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Lil Wayne Performs At SXSW In Austin [Video & Photos]

Fri, Mar 16, 2012 by

Last night (March 15th), Lil Wayne performed live for the “DEWeezy” launch concert at SXSW in Austin, Texas at the Austin Music Hall. Weezy came running out with his skateboard and rocking some Jordan XII “Playoffs” that don’t even come out for another 3 months! You can watch footage of Tune‘s entrance above and view some photos from his performance below.

Lil Wayne Performs At SXSW In Austin

Lil Wayne Performs At SXSW In Austin

Lil Wayne Performs At SXSW In Austin

Lil Wayne Performs At SXSW In Austin

Lil Wayne Performs At SXSW In Austin

Lil Wayne Performs At SXSW In Austin

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  • bleezymula

    I’m first in this Bitch!

  • Big boi

    Weezy kinda loosing muscles …

  • druskey F.

    ^ You would be lookin ^… i want music fuck all this extra shit..

  • Shit looks dope Nigga Tune

  • NoeliaLoveWeezy

    Mee encanta!! *.*

  • Weeeeeezy

  • Wow

    I think my speakers just broke..

  • Real nigguh

    Weezy f baby

  • Kay B

    Am jst happy tht Weezy is doin sumthng related 2 muzik lately coz his been focused on sk8in a lot. I lv tha sneakers 2(c)

  • Stevo

    Wayne finally got his swag back… more leggings or uggs.

  • make it nasty

    can’t believe wayne still performing songs like I’m goin in at his concerts

    he should be opening with carter four tracks by now


  • Gahahah

    Wayne mad skinny all of sudden ?
    He sick or something ?

    + them are really some ugly ass shoes it look like hes wearing ufos on his feet

  • He’s gettin richer n richer !! But wat we want is music 🙂 anyway i’m a lil wayne fan and always will be #TeamWeezy

  • #1weezyfaneverRashad

    im the biggest lil wayne fan ever and he better than anybody that makes music dead or alive weeeeeeeeeeeeeezt f baby until i die

  • 187JoshM187

    This nigga getting skinny
    and @Gahahah how tha fuck is the playoffs 12s ugly?
    And they come out next month not in 3 months

  • Yours Truly

    his stage presence trans mate n each tym>3 alwayz n high spirt gotta luv Tune!

  • Gahahah u got horrible taste of shoes man they might nt really luk gud on Tune… Tunechi wake up man plz wake up tell me u working on a sick track plz

  • Don Ibrowayne @nigeria

    Those shoes are very ugly… It seems little Wayne signed a contract with em Jordans..

  • Tune, in six foot u said ” I don’t feel I’ve done enough so I’ma keep doing this shit” u the fckin best I knw… Men I can’t wait 4 another Tune hit… Niggas b patient wil u

  • wat da fuck is up
    mozy again riting goddanm coment but fuck 4da haterz weezy go and do wat eva yu want

  • WhadeY

    WeezY F Baby. Make Em Haters Go Crazy



  • what up cuzz

    Wayne sucks nw! Sk8n shit

  • what up cuzz

    I want a mixtape nw nt dis sk8n shit! Curren$y is better weezy. #Jet life

  • jordan7 shet men thats da real shoe nigga wat are u hater saing did u read there mai be dat shoe wil cme 2next 3month and u say da shit in fake fuck u me and me iz deweezy

  • Rania

    Salam Wayne,

  • Rania

    Wayne your hair are too long

  • Rania

    you are lookin good in shirt:)

  • Rania

    Danny whose writin all these comments.. (except me)

  • lol

    @Rania you dont make any sense @Lil Wayne why do you bring a sk8 on a stage to perform that s retarded

  • Man man

    wayne could write a book on how to fall off. this nigga committed career suicide within the last 2 years

  • WTF ? this nigga look like he 14 years old in the Hot Boys again, does he have AIDS or something ?

  • akash

    Why weezy is getting thin

  • Tony_montana


  • Jaime

    that nigga skateboards too much, now he getting skinnier than souljaboy.

    This skating shit is messing up your whole image Wayne lol…smh.

  • #1WEEZY1#

    OMG it feels the same like when Lil’ Wayne was in jail.. Okay wait maybe worse than that! Are they ever going to release a song where it’s just Lil’ Wayne on the track! What is going on?!! WE WANT MUSICCCCCCCCCCCCCC!

  • Mark

    Hey Guys , Follow me on Twitter ( I’ll follow you back )

  • This nigga swag too hard he got Jordans that don’t even come out for another 3 months and than a dope ass Trukfit fitted hat damn too fly YMCMB we winning!

  • Haters fall back WEEZY F. BABY always gives the best performances with the most energy!! And he has the most swag ever. LIL WAYNE IS THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE quote unquote. YMCMB we winning!

  • Rania

    @lol! what sense? and @lol its not retarded!its totally creative.he is promoting skate cause he is going to do this thing in future, may b.and i guess he wants his fans familiar with his skate activities cause he’ll join sports in future as he said.

  • LuvWeezy

    Weezy is da fuckin best PERIOD..,POINT BLANK…9th dec he was perfoming @ da Dome Johannesburg(S.A) da nigga has no match he really is da best rapper alive

  • King

    Wayne z just becumin irrelevnt wth ol his sk8 boardin nd sht!!!we want MUSIC nigga!…..u c w@ happens whn Dwayne put the styrofoam cup down??

  • 4leaf

    Man ever since Wayne stop smoking n sippin SYZURPPP!!! this nigga got his energy back n shit I’meam think bout it if you can’t do any smoking or lean most you can do is pop a pill but it’s the same you would wanna skateboard to might as well if you dat sober I can only imagine how my mind would be if i couldn’t smoke I would do the most active shit can’t lie I got a point so top it all of its NON SOBER WAYNE vs SOBER WAYNE non sober wayne won but is no longer with before he went on dat vacation

  • tunechi back niggas he done with that gay swag soo ya had ya chance when he was gone to reach the top but ya slack so he takeing over now soo grab a seat with some popcorn and a drink bruhhh!!!!

  • marley carter

    i love you wayne