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Find Out What Drake’s Favorite Lil Wayne Verse Of All Time Is…

Tue, Nov 8, 2011 by

Before watching the video above to find out Drake‘s answer, here is a line from the verse to see if you can guess it: “I listen to her heart beat, because it plays my favorite song”.

Drake talks and recites his favorite Lil Wayne verse of all time and explains why he chose it. Drizzy also says one of his favorite rap songs of all time is Outkast’s “Hollywood Divorce” featuring Weezy and Snoop Dogg. Did you expect this choice from Drizzy Drake

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  • FreeZ

    young su woooper

  • lol?

  • Lox

    That verse is wack as hell real talk

  • Filipe-Weezy


  • lmfao thats my favorite verse too

  • CJ

    Yea that choice is pretty suspect. That’s like my girls favorite wayne verse n shit.

  • Song he’s talking about for the haters, or wayne fans who don’t know.

  • Junie

    If u really think thats waynes best verse of all time then ur not a fan of lyrics his best verse is on ignant shit with drake to me

  • Marley

    You should upload it to youtube.

  • Lenny

    Is he serious this goes in one of waynes worse verses anyone can come up with that

  • YOLO

    Take care>tha careter 4

  • Sportz

    Crying Out For Me (Remix). I love that verse.

  • naheezy

    r u serious guys? thats actually a pretty good verse i dunno why u guys hatin
    and to all them niggas who think wayne fell off listen to hell ya fuckin right off take care his verse is just EPIC read the lyrics while listenin to the song to make it even more awesome

  • Amurph

    What song is this from, I dont really listen to modern day Wayne by my lady would love this

  • Manny

    This simple ass verse……lol cmon drake

  • drakes a soft nigga so, i understand

  • Real talk

    For as long as you clicked this we Kate whether to show love or to hate.. You are a lil Wayne fan. Might be jeolous of his success but you are fan. If not why’s are you here.. Anyway best lilwayne verse is on WeTakin Over with Dj khaled

  • Junie

    We takon over ignant shit and demolitin 1 are waynes best verses

  • Dedication 4

    Wayne’s best verse is on Renegades freestyle 2003 … REAL Wayne fans know this.

    You niggas bringing up some corny verses from 2009 lol, fuck outta here.

  • R3m1

    U got that right Junie, Demolition part 1 and president carter too

  • R3m1

    And yea Take care’s actually better than the CIV; to bad for the collabo project

  • Jamie

    @Dedication 4

    real Wayne fans don’t even come to this site often, most of posters here are just some young ass kids who started listening to Wayne after Carter 3 went plat in a week. They don’t know what Sqad Up is or The Prefix and Suffix tapes, Carter 1, Carter 2 … just a bunch of band wagoning ass fans.

    Somebody above said Demolition was his best verse LMAO, some wack ass verse that’s in autotune smh.

  • Tunechi lee

    Wayne’s best verse is his last verse in “The Champions”.

  • Lamillie7

    @Jamie did you just say the demolition freestyles was just some wack verses with auto tune you must be out of your head or never heard but 3 seconds of them cuz they are two of waynes best songs just telling facts you might want to listen again

  • Jaime


    I heard both demolition freestyles, they did not impress me at all. He was playing around saying random stupid shit.

    For you to say that’s one of his best verses is like a slap in the face to him lol.


    nah nigga u guys r truly little boys by saying demoltion was one of waynes best song. get the fuck outta here, “cry out” is his best 2nd- trouble

  • NooniYt


  • Guest

    Drake knows what he’s talking about. Wayne took a phone conversation and turned it into a verse for a song.

    That was years ago, now Drake is famous for doing that shit.

  • WHO HARD IMA BOSS REMIX!? T.I,MEEK,ROSS, AND WAYNE WENT THA HARDEST. Birdman’s verse was like all of birdman’s verses though.


    Ima boss remix dropin tonigh!

  • I’ma boss remix a must listen.

  • georgiboy87

    wayne the greastest to ever do this rap/music shit anyway ima buy that take care & all wayne fans should go out & buy it to also vote for YMCMB in all sections of mtv2 sucker free awards

  • Wayne’s verse was kinda short though but still good. Waiting for the uncensored version.

  • low

    Wayne suck. Listen tO Soulja boi

  • RealFan

    C’mon now you know waynes hardest verse came on biznite…step your game up

  • @low why the fuck would I stop listening to wayne to listen to soulja boy?

  • i love that song. and i love wayne’s verse to 🙂 and i didn’t even expect that song that drakes like. i am shocked, i am really shocked. why did drake pick that song?

  • Lamillie7

    Ok for him to just be playing around on demolition freestyles and clearly high as shit those are two of his best songs and we all knw a lil wayne list can be a 100songs deep so I’m not saying they the best but some of his best songs



    man that song is from mario song crying out for me remix i love that song just because weezy in it but its a pretty song tho but my man weezy killed it i love the part when he say i never let her cry alone i listen to her heartbeat bc it plays my favorite song


    Wayne is the best rapper ever

  • Tunes

    Lot of wayne’s haters here,ignant shit is my favorite n I think his best Verse is from there

  • Spider Man

    Wayne Doesn’t Have A Best Verse, Everything He Say B Cold, U Can’t Compare

  • R3m1

    JAIME for you going around judging people’s comments you can suck my young ass kid dick, swallow slow bitch

  • Marcus

    Hollywood Divorce is really one of my favorites!

  • fman

    just listen to fly in, tha carter 2 (track) and fly out from the cater 2 and that is all that has to be said

  • I love his songs sooo much …….. <3

  • wayne1

    bass without beat was one of waynes hardest verses, Demolition part 1 n 2 was str8 the nigga was high and Renegades freestyle might b the hardest ive heard

  • Bj

    Its To Hard To Pick A Favorite Verse For Wayne, Its To Many !

  • T-Nasty

    without a doubt Renegade freestyle was the hardest verse he eva spit

  • Bad Guy1

    1. Run this town
    – Ignorant Shit
    – Upgrade U

  • YMCM

    Wayne’s best verses (not in order):

    1. Best of Me
    2. Suffix (Dear Summer Freestyle)
    3. Beat Without Bass
    4. BM JR
    5. Dr. Carter
    6. Feel Me
    7. Pac Dedication (I’m a Ridah)
    8. Ride For My Niggaz
    9. Momma Taught Me
    10. I’m Me

    ….and the list goes on. u want more? holla at me. i have every wayne song ever made.

  • Francisco

    fuck that paquiao ad i cant listen to any songs in this site, i mean probably everybody that likes fight night knows when are they fighting

  • aleckazee

    I agree with Lenny, he has much better verses than that

  • His best is yet to come……………….

  • BrennanKnowsWayne

    Almost Every Verse On Dedication 2 Was His Hardest Shit Ever..

  • troy

    i want more lil wayne songs that are good.
    sick of all the new shit. wanna dig deeper.
    got some recommendations

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