayne wearing?

  • hahahahahhahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • T.k

    Danny, post pics

  • real-talk

    @Mike you really think he gonna put a track thats been out for 2 years on the carter 4?

  • Blazer billy 2gunz up

    Sorry for the wait is waaaay better than some fuckin well done 2 fuck is wrong with you

  • real-talk



    @Birdman III, that deluxe edition cover artwork is way better, question: does the original edition and the deluxe edition come out at the same time, or what? how is it with other cd’s? please answer, i want to by c4 as soon as it drops but i want the deluxe edition.

  • PleaseSayTheBaby

    @frinese93 … to me you are one of the luckyest people alive!

  • Mike smith

    @ Danny M
    Hey do u think u culd put on the full interview of Wayne and XXL magazine for us I’m sure we’d all like to read it

  • Ken F

    Looked alot better than what I got in VA. Rick Ross didn’t do anything with Wayne for us. We need a Hot Boyz Reunion Tour




  • Sean Don

    Damn that was dope!!

  • damm wayne was hellaa on!! thooo

  • BeastMode

    What brand of sunglasses is he wearing in the video with Ross??

  • FlyDungas

    ive tried and tried to like rick ross. i can’t. hes such a fucking idiot, hes totally full of shit, and hes rubbin off on wayne too much

  • John Lennon


    Rick Ross rubbing off on Wayne isn’t necessarily a bad thing, Wayne needs to be surrounded by people like that or else he’ll go back to reliving his Rebirth days.

    also I ctfu when Wayne started freaking out at Rick Ross’s verse, its like he so amazed lmao.

  • darryl

    ^^ sound stupid as fuck, rebirth wayne is the greatest wayne ever… nigga was spitting some lyrical real shit.. wayne is the best to ever do it

  • trawwww

    what is the name of the song at the beggining

  • wayneJR

    Luv yu wayne! 😉 <3

  • andre

    in the concert video what is the name of rick ross song

  • Shebbedine

    Weezy dope u tyt dude.

  • AGA


  • nikki.

    were you kidding when you said high quality ?