B.o.B – Strange Clouds (Feat Lil Wayne)

Sun, Sep 25, 2011 by

BoB Strange Clouds Feat Lil Wayne

Check out the first single from B.o.B‘s forthcoming second album called “Strange Clouds“, which features Lil Wayne. You can listen and download the track below, courtesy of TSM. The single will be available to purchase on iTunes on October 3rd.

Download: B.o.B – Strange Clouds (Feat Lil Wayne)

This song bangs!

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  • meezy

    Cute… Well at least it made my pee pee go up.. -_-

  • niiiiiiiiiiiicccccccccccccceeeeee. tunechi

  • Jj

    Hell yeah bout time c4 leehgo

  • alexsk

    first!!! wow this song is amazing!

  • i like the wayne verse



  • tp

    metaphoras love them

  • ariel dubon


  • stryder


  • thebroking1

    man smh waynes verses have been so sub par as of late… enough with the goddamn metaphors get some substance!

  • Wayne7

    Great song, good verse from Weezy & B.o.B. went hard too

  • Junie….

    I gotta feeling take care will be better than c4 and waynes verse was mediocre as hell good song tho

  • Hiphopfan

    Once again same repetative verse from wayne no substance at all but still its a good song and its not a bad verse from wayne



  • Lil Zly


  • Dave

    Drakes take care album cover is crazy i love it its way better then that fan made carter 4 cover i think take care will save ymcmb cuz c4 was awlful and i love wayne


    yes another legendaray verse from wayne CARTER IV BEST CARTER EVER BEST ALBUM THIS YEAR

  • lilwayne>allrappers



  • Wooow, I love thiiis!!!

  • Josh

    T.i. Turned 31 today lil wayne will be 29 on tuesday lol niggas gettin old

  • jc

    ok i have a question. why are people always whining about substance in music? i understand it gets old when its the same shit over and over and its just all random thoughts but why do people always hate on the song when its not teaching a lesson or a meaning? I mean when it comes down to it i listen to music to be entertained since they are entertainers. i dont need wayne or any other rapper telling me how to live my life or be uplifting. I mean yeah its nice when songs have a deeper meaning and those are the ones that will be around for years but seriously stop whining everytime a song is simply just for entertainment purposes only

  • I think Wayne would not affect the monotonous song so I find that wayne makes the song special for me

  • Hiphopfan

    Its not really whining its the fact that he raps like this on every single song its gettin corny and wack imma fan of hip hip and if wayne gonna call himself the best rapper alive he need to step his shit up and stop rappin like a teenager and get on his grown man big boy shit like kanye and jay

  • @Hiphopfan Kanye and gay-z are not the kings and their verse are not above average lol and wtt was not well much too monotonous… c4 was better distributed

  • jc

    yeah kanye and jay z rapped about money and being rich on wtt how is that something to look up to?

  • Hiphopfan

    @fuckeminem dont reply to my comments cuz you seem wierd as hell and your comments about wayne are wierd and kinda supsect so i would appreciate if you dont reply

  • 757

    @ Jc

    I feel you and agree with you 100%…People always whining about substances in a song not all songs gonna have substances especially in rap. Rap has different styles, you have the story tellin rap (Eminem), that poetry-substance rap (Nas), or you just have that rap where you have metaphors out the ass (Lil Wayne). Lil Wayne is not that rapper to tell you a story or give you that deep feelin, or whatever. He just have beast ass metaphors that no other rapper can do it like him. He barely does a song that will have a deep feelin to (C2-Get Over, C2-Receipt, Everything will be fine etc.) but most of his songs he just gonna give you metaphor off the head. If you always want to listen to somebody that is always talking about life or something listen to nas or something.

  • Erika7586

    I loved it, I thought this song was the shit!!! I love you Lil’ Wayne………..

  • Tune

    i never get tired of weezy verse
    wayne really ripped this shit

  • right now i wanna say the real lil wayne is BACK……..verseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee SUPER CRAZZZZZZYYYYYY. THE BEST RAPPPPER ALLLIVEEEE. I SAY FUCK OTHERS RAPPER

  • Zeca f. Baby

    Fire awsome weezy verse too 😀

  • jc

    @757 agreed wayne has never been that rapper so idk why people keep bringing it up like yeah hes had his songs where he does that but waynes personality isnt even like that so why would he do somethin thats not him

  • Junie….

    If u listen to tie my hands playing with fire dont get it or shoot me down u would knowq that those songs contain substance effort and subkect matter unlike most of c4 thats why c3 is the better album in my opinion cuz c4 lacked effort thats all im sayin wayne was never repetative he always changed his style up on songs he was featured on he never kicked this bubble gum bullshit rap he kickes now

  • Dave

    Post jail wayne is garbage c4 is garbage wayne is wack jail changed him alot hes been rappin shit that a 10 year old can understand hes dressin different man post jail wayne sucks take care will be better than c4 and thats all to it im out

  • @Junie…. shut the fuck up why are you still on the website if you do not like him???
    why u here if u dont like bubble gum bullshit rap?? fuckin shemale hater get life

  • @Dave i hate if drake singing…. if drakes half album is only singin its not better as C4 wayne rapping on all his songs not singing…

  • Jesus

    Dave…Go suck a dick…seriously..and get off the site.

    Great Song thought.

    B.o.B and Wayne Both killed it.

    And for those whining about Kayne and Jay-Z having Substance..let me remind you…


  • @Jesus real talk dude

  • Lil Junior

    Yess !! Great Song !
    Wayne Goes Hard !

    Tunechi 😛

  • Junie….

    @fuckeminem stop it 5 foreal cuz u aint no fan ur a gay ass groupie who gets on here and says shit like wayne made my life and wayne is special to me like my nigga u deadass u been a groupie since 08 u aint no real fan of wayne u proly dont know about biznite fuck is u talkin about u fuckin wierdo u a hater with a name like fuck eminem and @jesus c4 crushed watch the the throne in terms of sales that doesnt make it the better album

  • @Junie…. dude u dont get friends or whatever go out and jump off the bridge sign up yet on eminem website at .

  • ToNy27

    and @dave you’ll be the same nigga on here every post still ..smh

  • josh

    @dave c4 wasnt “GARBAGE” it just wasnt his best work like say c3 c2. but it def. had bangers on there esp. mirror and how tro hate that some real shit to me personally i felt where he was coming from

  • jean


  • im _ill

    track is dope! i cant wait for c5 c6 and “i cant feel my face” them albums going to go dumb hard

  • Junie….

    @fuckeminem u seem like u have issues or somethin like none of ur comments make sense u sound like a homo in almost every comment and ur the biggest hater here with that dumbass name im not a eminem fan but cmon my dude like grow up foreal u fuckin 08 fan u aint a fan u a groupie nigga foreal

  • travis

    can yall all stfu damn..yall all look like a bunch of bitches on here. just comment the song and leave. and this is a dope track wayne did good

  • fawk yea

    this track is a beast !!

  • philly boy

    @travis i agree with you but niggas talking about “substance” what kind of fucking substance yall wanted him to have on a fucking song about WEED!?! -____- smh dumbass niggas always looking for a reason

  • @Junie…. im still a fan since 2006… smh u sound like a lilwayne hater on youtube you always have to criticize him you have nothing else to do??? dumb

  • smoking on strong

    @phillyboy EXACTLY dude! niggas betta stop acting like they aint heard “mirror” on c4. wayne can have substance in his music (when needed) this and songs like this doesnt always call for much.

  • man ths song is sick wayne kill’d it for sure nd hs back. ey nd hw cum weneva ppl twk abt great tracks of c4 thy neva mention abortion? man tht songs crazie. weneva i listen 2 da albums i mke sure 2 bump tht song mre thn once. bt anyway great song.

  • tarell

    @phillyboy & @smokingonstrong i couldnt’ve said it better

  • Junie….

    What the hell are u talkin about youtube ur weird as hell my nigga like deadass and u have been a fan since 08 ur a dickrider that likes wayne cuz hes popular ur a fuckin waste of my time lemme stop ackowledging ur weird ass u fuckin man fan u probably gay cuZ ur comments kind of suspect

  • brooklyn_boy

    @dillion yeah abortion was a song with substance too. it was dope

  • you mad?

    most of the time people that say ” lil wayne music has no substance” it’s people that= hate him, are jay,em, or some othe rapper STAN & ANNE ‘s ,or have no clue about all waynes music. they only know what they hear on the radio 0__o smh

  • jessica

    ->youmad? and ->smokingonstrong i agree

  • vanz

    i like this song..shoutout to wayne and b.o.b

  • Josh

    Yoooo wayne looks just like whoopi golberg lmao

  • @junie stfu u gaylord u probably got no friends and need attention…. finish the kindergarden u pathetic kid

  • weezy


  • Junie….

    I never said wayne has completely no substance in his songs i said theres a lack of substance meaning not that much and its really post jail wayne theres only a few songs on c4 with substance like mirror nightmares of the bottom(kinda) president carter and how to love and abortio(kinda)

  • @Junie…. not always criticize wayne and we have nobody problem I hate it if somebody always something so writes.

  • Junie….

    @fuckeminem read ur comment and ask ur self if that makes sense lmao what the fuck are u talkin about u fuckin retard

  • Keepin it Realer

    You a BLESSED MOTHER, when you have a Libra Son!!

    Its in a Libra’s nature to take care of they Mama’s!! Like they come out the womb like “Dont worry Mama, Im in control now, I’ll take care of you”, Like some grown men children! Didn’t Weezy buy his Mama a house when he was a teenager?ijs

    Its a “Libra Thang” to be balanced and in control!!!! Im lucky, blessed and glad to have One leading My Crew!

    Oh shi+, What time is it??? Its Sunday Sermon Day, cant partake in communion, without the trees that make “strange clouds”. puff-puff-pass


  • @Junie…. u criticize wayne wtf dont deny everything..

  • Mj

    2 more carters huh, so does that mean we gonna get a d4, d5, And d6?

  • Weezy4eva

    Damnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! siiiiiiiiccccckkkkkk maaaaaaaaaaaaadd cant describe how guuuuuuuuud

  • Tune(Man on the Moon)

    tunechi always blessed him he killed him on his own track 😀

  • Adreezy

    @fuckeminem its kindergarTen, dipshit

  • MOP15321

    Abortion, How to Love/hate, NOTB, President Carter, So Special, Mirror,and Novacane were all songs with substance on CIV so fuck ppl who say lil wayne has no substance, substance doesnt mean everything











  • sh

    @MOP15321 exactly

  • @Dave will you just die nd gtfo this site wayne has become better nd better over time niggas who rap nd tell stories somtimes lack that punchline ! weezy keeps those punchlines F*ck tellin stories #100 weezy best rapper right now so gtfo hiz dick

  • LMAO at u lil bitches fightin with eachother. grow up a lil just listen to the fuckin song and stop bitchin

  • T.k

    I could not have sex with my girlfriend today, but this helped with orgasm

  • what yall talkin about Wayne needs substance. His metaphors is what makes him great. No other rapper can think the things he thinks. Thats what sets him apart and make him the best rapper in the game!

  • @ahhgetemup thank you my dude exactly thts whats made him the best his whole career and ppl still bitchin bout it. wayne is fucking awesomeee!!!!!

  • MOP15321

    I dont know why haters and reviewers keep critisizing this album, it has something for everybody and is my personal favorite albums, wonder what Danny M thinks about the album

  • Zeca f. Baby

    @ahhhh get em up , u said all , u said the truth thanks my nigga !!!! 😀

  • Wack Verse.

    Wayne’s verse was beyond wack.

    “smoking on that strong that arnold schwarzenegger” <-wack and simple.

    "you're hot as an igloo" <-wack and simple.

    "kick back on that glock call that jujitsu" <-wack and simple.

    "im with a yellow girl, number 2 pencil" <-wack and simple.

    "these rappers are washed up, spin cycle rince you" <-wack, recycled, simple.

    "got that tech for technical difficulties" <-wack and simple.

    disagree and you're a dick rider.
    wayne's so garbage these days he hasn't been good since 08.

  • Michael (Eazy-M)

    Fav song this day 🙂

  • Junie

    The next single off c4 should be so special or nightmares of the bottom

  • Jc

    @weezy#1 I agree that’s what I meant with my substance comment earlier Wayne is Wayne. What he does is different and it’s interesting. Carter 3 was mysterious like you wanna know more about him. Like him or not that motherfucker is Wayne and yeah he makes mainstream songs that Bcuz he’s a business man but no matter what you can always tell he’s still Wayne by his

  • Jc

    @junie I think his next single should be mirrors since it was a bonus song and you know radio and mainstream fans will eat that shit up $$$$

  • killa cam

    this verse on here wasn’t actually that bad. But isnt this the time of year when Wayne normally changes his flow ?

    he switches his flow like every year, so im expecting something different soon lol.

  • mrx

    killa cam @ i thought he changed his flow with sorry for the wait?
    btw b.o.b got renegaded

  • killa cam


    he only changed his flow for like the first two songs.

  • youngmealticket

    yo i gotta question for anybody that has an answer.. in the song Dedication 3 in the part they say “powder makes you hyper reefer makes you calm, cigarettes give you cancer, well wounds make you dull”

    What does well wounds (if thats even the right words) make you dull mean?

  • Lil Wayne


  • Slim



  • r3x

    Hip hop is SELF EXPRESSION.. how the fuck you gonna criticize someone on how they express themselves? Smh… and people that were saying c4 was garbage , it wasn’t. Like any album everyone has the songs they like and ones they don’t like..@wack metaphors disagree and you’re a dick rider HA HA how ignorant does that make you.. who the fuck died and made you a hip hop judge.. don’t like him don’t jam him plain and simple

  • swagg nation

    this shit is waaaack. why were yall so hype for this single?? simple metaphors that a 6th grader can come up with smh……

  • this shit is crazy i love it 😀 and the song is so sick 🙂 i love it 🙂 wayne killed it 🙂

  • Ugh Thas NasTee

    Wayne’s flow as of recent is trash, not to mention C4 (I could only listen once)… but since he has an amazing body of work from years past, it will still be Wayne til the death of me

  • TyeDye19

    All of waynes songs have substance. People dont seem to get the idea of EXTENDED metaphaphor and subtext. People like wayne because he doesn’t really tell you what he means, but everything he says means something to him, and he jumps around from one thought to another at practically the speed of light. Ill admit that I find this verse somewhat sub-par for wayne but it’s where he’s at right now in his life and theres not shit any of us can do about it but support if your a fan or hate if your a hater.

  • shadyaftermathym

    whoever hates on Em and wayne fuck u die slow…. and if you think watch the throne is better than c4 go fuck yourselves SHADYAFTERMATH FOR LIFE YMCMB

  • Dr Heimlich

    awesome song, loved waynes verse

  • fuckin haters get a job anything…

  • Wack Verse

    I feel bad for all of you who think Wayne’s good.
    He isn’t.

    He used to be good, he’s been terrible after 2008.

  • F baby

    Such an awesome voice lil Wayne have

  • Ali Wayne

    fuckin’ awsome with the Dubstep beat <3

  • WTF

    Open your ears people Weezy is getting worse and all your dick riding habits need to stop cause right now he sucks.

  • wayne is much better as feminem .real talk

  • Theops
  • Man I dno wat all the haters r goin on abt, waynes verse on tht track is sick.

  • whungai

    its true the hate pissed me off back when c3 came out cuz it really didnt deserve it but c4 UGGGHHHHH i wanted to kill myself after hearing it. it was like someone died

  • whungai

    fuckeminem, where are you from? Why are you so bad at english?

  • ogeezy

    Man fuk these fake ass fans ..but I’m glad not everyone like waynes music cuz I hate it when every one likes the same thing…fuk mainstream haha n of course all these haters on this fansite are the real dick riders ..cuz they can’t seem to get off dis site

  • dorell

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    Hit em up!!!!!

  • ogeezy

    ^^ fuck u dorell nobody’s calling u

  • LOL

  • Jc

    Hahahaha @ogeezy

  • weezy drop a birthday song

  • nanz

    YM BABY!!!!!!!

  • realest

    Drake > Weezy

  • MelloYello

    If he’s terrible, then don’t go on his fan site, click on his latest songs, make a username, and comment on a video. You’re not stopping us from listening to him.

  • tru

    nobody wants you to stop listening to the shitty music hes making now we want him to make good music again open your eyes

  • mrx

    i miss the days when this website didn’t have a single hater on it
    then it had like 1 hater and i didn’t mind. now its almost full of haters and fags

  • Wack Verse

    You kids just don’t understand. Because you’re kids.

    I liked Wayne a lot when i was a kid, but he was good when i liked him.
    I liked Wayne from 2000-2008, more specifically 2004-2008 was his best years.

    after the dedication 3, wayne fell off hard.

    his wordplay is not what it used to be, flow is not what it used to be, and he doesnt even rap about shit anymore.

    I will never understand how someone can listen to another person that only talks about his self on every song.
    This is all Wayne talks about these days: skinny jeans, vans, guns, money, bitches.

    He wasn’t always like this. from 2004-2008 he made a lot of meaningful songs. that people can relate to.

  • Kieran

    COLE WORD!!!!!!!!!!

  • chrispatriots24

    damn alot of you are riding waynes dick hard!!! im sure ive been a wayne fan longer than most of you!

    waynes verse is not that good. no ceilings and carter 3 was his last best work.
    i miss the old wayne..

  • Demitrous

    Not a B.O.B. fan but i Love the track man

  • RicardoSilva

    “hate young money than fuck in the ass (….)YMCMB gon bol to he fall” best vers EVER!!! BY: Lil Wayne-hands up (Carter IV)

  • clorissa

    lol u bitch u loveit!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joanna.

    Strange Clouds #7 Us Top 10

  • trey

    I miss thsse days