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Pictures: Lil Wayne Skating (Part 2) x Gives A Shout Out To Boardroom Skatepark

Wed, Aug 10, 2011 by

Last week, I posted up some footage and photos of Lil Wayne skating at Tampa Skatepark in Florida. This week, we have some more photos of Tunechi skating (check them out after the jump) and even a video of Weezy shouting out Boardroom Skatepark in North Carolina.

Lil Wayne Skating

Lil Wayne Skating

Lil Wayne Skating

Lil Wayne Skating

Lil Wayne Skating

Lil Wayne Skating

Lil Wayne Skating

Lil Wayne Skating

Lil Wayne Skating

Lil Wayne Skating

Lil Wayne Skating

Lil Wayne Skating

Lil Wayne Skating

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  • Yanna


  • Yanna

    awesome pics!!!

  • lil tunechi


  • No Ceilings

    1st niggaz

  • beast

    1st Dope 😀

  • Flydinguys

    that skateboard bitch is hot

  • C4 Booooom Bitch


  • TempahT


  • Sk8teboard

    Who cares???? Where is the song that was promised on Tuesday?

  • Yanna

    awesome pics. ^^

  • I love the YMCMB family and all but those mutha fuckers are too good at just shellin’ out dates and not comin through….I dont know about yall but I could care less about weezy givin a 30 second shout out to some punk ass skaters I dont know. DROP THE FUCKIN “SHE WILL”. They said it was dropping yesterday soo where is it man.

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    put on a shirt and put ur damn tongue away and stop acting gay.

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    and do something with music after all ur faggot ass is a musician not a pro skater… u suc

  • beat is bonkers

    so streets tried at skating and failed lol!!!

  • DJ Drama

    Wayne god blood on his teeth, oops i mean grill

  • zackery

    you cant really get mad at danny for anything its cortez whos being a punk.

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    na its lil wayne. . . he has some songs on a thumb drive or disk himself he’s just too selfish to drop that “ish” or maybe he’s scurred of the birdman ??

  • @Zachery I toltally agree. Sorry if I came across getting mad at Danny, he’s the man. But drop it already!!!

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    let me leave one positive note so i dont catch too much hate today…
    ur clothes look expensive and swaggy.
    but seriously tho… fuck u lil wayne

  • Jodizzo

    Damn man! Cortez need to get his shit together, matter of fact, everybody needs to get their shot together . . . I’m jus sayin that if yu give a release date . . . Then follow wat yu said, and don’t change it at the last min

  • J-eezy

    weezy looks like he was dipped in a bucket of grease in every pick

  • lilwayne>allrappers

    dope i want 2 be a skater now lol

  • LilMoney

    sKaTe WaYnE,YeAh NiGgA,gOoD i’M sO fInE tHaT yOu SkAtIn’!! yEaH cOnTiNue LiKe DdiSs!!,C’4 CoMiN sOoN aNd mY AlBum ToOoO!,(He CalL Tha Money I,I’m Lil Money!!)Dedication for you Wayne,

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    lmao he is greesy as hell. makin it look like some kind of p90x workout or something… like its a struggle to literally stand on a piece of wood with wheels attached. he’s such a joke… drop the carter so we can all have a laugh

  • LilMoney

    Vidoe!!,We want video,but good pictures!!same veryy good!!

  • aaron

    @DrEaD rasta NiGgA nigga stop trying to be the next cee j,…dude you suck at trying to be funny just give it up no ones laughing but yo corny ass…smh

  • @ DrEaD rasta NiGgA,fuck you too.selfish maggot.

  • -__-

    @dreadrasta <—- is a bitch yall dont worry about him his a internet thug. lol

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    im not telling jokes. wayne is the joke. but i dont hear people laughing at his punchlines”. im just givin my perspective of why the “best rapper alive” is a crooked phony who doesnt get shit done and wastes time with bullshit like this.
    and he really is a shitty skater… u want a laugh watch lil wayne skate.
    fuck if u understand my dog. i dont give a shit what ur opinion of me is

  • aston

    C4 AUG. 29TH & “she will” couple days ….

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    -____- is a -_____-



  • byron


  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    u care enough to write a response. just shuttup then cuz u sound ignorant.

  • shawn

    dread rasta i guess that comment was supposed to be “funny” about @-___- ..ummm #FAIL


    dudes stop hes a fucking retard

  • travis

    @rasta we dont really “care” that’s really a strong word we just like making u mad and showing u how stupid and ignorant you look on here talking shit

  • CEEJ

    yall do realize that if his skin were white he would be called gay to no end because of all the time he spends gettin his hair did, shopping for shoes, changing outfits, puttin on jewelry and posing for pictures. . . i cant wait for cIV to DROP.
    and stop hatin on my nigga dread. yall here for the wrong reason

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    i aint mad

  • ashia

    that fact that you’re on a LIL WAYNE FANSITE TALKING SHIT ABOUT HIM BUT LOOKING FOR UPDATES ON HIM ignorant not us dipshit

  • blake


  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    tru dat. . .
    im gone! untill the next bogus post… -_____’

  • vanz

    @CEEJ IS @DREAD RASTA lover his here to defend his honor. lmfao

  • you mad?

    the awkward moment when you say “you’re not mad” but deep down inside you really are.

  • lucy lu

    lmao @vanz and@youmad? ayo @flydugas where did you hear that?

  • Beezy

    fuck these pics man… Don’t post nothing else that ain’t the “She Will” single!! SMDH..

  • calvin

    lol if the post are so “bogus” then why yo lame ass ALWAYS checking for them and commenting them huh? maybe cause you’re a jackass with no life

  • BlahBlah

    @DreadRastanigga. dude nobody fuckin cares bout ur opinions on Lil wayne, if u rly wanna fking tell the damn world how u hate wayne, make a fucking youtube page upload shit. and quit bein a bitch and postin shit on ur fucking pussy.

  • boy

    Wer is “She Will”

  • junie

    yooo yall fake wanna be haters itsceej and dread rasta nigha know deep down inside they love wayne and they just hatin for attention and yall dumb fucks feed them that just ignore them dickheadass wannabe haters they actually are waynes biggest fans they just dont wanna admit it or otherwise u wouldt see the same niggas every dam day commenting on here lol long story short yall two nikkas are fake haters that die for attention

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    @ calvin… what does that make u?
    @ blah blah….if ur saying nobody cares and u dont care then i guess ur right and ur a nobody. but i dont care that much… im not gonna put time into making a youtube page just to drop some constructive criticism comments now and again. and i dont think u understand how little i respect ur opinion… ps. this site isnt my pussy…? not sure what to think about that except that maybe ur challenged.

  • J swagg

    Dread rasta nigga u a mutha fuckin hater if u dnt like Wayne y u watching

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    junie im sick of ur bullshit… take ur own advice and ignore me then DAMN!

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    i think im gay… dad fucked me and i liked it…..alot!

  • BlahBlah

    i meant ur fucking pussy but whatever

  • med

    @DrEaD rasta NiGgA – so what you r saying is that u hate lil wayne and all dat hes a joke and shit and u wunna laugh at his music and shit… but then agian you are sitting on a lil wayne fan homepage for hours writing shit to his fans???

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    im sorry to hear that. this isnt the place to get counceling tho.

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    i been a fan since c1 im on here to let him know why people are making albums just to diss him now and why he fell off the throne. not for attention or u other fans. im here so lil wayne can see what i have to say. trust me i done enough to b able to be here saying what i want.

  • B3@$TM()D3

    @deadrastanigga shut up and get off if u hatin and we wayniacs just love haters cuz they hate wayne so much they spend time looking at shit to make fun of him 4… u secretly like wayne…. no need to say something back u know u like him

  • aaron

    @DrEaD rasta NiGgA just admit your a lil wayne fan dude lmfao,we all know only lil wayne fans are the only ones that know about this website and you be on dis bitch 24/7…smfh

  • J swagg

    Dread face a fuckin joke

  • CounselorDungas

    Honestly bro just walk away you’re being extremely stupid going to a fansite looking to start shit. You know perfectly well what you say isn’t considered constructive criticism by anyone, especially Lil Wayne if he ever visited this site. For your own sake, fucking stop. First of all, you’re acting like a fucking idiot. There are things in life that make us happy, and things that do not, that is a fact. Those things are different for different people. That goes from colors to food to art. You may not get other peoples taste in music or what they think is good or cool, but you have to accept that you will never change it. You’re only going to piss them off. And if you really just want to make people feel bad for being different than you, you’re being no better than a fucking racist or a nazi. Go listen to something that makes you happy and stop attracting so much unnecessary negativity. Its unhealthy for everyone, but especially you since you represent the minority here.

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    im sorry guys why yall attacking me..i get bored to much so i just decide to go on a lil wayne site and talk shit

  • Why is anyone even responding to him. Obviously he feeds off that. Just ignore him. It will piss him of way more… where’s she will?

  • cam

    Nigga no one gives a fuck about if your bored keep dat shit to urself

  • J swagg

    Dread face get bored and kill yoself!!!!

  • In response @DrEaD,

    I’m sure it’s not Wayne who is delaying the stuff. Or well, it’s what I like to believe. I think he just does the material and gives it out to like Tez or something and let them do the managing. Remember that the whole reason why we got the ‘Sorry 4 The Wait’ mixtape was because Tez pushed CIV back. We are just getting some updates on what Wayne is doing, which is pretty much having fun because he already did his work. He already finished the album and gave out a mixtape.

    And about the skating comments, Lol…he isn’t doing well..but when have you taken on something for the first time and turned out to be really good. That’s why you practice, to get better. I don’t think he is trying to be a pro skater, he is just having fun.

  • aaron

    damn…yall niggaz be goin ham on dread lmfaoo dis shit entertaining! hahaa

  • WatchTheThrone

    Y’all think C4 will top “Watch the Throne”? I think Wayne will blow it out of the water.

  • CounselorDungasHater

    @CounselorDungas how can you criticize Rasta Pasta’s hate when most of Wayne’s rap talk about killing people? Doesn’t that spread more negativity than an unknown dude on a comment thread. Fuck everyone besides me, Wayne, and whoever posted first on this thread.

  • real-talk

    Listen to Watch The Throne cause no She Willl………… : /

  • J swagg

    I hate ppl that ain’t shit and talk about ppl that made it

  • Agreed

    @J Swag I know! That’s why I hate when people doss Lil B!

  • iamstillmusic

    nightmares of the bottom….. he raps a little of that song in his tour he’s doing

  • who it is

    can someone pls tell me what brand shorts are those that wayne has on and where can i get them from? seriously i love them if u know get at me on twitter @TinyEffinBaby

  • Zeca f. Baby

    Tunechi says a lot few time which the single will be released before the weekend !!!

  • Zeca f. Baby


  • victor

    Went to football practice….came back….took a shit….ate then took a shower….and no song ): FML!

  • Tristan

    Mack Maine wrote on twitter that it will not be released Tuesday. He said he will tell us the date soon. Ok? Stop complaining.

  • Zeca f. Baby

    Guys and girls… Im sorry , maybe my information are wrong … 🙁 @tristan is right

  • Fly Dungas

    @myhater Dude shut up you’re a moron. You think Wayne actually goes around killing people for fun? Lyrics are not meant to be taken literally or as fact, most people that listen to music understand that unless their parents were stupid. He puts his art out there and you interpret it. If you get a bad vibe from it you don’t listen to his shit, hes not doing anything wrong by making it. Hes not forcing you to listen or posting it all over your shit

  • Sanjaya gupta

    Yo homies just got the official tracklist:

    1. It’s Weezy’s… (Intro)
    2. 6 Foot 7 Foot (Feat. Cory Gunz)
    3. Triple Exclusive
    4. Nightmares Of The Kashmeer border
    5. My Wife Hate My Life (Feat. Cee-Lo Green)
    6. India India
    7. Block My Black Heart
    8. Bad Strippin’ (Girl’s Bad)
    9. Pray To Big Mahatma (Feat. Drake & Nicki Minaj)
    10. Going Back To Bollywood
    11. Fast Track (Feat. Tech N9ne & Busta Rhymes)
    12. Destny Is Over, You Got Real
    13. Kulcutta Flow
    14. I’m Ready For You (Feat. John Legend)
    15. You & Me
    16. My Ghost On It
    17. Delhi My Love
    18. Wayne’s World
    19. she will (feat.drake)
    20. Big Power (Outro) (Feat. Nas, Shyne and Jadakiss)
    Deluxe Edition
    1. Flowers (Feat. Lil Twist)
    2. John (If I Die Today) – (Feat. Rick Ross)

  • junie

    thats not official my dude

  • Backtiar

    Lil wayne’s october tour dates

    Mumbai Skyline


    3. Kolkata (Calcutta)

    4. Chennai (Madras)

    5. Hyderabad


















    34. Jabalpur

  • Kampur shangali

    He isnt coming to idrisabad it was my only chance to ever see him live

  • Jalil morgabolizay

    When is he coming to pakistan i heard he was skating the streets of delhi yesterday

  • Shaheen shinger

    He is coming to pakistan after hes done touring india and bangladesh, prolly in december

  • tune92

    yall people scare me

  • Jc

    Rasta strikes again! You realize you are one of the only ones on here all day everyday I remember when kanye said in one of his booklets “I love my haters more than my fans Bcuz they are my #1 fans” seems to hold true

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy


  • Delweezy

    dey shouldnt release ,she will ,da albums cumin out in like 19 days and deres already 3 songs dat r out dats on da album ,and you know dis songs going to b hot ,ppl r juss gunna play it out b4 da album cums out ,juss b patient b, C4 !

  • StarENiX

    You know you made it big in life when you got haters trollin’ your fansite. Every. Fuckin’. Day. All. Fuckin’. Day. Damn

  • dd

    1. Intro
    2. Blunt Blowin
    3. MegaMan
    4. 6 Foot 7 Foot (Feat. Cory Gunz)
    5. Nightmares Of The Bottom
    6. She Will (Feat. Drake)
    7. How To Hate (Feat. T-Pain)
    8. Interlude (Feat. Tech N9Ne)
    9. John (Feat. Rick Ross)
    10. Abortion
    11. So Special (Feat. John Legend)
    12. How To Love
    13. President Carter
    14. It’s Good (Feat. Drake, Jadakiss)
    15. Outro (Feat. Bun B, Nas, Shyne & Busta Rhymes)

    Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks

    16. I Like The View
    17. Mirror
    18. Two Shots

  • stephenp

    i think that might actually be it..i heard it was out

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA


  • Swag

    Dread rasta nigga got noo life.. Everyday he comes and rite shit bout weezy… Damm cuhh gettin mula while ur bitch ass sittin home wishin u lived waynes life.. Broke asss nigga stfu

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA


  • junie

    @dd that tracklist is wrong cuz cee lo green is on the album and he has a song called waynes world stop postin these unofficial tracklists and just wait for the shit to drop

  • junie

    i saw a pic of a peace of paper with the tracklist on it with universal mowtown at the top and some contact info that was blurred out

  • IEatBeyonce’sPussy..MMMMMMM

    Hmmm…..Nameee Me Sum Sloww Tracks That One Can Session Too, Wid Sum Courvoisier.. Nd Sum Hennessy???…. Wayne Obviously….?????????? XX

  • Rango The Bango

    fuck wayne, wiz khalifa just droped no sleep video haha

  • YM Motha Fucka

    i’ve learned that wen wayne gives u a release date. its most likely bullshit

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA


  • LilDuke1

    lol wheres da “she will” track..

  • L J

    awww =) His body is lookin sexy 😛

  • L J

    OOOOOH so @DrEaD rasta NiGgA get’s bored that’s why he goes on here. It’s all so clear to me now. That’s all I wanted to know is why the fuck you go on here. you still make yourself look dumb as fuck cuz we all know you’re a fan like the rest of us =) Now that you have admitted you have no life, I will no longer go in on you when you comment dumb shit 🙂

  • prime

    u guys listen to macks tweet yesterday…. he said he would announce a release date for she will< so it still wont be for another few days….. and screw all u fake tracklists, the track "you and i" wayne did with dj drama and we got a snippet in feb, but that will be on dedication 4 not c4 dumbass< so any list with you and i is fake plain and simple oh and u dont have tp wait till aug 28th to preorder c4 u can get it on right now!!!!!! smh at the dumb fucks on here

  • Uhhh aye youu DrEaD rasta NiGgA why do you take the time to go on someones website && basically HATE you must be a full time hater huh…you have no life breh wayne got a song for you its call “GET A LIFE!!!” breh

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    thanks for dishing out the judgements lg…. it means so much…… haha

  • WOAH
  • Jr

    Wats wait on Nino brown 3

  • MackBreezy

    the single ( she will ) ft. drake will be released for digital download in the United States on August 23, 2011.

  • C4 Booooom Bitch

    Lil Wayne she will instrumental is on youtube sick ass beat

  • C4 Booooom Bitch
  • Petie24

    My nigga wayne go hard!

  • fan

    real talk get your ass off that skateboard wayne and give us “she will” lolly gaggin tony hawk assed nigga

  • LilMoney

    SkAtE wAyNe!!,aNd FuCk tHe HaTeRz!!!

  • C4 Booooom Bitch

    @Danny M what happen to cory gunz show son of a gun did it end at episode 6 or is there more?

    • @C4 Booooom Bitch – Yeah it ended then 🙁

  • LilMoney

    Big Ass Chpper called tha bitch Beyonce,Best Goon with a mic called the Boss,Weezy.F.Babyy

  • C4 Booooom Bitch

    yeah she will i got it sike

  • Money

    I’ve been checking this every hour for the last 3 days, to see if ‘she will’ has dropped.. Nigga where is it?

  • hey hey hey i know all of us are patiently w8’in on “she will” but “how to love” slipped a spot on billboard hot 100 we gotta do sumtin about dat bt mostly weezy should stop holidin the video bck im sure it will bounce bck if he drops da damn video

  • wtfizzy

    Those shorts are dope as hell…you gotta be a skater tho becuz you just can’t wear them shits every day lol.

  • when do we get She Will? i cant fcking wait mainnnn

  • waynedude

    Deadrasta I just want to point out that when you said Wayne is wasting his time and not doing shit.. he’s performing a cross country tour, every other night..
    He is gonna drop c4 and after that we’ll get dedication 4… thats a decent amount of material for an artist in a year.

  • real-talk



    C4> watch the throne 2/5 badass cock album

  • hey danny when will we get she will

  • when is she will dropping i have been looking at the website every 5minutes

  • Damn yall be hatin on Tune!!!!! Yall like a bunch of hoes..smh Tune is just learning to skate…and yall act as dude should be a pro already…smh…yall some lames. if you hatin and dissin dude then the fuck yall commenting in shiiii get a life! BEST RAPPER ALIVE!!!!! Lil Tunechi Lee

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    cuz he shouldnt be spending his time “learning how toskate” when he delayed an album and has all kind of other rappers mad at him and on top of that he buys himself all the skater type shit so he looks like he knows what he’s doing. he’s like the rich guy on the golfcourse who buys the titlest balls and expensive clothing and clubs but wiffs every ball into the woods straight off the tee…
    in other words he is a

  • Lil tunne

    Men fuck this bitchass nigga_rasta nigga_. Weezy’s the king of the street and the God of the hood.

  • Carolina

    He is so small… 🙂 I am younger than him but beside him I almost make it look a lot older… my hight is 174 for that reason I cant dream about him :))) shit.

  • grind that stakeborad bro hit me up on kuz

  • facebook check in my email itz