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Lil Wayne Announces Official Release Date & Trailer For “Dedication 4” [Video]

Fri, Aug 31, 2012 by

DJ Scoob Doo releases a clip of Lil Wayne explaining why Dedication 4 is not out yet while he holds a copy of the mixtape in his hands. Weezy confirms his job is done and the mixtape is complete, but we will have to wait until September 3rd before we can download it at 4PM EST. A trailer for the mixtape can also be seen at the end of the video!

“I got D4 in my hands, I don’t know what you got in your hands, no homo”

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  • wdsws


  • wdsws



    3rd lets go to Wayne’s crib and get a copy.

    D4 let’s go !

    S/o my hometown Charleston SC

  • okok

    I’ll believe it when I see it

  • birdman

    i knew that prick tez would have something to do with it getting delayed

  • Whiii

    “I got D4 in my hands, I don’t know what you got in your hands, no homo”

  • ghjjghyu

    Damn. I’m not even excited for D4 anymore because this 2nd push back.

  • Legggoooo

    Does anyone know where Wayne live? Cuz you can go and get a copy from him then leak it online for everyone else

  • 2unechi

    I fuckin hate cortez lmfao. He always pushin shit back #d4

  • Al_broseph

    can’t wait thats all I can say. D4!!! Tez trippin for not lettin it drop doe

  • big wayne

    that trailer was dope

  • Devan Allan

    All the Wayniacs need to take a road trip to Miami so we can get a copy lol

  • yt

    i feel it.. i knew it was done.. wayne dont take long to make music.. when ur the best it shows.. i knew it had something to do with somebody else.. if i lived where wayne did i would smooth go to his house for a listening party.. that mixtape is gonna be a classic..

  • D4

    Dude nearly fucked off before telling us the release date *dead*

  • HIPHOP DocTor

    I guess he gonna put price tag for d Mixtape…. Jus guessing.. may be may be… coz ppl waiting for dis shit… like hell.. lets see on 3rd..

  • tuko

    At least we know it wont be pushed back anymore now…..but i bet the internet crashes at 4PM on monday lol

  • fuck it cant wait i dont care that he pushed back 2 weeks

  • mark

    somebody get a copy and leak that shit!

  • LOL …. this shit is gonna be on itunes. Cortez you’re a faggot for this.

  • daReal214

    it sound like they are goin to try n make us pay for this mixtape

  • liltune

    I think the hype would be through the roof if they release the tracklist for it…

  • Deon

    cool im comin to ur crib tuune

  • d4

    D4 gonna be the HARDEST LEGGOOOOOOOO #WOOOOOP dont bring me no BOTTLES HO


  • siege

    did i call it? little wayne was just talking to a camera… put that work in faggot cuz d4 is lame we want the next real album. REALLY?

  • Aweezy323

    He better give the mixtape for free. FUCK business!
    I should just go to his house for my free copy. Since they making a hype outta D4 that shit better be dope

  • tha siege!

    all this talk is the exact opposite of what rap music was when it started.

  • weezy f

    fools it is free, its a f mixtape.. but he will copyright it and sell it to a few sites/ that makes profit with new visitors/adverts.. so businisss/profites for wayne and the sites ymcmb all day

  • So..someone go to his house and upload it to the internet. And break Tez’s legs


    Fuck lil wayne he a fake skateboarder who cant do shit but a fucking ollie. All skateboarders hat this fake ass gangsta. And if ur done with fucking drop it already u fucking ignorant fuck, fuck dj drama if he taking his fucking time u got a fucking release date stick to it motherfucker


    and fuck all u lil wayne dick riders he sucks, get off this site and go OUTSIDE. you know that thing called the sun is out there too

  • wrong

    who from lilwaynehq is driving to waynes crib in miami?? pick me up on the way


    Lil Boo after Tune finished talking:- “Mane just give them that shit”


  • sean

    tez a mutha fuckin bitch always pushing waynes stuff bak all tha time



  • O.g.

    Fuck whoever tlkn bout leakin da d4. Real niggas nd real niggas dat fuck wit wayne gon wait till da official release date.

  • wire

    “oh thats my phone….its probably your girl”

  • Jc

    Quick question. Did anyone realize Wayne said hollygrove for the first time in a looooooooooong time? Cool video pretty pumped no matter what. Btw another question I swear tez knows people are on a be pissed at Wayne with pushbacks so he just takes the blame and is Wayne’s scapegoat. Respect tez!

  • Jc

    Anyone else realize that?

  • Eddy F Baby

    Haha, if I knew his address I’d be on the next flight and cab or bus or whatever to get that tape – and I live in England!
    But did he say it ain’t gonna be free? Cos that sucks if so, I mean, he’s the ‘mix-tape Weezy’ right!
    What happened to ‘People ask me why do i do this? Why do i give out free music? Cos I’m Weezy – i got plenty of it’
    Still excited though!


    So when are we going to get Sorry For The Wait 2?

  • Chili

    @jc nope . he said that too on no lie freestyle and 2012 songs but i forgot what song is it..


    On August 31, 2012 at 9:27 pm Eddy F Baby responded with…
    Haha, if I knew his address I’d be on the next flight and cab or bus or whatever to get that tape – and I live in England!
    But did he say it ain’t gonna be free? Cos that sucks if so, I mean, he’s the ‘mix-tape Weezy’ right!
    What happened to ‘People ask me why do i do this? Why do i give out free music? Cos I’m Weezy – i got plenty of it’
    Still excited though!


    The mixtape will be free

  • weezy f

    agree with jc respect to tez


    Aye whole time tho dat trailer fa tha dedication 4 was a message ….like he cumin bac hard WEEZY F BABY WAY ..He said ”what weeezy doin is finishin up” ….this mixtape gone be a Classic WATCH!!!!!! SHOUT OUT MA NIGGA TUNE!!!

  • 48

    Fuck Tez And Anybody That Love Em

  • Cortez Bryant

    “I told you guys the last time I came on this website right when D4 the idea was coming, and commented giving you guys Lil Wayne lyrics for a reason. Let me tell you fans why I did that… cause I told some of you all I be watching what y’all say… [laughs] now you believe”. Ohhh yea!! One more thing… “it’s pay back time”, yeah for all the hating. D4 Sep 3rd 4:00pm get yo cash ready. Deuces! [laughs…]

  • weezy f

    Fuck u and anybody that even knows u

  • Swag

    u cant itunes this shit dumb fucks or maybe if all the niggas is okay with wayne making money off there beats

  • love

    this is the first time in a long time that i feel wayne really cares about us…

  • words of a god

    all u guys are retarded.. yesterday it was “fuck weezy for all the delays” and “lost mad respect for this weezy” and now that they got another release date its “let me blow you weezy, ive never fucked another dude before but id let you tap this as long as you play d4 in the background” hahaha yall niggas are wack lol im a fan of this site, never commented before but all you guys make me laugh at ur ridiculousness i just had to share.. thanks for humoring me

  • Cortez Bryant

    Lyrics from off Lil Tunechi’s “It’s Nothing Freestyle”

    I’m a wild street nigga and I’m try’na remain patient, iPhone full of redbone virgins they my only patients, head doctor surgery I give hoes drugs for taking, dick on their foreheads, it makes them bow for Satan, pleasure me no “Pleasure P” my game is X-rated, don’t care what my ex’s say stop pussy hate debating, like everytime I’m out with bitches they assume we dating, but I’m always in the studio, rapping, creating, dedicated repetition I learn my mistakings, and literately I’m smoking, drinking pussy daily, have ate so much pussy and nowadays I can’t taste it, so being a real nigga I am, I chose to face it, ass in front of my forehead present like George Mason, parton my sexually sign, please none taking, high as a mutherfucka, decision making, road to my riches middle finger’s y’all payments, and hoe if you didn’t know I’ll change your life to crazy, rocking to a murder anthem hop in my Mercedes, all black everything my tax refunds amazing, smiling ear to chin like the white homeboy Tom Brady, try to pay attention but most rappers uncreative, that’s why I two-step on you ho’s like Brian White unstated, big foot punting up y’all asses maybe hazy, and foggy as the distance is I’m never gone be shady. Loyal to my team and we ain’t ever like crybabies. Dj Drama Dedication 4 we created.

  • lilwayne loves and respect his fans and his fans knw dat.his fans dnt appreciate any shit he does dis days.i appreciate his hardwork and inteligence in music.he loves 2 skateboard nd i lyk dat.he is areal nigga

  • LilGreen

    Fuck yeah..!!!

  • iv bin a fan of dis site too but i neva commented on day u are sayin wayne is back d oda wat d fuck,he is hot today he is wack 2mao.u all are rily ridiculous.d4 gonna be hot tho.

  • Nick

    How can you idiots seriously think that Wayne is gonna charge you firstly for a mixtape and secondly it has beats on there that he does not own. So if he wants to put out this mixtape for money it’s gonna cost him more than he’ll make for it. Stop being stupid! It’s a mixtape not a damn album! #D4 #Sep3rd

  • fuck tez that nigga forever pushin shit back like lebron hairline

  • lilwayne4evver!

    ahhh!, this sucks! tomorrow i fly away and in the hotel i dont have any internet so i have to wait till sunday! 🙁

  • Jc

    Some people on this site are so retarded. NO ONE said he was gonna charge for it. The one guy asked because he lives in great Britain and sometimes you can’t see the videos and stuff Danny posts. So he was basically asking if it would be free for him or would he only be able to get it off a site where he had to be because of where he lives

  • kane

    Trailer is dope . . . D4 hoe

  • Goozy

    How can niggas hate on wayne??? for real hes the chillest nigga I’ve ever seen haha, him and wiz, 2 of the chillest guys in the rap game right now in my opinion!!
    Weezy4President!! haha

  • Lamarr

    Can we get another song off the tape until monday? Sheesh

  • i feel like fuck that i know its gone be a another classic this gone be the shit d4 baby

  • youapunknigga

    Too many fuckin haters on this damn site dam if you think he sucks get the fuck off and don’t come back. Weezy f is dope and this mixtape is going to be too.

  • Kayne

    People, how are you on the internet talking about business and buying if the .. “mixtape” was some how made to be purchased, it would get leaked online n’ ya’ll would d/l it anyways

  • YO! your a fucking pussy drop the songs aready. damn

  • wizzle

    “”i got d4 its right here in my hand” i got d4 i got d4″”

    “i aint given u bitches just ANYTHING”

  • beast nigga

    Fuck u don’t judge me.. drug me then love me eat me some pussy when I get the munchies!! Favorite verse in that song


    youre a faggot. go shove some faggots in ur ass faggot. -favorite verse i just made up.

  • James

    Can’t wait D4 gona be awesome! Fuck Tunechi get the dates sorted:) let’s go to Wayne’s crib get a copy!! Truk da wurl!

  • weezy f

    yeahhh d4 gone murderrr

  • young tune

    mannnn ah nigga bout to mapquest his crib and get a copy then leak it cause that fag cortez all ways doin some fuck shit .. tryna make us pay

  • That Kid

    I’m going to wayne’s crib to pick up my 10 copies of D4. Anybody else wit it ?

  • Cheez in the trap

    3rd push back for a pushed back album
    How great is Wayne nowadays huh?
    Fuckin faggot

  • Don


  • its free you retards. tez is selling it to sites and shit to distribute it for free. none of yall are paying a penny for it, stop bitchin

  • Tuna Roll

    cortez is a fuk boy i hate that nerd

  • Mp13

    People in Miami search his address and jet over!! Leak that show! Show Cortez what’s up!


    i’d say that it doesnt matter if its free or not it will be some bullshit muzik and yall are bullshit for supporting wizzle’s bullshit. all that

  • AyooImFaded

    dam we gotta wait again…..hope this dont happen again

  • Kenny dimartino

    Aite all u Lil hatin faggot ass fake fans 1st of all weezys tha best rapper alive u all kno it every1s on her 4 my dude not only is sk8in hard but it takes talent Juss Like rappin like Bruh if u like Wayne then y tha fuck r u jockin him on Wat he has fun doin he don’t flame all his fans 4 not bein on his level nah he shows all love we get free tapes like nigga Waynes tha best!! Face it Bruh truck ya lyfe truck ya girl truck tha wurld ymcmb!! Till its over!!

  • Kenny dimartino

    Not only is this 4rm a sk8er but a rapper n most important a fan fuck tha haters weezy D4OE!! Theyll c!!

  • Kenny holler@meTUNEdimartino

    So u can’t b a sk8er and b a gangster?!?! These fans out here drove…. Find ur real self n find sum t do!!!!#lame ass niggas that’s that shit I don’t like # YMCMB all up in ya gurl mouth!!!! Young moula baby!!!

  • Lmao

    U guys think that if u went to his house he would give u a copyyy????? R u fuckin retarded he would tell u and all the other hundreds of idiots to try and get past security to his muhfuckin mansion dumbasses. There would b hordes of ppl that r from miami surrounding his crib rite now if that were true. He just wanted to emphasize the fact that it was done. The same way wiz says “come smoke wit ya boy” ya if u can get a backstage pass and standout from the rest of the fans back there. Hes just making a point. Lmfao at u idiots talkin bout actually going there..u think he would have it pushed back to have sumbody leak it by him giving it away??? Fuckin idiots come on wayne fans ur smarter than this

  • Kenny holler@meTUNEdimartino

    Awwwww yea now that I kno it’s this easy 2 post on here!!!! Fuck tha haters!!!!!!!!! Next person h8ins 2 pussy 2 SQ up w me flat out!!! Get @ me weezy Over all these BUMMY ASS rappers wale the only decent rapper till he signed!!! Old wale>new wale o wait then j cole!! The only 2 that can fuck w TUNE-CHI!!! N they still can’t!!!!!!!ima support this shit till I D.I. # breadoverbed #D4 or get fuckd!!!#YM #WE R NOT THE SAME!!!!

  • DrEaD rasta NIGGA

    get off my blog

  • DrEaD rasta NIGGA

    i hate all fans and supporters of my muzik, d4 or… whatever douches

  • Goozy

    @kenny holler…., get the fuck outta here with that hashtag shit, this ain’t twitter homie, can’t even understand wtf your sayin nigga hahaha


  • Jz

    Fuck Tez bitch ass on some real nigga shit. Still pissed ab the push bck

  • D4


  • 2Hi

    D4 is Weezys last mix tape, until he come out of retirement “Mr. Brett Favre” thts y they gatherin it up, by far his best workk tho TRUST ME!

  • 2Hi

    Im a fan from Irak[i see ya tune i skredddin in tha caves bro!!

  • fuck pusha t

    @ DANNY M
    Yo at what time can I download it in the U.K. ?

  • Dopest G

    fuck all these fake nigga; if u look closely in vedio, tune hold sit it ain’t real; man D4-> DEC4 for sure.

  • DanYMCMB4ever

    yuppp sept 3, my bday, thx weezy!


    fuck eminem ,gay-z and kanye gayfish west

  • Lil Morocco

    Only 2 dayS to lose my second mind again !!!!

  • If my memory serves me correct Wayne and Dj Drama Originally put D2 on Itunes and it became on of the only mixtapes to feature on Billboard. But I doubt they’ll try that shit again people are serious about the money and copyrights these days. That shit Better be free!

  • Dopest G

    FUCK U BITCH I saw the video on lilwaynehq and breadoverbed the CD tune hold is fake; cover of album not the way it is suppose to be. D4-DEC4

  • W.T.F

    I like tha intro tho .. Shits clean

  • Jhori Leonard

    I love Wayne Sooooo much. Lol Im only 14. But Where can I get D4 when it drop on the 3rd

  • wayne_fan_101

    There are so dumb cunts on this bitch

  • Flystealth

    Weezy flyinstealth FUCK WID IT

    Cant watit for that d4

  • iLLEST Dopest G

    checked out video on breadoverbed/lilwaynehq; tune holdin’ some fake CD not cover I saw of D4 by some shitty FAN; man whatever this shit gonna delay again DEC4; camel face JAY Z,eminem, BBN(big black nigga) RICK ROSS, Andre 3000 versue still pending and that drake pig lips, womenbeater CHRIS BROWN, bitch NIcki are done and tune if u saw vedio phone ringing and he is shouting ahahahhahah ummmmm itz some bitch or party WTF we waitin’ her like DONKEY

  • ineye gabriel

    what will piss me off the most is that after all this hype and delays ” D4 turn out to be wack ” God damn imma go griffin on his ass. but a part of me is tell me this will be dope .

  • Jz

    Yall pray for me plz. I take my drivers test tues. Im trna pass it and bump d4 in my whip if it dnt get pushed bck.

  • @danny m what time will it come out for the people that got central time zone like me?


    Y’all niggas better respect tez. Because if he can push back Wayne’s shit I’m sure he making hella more money then any of you hating faggot niggas on this site. Tez is OG he’s Wayne’s best friend y’all ain’t Wayne’s friends. Your just strange obbsessd niggas that hate on young money and Wayne. Hey haters all you do is make him more famous soKEEP hating bitch niggaz. Any way wayne is gonna murder all these pussy niggaz beats on d4. And make the beats more famous then the original as he always does. DEDICATION 4 BITCH. ” and this is just a mixtape yayya”. Rip D3. Hello D4. DEUCES.

  • Kaplun

    the preview got me hyped

  • the SIEGE

    ^niggers and there muzik

    go suck his dick if u love the faggot coward murderying slimy niggrrr

  • mike hood

    I wanna brake every board that’s on the shelf behind him lol ik they prob expensive but I want one n I don’t even skate but ill brake em bit by bit just to get him in the studio more

  • alex

    @kenneth colter if its 4pm eastern time should be gettin it at 3 here im in central also

  • Victor

    Beast mode nigga!

  • Siege is a fag

    Hey siege ur a full time hater huh? Prolly a 23 year old jobless momas boy who sits on this site and gay porn all day wishin a woman would talk to you. Hating on wayne cuz you have nothing going in your life and this is a wayne fansite so u no u can get a rise out of ppl. Ur pathetic prolly take it in the ass and suck dick when ur not on here being a punk coward bitch..nobody cares about ur opinion go write sumthin usefull like a suicide note..get a life fuckboy.

  • Amurph

    Danny, I went to his house on Lagorche and nobody was there except for some guatamalans doing yard work. Do you know if he meant his new Orleans house?

    • No it’s his Miami crib, but don’t try, because he was only joking about it. Wayne won’t really give you a copy of D4.

  • Jz

    @respect Cortez Bryant get the fuck out of here wit that bullshit. Yea tez got more money but who gives fuck he just a bitch ass manager. All we care about is waynes music and we would hav D4 right now if it wasnt for his bitch ass. Ima wayne attic but pushin shit back is for the birds esp for a mixtape.

  • ana


  • ana
  • ana
  • thanks homie


    yea i can verify danny m’s ironious statement on my blog… u see i actually went to wizzle’s crib and he was hiding in his crawl space with all the lights off… no free cds

  • YunG based god

    even cortez has fans? what is this world coming to?

  • Amurph

    Ok thanks Danny, I was like “oh ima meet this nigga and get a D4 autographed” lol nobody home haha

  • stez

    Yo danny did you hear d4 yourself?

  • superlabel

    @iLLEST Dopest G, you fucking idiot, the cd lil wayne was holding is saying ‘hit factory’ where lil wayne records music, so it’s no fake at all, dumbass

  • k

    he cant charge money for it because every single song would be copywritted since they are just cut up versions of already existing songs. Only way he can charge money is if the songs were 100% his own beats, OR every single song he remixed he got permission from every person who made the original song. Therefore we wont be paying for SHIT.

  • lil breeze


  • lmao @ what Ampurh said hahahahahahahahahahahhahaha oh my god that made my night. props to my nigga Amurph

  • Swaglikeyanni

    That Lil commercial thing at the end got me listening to all the dedications now. D4

  • @Danny M , It would be a blessing if you can make a miricale for my little brother, would it be a bother if you tell wayne to check him out on youtube? I promise, Wayne would make the decision of his career making little brothers dream come true …. His YouTube channel is ( HellxWorld ) JUST GIVE HIM AT LEAST A CHANCE , THAT’S ALL I ASK

  • ColeD

    Does anyone know wear I can get Lil Wayne’s glasses in Tyga’s video –

  • YoungWeezyFBaby


  • KREMAjr


  • Retarded kids

    Hey you retards sayin its fake, first copy dont ever have a front cover burned. You must be fuckin little 13 year olds. I mean get a grip, at your age you couldnt properly describe a metaphor or similie, let alone understand them in waynes songs. Bitch real g’s move in silence like lasagna.

  • Ibn

    I Know D4 Is Coming Out But.. When Tf Is I Am Not A Human Being Coming Out ?

  • MNY

    nigga said we can come to his house i bet theres gonna be riots & shit

  • Chris

    man idk bout yall but hnhh got it droppin at 12 instead of 4 so fuck that waitin shit ima be the first nigga jammin to d4 hahaha

  • Dedikation 4 hoe

    IS D4 Droppin at 12 tonight ??????

  • Wallay

    I knew Weezy neva left, just tryed on another outfit.

  • Jak

    @ DANNY M

    yo danny what time will D4 be out In The UK exactly ??

  • Poppy

    I cant wait. I love you weezy! <3


    @jz. Aye yo your a bitch imma murder you and your bitch my rhymes is mean. Cuz I sip that lean smoke mad green i be rolling in muny fucking your honey well you talk shit nigga I get rich. So please please keep coming at me I’ll show up at your door with the Mac and make you say cheese nigga you a pussy you ain’t bout shit so why you fucking with me you Iil bitch. I stomp on your face like I do concreate you aint nothing to me so face defeat. And I can keep going but this ain’t no beef cuz I don’t know you but I know your rhymes is weak. Your name @jz yeah I’m talking to you muthafucka. Pussy this rap shit ain’t worth dieng for nigga I’m so raw call me Dinosaur because my raps is huge like mardi gras. Jz he a bitch bet he a snitch coming at me talking this talking that nigga you is whack I put the gun to your back now you whacked mob you ain’t me Neva will be so keep running ya mouth I’ll open ya scalp leave it on the street like the real OGz rip BIG hey jz get at me with your own rhymes but my 9 will put and end to all this beef you’ll be RIP deceased. SHOUT OUT TO TEZ I GOT YOU FUCK THESE HATERZ WE BE ROLLING IN MONEY WELL THEY STICK WITH THERE 9 to 5s haha. Bet they don’t even know what a stack feels like in ya hand fuck haters TEZ and YMCMB for lyfe

  • Flystealth

    The question is will it be a classic like dedication 2 and 3???

    Not long to go now D4444444444444!


  • daReal214

    ay Danny what time will u post tha mixtape on lilwaynehq??

  • Hec_YEAH

    @ DANNY M
    What’s a good website to download the mixtape straight from my iPhone or if anyone else knows I would appreciate it.

  • Twitter

    @CortezBryant: In a giving mood today Since I pushed back D4 For #teamtunechi fans I’m going to release the next single for IANAHB2 on D4 tomorrow!!

    Look att cortez twitter and See for yourself

  • Da’Rontae

    Wayne goes hard since 1999.

  • ImARealist

    I cant stop listening to the song man!!

  • iLLESTDopestG

    NIgga I told u all this shit gonna come DEC 4; and if before i gonna cut my DICK off

  • young stifler

    where the fuck is d4 im dying,somebody tell me

  • WayneBrain

    Lol. @respect Cortez, just stop. You can’t rap for shit.

    Let’s go D4, I’m watchin every minute right now lol