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Video: Lil Wayne Performs With Chris Brown & David Guetta At 2012 GRAMMYs

Mon, Feb 13, 2012 by

Just as I thought, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown and David Guetta performed “I Can Only Imagine” live at the 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards in Los Angeles one hour ago! You can watch their performance in the video above!

What are your thoughts on Weezy‘s performance and his choice of clothing ❓

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  • belak boye


  • kmac_1983

    ^^ the comments are meant to be for the post…not who’s first. smh

  • HellRell

    Lil Wayne is a cold bama lls where he frm again?

  • how many grammies lilwayne has won last nyt?

  • I think the performance was so sick I’m feelin WEEZYS swagg that trukfit SnapBack is fresh, and his shoes. LIL WAYNE IS THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE AND YMCMB IS THE BEST TEAM WE WINNING!

  • GrimGenius

    Shortest wayne verse ever

  • BreezyNoWeather

    Weezy Bitch !

  • waynes garb

    lil waynes a fuckin duster now, this motherfucker fell off soo hard, verse was weak, he looks like a fuggin goof ball, “catch me at the skatepark” we get it you dont like skateboarding but realize theres tons of money in a skate clothing line, u sell out bitch, i used to ride or die for wayne

  • ymcmb

    I like wayne but hes starting to lose fans because of the choice of clothing he wear know a days, i liked what he wear back than like before he went to jail. come on wayne u da best dress like it too man ymcmb real nigga wasup

  • Talk that ish

    I am pissed Lil Wayne didnt win.. fuck Grammys!!!

  • ymcmb

    wayne start dressing better someone who knows wayne please tell im!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hes losing fans I love wayne but what hes wearing is just stupid man come wezzy jay-z a illumanti bitch but he dress better and he old but he got swag still

  • ok ymcmb how are you a true wayne fan if your gonna leave somebody by the way they dress your not a true fan then nigga get the fuck out of here u have been exposed i think this performance was EPIC go ahead wayne 🙂

  • Elle

    Lil wayne really fell off hard i mean hard as hell godam im not feeling this dude man foreal he really sold out

  • Junie

    What the fuck did i just whitness lol its bad enough nicki sold out and fell off but dam wayne u changed for the worse my dude smh im out


  • ugh

    Wayne was wearing pajamas,short verse then exited the stage after his performance. and imnot sure what nicki did but it was scary. YMCMB is no longer what it was. Kanye & G.O.O.D. music are the new talent. Overall a embarrasing night for YMCMB

  • Music

    I always be a Lil Wayne fan, but something is missing. I think probation is killing my dude. I can imagine how hard it must be for someone who smoked weed back to back with syrup and alcohol to just go dry overnight.

  • waynes garb

    your fucked in the head if u think wayne went dry, bitch on the tour bus posted a pic of him smoking a blunt

  • Hodson

    So Wayne even switch the lyrics to “you can find me at the skatepark” smh

  • Updated with higher quality video.

  • Teejay

    weezy 4ever!!

  • The Grammy’s totally robed this year damn, i mean “All of the Lights” shouldn’t have won shit!!!!! “Look At Me Now” and “I’m On One” deserved Grammy’s……

  • Don ibrowayne @nigeria

    R.I.P 2 the weezy i used to know

  • Don ibrowayne @nigeria

    R.I.P 2 the weezy i used to know!!

  • jc

    man people are crazy to think wayne is dumb. the man is a living example of how to market yourself. you see dreads you think of wayne. you see tons of tats. wayne. you hear drake. wayne. nicki? wayne. they say young money every song. when he’s on a song every listens. talk about taking your celebrity to its full potential wayne is livin it right now. however i am ready for dedication 4

  • tron

    and with all due respect i seriously miss carter 2 wayne however i will never hate any man that is talented and winning in life and im white before people start talking trash about other races

  • tron

    servantofhim give me a bible study lesson so i can go home and douche myself with your bs nonsense

  • ogeezy!

    Thank you ^^

  • All the way, with all the talk people have put down I can see it clear that all what Weezy did was wrong but is still the best Rappers Alive, if Wayne did not win this year Grammy award that those not see he will never will Grammy again there is still some nomination ahead which Weezy wil Win it. Still your number one fan from Nigeria Ridwayne, YMCMB we number 1 Niggassssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jean

    Wayne fell off hard. Young money took multiple L’s yesterday.

  • superlabel

    wayne fell off..R.I.P

  • people change. every rapper changes, but wayne isn’t bad, he’s just different. if you’re just gonna sit here and say “i don’t lie this and that” why are you on his fan site? retarded. YMCMB

  • ChadainYM313

    Lil Wayne is by far the Best Rapper Alive and his dress code is wicked

  • lilwayne>allrappers

    wayne just on some unordinary shyt im sure he got his reasons

  • Raymond

    Wayne is the best, he can wear what ever he wants !

  • lilwayne=nolongerrelevant

    I hope lil wayne realizes how stud he looks. He used to rock vnecks flat rims ill sunglasses now he thinks he’s a midget skateboarding clown. Your almost 30 its time to have style not be a kid those clothes suck. I bet GQ aint offering u the cover anymore. i bet u aint banging fine hoes like lauren london neither. Time to wake up before they take your court side seats away for vein too ugly for cameras. no one cares about the sports predictions of a gremlin who wears snowboarding boots.

  • lilwayne=nolongerrelevant


  • B-Cloud

    May because after jail he’s doesn’t claim to used weed so he’s doesn’t dope like before … 😐

  • F

    Not one of his best, I wish he didn’t run of stage like that!

  • C-Money

    Wayne kills it like usual. The point was to quickly electrify the crowd and bounce like he did. What’s a grammy performance without Wayne? People think he fell off because he’s actually putting it work unlike these other artists. Starting his own clothing line, YM card services, and not mention, just coming back from Africa because other than the U.S., other countries want Wayne to perform. Haters quiet down, Wayne doesn’t need to do anything, he’s already the man and proven. Maybe you all missed the plaques that were presented to him in the pre-grammy show. All together, over 5 million albums + sold between the C3 and C4? Ya I knooooooo. Not to mention he’s in the Guinness Book Of World Records also

  • Yaboii

    Man fuck all y’all niggaz. I fucked my bitch in the name of weezys performance last night. That nigga is a true OG blood. Niggaz like him is why the game is still alive. Any other niggas can get mowed down with oozies.

  • Chuck

    mane lil wayne wuz sweet last night stop hatein ppl YMCMB! OR NOTHING

  • invin

    He goes from his Gossip performance to this..ehh sorry but not exactly screaming best rapper alive at the moment

  • Yours Truly

    IT was Live!!

  • JOnas


  • JOnas

    Where we can buy some Trukfit stuff Danny?

  • B

    I think wayne is falling day by day because of the fuckin skatin’ have enough money nigga why don’t you do what you do best? smoke,drink barre and rap!!! i remember he said some time ago he doesen’t give a fuck about his health and what people say,he just wanted te be the best rapper alive..well he ain’t anymore

  • steezybeats

    Deadmau5 was the best part of that video

  • Danny T

    You can buy trukfit stuff here: There’s not a lot up yet though to buy

  • ….

    what the hell is this ? this is not Lil Wayne at all …

    just retire, please.

  • bagee

    U fucking morons. Stop hating on a brother. Lil Wayne is a fucking hero.

  • F.E.M

    Wow that was totally cooool, Tunechi was gucci, so well dressed, he spit so long a verse and he had meet me at the sk8park, yeaaaaaaaaa he’s a sk8er

  • F.E.M

    “My name is Femi I’m good I’m Gucci”

  • well . . I love wayne and i didn.t see what happened but anymean look at this :
    Weezy is the best rapper alive . Oh oh weezy is awful because his cloth ? Wat the fuck are you saying people ?

  • me

    Lol I find you al gay that say wayne is dressing bad lol. Who gives a fuck what the dude wearing.

  • Mmoloki

    Can someone kindly direct me to th DOWNLOADS link..! It has moved from th home-page

  • ServantOfHim

    No matter what this dude puts out yall still fuck wit it. Idolatry at its finest lol Remember where idolators go though

    Revelation 21:8
    But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars–their place will be in the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.”

    Do people fear my Father in heaven or does he have to prove himself AGAIN? People the time is near take it as joke if you want but you really dont want to 1. die in your sins or 2. go through the wrath of God which has already started.

    Revelation 16
    4 The third angel poured out his bowl on the rivers and springs of water, and they became blood. 5 Then I heard the angel in charge of the waters say:
    “You are just in these judgments, O Holy One,
    you who are and who were;
    6 for they have shed the blood of your holy people and your prophets, and you have given them blood to drink as they deserve.”

    The time is near. Repent of all your wrongdoing and turn to the only one that can save you.

  • hey people forget it weezy is still 30 more grammys waiting . But fuck grammys . o | o . Who cares about it if tha carter iv isnt the best album ? Man i was fuckin surperised ? How to love and 6 foot 7 foot and john and mirror and blunt blowin and the other fucking songs ? Man fuck these bitch ass grammys . Otis is better than look at me now ? Lmao this bitch screams at the end like a girl . No compare with the two songs the singers the video and the lyrics and music , naaaa somebody help me plz im goin crazy

  • ServantOfHim


    Theres your “bible lesson” lol. Take it to heart man forreal. God doesnt play games you may think hes not real but thats why hes gonna prove himself to the world. Too many people believing in men, lies, and falsehoods. Theres more to life than what we see and what THEY tell us. Its not work work work die then thats it. But thats how THEY want you to believe

  • Jc

    Servant of him u sound do stupid lol smh get over yourself for real. You trying to changes people’s minds and show us the right way is retarded. You do what u do and leave me alone please

  • eezywee

    so the problem people have with Lil wayne is dat he’s a careless motherfucker n personally i think dats something to admire kuz not too manny are like him all these others rappers r frontin dats fuckin who he is live with it and enjoy da fuckin music ” TUNECHI BABY ”

  • nelson george

    I fink the dude made da nite rock..he was realli stunning,exactli wah I expected..Weezy killd dem off..fuk u haterz..

  • ServantOfHim

    JC I sound stupid? Yet you’re the one thats 1. defending someone that can care less about your existence and 2. responded to me and called me a faggot when I never addressed directly in the first place. Lol.

    Isaiah 5:20
    Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

    I’ll defend God because he actually cares for me and you and Wayne also. He may not like what we do at times but he still loves us anyways. Now Wayne on the otherhand? If he saw me or you walking down the street you think he would care for our existence? So then why should one defend him when another is telling the TRUTH about him? You can do what you do just remember that every idle word and deed is being recorded by the Father of All.

    Daniel 12:10
    Many will be purified, made spotless and refined, but the wicked will continue to be wicked. None of the wicked will understand, but those who are wise will understand.

  • we dnt give a fuck for those fuckin haterz! If yu aint a fan so why the dumb yu doin dis fuckin fan site yu dumb! Wayne is a raper he knwz wat a style and dress iz so fans weezy is wat yu waitin for just dnt give a fuck 4 da haters

  • CeeJ

    let weezy burn in hell with millions of sluts.

  • Katy

    Weezy’s voice sounds a little rough here but looks like he’s having fun I didn’t think it was the bomb but he ain’t fallin off either

  • dark^martel


  • I dont know WHY Lil Wayne didnt WIN . . only this adele Ahhhhh stupid Grammys :@ :@ :@ Lil wayne every time is with great clout i like too much is style

  • ThatGuy

    half of yall are NOT true lil wayne fans smfh yall jus t started to be Lil Wayne fans from Tha Carter III if your a TRUE Lil Wayne fan you WILL notice that he fell off BIG TIME. The old wayne was hungry this wayne is just a sell out smfh Tha Carter and Tha Carter II were classics smfh hip-hop has changed

  • ThatGuy

    half of yall are NOT true lil wayne fans smfh yall just started to be Lil Wayne fans from Tha Carter III if your a TRUE Lil Wayne fan you WILL notice that he fell off BIG TIME. The old wayne was hungry this wayne is just a sell out smfh Tha Carter and Tha Carter II were classics smfh hip-hop has changed

  • druskey F. crazy

    I AGREE.. ^ These mafuckas know tunchi… They dont know weezy.. His shit done went into whole different direction..

  • Thagunna

    He fell off major Smfh from being fly to being a colorful skittle Smh can’t lie though the trukfit clothin go hard AF but this nigga fell off someone go call the old Wayne

  • Slim






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  • mark

    man, wow, what the hell is he doing. his voice doesnt even sound the same anymore. either hes using autotone, or hes making retarded noises when hes performing. and his clothes are beyond terrible. he needs to go back to tha carter II swag. terrible. im progressively starting not to like him anymore, i dont even listen to his new shit because its beyond terrible. he sounds retarded. start sippin on that syzzurp again weezy

  • jc

    servant of him WTF are you talkin about? i never defended wayne or even said anything about him. i’m talkin to your preachin ass. btw everytime you post bible verses i stop reading so don’t waste your time. and once again yes you are retarded

  • jc

    and also i love how you say you are true to god because he cares for you. thats funny since you can’t say for sure that he exists. come back when you have proof and i’ll listen. and don’t worry i’ll wait…..

  • jc

    and all i said about wayne is he knows how to make money thats not defending him thats just a fact

  • I just realized Wayne Biggest Fans Are Talkin bullshit, Talk from ur heart bitches ,u know that wayne changed to a clown, he wants money from stupid fans like u , he dont respect his career n fans ,,plus he needs some syrup n weed so he can think twice!!
    retire plez Fuck u n ur music , NOT A FAN ANYMORE!
    30year old man wearing kids cloth @ graammy..what does that mean ? dont tell me \he got money let em do wat he wants? its not a CIRCUS how come u want to win grammy with ur fuckin new style of music n cloth!! FUCK OFF i HATE U WAYNE TO DEATH FUCK U !! plez TYGA STAY REAL STAY REAL MA NIGGAH U FROM LA!! fuck this wayne shit , i feel sorry for youngmoney to see dem boss CLOWNIN jumpin like a fuckin monkey!!

  • @seleena 100%right ,,wayne sucks!! wayne is Done!! omg loads of his fans hates him check all da comments ,Wayne what are u doin sweetheart!!

  • one of his old songs \\THEN I PICK UP THE MIC I WANNA BE LIKE PAC} FUCK U LIL MIDGET HE WOULD KILL YA IF HE WAS ALIVE! talented nigga is killin his career by himself!! WAYNE VS OLD WAYNE – u feel me, im out!

  • jezuu

    aright people this is wat it is….lil wayne, I’m a really big fan, and I have been since you was in the Hot Boys n even b4 dat when u was fukin wit BG, as the artists you like, love and appreciate grow, you grow with them…as a fan. Although I am not ignorant enough to like every song, or every verse, every performance, or every outfit…I am smart enough to understand what he has done, what he is doing and what he will continue to do for the game. His goods far outweigh his bads…he has made way more good songs than bad ones. So take this performance for example, I was thinking yo Wayne “why even do it? its a weird Pop beat thats gon make a rap verse sound just awkward, especially live. He’da been better off gettin on stage dance around a lil bit (without a mic) n just dip lol” anyways as a fan you aint gona love EVERYthing your favorite musician does…but thats now what a good fan means.. a good fan will be loyal yes, but a good fan will understand that their icon or idol is just another man/woman doing their thing… people change, people grow, people tap into dif. things.. i read one comment earlier sayin wayne dont like skateboarding he just wants to make money off the line…well okay u can look at it that way if you want…But by watching lil wayne as a fan, he’s like a big kid…n we all love that about him, I definitly think he’s interested in skating, n i think its cool so yeah its a lil bit of both, damn right he knows he can make money off a clothing line, but i know damn well he’s interested in that style and culture…this is a world where people change and go through phases, the ones who stay the same never make it. and Lil Wayne like a big kid just having fun is taking his opportunity to EXPLORE and i respect that

  • ServantOfHim

    The proof you want I cannot give. You want me to show you Him in his glory which I cannot do. All I can say is life is proof of God but of course thats not enough for you. The proof is in front of you and all around you as in nothing would be here if it wasnt for God. But like I said that wont be proof in your eyes. To God be all the glory because he has given me all that I have despite me profaning his law each and every day right to his face. For that Im thankful and try to bring as many people as I can back to him. You ARE DEFENDING HIM. I never directed a comment at JC (or tron if thats you) or called you names or anything. That was all you. I said something about Wayne and you come like Captain save a (lol I’ll stop) to his rescue. And you dont have to read/respond to anything I say. Its your fate. I was just hoping that someone would read what I put on here and turn from their ways to the One God and only God that can save them from the bondage they’re in. But again free will is what God gave you, so use it in any way you choose to. I’d suggest using it to what pleases him but if you dont believe you thats your free will. Just understand you’ll have to answer for your actions

  • my mom told me is dat ur fav artist, i was like mmm ofc not ,,she was lik he looks like lil wayne,,Then whos this noisy clown? i was lik new singer! my ppoint is she even realized that wayne change tht she called him clown!!

  • @Jezuu Fuck off man !!!wayne got no respect for his fans , check how many ppl say ,,I Used To b Wit Wayne! n now they knew that his bullshittin cares abt himself!! he all love wayne n followed him since 1999!! can u mention one rapper in da game today actin stupid as wayne, CAN U nigga?

  • Wayne is Gone 🙁 i hate u sooo much nd i love u to death !!! thats how i feel babii!!

  • i heard that wayne used to record 2 or 3 songs in one night!! how come the last 3years every week 1 or 2 ?? wayne is Losing!!

    old fan!!!

  • wayne was like LionKinG nd NOW he is a lost monkey!! ugggh u fuckin noisy!!!

  • wayne is losing.,thanks god!! Tyga is hiphop!

  • ki luk at di chris brown he lookin @ weezy like ,, WTF are u doin,wearin,sayin,dancin lol!! smoke weed wayne n chill out the game !! no respect for ya now in jamica!! Old wayne is ill!!

  • nicki is female weezy ..weezy losing fans! nicki goin satanic illumnati shit on grammy YMCMB will retire soon, watch the throne n kanye are comin to tak dem OUT !!

  • wow people really need to realize that lil wayne was only a feature in the song. Thats Chris Brown and Davids shit. Weezy rocks his tours, and we should all realize that. People saying YMCMB retired lol Nicki’s doing her own thing with ROMAN” true fans would know that, Tygas Careless world” samething doing his thing. Drake did his own thing. YMCMB is not just wayne and nicki, people just move off to the winners. really fans stick and love everything there doing. fuck fakes realize what website your on, you typed it in. people dont like it they can shut the fuck up. lol go run off to mr. west. wests album that got best of the year was also made in 2010. weezy just put out his shit last aug and still was nominated! if your running to west after to be a follower then so be it. you know damn well wayne killz west and J Z

  • JayXMonsta

    Weezy did his thing, Chris and David obvi did nothing live smh and The Foo Fighters and deadmau5 were amazing tbh.

  • Masta Haze

    Check out the new cans that Guetta is wearing! Those are the Beats Mixrs for those of you who were wondering. You can get Beats for extremely discounted prices at

    The Mixrs are coming soon

  • wtfizzy

    Horrible…nothing more nothing less…I watched the dumb ass grammys hoping wayne would kill it…fucking deadmau5 (a guy who wears a mouse mask I might add) killed it harder then tune

  • geo

    Im fucking sick of defending Weezy to haters.

    Hes fucking wack now and looks a fucking dick, he has no swag anymore. But thats not the problem..the problem is he aint putting out good music its been ages since ive heard a good verse or song from weezy, well he aint fucking weezy anymore hes gay lil tunechi. People need to stop dick riding the performance wasn’t bad but the verse the terrible. If i hear buy one more shit album from wayne i’m not a fan anymore.

  • hmm

    first off, nicki did not do “some whack ass illuminati shit”. roman, her alter ego, (HENCE ROMAN HOLIDAY) was being “exorcized”.
    as for wayne…I’m trying to keep hope, but damn he’s slipping so hard, its hard to keep faith anymore. going back through the old mixtapes, I had to sit back and take it all in…how did a guy who was so fucking raw go to some soft, skateboard loving weirdo? i mean everybody can have a hobby, but you aint supposed to mix business and pleasure and im tired of hearing about skating and other random shit in the very little music hes putting out nowadays..-_-

  • Hyfr

    All im going to say is the game changes…..if wayne was still the same wayne he would irrelevant today. for those who say he’s fell off or ur not a fan because of the clothes he wears, ur fake as hell…if he fell off tell me why he sold more records by himself than jay z and kanye combined? F.a.m.e

  • itzsully22

    i used to literally worship the ground wayne walked on. hes still got it wen it comes to his concerts.. but his new music is half assed like hes not even tryin anymore.. he dresses like hes clinically retarded, gives 4 bar verses, and is jus seeking attention now. how the fuck am i sposed to believe hes a blood if all he does is skateboard like a 8th grade white boy and walks around in big furry slippers.. wayne embodied rap no ceilings and before, but he got to comfortable… half yall defendin him rite now werent even born wen he was a hot boy

  • denilson gabriel hamerski

    Eeei caraaaa
    oo Weezy arrebentoou ali
    ele é o melhoor ti todos eeniw

  • Tunes

    Fuck all these bitch ass niggars who come here n talk shit about wayne..if u don’t like wayne get the fuck out of here and listen to your bitch ass niggas…me n others scream young moolah till we die mother fuckers…wayne u the best @ what u do n keep on going hard….middle finger to u haters

  • YoungAssassin

    He didn’t get fans by the way he dressed. So why he losin them for the same reason?

  • mark lucio muufucka

    Walk off the stage like predator 2 nigga hellll yeeeuh. Find me at the skatepark. Holla att me.. hoooolllaa att me!! Weezy babyy

  • julisa

    I love lil wayne # true fan. so who gives a shit what he was wearing , hes amazing regardless

  • adam

    anyone know wheree to get the hat lil wayne has on in the video

  • SKWL boy “T”

    Wayne you need tu BLOW our minds , for “YMCMB’s reput…” and “yours”. you playing around “SKATING” we need you back on this game “skate park is now officially CLOSED” , its back 2 the STUDIO time now…*I have faith in you WEEZY*