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Video: Juelz Santana Confirms I Can’t Feel My Face Album With Lil Wayne Is Being Worked On

Wed, Sep 28, 2011 by

Last week, Mack Maine announced that Lil Wayne and Juelz Santana are back working on their collabo album, I Can’t Feel My Face. After years of the album not being released, Mack did say they will drop it before this year ends. Juelz Santana also told Vibe recently that Wayne had sent him 8 new songs and they will be doing about 20 – 30 new songs for the album (they previously did 45 tracks, but about half of them got leaked).

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  • rotterdam

    1 st holland

  • Thats wassup… They need to do another mixtape!


    yeAAAAAAH 3

  • ogeezy



    I swear this record will sell numbers.ICFMF=2mill 1st week.

  • mdhara roda


  • dis album gonna be hottt!!

  • Junie smm

    I fux with my nigga juelz cuz rep that 5 that 9 tre bba shit i rep that 2 gunz up smm shit we both from harlem thats my dude i always see him on 155th but anyway wayne better sound like the old wayne on this album foreal he better not bring his wackass post jail flow

  • Birdman

    Fuck yeah, this is going to get Wayne back in beast mode, I hope.
    Can’t wait.

  • Gay ass jeggings wearin whoopi golberg lookin fake ass blood wannabe muthafucka

    @junie the nigga wayne is wack post jail or pre jail his lyrics suck he has no meaning in none of his songs hes so repetative and predictable hes a gay thug who wears tight ass spandex at award shows hes a fuckin clown foreal and i know what yall gon say i have no life imma hater im this im that well idgaf cuz yall dont know me and i dont know yall so it aint beneficial on both parts all im sayin is this dude is a clown he cant be tha best rapper alive if he had numerous ghostwriters he cant be a real gangsta if he been rich since he was like 12 so the man kissin thug is a fake and his raps are garbage and corny and stupid bumass nigga gon apologize to jay z for sayin hes better than him then 4 years later u diss him what type of rapper apologizes to another rapper for sayin there better then them smh but u the best rapper alive huh smh fuckin clown

  • Man I’m sooo feeling the albums if its half as good as thre previous works 2getha it’s gna sell some big numbers md I agree wit @jason3700blk thy shuld release a mixtape 2 start building up some hype. Man I can’t feel my face is gna b a killer!!!! Anybody feelin me on dat? (no homo)

  • Shizzle97

    Cant wait to hear this album. Where can we get these leaked tracks?

  • josh

    what kinda nigaa names his username as a “diss” 0___o smh

  • drew_77

    @josh a bitchass lame ass nigga. thats who lmfaooo

  • terry

    fuck that hatin ass bitch uptop. go suck a aids dick bitch

  • im_ill

    this album is going to take a major shit on wtt. elz is right EVERYTIME him and wayne do music it be crack. crazzzy

  • alicia

    @im_ill true..and@josh most importantly who the fuck comes on a (fansite) of someone they dont like? a nigga with no life
    smh we gon pray for that clown .lol

  • Bompton

    nigga u stupid wayne been blooded in since the early 2000’s his homie n.o. capo and eastside term and mack 10 been fucking with him and birdman. game and bws do too. yall lil niggas dont know shit bout the streets.ol internet ass fools smh

  • trell


  • jeff

    these niggas about to kill the game (in a good way) with this shit. skullgang/ym

  • robb

    @shizzle97 go on youtube and search “i cant feel my face” it’s a whole bunch of old songs they did.

  • tasha

    damn they already been working on it? thats wussup i hope they put it out fa real this time.

  • smoke weed bitch

    to the hater up top wayne aint never apologised to jay u stupid bitch. he just humbled hisself out of respect i never heard him saying sorry to him for shit. get yo hatin ass outta here with all that reaching shit lil bitch

  • yo mama

    fuck that hater nigga/bitch it’s prob. that fag ceej anyway.
    anyway.. i hope they dont put any feats. on it, they perfect without any

  • bobby ray

    i agree i do nt think it needs feats. either just some dope ass beats! (just blaze, alacamist, the runners, nasty beat makerz)

  • Amurph


  • Idiotsiswear

    Wayne ain’t a real blood he don’t claim a specific set or anything he just claims he’s blood he don’t put in no work the only reason why Mack 10 fuck with them was because he wanted a deal the only reason bws fuck with them is so they could collaborate with one of the hottest (even though he whack) rappers in the game so they could push that label and it’s artists these niggas ain’t real bloods Wayne has real blood friends but that don’t make him a real blood

  • real-tak

    Can you imagine how many lil wayne songs he has recorded that no one has heard.

  • Zeca f. Baby

    @real-talk …. Yes man i was imagined it …. But lil wayne got unrelleased songs which we never will hear 🙁 ….. Only he will hear him own songs in he’s ipod like he said to XXL magazine on the interview with him ……

  • bobby ray

    @ceej (idiotsiswear ) shut yo lame ass up nigga you talking as if you know any of them niggas PERSONALLY mack 10 didnt need a deal he had one BEFORE gettin in cmb. you clown he was in the group westside connection. and bws already said wayne is blood affiliated jay rock too. all them niggas from the west even gmalone who’s a crip and wayne got love from the crips on stage w/ jeezy. u dont know nothing about the streets only this blog/computer shit. nigga stay inside you aint streeet smart at all

  • Young_Mulla

    i think if the do put in a feat. it will be rick ross, or drake. Get one of those John lines from ross or One of those Its good lines from drizzy that would make a good feat.

  • jose

    @bobbyray you’re right alot of the rappers in the game are affiliated wayne isnt a active banger in the streets thats the whole point of the word*affiliation* so wtf is ceej talking bout “put in work” lmfao stop tryna sound cool nigga you know you lil white ass aint street. waka, gucci, jim, juelz,jeezy,and alot of other niggas that aint from the west are affiliated .
    anyway im amped about this album!

  • Maybe.

    Maybe doing songs with juelz will remind weezy of when he used to do songs with juelz (2005-2007) and maybe this will make wayne go hard again.

    wayne needs to throw the mainstream out and get back to raw rap

  • krystal

    @yung_mulla hell no! they dont need ANY FEATS. AT ALL.wayne and juelz are beast at what they do, they dont need help

  • patrick

    for people that dont know wayne and juelz goes in . (pause) go search they old shit that leaked. it had the streets on fire on the undergorund.

  • derrick

    ceej i bet you’re a white kid that lives at home with your parents huh? and being on here talking shit is as tough as it gets for smh

  • Young_Mulla

    haha i didnt say they need help. Im just saying IF they do put on a feat that is what “I” would like to hear. In my opinion.

  • Junie

    Im blood imma part of sex money murder which is affiliated with 9 tre which is what juelz santana is in juelz is billy bad ass 9 tre and i know i juelz personally and wayne is bounty hunter gang he got piru tatted on his chest im not sayin he fake or real im just sayin he legit and if i saw him in person and he didnt peace me i would feel disrespected as a blood and its not about the skinny jeans and kissin men and shit its about reppin ur shit and thats why i respect wayne now do i think hes fallin off as a rapper yea but i do respect him as a fellow damu and my brother was locked up with him and my brother blood too and i heard some of the bloods in there was mad cuz wayne wasnt peacin none of them i was like the nigga is a high profile figure he aont suppose to associate with yall especially if yall adolesents i heard niggas through a chair at him too by the way

  • 1 hunnit

    yeah they dont need no feats. esp. not ross ol boring ass and lol @derrick

  • paul

    i wish yall would stfu with this gang shit who gives a fuck..all yall talking gang shit but yet you constantly on the fucking computer ..come on man how g is that? like fareal. smh

  • johnny boy

    i agree@paul but @junie you hear all kinds of shit from behind the wall niggas back there always got stories to tell. and most of them be false especially when its about somebody as big as wayne. come on , just like they said he got into a fight with a nigga back there smh that was false too. dont believe everything you hear

  • Young_Mulla

    Yeah just like a threw a punch at 50 cent.
    See how easy that was to make up. smh.. get over yourselves.
    This shit isnt about waynes affiliation this is about ICFMF, and how dope its gonna be.

  • rico

    @junie maserrati fox [i think thats how ya spell it] is blood affiliated and he said he saw wayne back there when he was there and wayne was good and he was on some chill shit.. with no problems. so i think somebody lied to you holmes. but at the same time jail is jail anywhere you deal with all kinds of shit back there. but what you said sound like b.s.

  • Junie

    And the bounty hunter blood gang is a set that was started in watts cali on the eastside thats why wayne say eastside in some songs and at the end of that red bandana song he even mentions bounty hunter gang at the end and no wayne wasnt blood in the early 2000s to the dude who said that he turned homie in 05 idk who his og is but i know he came home in 05 cuz he was confused he use to wear blue flags and red flags on the wrong sides and shit

  • travis

    @yung_mulla THANK YOU! god these people on this site really know how to throw a fucking topic off. god

  • Young_Mulla

    @travis no where in that article do i see the word BLOOD.

  • Junie

    @paul it aint about bein a g iwas just informin and i aint say i beleive it and @jb im just sayin its what i heard and @rico stop it my nigga u dont even know me

  • Josh

    Yall some wayne dick suckers dont none of yall know the nigga nor do yall know what he about yall just on the outside lookin in its his life your entertainment end of story dam

  • Young_Mulla

    and btw the gang is called Sec Money Murda. Its part of the United Blood Nation, not to be confused with the Bloods.
    Just thought id through that out there since this board is way off topic.

  • Junie

    @youngmula shut the fuck up u idiot its called sex money murda nigga i know my shit pistl pete started it and the ubn is bloods u idiot look it up they have a episode on gangland about sex money murder dont tell me my nigga i know my shit aint no fuckin sec money murder u dickhead cuz the code is sex u gotta get it money u gotta make to feed ur family and murder is on my to anyone who try to violate the codes i live by fuck u talkin bout nigga i know my shit

  • Junie

    @youngmula smm started in 91 and it was solo just a gang then became apart of the ubn in 96 then we became trendsetters in 2002 i cant tell u alot of shit cuz i dont know u and its on the internet but thats all u should know unless u wanna look it up smh nigga said sec money murda boy if i ever saw u in person and u say that to me ill take ur head off dead ass fuckin dum nigga

  • Fly Dungas

    i got a bitch who speak SPANGLISH

  • travis

    @yung_mulla fareal bruh

  • Josh

    @young_mula as much as i dont like that junie dude he is right if u watch gangland on the history channel u would know and i just looked it up i typed i sec money murder and it spelled sex money murder and it proved that u were wrong my guy but yeah dont ever tell a blood about his shit if you dont know anything about it because that junie dude is goin in lol

  • chris

    @junie dude/homegirl you reaaaaly need to calm down. you say you in a gang but you argunig on a computer with people you dont know thats not gangsta . lol

  • keisha

    @chris lmfao right! man some of the shit on here is crazy it so irrelevant

  • stfu

    0______o why is that on every post on this site asshole’s throw the topic off.?

  • Junie

    @chris u right my nigga i was just pissed of at what he/she said i know i dont know him i aint tryna be gangsta i was just gettin my point across cuz what he said was stupid as hell

  • Lets fuckn gooo wayne. i want that old wayne back, and wayne is a true blood -_- so go eat a red dick ya haters. yah dig?

  • black republican

  • sweet i can’t wait 🙂 the album is going to be sick 🙂

  • Idiotsiswear

    First of all I ain’t ceej dick second Wayne ain’t blood Wayne claims he’s blood not that he’s blood affiliation Wayne ain’t real Nigga telling me I ain’t street smart nigga please all them niggas is using Wayne first of all glasses Malone is signed to cash money so of course he gonna co sign Wayne nigga Mack 10 had a deal before that don’t mean shit maybe his deal was bs and he wanted out so he gassed Wayne and them up with this blood shit to get one black wall street using Wayne and so did jay rock And to the wetback border hopper Jose nigga stop it I ain’t white and nobody trynna sound cool Wayne got love from crips on stage nigga so the fuck what it’s jeezy dudes what you think they was gonna diss him or try something?

  • Idiotsiswear

    Nigga Wayne not blood he claims he blood not blood affiliated he gets all these co signs by niggas that uses him jay rock game menace they all use to to get more fame these niggas would say justin beiber was blood if he would do a song with them to get them more fame other than a few dudes gassing Wayne up real blood niggas don’t fuck with Wayne at all and they diss him occasionally mitchy slick dissed Wayne in the same song they was in T Rodgers dissed Wayne too Wayne not no real damn blood nigga And I can’t take anyone who comes on this site everyday serious when they say they blood who the fuck still gang bangs in 2011 smfh

  • guys 50 fake cent dissed game & lil wayne the track called” love hate love that song is fuckin weak i bet dr.dre say that because games deal is over lol i hope game & wayne shot back this fuckin fat pig nigga sucks.

  • Georgiaboy87

    Lmao y’all are funny YMCMB nigga that’s all that matters & one thing if Wayne wasn’t blood don you think that all them bloods would be after him? Exactly lil wayne is the reason why all these kids probably getting into bloods. Also juine is a Internet thug who watched a episode of gangland on tv which makes him a expert on gangs/gang bangers lol

  • lopy

    ga boy perfectly said my nigga! niggas would be after weezy! and junie stfu bitch! watching gangland doesnt mean shit because we all know uz pussy! so please cut that shit out lil boy! you be on here everyday motherfuccca! so you need to shut yo fukn mouth! faggot ass lil nigga! false setting on internet like a hoe! gtfo bitch and suck a dick and do yo job with sukn pistols down!

  • i second with ma nigga lopy YAAAAAAAAAHHHH DIIIIIIIIIIGGGGG!!

  • dk

    I’m a white English kid but Wayne the best rapper alive or dead

  • Tune(Man on the Moon)

    yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeas 😀

  • Maddenmula

    If yall actually notice yung _mulla did typo with the “sec” instead of sex

  • Converse

    Mann if you niggas think this is happening? you must still think Detox is dropping this year lmaoo

  • Idiotsiswear

    Nigga all those real blood are after Wayne look at all those Cali og’s who diss Wayne all the time the only things that save Wayne is the real bloods that use him they get him a pass so nobody would try him but there is thousands of real bloods who would love to body him only think saving him is those blood rappers who get respect from other bloods besides Wayne is a studio gangsta if he going outside he walking with a gang of dudes to protect him even in safe areas if he had to walk alone you would see how fast he denies being “blood”

  • James

    ^Shut up bitch he is blood you dumb fuck! westcoast inglewood piru allday!

  • justsaying

    No real blood or any other real gang member would have the time of day to be on this site. Nobody will know if waynes legit or not unless ypu went and studied Jully on another mans life smh… some people taking shit over board on here cuz not one of y’all would meet Wayne and tell him to his face he’s fake.. you say you would but ya wouldn’t.. let him do him.. most people saying he’s wack seem to know a whooooole lot about him.. kinda seems like you wanted to be the one kissing Wayne and not baby.

  • Jenny
  • Gusbus

    @Gay ass jeggings wearin whoopi golberg lookin fake ass blood wannabe muthafucka-you need yo ass beat!!!.pussy ass nigga.