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Behind The Scenes Of David Guetta, Lil Wayne & Chris Brown’s “I Can Only Imagine” Video

Fri, Jun 29, 2012 by

Check out some behind the scenes footage from David Guetta‘s “I Can Only Imagine” video shoot featuring Lil Wayne and Chris Brown in the video above. The visual, which was directed by Colin Tilley, was shot in Los Angeles, California last month.

Click here to watch a trailer for the official “I Can Only Imagine” music video that will premiere in full this Monday (July 2nd).

In other Weezy news, he will be featured on Kelly Rowland‘s new single called “Ice“, dropping later today!

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  • YoWeezy

    I really hope Ice is as good as Motivation!


  • squirrel


  • Music

    Video looks sickkk

  • nomsoula

    hope weezy has a good verse on the kelly record

  • YM Fitted

    Looking forward to the music video and song 😉

  • Molly

    ICE? Sounds like it’s gonna be some soft shit….

  • weezy e

    i know that shit gna sound nice…wht u expect best rapper alive!!!!!

  • Weezy F U

    Skateboard bullcrap again

  • Lil Wayne

    I was rapped by both my mom and my dad so dont judge me

  • no ceilings mudafucka

    more excited for the song with justin bieber

  • Cant wait 4 that ice song

  • Reg

    Weezy and breezy wat do u expct? Only blazing sound trck out there. 🙂

  • Ibrotunecho @nigeria

    That fake ass commenter using Lil Wayne as his name,u just looking for some cheap fame !! Dude get a life !!

  • Ibrotunecho @nigeria

    Weezy nd Kelly Rowland ??
    That track gonna sound dope !


    seriously what is with these behind the scene clips, this is so uncessary. nobody cares how it was filmed its a gd music video, make music not this bullshit
    ymcmb is the wackest boyband fagshit around


    perhaps they think if they tell us there is a deaper meaning within the video we will believe them.
    ymcmb has run out of shit to rap about and videos to make, they are all the same wizzle pretends his skateboard is a canon he blows kisses twirls his hair and acts like he can dance. chris brown is a coke head and will probably die dancing. they really just need to give up.
    shady records makes them look retarded. in 20 years kids will be researching rap on the internet and hopefully ymcmb doesnt show up.


    OMG im sooo excited!!!

  • Amaury

    Speechless – Amaury ft J SULLEN , Q Note: via @youtube

  • skoolboy

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  • lil tunechi bee

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  • tony_montana

    @Ibrotunecho @nigeria ignore datt nigga,he’s bn doing dis in every upd8 nd no1’s givvin him da attention he wants,s0 jst ignore hiz asS…..anywae,I’m lukin 4ward 2 dis kelly rowland nd tune song,if its anythng lyk motivation it shuD b bigG…let’s c!


    i’m gonna die of hate, look who is talking.

    this a wizzle site, why u gonna say some shit about me. i know it should be a site about me but stick to the topic.

    and eminem’s time is not up, shady has at least a couple more cd’s left in him and even if he didnt it wouldnt matter because what he has already released is 10x better than wizzle’s pop garbage.

    fuck off

  • Lil Wayne

    i have aids

  • Tunechi Baby

    i love balls in my mouth 🙂

  • vodafon

    c’mon .where’s “ice”?

  • Wayne

    Wayne and his fucking skateboards again:/

  • Fuck that lil tuna ass bitch!!!

  • Mence

    Get a life siege

  • YunG based god

    sushi baby the biggest poser of all time


    ^ haha that is a good one.

    i got niggas trying to sue me bitches tryin to do me the way these niggas actin you’da thought they never knew me but these niggas know me and half of them owe me.

    if u dont see the fish it aint the real CEEJ MOTHAFUCKA

    i got nigga’s tryin to be me apparently.

  • Rachel

    Flattery is sinful, yet a way of showing appreciation.

    The face thingy was so cool, yeah!!!!

  • SIEGE aka i dont give a poop about what u think

    not u again rachel. it would be nice if u were litterally flattened by a bus or some other large object, no hate but dont u have a sandwich to make or something.
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  • SIEGE aka i dont give a poop about what u think

    its sad that our parents generation outdid us when we should be constantly getting better. rock n roll was so much more rythmic than the rap (ifthatswhatyoucallit) that is all over the radio today. shit the 90’s had better music than today fucking smashmouth and the offspring are 10x better than wizzle and chris browns faggot ass.
    thank God for SSSS SLIM SHADDY!

  • Deontretre

    Yall,all dumd af argueing on a FUCKIN FANSITE and yal” keep listen to this seige guy fuck him he WANTS ATTENTION WTF YALL DUMD ….IM DONE. IM JUST waitin on that ice tho danny whats goin on

  • Rachel

    Geese, imitation=flattery=sin, but yet also a present day form of appreciation.


    Great, I attempt to throw you the ball and ya can’t catch it. Yes, that’s what I need,a death threat….does that make me gansta now?

  • Rachel

    I don’t think so, that I am not…..

  • SIEGE, no be done with it. drop a new track for me to diss

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  • malcolm….

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  • malcolm….

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  • Tunchi da best!!!

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  • CEEJ

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  • malcolm….

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  • tha great Siege

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  • Rachel

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    I’m going to rub it out now!!!! And then make a sandwich, ya nailed me there bud!

  • Rachel

    @Malcolm, you…….thankx……I had argued with ceej a while ago because of something he said about women, I think I picked this one and had it coming.

  • siege (nomorequestions)

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    exodus 23.1 > golish
    just listened to it for the first time and the references pusha made are fuckin incredible, plus he sounds like a real thug on the track too, no high voice ecstacy lala shit (ex fuck with me wrong i put ur head in ur hands) lil wayne sounded like an upset female whereas pusha sounded like a pissed off male.
    i know i’m late but i was blown away by the diss and couldnt resist letting the wizzle know.

  • Fukboyfit

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  • mo’fucker

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  • ya it’s very fun

  • Kaplun

    where is the verse from?

  • Rachel

    ……I’m not finished…..

    You had mentioned the legal trouble you were in, it seems easy to get you all hot and bothered, just be careful.

    I was throwing it up to you, people are attempting to be you, that you should take as a compliment. How you got yourself worked up is kind of amazing.

    I believe we all need to continue to work with and for each other, peace in the middle east and to your troubled soul seige, rachel

  • Kaplun

    Danny where is the verse from

  • weezy e

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