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Video: Lil Wayne At Monster Skatepark In Australia x Skateboard Clothing Line Debuts Early 2012

Sat, Dec 10, 2011 by

In the video above, Lil Wayne speaks on skateboarding at Monster Skatepark in Sydney, Australia.

In related Wayne skateboarding news, Tunechi will be debuting his new clothing line called “TRUKFIT” at The Agenda Show on January 23-24, 2012. The clothing line is inspired by his skateboarding passion and you can read some info from Agenda below:

Trukfit, the new clothing brand from Grammy Award winning, platinum selling hip hop icon LIL WAYNE, will debut at Agenda in January 2012. The highly anticipated line of uniquely designed apparel was inspired by Lil Wayne’s passion for skateboarding and quality street wear. Pulling influence from Lil Wayne’s distinctive style and voice, Trukfit is made from quality fabrics and features bold graphics at a moderate price point.

I wonder how this clothing line will look ❓

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  • MRK


  • lil shaq


  • 3RD!!!! motherfuckers who gone hate now cuz nigga always hatin…smh can get one post wen noone hates??? Damn let wayne do his thang aslong as he makin money y hate…he got him and his family set 4 generations so leave him the fuck alone cuz ur opinion dont fuckin matta hatin bitches..but what am i sayin MOST OF YALL R HATIN DUMBASSESS!!!!

  • ogeezy!

    Dope..I’ma cop dat shyt

  • Ben

    Weezy, keep doin you!

    If you got a problem with him skating, fuck you. Who are you to tell him what to do?!?!

  • Amurph

    Shit all I need to know is where they gon be selling these clothes at, ima buy that shit!

  • chal

    Thats all im rockin for now on.

  • Lil Wayne is doing big things keep it up WEEZY you’re getting way better at skateboarding next thing ya know you’re gonna be the best at that because you’re the best at whatever you do YMCMB all day ERRYDAY!

  • swagg

    lil wayne need weed baddddddddddddddd

  • Weezy F baby!

    weezy f baby and the F is for FRAUD

    weezy f baby and the F is for FAGGOT

    weezy f baby and the F is for FAKE

    weezy f baby and the F is for FUCKING…baby (birdman)

  • youngmealticket

    chal—> no swag, get your own style
    swagg—> so right my dude!

  • swagg

    @weezy f baby idc about haters like u even more because weezy need all this fuckin critismim because all the real weezy f baby is hoping weed will save his music

  • my 6’7 Cover 🙂

    Weezy The Best Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah !!!

  • waala1

    Hell yeaah I can’t wait for this shit , skater GanG !!

  • megan

    So lil wayne is bisexual on the low smh who didnt know that… KISSING MEN+WEARING WOMENS PANTS+SAYING IM THE ONLY ONE HE KISSES=BISEXUAL

  • david


  • quan

    I never though wayne was bi or gay until his VMA performance

  • chad

    why is he so focused on this skting shit so much?….it’s like he doesn’t care about music anymore

  • Nice

    Please speak with intelligence, Wayne is doing his thing even though he already had a clothing that was suppose to come out called Double U, guess that was scraped lets see how this one goes.

  • Most-Shady

    When is the motto and she will video coming out..?

  • WeezyFAN

    @chad its like he doesnt care about music anymore??? i guess u havnt seen the latest post where it says he was the #1 male hip hop artist of 2011 u dumbass

  • Xicano101

    @WeezyFan not just #1 HipHop artist but #1 Male Artist Overall

  • M.AK

    Yea 😉

  • WeezyFAN

    @xicano101 i guess u cant read cuz thts what i said so fuck you

  • @Danny is dere any chances dat weezy is opening trukfit’s showroom in india also?

  • sweet, that’s what’s up 🙂 i can’t wait 🙂

  • Idiotsiswear

    He’s the number 1 hip hop artist of the year because he has stans who buy his garbage in bulk making him overrated and other musicians use him as a gainer if lil chuckee was the best selling most overrated nigga everyone would want to do music with him so he can boost their careers and bring more attention to their song just because billboard said he’s the number 1 artist or whatever doesn’t mean he’s good and it doesn’t mean it’s true sales dont Make you the best and honestly Wayne is lyrically wack c4 was trash if the named him #1 then it’s obvious lyrics didn’t count because if it did Wayne should be at the bottom s4tw c4 = ass water Wayne doesn’t care about music anymore

  • Dylan Stimeling WFB#1

    I can’t Wait for this clothing line it’s gonna be sick as fuck and I’m gonna buy it as soon as it comes out I’m pumped go Weezy! And he’s top hip hop artist hell yeah fuckin right! BEST RAPPER ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ymcmb till I die

  • @idiotsiswe. Wat should i call u boy?…. Idiot, bitch made nigga, dickless, homo/faggot elicit,(d fuckin list goes on)… Please do d internet a big favor by killing ur self fool.


    idioti is a idiot and his mom suck my dick

  • Lol I see my good friend @idiotiswear is back, and hating like a bitch again. Let me just tell you something man, yeah the were people that bought C4 in bulk but that was only like a couple hundred people and if you subtract that from C4 totally sales figures it wouldn’t really make a dent so shut the fuck up Lil Wayne sales Albums because he produces quality. It’s only a few of ya’ll that say its not, hell and if C4 wasn’t that good then it should have stopped selling like two months ago already, did it?! Nope C4 is one of only two Hip Hop albums still in the top 40!

  • Isiotsiswear

    Lmao y’all calling me all types of shit because I dissed your god Wayne it’s not hating everything I said was the truth nigga everyone who’s honest and not a stan said the same thing c4 was garbage quality? Are you serious? Nigga gtfoh warned average fans are kids like “nabeel real deal” look him up and he actually thinks he’s black and blood just a bunch of suburb brats who honestly don’t understand half the shit Wayne says and they think he the best because he’s what’s hot or he made that one song they all like lollipop or how to love y’all think those pre school recycled lines is hot? Gtfoh and lots of Wayne stans bought multiple copies not just a couple hundred y’all say c4 was hot but yet can’t tell me why shit was corny Wayne just did a bunch of random babbling

  • Idiotsiswear

    Intro was wack blunt blowing is a good beat he wasted with corny lyrics “all about my riches my name should be Richard” “I put up a wall and they just wallpaper” really? “shoot that hummingbird down hummingbird  don’t hum?” was that hot? “cut the bullshit out I’m edward with the siccissors”? Megaman another wasted beat recycles corny lines 6 foot 7 was good but that high pitched voice makes me hate the song nightmares of the bottom omg shit was horrible he was just mumbling lazy he had no delivery nothing hot garbage she will was good but he coulve went way harder how to hate whatever I wasn’t suppose to be lyrical so it gets a whatever really don’t care about it interlude was better than all the songs above it and some below it John was wack and bullshit

  • Idiotsiswear

    abortion nice beat wack lyrics had like one good line the shit literally had no meaning but somehow you stans say it has meaning so special whatever it was suppose to be some lyrically bananas shit so I’ll group it in the whatever pile with how to hate and how to love president Carter only hot part was the end but if only he was rapping like that the whole song but the end can’t save the whole song it’s good jada and drake = hot and fit the song then Wayne comes in and messes up what could’ve been one of the best songs of 2011 outro was crazy everyone did they thing even po well he wasn’t hot but his verse was better than all the shit he put out since he got out I like this view was absolutely garbage and he wants someone to pay extra for that? Song was horrible if you say it was hot slit both of your wrists mirror was good two shot he was right he probably could do better novacane iight up up and away was like the best Wayne song on this garbage and poor excuse for c4 I got some some the beat kinda sounds like n.o. Bounce music but the lyrics wack as fuck


    gay-z is wack

  • 1029

    Dickman {baby} and lil homo {wayne}

  • 1029

    Dickman {baby} and lil homo {wayne} is lame

  • Cop Em’

    It better be expensive, and yes I said it better be.

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  • Roe

    Happy Kwanzza Everyone !