Videos: Lil Wayne’s 2011 MTV VMA Promo x Gets Bombarded With Panties In Camden

Tue, Aug 2, 2011 by

Check out the dope commercial featuring Lil Wayne for MTV’s Video Music Awards in the video above, which was inspired by 2Pac and Nirvana! Weezy is nominated for a couple awards and will also perform on the show that airs live on August 28th at 9PM EST.

Hit the jump to watch some footage of Tunechi performing on the “I Am Still Music” tour in Camden, New Jersey and getting lots of panties thrown at him 😆

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  • Gabe24


  • MJ


  • MJ

    wow fuck

  • Gabe24


  • CEEJ


  • CEEJ

    8 th bitch i can count!

  • Frank

    Shit is so funny…! Hahahaha..! 😀

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    well apparently hookers love when lil wayne holds their underwear in public, how very odd that i know this. i wouldnt be surprised if he got crabs on his hands at that show

  • ytone246
  • SnayF


  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    seventyteenth! tunch!

  • junie

    its official ceej is a virgin

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    can i get a plaq?

  • nani

    man weezy a TRUE man thats y women go crazy over him its like jus seeing him or listening to his voice is an dont know how u say the word is an aphrodisiac

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    weezy baby?

  • MJ

    27 days bitches!

  • Gabe24

    thats was my first time being first, CV lezgo….1 MILLION FIRST WEEK YA DIG

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    preesh for the entertainment haters? ADios!


    Congrats to @Gabe24 for being first!

    C4 hype is about to get crazy!!!!!

  • Birdman III

    Haha I’m 14 and now I think I get why my mom won’t let me go to a weezy concert. Teehee I wish I was Wayne right then. He didn’t know what the fuck to do. And the commercial is dope.

  • Carter 4 all day

    LOL Wayne da TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • juggy

    TUNECHI MAKE sure you washed those hands thorougly we dont want you get a venerial disease cus us fans love you to much

  • Nuni

    2011 VMAS going to be dope!
    Vote for lil wayne @ http://www.mtv.com/ontv/vma/2011/best-hip-hop-video/

  • ayoo

    lmfao @ wayne laugh…

  • CeeJ mothafucka!


  • brandon

    lmfao that nigga wayne couldnt stop them from throwing the underwear at him. he said ” ok! ..ok! ” lol

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    junie wants my nutts in her butt…

  • brittany

    dont forget u guys c4 on august 29th . and available for PRE-ORDER after the vma awards. #support


    lets make huge numbers for the carter 4 people! only WE can do it.


    @teamymcmb im getting two copies one out the store. and another off itunes for the mp3

  • chris_130

    MOTHAFUCK ALL HATERS!! go out and support weezy. the man been doing this shit for OVER 10 YEARS he deserves to go out with a fucking bang. go buy a few copies of that carter four

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    can we hold hands and sing kumbiya instead? i’d rather get the shit for free online but if u can come up with a better idea hit me up ill do some super gay shit for no reason for someone who doesnt give a shit about anyone else…?

  • inside scoop ;)

    ” everything is lined up how we want it , he has a big performance at a award show then right after the album will be available for pre-order for his fans” –> tez (wayne manager)

  • robb27

    @dread rasta nigga FUCK YOU BITCH! a better reason is cause WE’RE HIS FANS U PUSSY . that’s enough alone.


    @dreadrastanigga you a fucking clown if you think wayne dont give a shit about his fans you stupid. what other artist you know makes a mixtape in two weeks just to say sorry for album push backs? smh go fuck yourself fag

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    fofo bulldog my motherfucking pet i point it at you and tell that mutherfucker fetch.

  • freddyo

    you should change yo name to (DEAD ) RASTA NIGGA cuz you really should kill yaself for that comment.

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    ill get mines for freee but thats cool taht yall are all gonna go buy mulitiple copies of the same damn album… and ur ipod is gonna love that cd to death i promise.

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    hey man you too 😉

  • the truth

    man @dread rasta nigga . go fuck ya mama in the ass with a sour pickle nigga. wayne been giving his fans heat for over a decade in this rap shit. his fans gonna support him

  • trell

    @dread rasta nigga =white kid with silky hair in the suburbs . smfh lmao fucking poser

  • bobbyray

    lmfaooooo @truth & @trell

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    he was giving his fans “tha business” for a couple years then his pussy bubble popped and the pressure turned all his lyrics into i cant fuck with these niggas and all his non rap lyrics into i’m not the best. im just gonna retire with the money. he’s a fucking black yoda living in exile and he’s not worthy of the title best rapper alive and ur all faggots for sucking his dick when u sing his songs… he said it himself and still you fags follow “God” aka wizzle to the bridge. fuck that. please keep hating on me i realy find this ammusing

  • jazmine

    cant wait to see weezy performance at the vma’s and to PRE order that c4 when the show go off. 🙂

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    he had some hits and we all know it but the nigga is done and all this shit he’s doing lately is a god damned scam. hiphop isnt dead without lil wayne. he’s the posterboy for all other wizzy niggas.

  • KenDrIcK

    @dread rasta ..whateva the fuck you call yoself . stick a dick in ya mouth . and shut it. we dont care what you say bitch we gonna support him so you LOSE!!!!

  • ricky

    @rasta dread nigga = #1 WAYNE FAN 🙂

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA


  • ashli

    lmfao nigga said go fuck yo mama with a sour pickle ..hahahaah

  • j.c.

    hell yeah @ricky he has to be. lol or else why would he be on WAYNE FANSITE? fucking clown

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    immature slut

  • crystal-london

    @j.c. that or he has no damn life. lol he really tryna make us not buy c4!? shaking-my-damn-head. nigga u need a life

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    i dont give a rats ass what you do

  • DAZE

    “immature slut” stop talking to yourself dude..hahaha

  • robin

    who you calling immature? when you sitting on your computer with no life arguing with wayne fans because you mad we going to support him when the carter 4 drop! -___- you’re the immature one. you dumb ass

  • if u hate YMCMB fuck u in the ass RastaBoy

  • jontae

    lol @daze and exactly! @robin. he’s a damn fool

  • bianca

    obviously YOU DO care @rasta or else you wouldnt be leaving comments trying to tell us not to support him and you wouldnt KEEP refreshing this page to read our comments and to reply back. lmfao

  • bianca

    LMAOOOOO GOOD ONE @real ass ni66a

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    hahah im the only reason this post has all these comments. keep proven me right u fags and keep responding to my hate with more hate and we can see whose immature. im not talking about mamas or fucking yall in the ass im talking about little wayne and yall are getting so offended. i love it. 🙂

    haters gonna hate.

  • #YM


  • swagg lmao

  • ashli

    0____o actually @dread rasta we’re all laughing at you. and how pitiful you are and how low your life must be to be on his fansite being a computer gangsta. (shrug) that’s all

  • i was there & it was the funniest thing ever. he kept laughing and screaming stop at everyone and then was like “AIGHT I AIN’T FUCKING STOP IMA KILL THE NEXT NIGGA THAT THROWS SOMETHING’ lmfaoo ♥

  • devin m.

    @ashli lol that nigga actually think he has a “point ” and he thinks he’s proven it

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    oh ok… shrug)?

  • marley_gee

    im with you @#ym ..fuck that nigga he’s a poser anyway he know he aint no dread rasta nigga . XD

  • yo mama

    THE CARTER 4 AUG. 29TH …haters suck on a used condom

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    this actually isnt fun anymore i have a short attentionspan when it comes to faggots and bullshit, ill see yall!!!!! on another post!!!! actually ill see youre posts rather!! whatever 😉 biaaaaaa tunechi freaks

  • n.o.(504)

    im buying a few copies im supportin’ my nigga tune

  • ayoo

    you’re a coward that’s why you’re runnin ..go bitch run lol

  • brandon

    you have no life that’s why you said you’ll seeon another post. haha smh

  • -__-

    lilwaynehq = @dread rasta nigga’s life. (end of story)

  • tune -in

    C4 LETS GOOOOO -wayne voice and lol @-__-



  • MJ

    Lil wayne- Put the light on me

  • DOnKinGO
  • Daknite

    @MJ Damn son where you find this?

  • Alex F. Baby

    @Danny M – what happened with the “All Of The Lights” song?

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    yeah what a great and timeless song there MJ

  • Alex F. Baby

    Lil Wayne – Put The Light On Me


  • DanYMCMB4ever

    To all ’em haters, the YM Drizzy drake has said it all “THEY KNOW”

    But I was laughin so hard when the girls were through the panties off and the commercial is dope!!!!

    It dont matter, sorry 4 the wait was double platinium in like a wk, C4 would be 2mil a wk easy, this haters only excite others to buy more…haters get weezy richer!

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    yeaaaaa all day i help weezy sell his shitty late ass album by disliking his music…? then i ride my unicorn home and eat magic mushrooms made of sugar and spice and all the nice things. ur an idiot with retarded logic u kno that.

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    since s4tw wasnt a profitable music album it couldnt go platinum and wasnt even on the charts… it was free u lying jew.

  • MJ


    well its something

  • Ogeezy210

    All I kno is I live in San Antonio n CIV will be put by then so that means one he’ll of a concert uh..

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    so is shit in a toliet bowl but nobody pays that attention….

  • Ogeezy210


  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    i sad it

  • kidrock!

    Lil Wayne – Put The Light On Me (Prod. by Bangladesh)-http://www.xclusiveszone.net/2011/08/lil-wayne-put-the-light-on-me-prod-by-bangladesh/

  • put the light on me

  • DanYMCMB4ever

    @ Dread hahahahahahhahahahahahahdhahah dude hahaha u cracked me up JEW Hahahahaha, i will give you that, u r funny, but for the rest “they know” “you know”… just wait a wk after the legendary 8.28.11

  • @DrEaD rasta NiGgA the mixtape was free and rushed why would he sell a mixtape when he pullin money out the ass rightnow no homo drake nicki twist tyga all on fire and he got the most anticipated album of the year and has an incredible tour rightnow smh your an idiot

  • lilwayne>allrappers

    haha my nigga tune i guess he spit a pantie dropper song

  • Birdman III

    @dreadrastanigga sorry ftw is already the highest downloaded mixtape on datpiff.com and it’s only been out not even a month. And why would u go to a weezy site to hate on weezy? Don’t make sense unless you have no life and nothing better to do. I’m done (breezy voice)

  • Birdman III

    Oh ya dont forget that Lil Wayne’s snippet of Put The Light On Me is getting released today prod. by Bangladesh n StreetRunner (my 2 fav producers). Songs already on YouTube.com

  • BrendaLovesTunechi

    Im a Lil Wayne fan ,& of course im GETTING THE CARTER 4 ! C’mon if your on this site your obviously a FAN OR ELSE YOUR JUST BEING A HATER & TALKING SHIIT !
    TUNECHI FANS , LETS #Support !!!

  • tunechi43ver

    that promo is sick :X :X

  • young stunner

    hahahaha I love lil waynes fans dy r da best!!!!!KEEP ROASTING THAT RASTA NIGGA,lmao

  • sweezy

    @dreadrastaniqqa yuhh aint weezy fan nd thts maks yuhh ah dead man,ahahaha ayo stfu nd hate nomor or else yur head’ll get stuck in yur ass(and am gone)

  • man i really gotta say sumtin about ths “DREAD” nigga but i wont becoz his the same fuckin nigga wu went out the first week a bort a whle bunch of C3 cd’s so if i ws hm i wuld shut the fuck up and jst admit hw much you love weezy’s music.

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    u wanna be me bra?

  • John Lennon


  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    tru dat, he’s old enough to retire and growing white hair now and shit. his god complex wouldnt agree with us though. . .
    #tunchi’s wack

  • YoungV.I.P.

    @”Dread” lol dude he couldnt have sold the s4tw mixtape, he wnet over ppls songs and stuff, so it couldn’t have been sold for profit. the name of the mixtape says it all dumbass. he’s just trying to tie us over til c4.

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    yeah. one mixtape after an entire year of bullshit and lies seems real sincere and alot considering he’s made a nice chunk of change from the iasm tour and all but i’m not buying that damed cd so i got nothing to complain about. just keep waiting bra.

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    and btw. no duh dipshit.
    any “Artist” who steals another “artist’s” material is a theif. its called plagerism.
    personally i would have like to see at least 25 tracks on that mixtape and alot of actually good songs instead of just crappy racks remixes and shit. he was to scared to “go in” over real rappers beats cuz they’d roast that ass.

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    sorry 4 the wait – 12 random songs, with a pointless intro and a lot of talking whinning and appologizing 41 minutes total…

    bad meets evil – 11 hard hitting rap songs 45 minutes total.. also free

  • L J

    @DrEaD rasta NiGgA omg! go some fuckin where & get the fuck off this page. Duh we’re gonna BUY his album & support him cuz that’s fans does dumb fuck! you ruin the whole mood on this post.

  • L J

    Anyway, That video is funny ^__^ he didn’t know what to do with all those panties hahaha he’s so funny I love him!

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    this makes everything great 🙂

  • guest

    DrEaD rasta NiGgA is a retard lol … how you just now complaining about Wayne rapping over other peoples beats ??? he been doing that shit since the early 2000’s, probably when you were still watching cartoons and didn’t even know what hip hop was.

    this stupid ass nigga said rapping over other peoples beats is “plagerism” lmao.

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    hahaha cept this last mixtape was full of weak artist plagerism like big sean drake and wiz khalifa no name rappers. where was the kanye/eminem/blueprint 3/ j cole remixes.

  • guest

    @DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    he usues current rappers instrumentals, none of those rappers you named dropped anything official this year. If Kanye or Eminem’s album would have came out this year then he would have used their beats too. J. Cole ??? he’s only dropped two singles in 3 years lmao.

  • weezy

    ahahaha xD
    weezy F Baby

  • FUCK off DrEAD rasta niGga..we gon buy n always support our nigga Weezy till death..go suck ur mama dick n papa pussy..ur fucking stupid shit just lyk ur family head..I shit on ya..

  • Elm

    lolz dat how we do it in cmd

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    yEa BoY fUcK dReAd RaStA

  • Dungas

    whats with this preorder thing? why would you preorder an album like 3 hours before it comes out?

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