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Kelly Rowland – Ice (Feat Lil Wayne) [Mastered]

Kelly Rowland Ice Feat Lil Wayne

Kelly Rowland grabs a verse from Lil Wayne for the lead single off her upcoming fourth studio album, which currently has no release date. The song is called “Ice” and was produced by Detail.

Do you think “Ice” could be bigger than their previous collaboration “Motivation” ❓

Click here to view the lyrics!

Posted by on July 29, 2012.

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  • stryder


  • Tee Kinsey


  • Arthur


  • ztrait

    sickbeat!!!! <3:)

  • KROW

    Okay they KILLED IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

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  • RealTalk

    Damn! Weezy merked this! Beat is hot as hell!

  • Bertlockz

    second! nice verse but prefer motivation over this.

  • Young_Mulla

    Pretty good song, but def not better than motivation. Tunechi KILLED motivation!

  • hunter

    Dang he murdered it. Need the dirty version!


  • K Dawg

    “we do it till we both exhausted…..twin pipes” that line was dope as fuck! his flow on this is definitely better than his flow on motivation…..but overall i just think motivation is a better song

  • Sushi Baby

    im irrelevent

  • YoungGod RigoRigo

    big man tune!! weezy the best!

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  • endworld09

    positive, nice

  • Jays

    What is wrong with yall?? This sucks major, just like motivation… 0% hip-hop

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  • Tha Carter

    I love it Waynes verse was hella dope

  • ymoe

    wassup with weezy’s voice on this one? his flow sounds kinda off too?

  • my city

    dis was betta dan motivation but i bet it dont do as well as that did….

  • TUNECHIbaby

    HOT SONG! 😀

  • this is better my beautiful KELLY and my best rapper LIL WAYNE

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  • The Dude

    naah, motivation is better !

  • Chris

    Really dig the Weezy and Roland collabs. They go good together.

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  • Bedroom music!! Fantastic colaboration! Like Kelly’s voice so much.

  • Druskey F. Lifa

    Big Sean voice – Oh Gawd

  • Woah sick mix of beat its like a Trap beat mixed with a R&B Pop Beat! DAMN!!! Check out my youtube channel i make beats too, just for fun & free!

  • if im in the club dancing with a girl and i hear this song, i ditch the girl for the speakers…. No Lie!!!

  • Lex Luger?

  • lilwayne>allrappers

    i fukks wit it. better than motivation 2 me. esp wayne verse

  • ma nigga weezy f baby can carry d world wit one flow

  • Ice Ice Baby, Shake dat Ass like a Dicee
    Baby.♥ TuneChi.♥

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  • yolo974

    nice drum

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  • zack

    dude everytime i heard a badass flow from weezy im like damn with the biggest smile on my face tune is so bad asss

  • YCsep27


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  • swaggking

    Yeah he def killed it! I just wish it wasnt on one of these types of songs cuz i cant bump this shit in my car. But one thing i dont get is there was no point in him saying hes skating on ice…. He needs to leave skating out of some of his songs especially these slow beat ones

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  • williNalli


  • DOPE

    2 chainz ft lil wayne – i’m diffrent gonna be awesome

  • druskey.F.reefer

    I been waitin on this MASTER version

  • Wayne killed dat shit


    i would listen to this song, but im not a faggot.

    kelly rowland and lil weezy…. when will the rest of the world blow us up?


    they work together because wayne know her of destinys child as well.

  • Uc

    I like when Wayne raps with clever lines like this. The dude is always great for memorable one liners. And I see siege still givin his irrelevant 2 cents smh. Dope song.



    1.My Homies Still (ft Big Sean)
    2.Terrorist (ft Cory Gunz)
    3.Fly As Can Be (ft Drake)
    4.Playa's Choice (ft Drake & Tpain)
    5.Right Side (ft Jay Sean & shannel
    6.Outa This World (ft Eminem)
    7.Blows My Brains (ft Pitbull)
    8.Hands high Up 
    9.Waynes World!
    10.S.W.A.G  [Skate with a group]
    11.White Bitches (ft Tyler the Creator
    12.I Got This 
    13.YMCMB (Ft Birdman, gudda gudda, jae millz, Mack Maine, Busta Rhymes,Tyga, Short Dawg & flow)
    15.Another Chapter… (ft Pj Morton)
    17.Say Hi 
    18.Because We Want To (ft Lil Twist, Lil Chuckee & Torio)

    1.Step It Up (Ft Roscoe Dash & Flow
    2.I got this money 
    3.Wherever and Whenever (ft Nicki Minaj & Rick Ross)

    I Tunes BONUS

    1. Just Cant Stop 

  • dats a fake tracklist is like carter iv trackist is fake wayne doesnt release yet da official tracklist so shut up people yeah is a good choice but very fake

  • DrEaD RASTA NiggaBitch

    eminem prolly wont be on ianahb2, he’s been busy with detox, our house and his own new album, anyways if he was on ianahb2 it would be awesome to hear another track which wizzle gets murked on but shady would definitely have given us the track by now, so doubt if he’s on there. wizzle only uses cm and ym “artists” on his albums anyhow, cuz he’s a cheap fuck with no real ties to fame. nobody thats anybody has ever affliated with wizzle, with the exception of busta rhymes…. ha

  • Lil Tune aka Truk Yo Gurl!!

    I fuck With both verse tunechi!!!!!!!!!

  • daknite

    where is that i am not i human being 2 leak if someone has it post it please

  • Habilis

    Haha, love the hype for this new album!

  • Tunechi is a lazy bitch

    fuck tunechi and anybody that love him. his head up his ass ima have to end his life


    ^you deserve a prize.

    since i cant give u anything over the internet i will commend your intelligence

    to everyone else… those of u that still look at these pictures of a man named wizzle and are still “fans” supporting what he does. u all need to take ur hand shove it up ur ass and rip ur own heart out of ur chest.

    little wayne = worlds biggest fall off
    little wayne also = devil

  • Wayne_Fan_101

    i dont understand this guy siege man! thi fool has been on liwaynehq for ever hes on every post and always hasshit to say!!!!!! dont u have a life dude? do u just sit on ur ass all day waiting for new posts so u can rip on weezy??? go lisen to ur music!! (what ever it is).

  • hasshit to say

    if u dont get it go back to skool fool

    i dont like wizzle or anybody like him

    i expose whats underneath the pretty image of lil wayne

    and i equalize all these supportive nigger comments with a dose of reality

    i guess u could say im the raincloud and this website is a (gay) parade.

    if u still dont understand i can draw u a picture book without any big words and mail it to u but u have to promise to shove it up ur ass.

  • the infamous siege

    btw it doesnt take all day for a normal person to compose a comment for a bolgna blog like this… how about u go listen to ur music (whatever THAT is) u fucking faggot.

    get off my dick and dont bring my name up unless u want to make me a fansite. focus on little tunechi baby or go drop dead in a sewer somewhere.

  • Ike

    reali cool song….siege if u dnt like wayne fyn buh stp hatin nd commentin here man



  • donMATheo

    No way that this is better than Motivation !

  • vodafon

    link to download this version?pls

  • The track list for IANAHB II is 100% fake, but do sound good Lol… Follow me on Twitter (I follow back) @_IAMROMIEROME


    Weezy’s Verse is SiCK AS FUCK.
    i beat that cat, animal cruelty.

  • ashley

    LilWayne is my idol he is awesome… I love him….

  • Alfie

    The F is missing from the TrukFit logo on wanyes snapback

  • lets get these nigaz wayne knows da deal niggaZ dat yapps bout wayne in person gonna get soked in da mouth wooooooooooo ymcmb tune all day get dat im not a human being 2 wayne gonna b wreckless on dat d4 lets gettem YMCMB…………………………………………LETZ GET IT………WAYNE MY HOMIE STILL

  • Five


  • So nice! I really love it!

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  • ymcmb


  • nia

    This song is awesome

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