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Behind The Scenes Of Keyshia Cole & Lil Wayne’s “Enough Of No Love” [Video]

Mon, Jul 30, 2012 by

Above, you can watch some behind the scenes footage from Keyshia Cole‘s “Enough Of No Love” video shoot featuring Lil Wayne. The visual, which is being directed by Benny Boom, will premiere on BET’s 106 & Park on Wednesday, August 1st.

Click here to read the lyrics for “Enough Of No Love“!

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  • Peter


  • najeeb

    Fuck sencon

  • najib

    Why u worry bout dat other hoe?

  • bilzzzzz

    A 3rd aint bad ryt @najeeeeb

  • jostein

    yo! shit going hard!!

  • tony_montana


  • That’s Good, Lil Tunechi x 100000…



  • Sushi Baby

    wat the hell is going on through this grown ass man’s mind? doesn’t he even care that he is the weakest rapper in the game right now?

  • Fukfit

    not even stoners like tunechi baby and they used to be weezy’s biggest fans

  • THA Siege

    that nig just runs his mouth about nothing all day long.

    “ladies and gentlemen, whats poppin, i give the you beautiful____, i’m here with the talented____, ladies and gentlemen, and umm, ladies and gentlemen blah blah ladies and gentlemen ladies and gentlemen, tunechi”

    for fucks sake, neither ladies nor gentlemen pay any attention to his bullshit. he needs to start addressing the people that watch his videos as “misguided youth”


  • rawest nigga in the game killed this shit

  • THA Siege

    and he also needs to recognize that tunechi is a made up word, YOUR NAME IS DWAYNE YOU FAGGOT ASS NIGGER

  • Hahaha : D funny how tha same people get on here & hate on tha hottest nigga in tha game right now they say he weak but they always on here seeing what he’s doing smh if he weak then go listen to some 1 else then biiiiiitch ass nuggas

  • Fukfit

    hahahaha tunechi the hottest nigga in the game? you white people are so funny

  • Fukfit

    and delirious

  • steve-o

    keyshia is fineeee

  • THA Siege

    im just waiting till the day when he gets capped and danny posts a blog thread about it… cuz i want to make a permanent mark of joy when the day finally comes.

    trust me i could care less what the latest gossip about wizzle is, i dont even watch the videos or listen to the “muzik tracks” anymore i just comment with whatever i happen to be feeling.

    i have real hiphop artists that make real hiphop music for me… fuck wizzle hope he dies soon too.


  • Info

    Cant wait for the video on Wed 😀 😀

  • Mad

    Keyshia mad cause Wayne ruined her video with wearing Trukfit to her theme video. Lol.

  • no swag :(

    weezy looks tired and that trukfit hoodie is plain

  • lil wizzy

    @THA Siege why do u still visit lilwaynehq?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!

  • THA Siege

    are u kidding? did i not just explain that? u must be the real wizzle because ur a moron.

    why would u try to analyze something that is clearly meaningless? do u also question how intelligent your dog is just because he knows where to go when he has to take a dump?

    no more questions.

  • Seigeabitch

    Why yall niggas always on here talkin shit it says for Wayne fans only not used to be fans get the fuck out of here. Yo weak ass talk alot of shit and I bet u cant spit a verse or do wat Wayne do. U bitch nigga

  • YunG based god

    haha even keyshia laughed when tunechi said “tunechi here”


    what u dont think i can drink codiene snort crack and write down a bunch of meaningless rhymes?

  • Sushi Baby

    fuck wit me baby its sushi baby


    haters go suck a dick, you probably can’t even spit raps you little bitch, Weezy is the fuckin man.

  • Weezy runs the whole fucking rap industry. #HandsDown

  • Hank Hill

    that tunechi baby aint right

  • Tuna

    10 Rapper Nicknames That Are Incredibly Awkward To Say Out Loud

  • Tuna

    danny you a trick ass bitch


    the only time weezy baby runs is when the cops are chasing him and when tha birdman is mad because he isnt making muzik.

    get real, wizzle is irrelevant in hiphop, and the only reason he gets radio time is because he’s a fad. weezy means nothing to hiphop, he is not a real o.g. and he hasnt done anything to influence music in any real perspective unless u think forming a terrible record label or producing a retarded wanna be rock album are actually great accomplishments.

    slim shady put together a real rap group in a matter of months whereas wizzle has been “signing” “artists” to a label called ym for at least 5 years now. and what has he to show for it? a couple songs (bedrock and every girl) and a bunch of drama. to name a few relevant names that have actually outright dissed wizzle’s label and or artists… royce da 5’9, common, EMINEM, jay and ye, 50 cent, snoop dog… and i’m sure i’m leaving out many more but there are also plenty of irrelevant wanna be superstars that will never achieve fame from the dying industry like that hopsin guy that diss wizzle on a regular basis. hell nicki minaj has even said a few lines that go after wizzle.

    so when u say weezy runs rap u are lying through your teeth and lying to yourself. anybody with half a brain knows that eminem will be the greatest hiphop artists ever, and that wizzle wont even be able to get the recognition that 2pac got… and he’s been dead for over 10 years.

    if it werent for all those expensive tatoos and that hair (which i think looks and smells like dook) wizzle would be nothing but a short black man with a chip on his shoulder and a lot of crocodile tears.

    i’ll accept a non reply as an apology for lashing out at me because i said mean things about ur precious tunechi baby, but if u feel inclined to respond be forewarned that i will not spend time reading what you have to say because i’ve had my share of laughs from this thread and dont intend on roasting the little bitch again until he puts some other garbage out on the web….

    so like i always say,


  • _iamromierome

    Haters Ho hate!!! D4 on the waayyyy

    Follow me tho (i follow back) @_IAMROMIEROME

  • _iamromierome

    Haters go hate!!! D4 on the waayyyy

    Follow me tho (i follow back) @_IAMROMIEROME

  • tunechi
  • Lil Tune aka Truk Yo Gurl!!

    Am alwayz amazed when people say that weezy fell off but if u see everyone who wants to release an album they alwayz come n get tunechi for a verse so all yall stop hating..WEEZY by far he is the best musician to ever do it!!!!!!! coz he jumps on any type of genre of music….Keep doing ur thing TUNE!!!

  • RomanEmpire

    Lol waynes funny, sometimes intentionally, sometimes unintentionally

  • jc

    “i love my haters, my haters are some of my biggest fans”

    -Kanye West

    this seems to be true with CeeJ and Wayne because i have never seen a grown man constantly trying to put someone down that he has never met and who has more than him LOL what a waste of sperm. it would have been better served if your mom swallowed you “Siege”

  • jc

    also SIEGE is talkin about “real O.Gs.” when he has said numerous times that he is white and makes fun of black people. smh.

  • Tuna

    tunechi baby is the most questionable musician to ever pick up the mic


    siege is super gay

  • tony_montana

    No1’s gonna wana shoot a video with Wayne nom0re c0z he g0es der dressed lyk a pre-teen clown in hiz fukshit or trukfit or wateva da phuq uU calL it…dis phuqen errit8s meE c0z wayne used ta have s0 much swagg th0…dis nigga dun changeD s0 much,I swear some1 touched him in prison lol O_O

  • N¤U¤R¤D¤

    To all u fags dat be hatin on tune r actually retarded…its called being business mynded: he’s promotin da whole tunchi skaterboy thng coz u fags wud rather download hiz leaks dan go buy da actual album(even afta he givs u !!!free!!! Mixtapes),dats y he’s obtain a new target maret,dats y he started da whole rock/rebirth thang nd dats y he’s promotin ds skater boy look….

    Nd 2 Siege,u a fucken poser,u probly da biggest weezy fan here,y else wud u cum onto hiz fan site nd “analyse” all he’s doin,u jst a fag,nd here’s sum els kid,if weezy’s suchh a “waste of time” nd “can’t rap”…y dnt u show me wat u can do,I challenge u,jst hit me wid ur best verse nd I’ll do da same,16 bars dats all I want 4rm u,u fucken poser…

  • Tuna

    sushi baby


    to all ppl who say sushi baby your fuckin retarded kid.

  • duhhhhh… can i have a trukfit shirt?

    no im pollution no substitution no im the shit like poop no im a tunechi like a coon i dont eat fish i prefer dick call me sushi or call me tunechi my hairs so tight i forget my name.

  • bestrapperalive

    all you faggots that are hatin on Wayne, go check the numbers. whoever sells the most records obviously is the most popular and gets the most respect from everyone else in the industry. C4 sold more than 1 mil in the first week alone and thats not even the best he’s done. who’s doin that shit? No one you fuckers

  • Jaime

    this nigga doesn’t even dress up for videos anymore. Its like he is trying to ruin his career.

    Drop dedication 4 already.


    when will u people realize that wizzle does not speak the truth.
    he will talk about ice one day another day he’ll say jewelry is bad
    he will talk about love in one song and in another he will say he never loves a woman
    he will say he’s off syrup in one song then turn around and say he cant live without it

    i wont be surprised when wizzle admits he’s a gay talentless human. actually i might be surprised if he tells the truth.


    @THA SIEGE first off all change your fucking gay asss fish pic



  • Tuna

    that siege has a strong point. tunechi baby is a phony, a fake, a fronter, and a liar. and fuckeminem you’re opinion is irrelevant just by your name alone. if you like tunechi but dont like eminem that shows you perfer fake rappers over real rappers who put their blood sweat and tears into their music you mark

  • Tuna


  • Sushi

    sushi baby belongs in the trash

  • Tuna
  • bestrapperalive

    @THA Siege….. if you hate his music so much, stop listening to it. If you hate ONE OF (I didn’t say the best) the best rappers of all time, stop visiting his fuckin fan site. He is lyrically one of the best and metaphorically. He has so many different flows and can go on any genre of music. Why does everyone ask him to hop on their track? because their records will sell with him on it.

  • jc

    pretty funny homo ceej ignores my post and just continues hating. and by hating i mean constantly lingering around a website where he clearly has no value other than to continuously make himself look like a fool. you do bring up some good points but guess what? we dont care and you have changed no ones mind of being a wayne fan. you think after awhile you would just give up. maybe get some friends or get off of this website for longer than 15 minutes.


    look some people disagree with me and some people agree with me. i could care less either way… i want wizzle to die. i am on this website to expose the truth of the self proclaimed “god” and to check on the status of his health.

    when wizzle baby tuneshit aka F. is dead then i will stop using this bullshit blog. until then either ignore my comments or suck it up and hear what i say but ur opinion means nothing to me so u can stop waisting your time and do u while i do me.

    @jc. HOMO!


    and just so you know, (not that it matters to you) i dont listen to tuna fish music, but i am aware of the fact that many people still do, therefore i expose the niggers flaws and will continue to. and 50 years from now when someone tries to play a tunafish album i will tell them the same thing then.
    u can make assumptions all u want, but if there was an osama bin laden “fansite” i’d be there too i will not sit around without at least voicing an opinion while a drug addict rappest murdered runs around saying outrageous things and packaging all of these flaws inside of a smiling grill.

  • bestrapperalive

    yea go do you with your fuckin right hand you twat. people are here to see what wayne is doin and not hate on him. if you hate his shit so much go to a blog and bitch about it elsewhere. you only hate him because he is making you favorite artist look like ass the last 10 years

  • jc

    LOL and NOT EVEN 15 minutes later CeeJ responds i swear he wants waynes dick. and no one cares about your opinion, do you not get that?

  • jc

    the point i am saying is you seem angry in every post. its really NOT that serious. its just entertainment. you think you are showing people the truth but in reality wayne fans just see there are people like you and then build up wayne even more. your comments are counterproductive. there is no reason a grown man should sit on another man’s website and constantly complain about him. I don’t see you on JayZ and kanye sites screaming illuminati. sack up and be a man not a groupie little bitch that wants to bash people with money that they can’t get themselves. whether you like it or not wayne’s career was almost over early on and he did somethin about it. all you do is sit around and put comments on a blog. why don’t you start rapping and then you can make him look bad thru music instead of sitting back and critiquing his work? i’m just saying.

  • bestrapperalive

    @jc… I feel you on that last comment man

    but it the end he’s making more money then any of us so it doesn’t matter. if you like wayne, keep checkin out this site. if not, go to another one. its that simple


    if by noone youre referring to yourself then that makes sense because you seem to be a nobody, but you’ll notice that every thread there are at least one person who agrees with me so why dont u keep ur thoughts to urself u sound ignorant.

  • Tunechi fuckin with that!

    weeezy flystealth

  • Liz

    Damn siege n his hatin ass kkk crew, I thought you guys would have made your own hatin ass hate fansite by guys love wasting your time on here… Lmao!! n by the way your fav hip hop star eminem made music with weezy bitch.. If he recognized real why cant you… Oh yeah all you n your crew do is nuthin but hate on a fansite.. lol

  • Liz

    N why dont you keep your thoughts to yourself siege, cuz you and all your haters sound ignorant wasting your negative energy and time on a fan site.. Smh n lmao at yall haters, really pathetic .


    if i offended you good.

  • bestrapperalive

    @Siege…..Liz just shit on you dog, especially with the eminem statement. That’s so true

  • bestrapperalive

    and the funny thing is, siege gets on this website more then i do and i’m a huge Wayne fan hahah

  • Liz

    thats what you said last time.. lol and no u didnt offend me fyi..tho you love to get offended on here it seems ass.. I bet you get off on it.. this is prob the only action you get on here!! Lmao

  • Liz

    Yeahh, it seems he loves gettin shit on.. And wackin his shit to this… Lmao


    you really didnt make any point as far as i’m concerned. yea shady made two records with the wizzle, NO LOVE a song that basically sent the message that eminem doesnt care about wizzle nor does he want anything to do with him. that song was on recovery and was the better of the 2, and the other song drop the world was the only semi decent song on rebirth and again shady’s flow and lyrics destroyed wizzle’s entire album.

    forever ft. em wizzle and kanye was a pathetic musical attempt and again eminem’s lyrics and flow killed the other “artists” on the track.

    u can disagree if u feel like it but just cuz two people are on the same record does not mean they are cool with eachother and the fact that you dont know that wizzle begged eminem to do a song with him on an internet video shows how little you really know about hiphop.

  • Liz

    No kidding and u didnt make a point as far as im concerned as well.. I could have told u that myself lol like I said recognizing real.. n makin tracks with someone from the industry thats boomin to make the tracks boom in sale.. Makes sense.. Doesnt make sense-if eminem didnt like him what so ever and didnt want nothing to do with him, he would have been real and said no bitch, tho that didnt happen did it? Lol

  • DrEaD rasta bitch

    little wayne begged eminem publicly to make a song with him. im sure shady’s motives were to embarras wizzle not to make a brotherhood type song. and obviously he did just that.
    regardless of what you think motivated the two to collaborate shady is still the better rapper, artist and person in general. and tho wizzle wishes he could be in a movie and make an album that is timeless shady has done both and wizzle will never do either.
    money and the opportunity to beat eachother brought the two together and i’d say eminem got the better deal on both ends and altho wizzle has trukfit (fuckfit) that shit isnt selling and will never be anything but a fad.

    the facts remain that eminem is light years ahead of wizzle
    he started the g shock watch trend with his appearance in dre’s video i need a doctor (which was released while wizzle was incarcerated.
    he released the recovery album which is something wizzle is just now SUPPOSEDLY on, tho we all know that wizzle is so dependent on his drugs that he would withdraw and die without them
    and also shady was combining guitar sounds in his beats long before wizzle’s best rapper alive song came out.

    so think what you want but until you actually read up on hiphop u will never be able to defend wizzle’s shitty persona. obviously youre not a tru hiphop junky and assume (since ive already made an ass of u and me) that you are just a teenage girl who likes whatever popular “musician” you hear on your local pop radio station.

    please get a life and stop trying to communicate with me. go look at some wizzle photos or watch one of his pointless videos or listen to his garbage music… do whatever u want but dont try to tell me i am wrong because unlike 90% of the people that use this site i know whats going on meaning i know what wizzle has done and is planning on doing with his fame.

  • Liz

    And im sure eminem is satisfied with the boom in sales that he made as well with the tracks, because yes hes a great rapperand spits bomb ass sure instead of of hatin he appreciates other rappers to be on his track if they are boomin like wayne, n coming into a respect note rather… Tho you are very sadly negative and immature as well as ur kkk crew and are to blind with hate to see that… Well im def accurate that shady likes niggers cuz hes always on niggaz shit, unlike ur unhappy number #1 eminem fan ass.. U remind me of his number #1 fan that he made on his ol classic album ..u know which one.. lmao ; )

  • Liz

    Please get a life and stop hating on this site until weezy dies or you… Im here cuz it makes sense, im a fan bitch… Like I said make your own I hate weezynniggers fan site or get on your eminems fansite and praise him like you do…it would make more sense than what your tryin to prove or do on here..its really like I stated before pathetically sad you and ur kkk members…smh everytime n lmao

  • Liz

    Siege wish you would stop assuming shit, I assume your wackin off to this site, I could be wrong I could be right ..(Really think im right ..but yeah just cuz your posted on weezy n on his dick n still ridin.. Doesnt mean that you know really what his next move is bitch thats why u get on here as well.. N to also just add fuel to the fire like I once stated in the bread over bed blog… Really just keep on hatin like you do n keep feeding the fire wit your kkk crew, tho do yourselves a favor and make that site for you guys which once again would make real sense… really lmao to you haters .

  • Weezyy

    This is to siege lil wayne nd youngmoney allyogether r better then slaughterhouse. Slaughterhouse got paid 600million monthhss agoo to sit on their ass nd do nuttin for a livin. On their on own each ofthem were good but as a group their irrelivent. Id rather fucks wit joe budden in deff jam vendetta and joe budden nd weezy have a songg so all the daughterhouse haters on weezys page calm ya mouth

  • Weezy

    Nd if liking weezy isnt bein a hip hop junky then why the fuck r all u weezy haters on his page runnin ya mouths. Ya u have ur opinions but if u hate the dude then hop off his shit. U dont see us on eminems page or daughter houses page hatin cuz we font even gotta bother with their slackin ass. On another subject Eminem is a living legend but cmon dudes dropped off how many times now do to his relapses lol. At least weezy aint dropping off thats why ppl hate on him cuz u hearrr his shittt that dam much that ppl get sick of him. Eminem drops off all the time and all the true wiggers got his back nd everyone knows wiggers rulle the rap world now. Nott me tho never drop off weezys shit. Hes bouta drop his im not a human being 2. Nd hes droppin dedication 4 where hell rip madd illl beats. Fuck daughterhouse nd all the washed up rappers trynna make a come back. That 600 million is some chunp change for weezy alone

  • Weezy

    Nd slaughterhouse makes song wit bumbass artist. Eminem really needs to take notes on how to run a team cuz weezys takin all the money got half his artists in the lime light. He even created his own system in rap called the “mainstream” music. That category belongs to him. So anyone who thinks his shit is mainstream its cuz ur ass was listenin it no less then a year ago. Wats eminem nd slaughterhouses shit underground music? Well them dudes should stay underground

  • big c

    @Siege and dread rasta bitch, since you are the same person…. you are making yourself look like a dumbass. First off wayne did not beg eminem, and eminem is taking more drugs then lil wayne. don’t be an ignorant fuck. get your facts straight before you say them, especially on a fan site. and don’t be a fuckin hypocrite either by tellin liz to get a life when you are the one fighting with everyone on this website. Yes, eminem is a great rapper and has made two of the many great songs out there, stan and loose yourself, but wayne has sold many more records and made a shit ton more money. In this industry thats all that matters so as far as i’m concerned and the rest of us waynes fans, hes the better artist. no of our opinions matter. It’s cliche but numbers dont lie. go check on them

  • donkeykong

    gay song

  • Solomon

    I agree.. gay as shit..! They talk about love for no hoes, then make a love song with with one… now I like Wayne, but this is a really stupid song!