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Robin Thicke – Pretty Lil’ Heart (Feat Lil Wayne) [Music Video]

Fri, Mar 2, 2012 by

Here is the official music video for Robin Thicke‘s “Pretty Lil’ Heart” single featuring Lil Wayne. This song can be found on Robin‘s Love After War album, which is available in stores and on iTunes. The visual was directed by Marc Klasfeld.

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  • Swaggy

    Robin Thicke still doing his thing


    cant watch

  • Davitt

    <3 <3 weezyyyy

  • Weeeezaaay

    please lil wayne, stop wearing that weird shit go back to your old swag

  • Junie

    I wish nicki minaj was back to her old self she really sold out and wayne did too its a dam shame that i dont fuck with him no more i use to bump his shit all the time but now hes trash straight garbage

  • wiz

    yah u beta leave as wayne fan coz u ol fake fans ,dnt judge him his playn smart… Wise gangstar #fucknhaters

  • yoloswaggym

    really wish ya’ll would get off that old shit smh lames everyone changes im sure none of you are the same people you were 4 years ago

  • This visual is dope and WEEZY F. BABY got the most swag, YMCMB we winning!

  • This music video is dope and music videos with LIL WAYNE in them are always so Fresh. Robin Thicke and LIL WEEZY still doing there thing, and people needa stop hating on WEEZY he never went no where hes still THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE YMCMB we winning!

  • guerilla, fuck cops

    i cant lie, them glasses were dope

  • Marv’wheezy

    Weeeeeeezy F barbie, here we stand u the dope shit man love ya and keep da swag on dogg

  • Nak Nak

    what the fuck kind of glasses are those? i can guarantee that if big or pac ever wore this kind of shit they would of be publicly ostracized.

  • Agaha

    Wayne looking fruity as hell

    All you bitches made this niggu rich and now hes shitting on all of yall

    Too bad

  • ogeezy!


  • ogeezy!

    @junnie ..then wtf u still doin here..

  • Rachel

    I love it


  • Solid

    Yeah its nice 🙂 I didnt get the toy monkey part though??
    And Those Dwayne Wayne shades ; lil Wayne IS from a different world for real or least he’s been dressing & acting like it lately O_o

  • Dee

    Lil wayne is the male lady gaga foreal dude looks acts and raps like a clown he changed for the worse not better

  • Solid

    @Dee he definitely doesnt rap like a clown & he’s still the best his style has just been a lil bit over the top lately thats all…

  • smh


  • Weezy the Best

    Let Me School Y’all Haters Weezy wears what we wears cuz niggas now and days swagga jack him so hard and the only way niggas won’t if he dressed funky ass fuck and if u don’t like that and you think he’s ay or wack GEt The Hell Off this site man He Will ALWAYS be the best rapper alive no matter what he wears

  • Amurph

    Y’all saw the kinky dreads and John Lennon hat. Weezy is telling us something dudes. After IANAHB2 comes out then Rebirth 2 is right behind it. This means he’s done with IANAHB2 y’all. We gettin a new album. Tell me I’m wrong

  • CeeJ

    mona lisa smiled.
    that bitch is barely grinning.
    take you off the face of the Earth like a blemish.

  • jaime

    its Lil Tunechi, I don’t rap … I FILM MOVIES, with my rap, you can call mr. directors chair and thats a wrap.

  • When you have gotten so many awards and made over 1000 songs you can wear whatever you like and it’s still SWAG!!!

  • worst song ever

    this song couldnt even be good with weezy in it lol you suck Robin

  • moshigh

    kinda cool rhythmic song,i love d delivery wayne n robin;ur voice is awesome,good one!!!!!!!

  • moshigh

    robin kinda sound like jackson plus kelly flavour,i think i love d combo!!!!!!!

  • SnayF

    dope in all music type !!

  • weeezy flyistealth!!