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Videos: Lil Wayne Performs “HYFR”, “The Motto” & More At LIV In Miami

Wed, Jan 4, 2012 by

Above, you can watch Lil Wayne perform “HYFR (Hell Ya Fuckin’ Right)” at LIV Nightclub in South Beach, Miami on Sunday, January 1st. Lil Twist and DJ Stevie J can be seen on the table next to Weezy, and Rihanna can also be seen at the top jamming out to Wayne‘s performance.

After the jump, you can watch more footage of Tunechi performing “Money To Blow” and “The Motto“, and DMX performing “Get At Me Dog” and “What These Bitches Want” with Tune.

Lil Wayne performs “HYFR (Hell Ya Fuckin’ Right)” and “Money To Blow”.

Lil Wayne performs “The Motto”.

DMX performs “Get At Me Dog” with Lil Wayne.

DMX performs “What These Bitches Want” with Lil Wayne.

View some photos from the party here!

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  • FIRST!!!!!!!!

  • weeeeeeeeezy

    weezys the mannnnn 1st!

  • Erik


  • Mama call me Tune

    When can we expect Weezy collabos with DMX and Rihanna?

  • nemesis

    wtf is lil twist doing up there with his gay ass haircut and weird hand movements……does he know he is making a fool out of himself !!!

  • Swagggggggggggggggg 😉

  • FlashyLifeStyle YMCMB givin these niggas the bu$ine$$ #1oo

  • Tommy

    RT wtf is lil twist doing up there with his gay ass haircut and weird hand movements……does he know he is making a fool out of himself !!!

  • @nemesis if lil twist got a gayass haircut then big daddy kane got a gay haircut too?

  • d-boy

    damn this girl looks like rihanna

  • Real-Talk

    I was here nigga dope as fuck when DMX came out.

  • Zack

    DMX next Cash Money member.

  • alot of people forgot about dmx i hope he joins to cash money.fuck roc nation

  • …./watch?v=aYEbTRKYjLY

  • Tobi

    What the hell is Lil Twist doing there?

  • Billy Riley

    “Biiiiiiiitch , YOU , ain’t nothin’ to do!!” (Lil wayne says that to lil twist at :16 in the third video)

  • Idiotsiswear

    Deadass y’all niggas are sad I remember when I said DMX was a better rapper than Wayne and I started naming a whole list of rappers that were better some of y’all said he wack but now that Wayne co-signs DMX y’all stans buffing wood smh

  • Idiotsiswear

    Reallu it’s funny how fast y’all buff anything that Wayne does and says and how y’all dick ride anyone Wayne co-signs few months back it was fuck Kanye fuck jay now kanye and Wayne was talking at a basketball game all of y’all jump on ye dick oh I’m glad they not beefing I never had a problem with kanye I hope that make music together gtfoh when y’all going hard for the waviest corniest beef ever that not even real beef like on some if I see you word to muva imma fuck you up when they see each other it’s all smiles like what up my nigga gtfoh

  • Idiotsiswear

    Most of yall probably don’t even know who dark man Is

  • ogeezy!

    ^^ Niggas talk in shit I wish a nigga would boy! U smellin like shit from a bull boy!

  • Jaime


  • @Idiotsiswear

    No one gives a fuck with your long ass comments talking shit on wayne you dick riding fuck it’s annoying get a life bro your sitting here arguing with little kids over a rap artist you need to get your life together dawg your a straight fag no lie go get some poon

  • Conan


  • realtalk

    @dantheman I agree.. idiotsiswear makes himself look like an idiot more than he does anyone else.

  • Adz

    why is lil twist there? doing hand gestures for every punchline

    what a mug he shud be shot

  • Jraa

    Weezy gives a hard mixtape but take your time but make it the best it can be

  • ReneDice

    Lil twist is the wackist him and chuckie ….i swear idk what lil wayne sees in em

  • Idiotsiswear

    Lmao I’m back ok my point of typing these comments is not to argue or change anyones mind about Wayne it’s to say what I want and to fuck with you Wayne stans because the shit is hilarious how butt hurt y’all get about my opinion and to ogeezy WTF wad that suppose to be a diss? Please don’t tell me you are a rapper

  • realtalk

    @idiotsiswear I can tell by your content and your typing that you are some little kid who has no life and lives with his mom, and probably is in school and hasn’t hit puberty yet.. and stop with that calling people stan bullshit. go ahead and leave one of your over exhausted comments.

  • Idiotsiswear

    @realtalk I could tell everything you said Is actually about you really you could tell I live with my mother have no life and I’m a little kid who hasn’t hit puberty yet from my comments ok I could understand the no life part because I do be on here not everyday and not every hour like some if you STANS but I do have a life I come on here while I’m doing other shit on my phone just to piss you STANS off because its funny but all that extra shit you said sounds like your life story btw wayne still sucks

  • aint nobody near wayne xo fuck them other n-ggaz