Pictures: Lil Wayne At The 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards

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Pictures Of Lil Wayne At The 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards

Lil Wayne attended and performed live at the 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards in Los Angeles, California last night (February 12th). You can view 5 photos of Weezy, who was rocking his TRUKFIT clothing, sitting in the audience with his daughter Reginae below!

Pictures Of Lil Wayne At The 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards

Pictures Of Lil Wayne At The 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards

Pictures Of Lil Wayne At The 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards

Pictures Of Lil Wayne At The 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards

Pictures Of Lil Wayne At The 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards

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  • tron


  • wizzlef

    hell ya

  • chase

    Oh yeah, reppin Trukfit, you know it. YMCMB

  • I want some fucken music not pictures

  • clem

    wheres the new fuckin musik?

  • clem

    wheres the new fuckin musik? damnit

  • young mula baby

  • des

    swag of da charts n i agree wit everyone else i want MUSIC!!!! wat happened to dedication 4?,i cant feel my face album?,and any random songs thrown out there for his fans i can agree wit wat someone said his work ethic has gone down but i know wen we do get music from wayne it will b fire YMCMB

  • not fan anymore , my dream now is to let lil wayne to read this , STOP ACTING CLOWN SHOW RESPECT TO UR FANS, he sucks nowadays ,since CARTER3 , he stopp winning cuz of hes stupid swag n music video , WAYNE GO BACK LOOK WHAT U DID N DA PAST u were PERFECT YA fuckin sure 4% of his fans like his swag n werird shoes he wears n actin dumb on some songs!! SHOW RESPECT FOR UR FANS CUZ U LOSIN DEM!! please

  • he dont care of Fans anymore , he wants money cuz its his last years in da game BELIEVE IT!!

  • come on!! its Grammys,wtf is he wearing???

  • I stop wayne since the rock album, n btw i see lots of ppl hatin on wayne n i used to call them \haters , nd now i believe in every word they say.. WAYNE u GAY-NE

  • AJG

    Hahahaha in the 2nd picture the guy behind Wayne is posing thinking they taking pictures of him, haha stupid white ass

  • AJG

    And by the way all u so called ‘fans’ or used to be ‘fans’ who r hating on Wayne jst coz of the way he dresses are ass holes, if that’s the reason u not a fan then u never were a fucking fan u dipshits, Wayne is the hottest rapper of our time so fuck all u hating muthafucking used to be ‘fans’

  • Yours Truly

    U rockN TRUCK FIT Nae is growNn

  • A Nobody

    Tune is getting his swag back but… Someone needs to tell him that the colors aren’t the same.. He wears a blue shirt and green shorts, can’t combine those Weezy

  • joeyy

    omg..waynes daughter has more swag than he does..

  • ogeezy!

    Idk I’m high right now but is that a lil skateboard iPhone cover haha

  • The best Brand TRUKFIT oh yes !!!
    Without him I die!
    I love, I love you lil wayne for life <3

  • Nahhh

    …but it’s the Grammy’s
    ….but grown ass ppl dont wear that
    ….but self proclaimed “bloods” don’t skateboard. Post carter 3 Wayne (besides no ceilings) has been HORRIBLE.

  • Nabile

    lol skrillex in the background of the last pic

  • ogeezy!

    Weezy dah shit..ya want to much from da nigga! So called fans can’t wait a couple of months for new songz…I just got my beats by dr dre, n I got more than 1150 official lil Wayne songz but I’m a fan of who he is not just his music ..hes just living my dream..haha

  • Meltunchi

    It rily sad dat u wud call ur self a fan or say u were once a fan n say u aint no moere cuz wayne dressin funny,ur stupid if u think ur real trust me!!

  • ServantOfHim

    You’re dream is to idolize money and lead millions of people astray away from God that Im sure you believe in?

  • meltunchi

    I love wayne..been a fan still a fan,his being creative jus like the real wayne fans wud want him to!! Tunechi ur always going to be the best salute YMCMB!!

  • Tune93

    Fuck al haters weezy best raper n no one can say it aint tru hes jus changin style its called evolution bt he remains the same lil wayne.fuck al the BS

  • J-Red

    haha It’s funny seein all these wayne stans on here..Yall freal like his word play in his songs NOW?? THE man speaks about the SAME subject matter on every song…I use to bang wayne ALL DAY EVERY DAY.. now i click on a song listen to it and shake my fucking head…Where is that block is hot shit..wheres that apple & eagle hollygrove shit??? & yeah the mann dresses like a FUCKING DOUCHE..UGGS are for FEMALES not men… BIGGEST FALL OFF.. & he signed chirstina millian who aint gonna DO SHIIIIT juss like Shanell… THIS man needs a flashback..

  • That Trukfit line is the dopest clothing line of all time. I hella like that skateboard phone case its too nice,WAYNE got too much swag and style, and whats a grammy awards without Tunechi Li LIL WAYNE IS THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE and YMCMB IS THE BEST TEAM WE WINNING!

  • huh

    Where was Dhea

  • jc

    to be honest i don’t care what he wears and if he was still good on the mic no one would care what he wears either. however the quality of his music has went way down. hopefully dedication 4 flips the script cuz it looks like wayne is tryin to bow out and let drake and nicki takeover

  • Lil Wayne makes skaters look wack

  • fee

    @jc I agree with everything you said. I just don’t understand why he would bow out now. After his prison sentence it was the most anticipated time for Lil Wayne music. Everyone was saying he’s going to come out with sick lyrics since he had time to write, everyone compared him to tupac coming out with his best music after jail. Many people wanted to see if he could follow up with a better album than C3. Why let Drake, nikki, YM shine and then come back in 2 years when you lost fans, buzz, and reputation..dumb management

  • jc

    @ fee i completely agree i just think it seems like he’s burn out a little bit maybe just because he’s been doin it so long but who knows. i hope he gets back to just killin people on the mic. carter 2 thru carter 3 and mixtapes from forever ago wayne was just goin crazy on every song. hopefully he can find that hunger again

  • Don ibrowayne

    Reginae is so fuckin cute… When i meet her imma eat her till she cry !!! Hehehehe

  • He’ll yeah

    Danny don’t fuck with my comments..let that hit through boy , are u now a Jay Z fan or what?

  • Emelio Estevan

    i love weezy but are you fucking serious?? he look like a fucking 8 year old.

  • ♥ wayne

  • the only picture i liked and the white kid in the back posing killz it wtf weres the music wayne and stop making 30 second bar tracks man wish you could go back on tha sizzurp and kush and make some fuckin hits lol

  • cityking

    Lil wayne please go back 2 being weezy f baby, u were way more hotter then than when u bcame tunechi

  • F.E.M

    Lil wayne is a sk8er now get over it; if ur a tru fan u ll love him like that even if he can t do tricks on a board

  • fuck em all

    goddam why the fuck ppl can’t keep it real on this site all this hater and fake fan shit is getting old as fuck that’s all that come out yall mouth when eva a nigga say he dress wack or his music stink ima FAN and it’s the fucking TRUTH i mean shit the nigga almost 30 and he dress like niggaz i go to school with and ima 9th grader he saying the same shit every song eat that pussy like this or that, the world in my hands, weezy f and the f is for stop it man smfh what BLOOD nigga wear green shirts, orange shorts, blue ugg boots and practices tricks on a fucking skateboard?? im just saying how niggaz fake fans or haters if they not LYING bout wus going on with dude he still my nigga tho my problem with wayne is he a grown ass man with 4 kids acting and dressing like he 13 when he should be dropping HOT music we all know he went platinum cause the fanbase not because them tracks fire run young money like a real boss man play time ova and step yo lyrics back up man dude not sounding nothing like the best rapper alive

  • Lil K

    His daughter is fukkin hot!!

  • ….


    time flies lmao.

    Wayne you have a grown ass daughter now, you can’t keep acting and dressing like you’re 13 years old. I’m 20 years old and I don’t know anyone my age who dress like he a little white boy.

    you 30 years old Wayne, 30 !

  • fuck wat they say carter do you ‘ belive it or nah you up they its not about swag its about wat he raps and dats the big thing soo dont hate pussy carter 4 on the way bxtchessssss!!!!!

  • Nice that he brought his daughter…

  • d

    damn reginae lookin strong

  • CeeJ mothafucka!

    fuck a little wayne fan.

  • Money


  • Chris

    I also want some new music.. I want to hear somehting about Dedication 4, and I’m Not a Human Being II. I feel like Wayne isn’t releasing anything so he doesn’t take any shine away from Tyga, Nicki & Shanell’s album that are due this year.

  • mystiqsoulistiq

    I don’t give a fuck what wayne wears but sometimes yoh! but it seems like he’s not hungry anymore I mean we understood when he came outta jail he had to live a little but now its like his clothes mean more to him than his music. I get he’s trying to innovate but I saw an excerpt of nicki’s doccie where wayne speaks and he looked so effing sexy like a real dude not like a packet of skittles, its hard trying to defend a dude who seems like he doesn’t give a fuck anymore. Still a die hard fan though *sigh*


    wtf?!?!? This was the GRAMMYS, he should have gotten dressed not just gone after skateboarding. UGH. he is becoming such a disappointment. We need Weezy F. Baby back. Tunechi is losing

  • oh my god becky look at her butt

    I know its just clothes but why dude dress like he a high school dropout junkie ?



    Wayne sick with it. Imma be in YMCMB 1 day.

  • F.E.M

    Nae got boobs now!!!!
    I love Wayne because he s filthy rich but dress simple.
    He’ll never get old in this outfit, he’ll get plenty women or men, it doesnt matter, he’s my dream.
    He’s just a goofy metrosexual kid who does whatever he wants and doesnt care bout his fans, that s his gangster way, belee dat, sk8ing fluffy shoes, ice what and colorful cloths gangster belee dat

  • Katy

    Weezy knows without his fans he wouldn’t have the life he does now c’mon ppl he ain’t dumb! As for everyone sayin they don’t like his new shit – listen to his old shit and STFU

  • mattyswizzle
  • Yeah if weezy n skrillex work together that song will be soooo fuckiiiiin sick, wat y’all think?


  • ragetastic

    love his iphone cover its a skate board lololololol #SWAG

  • LilWeezyana

    I am, a huge Weezy fan and I love his music but I keep wondering what the fuck is he wearing?? What the hell is wrong with this guy?

  • Weezythebest

    Lil Wayne is sexyy ! No matter what her wearrss (: I love you Waynnee !;*

  • LilWayneisfuckingsexy

    I Love you LilWayne;* Your sexxyy no matter what !

  • Real life

    I am big Lil Wayne fan but im somewhat happy he lost the Grammys in front of his daughter, i know that shit was embarrassing. and the reason why im glad is because i need something to knock some sense back in his head. Lil Wayne is by far the most talented rapper of this era, i don give a fuck what he wears.. i have followed him since the block is hot, he can snap hard as fuck. He is a talent. I have a feeling he had gotten to big to keep climbing and his management had to find a way to drop him down, so he can rise again. i also believe carter 4 was not the real album, i have a feeling he kept the real heat for next album. You need to improve for people to stay interested.. when you become an obvious case of being great, people lose interest. so i know this little fall is needed for longevity, i hope. YMCMB

  • YoungAssassin

    Are you guys from E! Entertainment. Who gives a fuck what dude is wearing. Stop complaining about him not puttin out music, he put out an album less than a year ago. Work ethic? Finishing IANAHB II and Like Father Like Son II. For every person that sits here and types negative shit about him, go listen to Rebirth. He made a song just for you. GET A LIFE. “Fuck you, get a life, man I got to much shit on my hands to have to deal with all of you.” Hes to famous and rich to deal with pieces of shit like you. @WEEZY F BABY’S #1 FAN MYLES. You the biggest ass kisser for someone who will never read your comments. Back up your arguments with plausible shit. Not just, oh he’s the greatest rapper alive. You make all Wayne fans look like the window licker that you are.

  • F.E.M

    Yea we dont give a flying fuck if he is wearing gay ass boots or crapy colored sunglasses, he could wear a string and have a feather right in the ass he would still be the greatest, no homo
    Weezy have is awesome sk8 brand to deal with he doesnt need to put out music, he’s a top class sk8er
    At the moment MMG is higher but YMCMB is coming back with Tyga Tyga

  • Jaye

    People need to realize that all this hate & negativity still isnt going to make a difference at all. lol im just saying. People post stupid comment like when he became “Tunechi” like WTF? lol Been TUNE…..Drought Mixtape look it up lol Yall Kids are funny…….

  • youngpash

    Smh y’all sum fake fans #rns

  • jc

    well said @real life its about time all these “yes men” telling him he’s the best rapper alive right now are wrong. maybe he will get hungry again and start producin clever shit instead of these watered down songs

  • YoungAssassin

    I know how to weave out the fakes. The kids who say ” ya I’ve been listening to Wayne since block is hot” if you have to tell me when you started listening I know your fake. I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t listen to him til I saw the Fireman music video in 2005. Lol

  • YoungAssassin

    ^^^^^^ Back when MTV showed good music that is!

  • new money

    This dudes getting married..well that explains the recent music quality, but I still don’t get the clothes. Idk, congrats tho Wayne. Don’t let this bitch do u like tiger or kobe!!

  • Lovely

    F.uck that! He looks like a clown! His so called “swag” is hella grime!

    Note to idiots: Real competent fans are going to call it out when Wayne’s slipping! His s.hit (swag, music, etc) lost quality!

    He don’t take himself seriously so I don’t take him seriously. When Wayne stop rolling out of bed and walking out in public with his pajamas then I’ll take him seriously!

    As of now he’s a f.ucking mess!

  • YoungAssassin

    Who’s to say? You? Pffffff. Who are you!

  • Rem111

    He or she seems to be a fan obviously, I’m one also and I agree with him/her.
    Go ahead and insult us all you want, we’r fans and we want the better for Wayne that mean we dont want to see him waste his talent.

  • Young Money Own

    Who is the chick in 2nd and 4th nd pictures?

  • OctoDoc

    lil wayne got engaged and its not even on this site yet…dannys always the last to post

  • tha infamous ceej

    where the hell is eminem??????
    im so sick of seeing pictures of this nig little wayne all dressed up and changing his clothes and shit like get real are we that ignorant in america that we think “swag” is cool?
    all hip hop seems to be lately is a bunch of no nothing newbies like tyler the creator hosbin “tyga” or b.o.b who dont rap about SHIT. or pictures of this fool little wayne showing of bags of crack and colorful socks shoes etc.
    we need some new music for the sake of mankind!
    and im not talking about ianahb II or some wack wizzle shit im talking about a shady record or a damn mixtape.

  • OMG!!! if u idiots dont like wayne or is not a “fan” anymore
    get da fuck off of LILWAYNEHQ.COM stupid fuckin peons!

  • Rem111

    The thing that will last will not be the amount of dollars Wayne stacks (especially nowadays when the dollar is worth shit) but his impact as a rapper, he better keeps that in mind and keeps his best rapper alive title close

  • Rachel

    P.J.’s 4 life!!!!!

  • Rachel

    Marrige? Hmmmmm, things that make you go hmmmm.

  • T-Minus

    Anyone else noticed obama in the 4th pic? trololol.

  • AGA

    all i can say is that Wayne’s lookin good in yellow…so sexy 🙂 and im happy to see Reginea with Him . he took her every year on Grammmy Awards, better than dhea 😛 im not hater of her but happy to see him with his doughter… Rock that trukfit baby damn GoooOOOd

  • WeeZz

    love u baby :*

  • nice pants …. i want them 😀 😀

  • weezy f baby and the f is for fucking amazing

  • nice i phone cover #skateboard 😛

  • tCRUise

    wayne love errthin bout you… Music, attitude, dressSense, d swag thing Generally because i know what you are doing, & why… BUT WHEN ARE YOU GON GROW UP… Yeah i know u tryna be yurSelf but u need to GROW UP…u need It… Love you

  • Carter Cashbag

    I Love wayne not only a fans but we are d same mont wayne for life

  • Tunechi was up i see you proly enjoying valentines day maine congratulations ya no you are a major factor ya no stay sucessful in the game stay down with the rap game fa show. only real niggas stay alive in the game ya dig and the ones that didnt no ya no about what was going down fell off keep it real whoa. ymcmb business 4 life.
    Ya boy Brian A.k.A Hot boy

  • Pebbles_130

    if haters hate tunechi so much get of his FAN website … Duhh

  • bucho

    fuck grammys tunechi should have won something his the best rap alive. believe dat


  • Oddy


  • awwww he look’s so cuuuute with rigena *.* <33333

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