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Lil Wayne’s “Tha Carter IV” Album Certified Triple Platinum Worldwide

Wed, Feb 22, 2012 by

Lil Wayne Tha Carter IV Album Certified Triple Platinum Worldwide

Lil Wayne‘s latest album, Tha Carter IV, has sold over 3,500,000 copies worldwide. The album has also reached double platinum status in the U.S. alone by selling just over 2 million copies. This is a great achievement for Weezy, shout out to everyone who went and bought one or more copies of C4!

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  • dino perna

    first !!!!!
    that looks sick

  • dvp97

    second !!!!!!!!!!


  • tallipäällikkö

    tune go hard!!!

  • William Wayne

    unfair succes…

  • IAmBoss

    Aaaaaahhh! That’s me within 10 years

  • Grace

    I’m in tears. Wayne you really deserve it! :”)))

  • YoungAssassin

    These idiots who try so hard to type first on the comment board make me sad that we actually have things in commons. #TechSavyNerds

  • YoungAssassin

    Does anyone know if that includes online purchases from iTunes? Cause I dont know who the fuck still buys CD’s

  • ImARealist

    Are you a fool?

  • ogeezy!

    Yea yea all that good shyt

  • Francisco


  • Loco


  • shout out to Brazil support! YMCMBrazil! Lil Wayne should come to Brazil, he got a million fans here.

  • tigreen

    Congratulations tunchi!!

  • kanye

    thats baws

  • Lil K

    it goes diamond

  • kanye

    btw i see a boldy dude with shades in reflection and i bet its baby.or rozzay

  • Dee

    Tha carter4 is a wack ass album it reminds me of ianahb and s4tw

  • #1WEEZY1#

    Sweeeeeeeeet man! So proud of Lil Weezy!

  • Lalo 402

    Weezy is probably the definition of being the shit he goes hard everytime he spits astonishing artist

  • xXxYMCMBxXx

    ye ye!!!! bought like 4 copies 2 for both my cars, n 2 for home sickkkkkk shit!!!! weezy is the BEST RAPPER ALIVE!!!! eminem is the gayest and worst rapper lil bitch

  • letticia

    OMG!!! That’s really great news. U the best wayne

  • fuck em all

    congrats to the nigga wayne real talk cause with bootleggers and cd burners who the fuck really selling albums anymore this shit a big deal rite here!!!!! To be honest with u tho c4 was kinda wack so i can only imagine the numbers he will do when he drop some straight fire shit again but hey now everybody see why he just rap about pussy and money and dress like a werdio cause it’s selling can’t knock him for that but it wouldn’t hurt to sound like the best RAPPER alive again sometimes i argue with my niggas everyday bout this shit gimme something besides numbers to work with my nigga it’s still ymcmb tho

  • New freestyle dissen Jay z?

  • My C4 is on my Profile Pic in fb & twitter…. YMCMB …
    From INDIA

  • wheres tha f*ck is watch the trone now

  • jc

    ^^^ WHO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT WATCH THE THRONE? drop dedicationnnnn 44444444444444444444444444444444444444 fuck shits takin forever

  • thats crazy shit is gonna go diamond

  • @jc he letin his artist eat rightnow we will get that d4 eventually

  • mbusox

    Congrats tune u a hardass worker but remember we are watching.

  • erick

    Congrats wayne i actually really liked this album even though C3 is better respect weezy F. baby

  • Matt

    He looks adorable.

  • Congrats wayne, lets get him to 4 million copies now

  • Congrats Tunechi li this is a big achievement for you and YMCMB, Carter IV is gonna go down in history as one of the hottest and best albums of all time. LIL WAYNE IS THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE and YMCMB IS THE BEST TEAM WE WINNING!

  • Congratulations WEEZY F. BABY we winning!

  • kanye

    hammed and weezy goating on them niggas!
    still tho im hungry for new shit

  • fuck em all

    did this nigga @weezy f. baby #1 fan myles just say c4 gonna be the hottest album of all time lmfao u must just started listen to music that shit ain’t no where near it the shit was ok the nigga fanbase is huge 3.5 million copies sold and he has like 10 million fans let’s be real our loyalty got him those sells not those songs cause the shit shoulda been way better still happy for the nigga tho just had to clear that up

  • mark

    i thought c4 sucked

  • RyyyytT

    Ok uhm im hapi 4 tune coz im a fan and all,bt 0n da ril,C4 duznt deserv da success its gettin!!… #justSayin

  • quantrindic

    is it just me or do a lot of people who comment here retarded or just not really into rap and only like lil wayne cuz to my knowledge tha carter 4 is damn near perfection when it comes to his lines. theres no fucking way carter 3 is better. have you guys even listened to it lately? its fucking great but in tha carter 4’s league? get the fuck outta here. btw, im pretty sure everone in the rap game would agree, as in the rappers themselves. they wont admit it to the public but they know no one is touching tunechi. if you cant tell, you’re either too stupid to get his lines, or you’re listening to it with a biased opinion of how it should sound. but if you understand rap, you’ll agree wit me…

  • FollowMe@YoungMaseDatsMe

    Damn!!!! I Bought 13 Of Them Carter 4 ‘s ……………. Sold 12 Of Them Doubled The Price!!! ”/ Good Job #YMCMB @LilTunechi

  • happy in the waynes world

    out of them 4 was mine

  • ryan

    carter 4 fucking sucked ass!!!! worst album ever!!!!

  • SHIT damn that whole Certification Plat looks crazy. I WANT 1. all congrats to Lil wayne its well deserved

  • Olawale

    Tunchie, u r murderer…Tune, bst rapper. Dead or Alive. I also call him Music. I believ dat figure isnt ryt cos it mst av sold more. Plat in its 2nd wk, tink d fig sucks. I bought 2 copies n downloaded as well. Tune, pls come to Nigeria. Ur fan base is huge. Fuck em haters!

  • ricardo laguna

    exelente weezy eres mi idolo desde venezuela

  • Yelawolf is the best rapper alive

    anyone who buys more than 1 copy is an idiot. Weezy has enough money and his music is going in a shitty direction

  • Yelawolf is the best rapper alive

    Carter 3 was a great album though

  • Tunes

    My nigga go hard…fuck all the haters weezy go hard on everything..Best Rapper alive..fuck the Grammy’s….No1 fan from South Africa

  • zeca
  • F.E.M

    I bought 10 copies so I can make me a necklace, swagg

  • It show how much work he do…carter IV sell over 3,500,000..
    He is the best at what he do…he is like michael jordan..jst killer
    Listen 2 lil wayne 24/7

  • Grace

    @IAmRealist nope I ain’t no fool. You stupid. Pay attention to who you call fool. Smh

  • Lol

    Yea right he aint a fool pay attention he is just stupid

  • #111111orlast

    That album sucks

  • #111111orlast

    Here yall go again jockin lil wayne for a crapy album that only got that much sell because of what he done in the past off of the c3. Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. The thought of the album gives me headaches. Watch The Thrown, LASERS , Take Care , Carless World and Cole World all had better tracks. C4 was full of nothing but singles. Nothing deep. I just might not listen to c5 because it might sound like lil chuckie. Im not a hater. Just stating the facts.

  • #1111111orlast

    F.E.M. is gay also

  • #1111111orlast

    Yall losing

  • wesee

    @111 dude why you on here then??? lmfao like niggaz sound so fcn stupid my nigga! how the fuq is you gont come on a dude fansite and say wayne aint the best. like shit is sooooo dumb. you dry hating! watching tune every move but still insist he aint cold lol

  • ED!

    Yeahhh you Desver it Men you my insperationYmCmb…C4 bitch

  • F.E.M

    #11111 Give me your adress I ll show u how gay I am, belee dat

  • Carter 4 sucked ass…. this was one of weezys worst album EVER/ this shit was worse than sorry for the wait mixtape… im a big fan miisss the old weezy before he went to jail!!

  • Carter 4 sucked ass…. this was one of weezys worst album EVER/ this shit was worse than sorry for the wait mixtape… im a big fan miisss the old weezy before he went to jail!! PS. I KNOW FOR A FACT WAYNE CARTER4 DIDNT SELL OUT MORE THAN TAKE CARE… THEY WANT PEOPLE TO THINK EVERYONE LISTENING TO WAYNE SO THEY LIE ABOUT THE NUMBERS…. I DONT KNOW ANYONE WHO BOUGHT THE CARTER4 AND EVERYONE I KNOW BOUGHT TAKE CARE.. #NUFFSAID

  • $DM$

    I dont understands whats wrong with Hip-Hop Today.Tha Carter IV Was Fucking Herendous.Lil Wayne Is Just Poor Trash to me.He Say The Same lyrics over,over,over, and over again.

    Wayne Calls himself the Best Rapper Alive.Thats BULLSHIT!!!!.Jay-Z Will always Be The BEST RAPPER ALIVE.

    Tha Carter IV receive Bad Reviews from critics and It was a Trending topic on twitter (Calling this album wack) so this leds me to say that Ugly ass Birdman is Buying Copies.Young Money is Full Of Shit 4real. These People Say This album is ass but Yaw are still supporting it by buying it. Hip-Hop Is Dead.

    People need to Listen To J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar,Jay-Z, Kanye West, Jay Electronica.These People Are HIP-HOP. Lil Wayne Is Making Hip-Hop Trash

  • Rocks

    Take My copy back, it was a horrible album lol. Wayne been off his game since No Ceilings

  • Marisastar

    If u Wayne lost it eat a dick nigga or like boondocks eat my ass and wayne’s C4 is better than watch the throne kanye out rapped jay-z almost every damn song so sad jay sad as hell

  • Marquaise W.D.I.E

    I feel sad to see when niggas get mad at legends that stay winning y’all like common when he stay scheming on drake hahaha over 3.5 million weezy shitted on the throne but he didn’t flush

  • StewyLoc

    Fuck lil Wayne haters you could all suck dick that’s for real

  • I say go weezy go weezy go . . . . . . Hit’em with dat WAM . . . . . . . Hahaha . . . Dats WEEZY shit which hits so hard with his album . . . . . .fuck who hates TUNECHI . . . . . . . n i say hell yeah fucking right

  • come to Brazil soon all Lil Wayne fans are waiting here

  • lil hey

    Watch the throne for tunechi jayz

  • i am only 10 years old and i think that shit looks awesome

  • stu-weezy”

    ymcmb fr eva!if u hate yung muny then fuk u n da ass..NO HOMO!!!Tunchi fr lyf carter 4 was jus a killa….

  • Nino brown

    Ppl numbrz dnt lie C4 is way beta dan “The Throne”,wayne a livin legend kongrts hate yung money dn fuck u in da ass. Wayne deserv it…… YMCMB LOL