Trey Songz – Hail Mary (Feat Lil Wayne & Young Jeezy)

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Trey Songz Hail Mary Feat Lil Wayne & Young Jeezy

Trey Songz just released his new single called “Hail Mary” featuring Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy via YouTube. This song will appear on Trey‘s upcoming Chapter V album, due to drop August 21st.

A music video has already been shot for “Hail Mary” that will include a cameo from Kevin Hart, so we can be looking forward to that being released in the upcoming weeks. Listen to the track below:

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  • Jackf


  • tyler

    This verse is promising for D4. So Hyped for it!

  • wayne fan

    finaly a decent colaboration from wayne,10x

  • justin


  • bart van gemert

    i don’t remember her name (First)

  • Carolina

    I like lil wayne<3

  • jostein

    THIS IS SICK! LIL WAYNE do it again 🙂

  • shady

    weezy goes hard.

  • Carlos

    This song raw as hell bro, ya went hard

  • jeezy & weezy went in on this !

  • Siege muthafucka

    Trey songs and tunechi are fags. This song is weak and baby voiced and way to overdone.
    Slim shady fif and busta did a better hail Mary version. Dick riders gotta ride tho. 1 decent song in 5 years and y’all all gotta come to the site and swallow PATHETIC

  • John

    you heard that blunt strike up!!!!!!!!!!!!! d4 is gonna be fire!!!!!

  • Damn Good Verse Right There!!! Oh ans I Can deff see Wayne Going over That “No Lie” on D4. Sieg Muthafucka Go suck a dick your ass has no idea what you talking about.

  • James

    Dude first good verse from tunechi in awhile. And @siege Em 50 and bustas hail mary was dope as fuck but not even related to this. Theirs was a remix of Tupacs Hail mary. this is just a song called Hail mary. completely fuckin different so know ur shit b4 u talk it.

  • kabe

    Lil wayne kill them ! 😉

  • CaStO

    Yo tis nigga is kinda killing shit again……. d4 i see u

  • D4 will be Crazy good, and wayne lyrics on every song he does are amazing but he has found more of a kick then C4 now! C4 was still dope but D4 will be crazy good TUNECHI!

  • Norim

    this verse sucks

    also compared to his recent shit

  • Jaime

    Wayne verses get better the longer they are, this was one was very good.

    Way better than the garbage he was putting out in the spring time.


    good verse by weezy. nice song

  • Thank you @james For Explain To @sieg the difference between the two tracks.

  • Leilin

    TUNECHI!!! ♫ Can’t wait for D4 10 days

  • tunechi do it again hail mary full grapes i rember how her pussy tasty dam d4 month wayne day august 15 mixtape tunechi n weezy all the same person!!!

  • Can someone post the lyrics to wayne’s verse

  • Realone504

    I got this app in my phone and as soon as d4 drop it’s gonna b on there…can’t wait that nigga better do exodus beat and ham beat

  • Wayne verse is great. If D4 and IANAHB2 have verses like this, it will be an awesome year.

  • Im Fealing It, No TRUKFIT!! YESS, Good Verse, Now We Some Songs Of Him Going Hard On.. Ay @Danny M. When Is The Actual Release Date Of Dedication 4?

  • Im Fealing It, No TRUKFIT!! YESS, Good Verse, Now We Need Some Songs Of Him Going Hard On.. Ay @Danny M. When Is The Actual Release Date Of Dedication 4

  • i’m tired of hearing wayne rap about eating pussy and dumb ass trukfit

  • ^^LOLL

  • ^^lol

  • wayne ain spit a bad verse since dark shades dropped

  • B

    not bad considering wayne doesnt give two shits ne more

  • DAMN!!!!!!!! ILovE IT!!!!! 😀

  • worried bout another nigga that shit is suspect????????? hmmmmmmmmmmm all you haters jeezy

  • deontretre

    Hail Maryyy!!!!!!!!!

  • omg good verse waynes verse had me so erect and my ass got a lil wet

  • On lil Waynes twitter this morning wayne announced a Remix to “My Homies Still” Ft Nicki Minaj, Drake, Meek Mill, T.I., and 2 Chainz will be released today at 5pm on sunday afternoon


    @fake Danny M you are a faggot


    will wayne freestyle on D4? the only thing is wayne wrote the lyrics on no ceiling if dont write his lyrcis it could be good like D3.

  • baby cakes

    lilwaynes the hottest hail marys fine withnme love we be going hard hail mary

  • saimon

    wezzy baby

  • tony_montana

    @stunnaman s0 u don’t thnk his verse 0n banana clips iz badD?!

  • iNDEED. Touchdown!

  • robrealrobby

    He speaks a different language and he gets away with it , he the greates rapper alive lol !

  • The Real Truth Nigga

    Trey songz, lil wayne and young jeezy are fucking copy cats quit copying tupac music title u fuckin fake rappers i bet if tupac wasnt dead hell shit on everyone and thats the truth

    #hail mary by tupac is way better than this shit!

  • T@

    Mr Brett Farve is what Wayne said in the carter documentary


    @ The Real Truth Nigga i bet 2pac would kill you faggot for that

  • I hope wayne doesnt wear a shirt on the cover of ianahb2 ….his nipples are toooo cute ( .)(. )

  • @ FUCKEMINEM STFU 2pac is a legend and way better lookin than wayne when i close my eyes and imagine 2pac naked running and the rapid movements of his penis creating a vibration that rotate from his thighs to his buttocks he is the best rapper ever

  • @tony_montana nah that was pretty dope im just talkin recently

  • Lil Wayne Hail Mary Verse- tunchi in this mother fucker hail mary full of grace I don’t

    remember her name but i remember how her pussy taste i go long so long she like

    the way i put it down got you goin in circles all you got to do is look around I’m

    Mr right and she Mr night pussy so nice gotta kiss her twice pussy so tight my

    tongue gets stuck my tongue gets stuck like licking ice hoes call me QB i throw

    that dick to deep i told her she’s a preacher’s wife she say practice what you preach she

    say i make her horny he love me long time i say how about 69 she say numbers

    don’t lie i say true you ain’t never told no lie you ain’t never told no lie and you know

    they say love is blind so close your eyes.

  • Jc

    LOL @idiotsiswear tryin to act like Rick Ross is good sometimes smh Id kick him in his fat ass and pork chops would fall out his asshole. Then he could make that stupid ass grunt and waddle around the stage like the penguin. He is terrible. Always. Lex Luger has nothing to do with it

  • Jc

    The bet part is siege can’t wait for d4 to come out so he can talkshit. No matter if it’s good or not he will say some stupid shit. Smh it’s truly sad that you listen to EVERY song, read EVERY post and you’re not a fan lol if my life was that lonely I would kill myself. I’m not telling you That you should kill yourself CeeJ but please strongly consider it

  • pleaseSAYtheBABY

    CORRECT Lil Wayne Hail Mary Verse- tunechi in this mother fucker hail mary full of grace I dont remember her name but i remember how her pussy taste i go long so long she like the way i put it down got you goin in circles all you got to do is look around I’m Mr right and she Ms tonight pussy so nice gotta kiss her twice pussy so tight my tongue gets stuck my tongue gets stuck like licking ice hoes call me QB i throw That dick to deep i told her she’s a preacher’s wife she say practice what you preach she say ahh me so horny he love me long time i say how about 69 she say numbersdon’t lie i say true you ain’t never told no lie you ain’t never told no lie and you know they say love is blind so close your eyes.


    I suck white dicks

  • @ The Real Truth Nigga… Didn’t someone explain Earlier That there is No fucken Wayn in hell you can compare the two song? Your ass has clearly not listen to Tupac’s “Hail Mary” The subject matter is totally different so can your stupid ass stop comparing the two? Thanks much appreciated by All REAL Music Fans!!!

  • Kaplun

    Cant wait till D4

    follow me on twitter im just starting it @TycoonKaplun

    ill follow back

  • WayneBrain

    Thank you Wayne. This is the kind of music we as fans want from you. Great job and keep up the good work, D4 should be the shit.

  • Jc

    At Siege, his grandma calls him tunechi he didn’t call himself that. Also people were saying having haters is a good thing because usually haters only hate on people who have reached a certain level of success. It’s usually because they are envious or jealous of what that person has because they don’t have it themselves. You know kinda like you compared to Wayne. Once again you’re a moron.

  • Jc

    @waynebrain agree 100%

  • I hate these dumb little fuckers on this site by the names of Siege and FuckEminem. They have nothing better to do with their lives but to troll on a fansite all day to talk shit about Wayne and even have the nerve to talk shit about the owner of the site. Get a life you,dickriders and stay off the site. Danny M you should ban these fuckers from posting like no joke they’re just a waste of damn space on this earth

  • Weezy_Fan_101

    @Jake i agree these fucktards need to leave!!!! i dont get why these fags are constantly on every post just to rip on weezy like seriously man!!

  • BM JR

    Honey Cocaine is on Dedication 4.

    Don’t ask me how I know, im just gonna say that she killed it.

  • Nick

    Damn good verse!!! And Wayne’s getting bored of this shit? Damn for all I care he can stay damn bored if he keeps putting out verses similar to this. No meaningless Trukfit or Skating lines. D4 and IANAHB 2 gonna be on another level. *don’t pay attention to the haters* *feeding trolls just causes more posts from them*

  • Jay1

    Dam luv this song!,wayne killed this shit jus how he gon kill all the tracks off D4, where’s the download link??

  • daknite

    i want that d4 put out a track or something damn and that well done 3 shit

  • Ceej

    I can just picture tune in a casket just laying there peacfully

  • Ceej

    faggot written across the tubestone

  • Tha siege against the wizzle.

    I definitely just busted a gut. That was fucking hilarious, thank you for the laugh. Some of my imposters are so clever.

  • Da dog

    @ceej you just busy a nut on Waynes picture fag

  • Da dog

    @ceej you just bust a nut on Waynes picture fag

  • Jonathan

    I really just want to know why everyone’s comments are sooo full of hate and homophobic comments? like if you all are fans,I get it,voice your opinions,but if ya’ll don’t like faggots and thinks wayne is one,then why still visit the site? Ya’ll are just taking Danny M’s hardwork for granted and if I was him I would the sites down because ya’ll attitudes are jacked the fuck up! Just Saying…oh and by the way I know ya’ll getting ready to reply back to my comment with hateful comments so have fun cause I’m not going to read them and don’t give a fuck what you all say cause you all are nothing but a bunch of rude individual and will never amount to anything in life! Good Fuckin Bye

  • FGM_Flow

    1. Intro (Dedication)
    2. I Dont Like
    3. Mercy
    4. Psalm 34:2 (Exodus)
    5. Brand New Guy
    6. Yonkers
    7. Interlude ft. Kevin Hart
    8. Burn
    9. Swimming Pool (Drank)
    10. Amen
    11. Rawest ft. DMX
    12. Niggas in N.O ft. Flow
    13. Outro (Still My Throne)

    Thank me later.

  • tinaphooo

    dang dang I wanna hell Mary now!

  • tinaphooo

    I agree Jonathan what sup with the hate they the ones who gay just mad cause they not Wayne

  • Wayne killed it taking about pussy like that

  • Wayne killed this shit

  • tenuchi… dopeee…;)

  • muhad11

    u guyz really try…9ce wordz keep it up…

  • Wayne fan

    Tez will push d4 release date back :/

  • maroeeee

    obviously back with dhea :'(

  • Sushi Baby

    sushi sure loves eating pussy

  • Sushi Baby

    tez will definitely push back d4 i know that for a fact. young money are such divas. tyga was supposed to drop well done 3 by now and was supposed to drop something from fan of a fan 2 on august 1st. and there is still no sign of ianahb2 dropping anytime soon. my homies still is garbage

  • Tha siege

    Feel so STUPID feels so STUPID

  • Trak is Hot,lyk the bitz

  • innocent

    track is guadarrr nigarrs


    guys can someone help me? lil wayne hoes freestyle u know a other title of this track i know its from SQ series but i cant find this.

  • Tunechi Tha Best

    Damn Tune be killing shit again.. I love the fakt that he didn’t say anything about skating nor trukfit in this song! Dope flow too.. I’m super hyped up 4 D4!

    Oh n have yal heard tha “Fuck It (So What)” by TI?? Tha beat is out of this world! I’m pretty sure Tune would kill that ish..



    weezy need to kill I DONT LIKE

  • Wigg Monsta

    The next big thing comin out da 504 aka the best rapper alive!!!

    Listen and Download “Wiggavelli”.

  • Idiotsiswear

    You Stans are so funny I swear when Wayne does a song talking about skating and trukshit I mean trukfit y’all say he killed it and act like it’s the best shit ever and when someone who can actually be honest says that’s all he raps about y’all call them a hater? Then when Wayne does a verse where he doesn’t mention trukshit of skating you’re happy he didn’t mention those thing?

  • Idiotsiswear

    Y’all saying he killed it? What did he kill? Gtfoh shit is garbage he’s not the best and he ain’t running no rap game I swear Wayne could do the rap version to “chacarron macarron” and y’all would still say he killed it

  • DOPE


    @ Idiotsiswear whats wrong with you noone want you here dude get a life

  • Idiotsiswear

    You’re the last person that should ever tell someone to get a life deadass though I come on here every once in a while every time I do come here I see a comment from you which leads me to believe you are on here every day and need to get a life? And am I suppose to care who wants me here you bitch ass nigga? I don’t know how Wayne gets all these other bitches pregnant with you constantly being on his dick


    @Idiotsiswear you need friends? hehe

  • Tha siege

    Man y’all faggot Anne’s need to stop getting your trukfit underwear in a wad. Like anyone really cares what y’all say… The same damn Anne’s been telling me to leave th site for a year and guess what…
    Keep roasting the wizzle nig, it’s the right thing to do

  • Idiotsiswear

    My nigga are you seriously asking me if I need friends? Once again you of all people. No nigga I don’t need friends but you do son you responded to my comment in 5 minutes smfh my comment was a response to your comment about me it took me damn near an hour to respond it only took you 5 wow do you ever get off this site?

  • Idiotsiswear

    If the world ended today you’d still be on waynes dick tomorrow

  • weezy even tell da official tracklist off D4 so stop talkin shit wayne told 3 songs BURN, CASHIN OUT, AND IDONT LIKE BY kanye west Niggas in paris is a 2011 song so its out

  • Fukfit

    fuk wit me baby, its sushi baby
    bust a nut put on a front
    now im a piece of garbage

  • Fuck siege N his crew make your own site, no one cares for your input .

    Siege n his kkk crew again,or well I say also half of his crew is him lol you guys love to jerk off on here really( you make my theory very real everytime your on here lol) siege . N his crew: Hate, hate hate nuthin else to do but hate on a fansite of who I most dont like in the music industry cuz I have no life and havent made my own hatin site for me and the crew yet cuz im so lazy and dont wanna do shit with my life but bust nuts on this shit cuz I cant get enough of weezy.. Nope, enjoying jackin off to this fansite, I get my only action on here!!…what a team eh Lmao!!!

  • The infamous

    Fuck wit a nig baby
    U stuck wit nigs baby
    Bust my knee on a board
    Now I’m incarcerated

  • YunG based god

    Idiotsiswear has a strong valid point about you stans and annes. the man himself even admitted he doesn’t work as hard as he used to but some of you people are ignorant enought to say he’s the best rapper alive. he is FAR from it, especially nowadays. he barely drops music anymore and when he does his verses are decent at best. he just rambles about nothing in particular except pussy, being a blood, money, being a martian, skaing, trukfit, smoking blunts, sippin sizzurp, and having the world in his hands. the best rappers, in my opinion, are great story tellers such as eminem, biggie, and pac. and tha siege continues to be hilarious (when he isn’t being racist). i used to admire wayne because of his work ethic and his untouchable flow. but as a YunG man that’s continuing to grow in this life and has shit to deal with, i need real music in my life with real lyrics and positive messages that i can relate to and can help me get through hard times. eminem > tunechi

  • Fuck siege N his crew make your own site, no one cares for your input .

    Yea siege mother fucker your more than half of the people that are hatin on here under different names and the rest of them are your lame ass crew(or just you lol) that can’t help you out with your own hatin weezy site cuz they are just as lazy n jerkin off to this site as you.. Very lame… Get a life siege n his crew or your own site, as stated before- do yourselves a favor and stop lookin pathetic on here, your words n opinions are definitely not valued on a fan site.. Idiots .. lmao n smh to y’all hataz!!

  • YunG based god

    ^hop off tunechi’s tip you mark ass trick. fans like you are the reason wayne feels like he has nothing to prove anymore

  • Liz

    That was fun, I wonder if you knew that was me… LMAO!!! ; )

  • Tha siege

    If you’re not a wizzle fan post a comment down below to prove to these mofos that were not one person. Only a wizzle fan would do that, because intelligent people don’t like wizzle and wouldn’t waste their time with that. Perhaps the real infamous siege will see It and come say some shit too.

  • Liz

    You hop off tunes dick tip bitch, you stay on here jerkin it like the rest of your crew.. Don’t lie it’s an association isn’t it? Good idea tho make your own

  • Liz

    Ok siege that’s kool, we get it.. Lol

  • Liz

    Wow! I thought you were smarter than that, really- All the messages go to = the same person or people dumbass… Smh n lmao-well it’s kinda sad maybe not laugh to this one

  • BM JR

    why this shit got so many comments ? lol.

  • fuk y’all haterz

  • Liz

    Yeah I’m sure siege(or ur siege, can’t tell the difference anymore.. o well doesn’t matter still in the same crew, same hate) has seen me in almost every blog .. You know siege is posted on here regularly, I’m sure he’s updated… Message still goes to all y’all hataz hatin on a Fan site, doesn’t really matter dumbass

  • Liz

    And yeah intelligent people who don’t like wizzle (which you and siege think you are-intelligent, lol) wouldn’t waste your time on here.. O I don’t know why hmmm ..o yeah it’s a Fansite duhh mutha fucka.. Really just keep jerkin off on here.. that seems to make the only sense to you hataz lmao

  • Liz

    And yeah facts= look at past blogs .. Siege is a racist! Research real facts lol

  • Liz

    Words and how you put them, mean everything..

  • Liz

    Same goes to any person alive.. N that’s WORD

  • Wayne stay killin every track he get on….. can’t wait for that Dedication 4 mixtape I know it’s goin to be fire…

  • YunG based god

    at least tha siege isnt brainwashed like all of you stans. he may be racist sometimes but at least he says shit that is original that stands out on this blog and is exposing “tunechi baby” for the fake that he is. all you people stay saying the same bullshit like “tune killed it”, or “tunechi runs the rap game”, or straight ignorant shit such as “tunechi the best rapper alive”, there is nothing tunechi can do wrong in your eyes. you people need to realize that you are all brainwashed. you’re just like a million other lil wayne bandwaggoners in this world that bump kiss fm and think that makes you cool. be original

  • Trukshit

    tunechi is the worst rapper in history

  • Siege Lil brother

    I wish his nigger monkey would die shit and you cant stop me so keep dick ryding the nigger monkey with hs trash bag swag clothing line

    Tha Siege

    Fuck Faggot Ass Dwayne Carter!!!!!!!!

  • liz

    Riiight…ok you forget your on a fansite again dumb ass and yeah sometimes a racist lol ..Ok.. Lol really smh to you hataz in general period.. Wastin your intelligent time on here..LMAO!!

  • liz

    N fuck siege n his kkk crew lovin to hate on a fansite.. When they are the most hated on this site .. Really! LMAO!

  • The infamous

    Man i love my imposters my crew is getting stronger just give up the Siege Will live forever while you wizzle annes and stans die and rot with wizzle.
    I swear stupid muthafuckas.
    i hope your truk fit panties are real tight.


  • hoi k ben erg lekker

    kickin rocks on the block tellem all the OG´s i becoming for youre spot when you not looking

  • Sushi Baby


  • jrizzy

    @seige look idk understand why you waste your time on the website saying the stupidest shit and talking all this shit about wayne like when ate you going to notice that hes rich ass fuck and that anything you say does not matter to him at all you probly just want attention idk but all that stupid shit you be saying should stop i understand there are many dick riders on this site but cmon nigga be a man


    eminem is a fuckin emo .fact

  • Erin

    This app is amazing! This weezy fan applauds you!

  • YungGod

    @ Danny M.

    I cant post in the forums. I already register but didn’t receive any email from LWHQ. Does it take long or Did I do a mistake?

    @ Any forum user on the thread Flow aka Esho Hero

    Someone uploaded a Flow only verse[s] for his Wolf Mixtape. I can download it but the problem is, it just shows up as a notepad to me. I know I should have posted this in YMHQ but LWHQ has more views. Please someone reply to me

    P.S. This song is Dope, like everyone been saying finally no reference to skating or trukfit. Cant wait for D4!

    • Check your junk email or try logging in and an option will come up saying “resend confirmation email”.


    this is the listening session for 2 chainz new album and u can hear what YUCK souns like and a few bars from waynes verse ..ENJOY..!

  • don’t mind this.

  • Brandonn18

    D4 intro leakedd! check my latest post on twitter for link. @Brandonn18 #follow!

  • jared7722

    Tune looks like he’s in mixtape weezy mood.

  • Sushi Baby
  • acilio

    look ta this video people newest footage “bread over bed” t-pain vs lil wayne fans —

  • tunechi BestRapperAlive

    Can’t wait for D4 to drop. As well hopefully his I Am Not A Human Being 2 (IANAHB2) is going to be full of verses exactly like this one!

  • wayne has been killin everything since dark shades

  • swag_kingkong
  • YOLO

    ^ holy shit gonna be best mixtape ever

  • big c

    @stunnaman….. i completely agree. dark shades was dope and everything has been good since then

  • Toby

    Luvin hail Mary

  • yungnigga911

    Is it just me or everybody in this picture look like they takin a shit except weezy

  • Tune134

    Where do we download D4? jus wundrin for when it comes out… o ya and does anyone know exactly what time it comes out? like midnight or sum?

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  • Michael

    Lil u da BOMB!!!!!!!

  • Wayne’s nigga

    Lil wayne forever