Game – Martians vs. Goblins (Feat Lil Wayne & Tyler, The Creator)

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Game Martians vs Goblins Feat Lil Wayne & Tyler, The Creator
Lil Wayne and the beautiful Adria Hearn

New record from Game called “Martians vs. Goblins” featuring Lil Wayne and Tyler, The Creator! The joint was produced by 1500 Or Nothin’ and will appear on Game‘s The R.E.D. Album, dropping on August 23rd. Now I know some of you Waynaics will moan that there isn’t much Tunechi on this track, but at least it is a new line from Weezy and not a sample, so if anything, it can just be added to your Wayne iTunes collection.

Download: Game – Martians vs. Goblins (Feat Lil Wayne & Tyler, The Creator)

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  • SnayF


  • Blacka DOn

    first lool

  • sick song…. dey my nikkas

  • B.i

    Lil wayne is the best i ever see

  • David Warren

    Hell Yeah!, Weezy still ownin’ it, Game is great also!

  • LilDuke1

    ii fucks wit tyler odee hard

  • cumonmytits


  • Danny


  • Danny


  • August 29th #C4

    Wayne got that fine white girl

  • orion

    thats just lame that he didnt get a verse

  • Wayne-Train

    still a dope ass song tho

  • DanYMCMB4ever

    As game said, weezy blessed him and that one line made the whole song light in the dark.

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgAw

    whose the goon whose the goblin?

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgAw

    is it racial

  • aruba one happy island

    SICK!hat to the right flag to the same side Weezy F Baby 4 life

  • you see the power of wayne… five words in a song and the world we notice it. tyler is catching a good ride to fame with this feature. smh

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgAw

    haha whatever, the song is shit

  • tuNe

    Tyler dissed Chris Brown.

  • #TeamTunechi

    @DreadRastaNigga Wayne’s The Goblin “Okay Youre A Goin But What’s A Goon To A Goblin”-Steady Mobbin ‘

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgAw

    then whose the martian?

  • #TeamTunechi

    Wayne’s Both lmao Idk

  • Tune

    She will on iTunes let’s make it #1

  • Jc

    Is tyler’s free ride over yet? He get recognition cuz of work with tech now with wayne and game. Come on man really? He just does what eminem did except eminem was better at it and eminem is a 1000 times better than Tyler will ever be so tired of hearin this dude. Dope song tho props to game and wayne

  • Nak Nak

    that line go hard… “then i hit lebrons mom in bron brons coupe with delante west taping we had bon bons too!” game went off. haha i love the shots at all the other artists ha

  • ymcmb1989

    Game is a raw nigga

  • Wayneandlink

    LIl WAYNE is both Phone Home: “we are not the same i am a martian” We be steady mobbin and a millie: “Ok your a goon but whats a goon to a goblin” Game is the martian like he said in my life ft Lil wayne, and Tyler is obviously the Goblin since his album is called GOBLIN

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  • Ogeezy210

    Dam I digg

  • wtfizzy

    Wayne Shouldn’t even do lil shit like this..anyway game n tyler went hard as fuck..
    Atleast we got the how to love video on time,oh..wait

    Smh ymcmb this shit dont even seem like fun for them anymore.

  • JustIN

    SHE WILL ON iTUNES! So are on sale albums

  • lil wayne !! check dis nigga out. he hella dope!! he cud make millions on the label of cash money. trust me !! listen to dis

  • DeLuxe

    “Wolf grey jordans”.!

  • wolfgang

    the chorus is weak……

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  • JayWalkinJustin

    “Brighter Than Christophers Hair Cut” “Fall Back Like Lebrons Hairline” Ha Ha COMEDY!!!!

  • Idiotsiswear

    I realized something about the game he rides wayne’s wave too much he always want Wayne on a song but rarely wants a verse from Wayne on one of his songs I guess because he don’t want Wayne outshining him he only uses Wayne for hooks I noticed that. if this song didn’t feature Wayne it wouldn’t get so much attention but he doesn’t want Wayne to have a verse cause he want everyone to pay attention to his even if Wayne verse was wack he would outshine him and he also using Tyler because he’s hot right now game 5 years ago wouldn’t be Doing songs with Tyler or Chris brown but he’s like the biggest dick rider ever he always gotta mention wayne in songs in interviews stop riding his coattail

  • LilMoney

    1st,Dope Crazy,

  • these niggas crazy lmao

  • Tuenchi fan

    Tyler is a disgusting human being.

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  • nasty
  • Tageslichtprojektor

    shit goes hard game nd weezy always cooking up something that blows your mind for sure!!!!!!

  • never heard it yet bt gna be downloadin tht shit nw!

  • Yes, Game – The R.E.D. Album leaked on in excellent quality 320 kbps, download it for free and do not forget to tell your friends

  • juggy

    WAYNE should have rapped that was a very good beat

  • Ryan

    Golf Wang! OFWGKTA

  • yuckk

    only tyler came hard on this

    wayne got 5 words ? he says i am a motherfucking mars ? fucking idiot

    tyler 20 year old allready some of the biggest wanna work with him
    fucking terrific


    wayne would murked the beat..

  • Frank

    Game & Tyler killed it, weezy did his thing too..!

  • Vitamin P
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  • KDJ

    not worth downloading if lil wayne doesnt have a verse to murk this song


    i hope on c4 is a good song like “trouble” by wayne that would be insane!!

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  • fLyDungas

    @JC dude you’re A FUCKIN IDIOT! lmao!!

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  • Bair

    Everybody vote for WAYNE AT MTV FOR BEST HIP HOP VIDEO alot more people will buy the Carter lV if he promotes it on his best hip hop video speech!!

  • real-talk


  • Game is trash he hate on every body, tyler creator idk what hes doing with his life he suck too, wayne best rapper alive, and that girl wayne with in the pic need to hit me up!

  • flydung

    too bad tyler doesn’t get a nomination yonkers video>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>6’7′

  • flydung

    oh shit i can vote for both fuckin sweet

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  • Weezy goin hard hes the greatest fb add me ( deontre so misuderstood lewis

  • Faggots

    Wayne stans are the fucking worst. Weezys chorus was the worst part about this song learn to listen to music instead of riding waynes dick all day. also @TeamTunechi, Waynes the Martian and Tylers the Goblin. if youre a fan of rap you should know this you dumb fuck

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  • Jc

    Lol I suck I was thinkin of hopsin not Tyler my bad

  • TYLER the Destroyer my nigga got dang aha

  • lilwaynelover

    omg they are perfect together !! hahah cute pic !!