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Video: Lil Wayne – Mirror (Feat Bruno Mars) [Preview]

Fri, Jan 27, 2012 by

In the video above, you can watch a sneak peek of Lil Wayne‘s “Mirror” music video featuring Bruno Mars. The visual was directed by Training Day-director Antoine Fuqu and the full version will premiere on Tuesday, January 31st.

Are you happy that Weezy chose Tha Carter IV bonus track as the next single over “She Will” ❓

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  • Adz


    looking gooood!!!!!!

    cant wait to see full vid…drop a vid for blunt blowing and she will

    you always new MIRROR wud be the main hit single off c4

  • Nawy

    this looks dope as fuck !
    Mirror’s the best song on C4..

  • humairrr

    Man it looks awesome!!! This will be a bigger hit than How To Love I think!! 🙂

  • Davitt

    Weezy :X so fuckingg !!! 3

  • 187JoshM187


  • dontworryboutit

    nice to see that yet again a song gets big months after its been released. Now we get to listen to it on tv and radio, after I’m sick of it!

  • BDL


  • YM>CM

    Whats with all the paint ?? Why no mirrors ??


  • juju120

    I think WEEZY nd drake should have made a “she will” video a long time ago.

  • Pill popper

    How come they took so long to release the video…..sorry wayne but we have all forgot about carter 4 now 🙁

  • Real Life

    hey Danny, She Will already reached number 1 on billboard without a video, so they wasn’t any need to push it again with a video… but this song will be a hit if moved to the public because its so generic, the lyrics. I am glad he made this move, i was hoping so all along.


    Teaser looks good

  • wow!!!!

    so sick when they show wayne’s scar from when he shot himself during the “i see the scars that remain” line 😮

  • Money33

    @YM>CM, He is spray painting on the mirrors… and its a metaphor for the lyrics that reflects on guilty and shame of oneself and afraid to look in the mirror.

  • WeezyFam


  • LOVE IT!!!!!

  • Jonas

    This is great shit man!!!!

  • steph

    I love this song, it says so much!

    Cant wait for the video, looking good! 😀

    I love u weezy!!


  • milzzzz

    What the fuck are u talking about, we have forgot the CARTER IV? haha i havent, and real weezy f baby fans havent forgot the CARTER IV yet u fucking dumb ass


  • drikss da French

    This video seems to be great but can you tell me when he’ll make a video outside ?

  • Edgar

    Meeeeen i will the Full Video watchen:(

  • Talk that ish

    Haters pissed as hell, they didn’t see another hit coming from C4 lol.

  • Shader

    Lil Wayne rocking some Green Tint NUDIE MAGS by CRAP Eyewear

    Available here –

  • Next Single? Err… I thort “She Will” was released as the last Single, I mean damn “She Will” Shot Straight to #1 on Billboard Singles Charts, Entered at #3 on Hot 100 and #1 on Hot R&B/Hip-Hop charts… As Far as I’m concerned “She Will” was a Single and a Damn Good one, But I just Love “Mirror” so I’m expecting it to do almost as Well as “She Will” and “How To Love”

  • Shit is crazy,cn’t wait 4 de whole vid nigga wayne..It’s yo boy Cali..

  • CrasH

    Were is Rick Ross do the Remix!!!

  • Make a SHE WILL video next Wayne

  • Sacris

    Always, been waiting for this video since C4 dropped

  • Yours Truly

    YMCMB%U amaz mA evtym I cmyslf-MZUnStD

  • yo weezy im prod you i will see mirror bron mars feat lilwayne

  • Holy shit no green screen

  • AllieRaeTunechi

    holy shit!!! omg wayne is looking sooo sexyyy in this<33 i cant stand it!! ;-*

  • look crazy anticipating a great video but very weird

  • lil m

    cuando salga she will va a tener 40 millones d visitas en una semana i mirro lo msmo o massss

  • Chris

    Wow. Antoine fuqua? That’s amazing. He’s a brilliant director. This video is going to be huge.

  • That Kid

    This video looks amazing. I was hoping for a She Will video buh fuck it, this better B)

  • David

    Hey LIl Wayne I Just you Best Fan 😀 Am Armenian But LIve IN France Can YOu CAm ___I Give You Bitch 😀 you Fuck Her ___And We Go To Skeit Parck ___Pls Write Me Im 16 years old and 16 years I Listen only Your Musics 😀

  • rans0m3

    LMAO we deffinately didnt forget carter IV real wayne fans wont forget Tha Carter

  • video is fuckin dope..
    Eagerly waitin foh video to come.

  • cEeJ

    they holding this shit so long cuz
    a)wizzle is a slackin biotch who couldnt finish tha c4 up before a mob was about to burn his house down
    b)they know it wont live up to the “lighters” video off bad meets evil

  • cEeJ

    wizzle has aids…

  • cEeJ

    ps. dont play with gunz kids
    …wizzle can tell u himself, if ur a stupid ass negro and u play with gunz u probably shot urself in the chest and lay on the floor for hours waitin for the police to actually help u out cuz u a bitch.
    but at least if that happens u can call urself a gangster like that little shit dwayne michael carter did.

  • Y U MAD

    Haters here is another dose of poison.. next #1 hit from the album you all want to call wack. YMCMB tha buzine$$ woorie, get dat playboi! Belee dat brurr

  • YM

    Hatin’ on Lil Wayne is a miserable choice, dude keeps coming back with hit after hit.

  • MoonMan

    She Will > Mirror

  • cEeJ

    hahah bullshit.
    he’s the worst mainstreem rapper alive. fact.
    but i sleep fine at night cuz i know eminem murdered him on his own tracks and on no love. fucin baby gonna murder him again on lfls2. AND drake ripped wizzle on that track tonymontana. and i dont even like drake. wak ass record label.
    lilwayne is the only one who losses sleep over his shitstained legacy

  • cEeJ

    what is that a fucking razorblade on his necklace chain? lookout emo genre… here comes lil wayne to ruin another music style. paaaah

  • r3xvstheworld

    Instead of abortion and so special Wayne shoulda put “show em what you got” and “that’s what they call me” on c4 just saying… can’t wait for the vid though!

  • Idiotsiswear

    @ceej you dumb as fucc.. just keep being an internet thug though.

  • cEeJ

    its cool. u know wizzle is full of hot air and stds. give it 5 years and he’ll have nothing left to talk about. if the aids doesnt kill him b4 then. hahah itll probably b 5 years b4 yall get c5 anyhow. haaa

  • Gangsta_H

    @ cEeJ, yuh r a real moderfuker.. y dont u go stick on eminem’s ass nd neva come bak.. Weezy rules!#biatchs

  • Idiotsiswear

    Aids? He get that from your momma? People like you hated Wayne since the block is hot.. your “opinio” doesn’t matter

  • cEeJ

    haha im hatin on a faggot. yall just hatin the hater. y dont u focuz on something besides me. if u can.

  • ogeezy!

    Good move !

  • ogeezy!

    No homo but he getting money out the anus ..n all these hoes sayin please lil Wayne us haha

  • GrimGenius

    Why do “wayne haters” come on this site? It makes no sense. If you don’t like wayne, then that’s cool. Support the artist that you do like.

  • CeeJ mothafucka!

    i wanna see little wayne lick white dog poop

  • Gucci Rachi

    Mirror is more of a pop song den she will…all da bitches white blak love bruno mars its more of a universal song fa everybody

  • Sportz

    Danny has no idea what he is talking about. You don’t need to have a music video to be a single. She Will was the third single, and Mirror is the fourth single.

  • Those Folks

    The shades that Wayne is wearing are a combination of CRAP EYE WEAR x Those Folks Clothing follow us on twitter @WEARTHOSEFOLKS

  • Raymond Sanchez

    Dope ! Tunechi ur the best

  • weezyFbaby

    @ Ceej. i love how that gay chink cj hates on lil wayne so much but it is always on this website watching, listening and reading everything hahaha even the haterz secretly love Lil Wayne, ya dig

  • ogeezy!


  • t@weezy fan

    ready to see this video.. one of my favorite songs…

  • Weezydabeast

    So many hatayyzz its a shame doee… Yall bitchmades forget who this man is? Tha nigga that gave us ALL Tha drought mixtapes, leaks, dedications, & like 40 othas all that shit that fueled all these pussy rappers we hear today. Aint NO NIGGA like lil wayne

  • Confeisdjjedi

    Whats a Tha Carter IV?


    ceej wanna suck gay-z dicks???

  • fuck_ya

    @ r3xvstheworld

    for real? abortion is dope as and so special is a fucken raw love song. you want him to sound like a faggot when talking bout pussy? no one ever apriciates the shit we get from weezy. he is a legend and when hes gone all you gonna bitch. so everyone should just enjoy the shit he puts out.

  • That Man

    This is my problem with Wayne; he used to be “real” rap. Which is rapping about what you are going through at the moment, or about the life you actually live. While I used to be the biggest Weezy fan you can imagine, I feel as if Wayne makes songs for sales now, not “real” hip-hop. The reason why people say Tha Carter II was his last great album was because he was rapping about what he was doing, and what how he was living. While on Tha Carter IV you see songs such as “Blunt Blowin’ “, which, while I admit is a good song, is not “real” rap because that song was made post-jail and after jail we all know Wayne was not smoking blunts. “Tha Carter”‘s are supposed to be classic albums, and if you look at what a classic album truly is, you see that they are representative of what that rapper is doing or going through at the time of the release of that album. Granted, some songs on Tha Carter IV may, or may not be “real” hip-hop, (as I do not know too deep into Wayne’s personal life) such as mirror, so special, and john, I do not know how much into Wayne’s inner feelings they have tapped into. I’m not sure about you guys, but I was truly hoping that Wayne was going to rap about jail experience (shit that he actually experienced or side-effects of jail that he was going through) and make it meaningful. While 6 foot 7, Up up and away, megaman, and many other songs on C4 showcase Wayne’s obvious ability to destroy a track with no effort and ridiculous wordplay, they do share anything about the inner Wayne himself (no homo). Sorry, I’m just kinda ranting. I don’t think Wayne “fell off”, I just think that he lost sight of what really makes and album compared to a mix tape. If you say he is not a situational rapper, BULLSHIT, he can make all kinda songs that show his inner self. But, fuck it, what do I know, I’m just a fan, hopeful that he returns to what I used to know and love. And some of you may say, “ahhh Wayne been rapping about punchlines and not his inner self for a long time and people still liked him”, and to that I say, listen to his old stuff, and I see not so much his lyrics as a reflection of himself, but his music. For example, his lyrics and songs might not have been the best on Dedication 3, but it was fire because of his swag and even though his lyrics didn’t show it, you got to see the side of Wayne that was heavily into weed and syrup; and to me that’s why I love it. I’m just a fan that wants the “old wayne” back. In this sense that I want him to show where his mind is at now and how he sees himself. And in the end, I think that even the “trolls” want to see that. We all have loved Wayne in a certain time period one way or another, and the reason why these trolls keep coming back is for the same reason people like I dol Too hopefully see the Wayne that they loved return. But fuck it, I’m just a random fan ranting…

  • Damn, Tunechi is sooo hot in this video! Can’t wait

  • Aleksandr Tosunidi

    Lil Wayne, I,d like here musik.

  • Daknite

    i want the she will video and where is dedication 4 and nino brown 3

  • TunchiLee


  • William Wayne

    He need to be retired

  • Refayne

    yeah it looks like the vid will be a big hit!! thnx weezy but it was too late , i thinks he s busy in skating hehe (((:

  • CEEJ

    its not a matter of loosing urself or trying to tap into some musical channel.
    rap is rythmic self expression. u start rapping because u dont have alot of options or because u have big aspirations but no means of acquisition.
    when people say little wayne aka wizzle f baby needs to find his old self or his old style they kid themselves. what little wayne is is a fake rapper. a fake gangster. and a fake mainstream worldwide star. he shouldnt have any of the fame or credit that he has and people know this. those mixtapes have aged significantely and honestly werent good to begin with. the only reason wizzle is known is because of his producer the birdman. he never had a hit song that rose his fame or never lit a fire at one of performances. when u look at other rappers and compare their success stories you’ll see that wayne has slowly been minupulating his fanbase to create a bigger than life persona. but only by manipulating the people that actually like what he’s doing gets him attention.
    dre signed em. therefore em was given a chance to make a name for himself. slim shadey successfully built the persona and genre of music that we all kno and love him for. and when u here a shady record u kno its authentic rap and not only that but its good music.
    kanye west on the otherhand broke out with songs like jesus walks. he got his name out and his style and lyrics stuck with people who thought he had potential. then he and jz successfully redesigned the rap label “game” with watch the throne.
    now think about wizzle. sure he’s done alot but what has he done?
    little wayne got his deal with baby and then dropped like 2 solo albums that sucked b4 tha carter. now those were his prime days but even songs like go dj. and tha carter were only club bangers that didnt even need his voice on them to rock, just the beats were all people liked about it

  • CEEJ

    move to tha cater 2 and u see him try to rap on songs like fireman mob and best rapper alive but what any tru wayne follower knows is that he has gone back and basically said he doesnt want the title as best rapper because he doesnt want to have to compete for it with real rappers like eminem jz nas or emerging artists. yet he still has the track and has produced an apology for it.
    since then there has been a steady decline in his music as he focuses more on image. putting on clothes and taking picuters and social networking to a new level he’s like what 50 cents would be if 50 cents had a vagina. and with all the hype he builds as he blogs and blogs to fans and has people thinking he’s a regular down to earth guy while he snuggles on his couch in 250k$ gucci sweats he lets everyone down buy dropping completely worthless albums in multiple genres.
    i can continue to explain the physics behind why little wayne and his record label ym are worthless and will only continue to ruin hiphop music but i think anyone with half a brain who isnt a groupy whore or a gayboy who hasnt come out of the closet yet will know these things without a pissed off music junky like me spelling it all out.
    i have a feeling that wizzle and his crew will be challenged by a superior artist one day and when that day comes he’ll be exposed as a fake. but until then america will have to suffer through another bad era of music.

  • YMWeezYCashMoneyFBabyB

    I want clip on Blunt Blowin!

  • Jazz

    Ceej im a fan from lil wayne but what u said actually makes sense..besides he shot himself whats so gangster about that?

  • r3xvstheworld

    @fuck_ya I didn’t say those songs sucked, I just prefer the songs I named over abortion and so special special.. you da shit and that’s what they call me were alot better

  • Ak

    @CEEJ What Dood What Is Your Problem You Might Not Like Wayne But You Cant Just Say That He Sucks At Rapping Cause He Dont Tell Me How Many Grammys Does Lil Wayne Have Huh And You Going To Say He Sucks Wow I Think U Have Half A Brain Cause Clearly You Dont Know What The Hell You Talking About Do U Remember The Grammys A Few Years When Lil Wayne Crushed Jay Z’s Album Into The Dirt He Beat Jay Z With His Album The Carter 3 Murdered It And You Are Going To Say Lil Wayne Sucks And Cant Rap Look At Him HE BEAT JAY Z And To Me Whoever Beats Jay Z Is Pretty Good In My Book You Have To Give Him Props The Carter 3 Hit 1.5 Million Sales In One Week Who Is Doing That Jay Z Anit Doin It Kayne West Aint Doin It Eminem Is Not Doin It Nas Aint Doing It So U Better Open Your Eyes And See That Lil Wayne Is The Best Rapper Alive!!!!!!! WEEZY F BABY All Day Everyday And You Sayin The Carter 4 Sucks Onces Again He Beat Jay Z And Kanye West With WTT In Sales And Over Half Of His Songs Hit The Billboard Charts She Will Was #1 How To Love Was Up There Mirrors Was Up There Blunt Blowin Was Up There Abortion Was Up There John Was Up There And More So You Cant Say That Lil Wayne Sucks Cause He Dont You Just Mad That Lil Wayne Is Better Than Your Favorite Rapper Plain And Simple So Just Shut Up About Lil Wayne Ok Cause I Can Go For Days About All The Accomplishments He Has Done

  • Idiotsiswear

    @ceej ok we all have our opinions.. some people like lil Wayne some people like Katz some people like eminent.

  • Wow!!! This shud get a Grammy…..
    I hope it does..

  • Stop it 5

    ^^^ dude who do you think have time to read your summaries??? Go open your own blog bitch since you have time and so much to say.

    Anyway I can’t wait for the video:)

  • Stop it 5

    That comment was @Ak

  • Stop it 5

    I mean CeeJ.. One love to Ak. Sorry for the mistake.

  • That Man

    @CEEJ I mean, yeah I can agree with you and what you’re saying makes sense. And I’m not saying that Tha Carter IV sucks, but sales do not tell how good an album is. Usually I think people buy a CD before they listen to the whole thing or most of it, sales are generated by hype and carryover from the last album. I loved Tha Carter III and when another Carter comes out there is an expectation to generate some of the same energy as the last.

  • Rachel

    He had to weed out the real fans from the fake ones. Everyone loves Grammy albums, but are you going to like it raw? Carter IV is not as friendly, haha, it seems a little more, j’ne se qua “in your face.”
    Just sayin

  • Rachel

    So many sexual references in that, I feel like I set myself up……..hit it out of the park guys…what do I like in my face? What do I like raw? I won’t be saying much with what in my mouth?

    If you can’t laugh at yourself right? Gosh, I read that once it was posted……hmmm, I am going to work on transferring thoughts to words. Til then , keep it up Wayne!
    (ahhh, keep what up?)

  • moshigh

    i can’t wait 2 see d rest of the clipse,its simply magnificent.i like it yo!

  • youngweezyfbabyy

    How did he get that scar?

  • @ceej u a bitch… U’re writin an essay? U love lil wayne #no lie dats why u be on his fansite evryday waiting for the new update…u a muthafuckin bitch ass nigga and Tune doesn’t want yr gonnorhea #FACT

  • happy in the waynes world

    Loved thee first Look of mirrors …..
    but would be more happy to see she will’s first look……………………………

  • #111111orlast

    C4 sucks and special shout out to pussy a$s nigga like F.E.M. and Mega pussy a$s nigga FuckEminem. Thank you , your so kind.

  • nasir

    weezy for sure is not a real rappa. but good vid though.

  • Nak nak

    I your comment is longer than two lines on here. Kill ya self.

  • CHigh

    Ceej – your fucking dumb for thinking that Razorblade is for emo shit…nigga please, rocks need to be cut at all times. Strrrrraight from Columbia no stepped on bullshit for the one n only TUNECHI