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Lil Wayne On Set Of Game’s “Celebration” At Belvedere Skatepark [Pictures & Videos]

Tue, Sep 11, 2012 by

Lil Wayne On Set Of Games Celebration Video At Belvedere Skatepark

Check out some behind the scenes photos and footage from Game‘s “Celebration” video shoot featuring Lil Wayne in this post.

Tyga, Chris Brown and Wiz Khalifa already shot their parts at a park in Los Angeles, California at the end of last month, but Weezy couldn’t make it to the set then, so he shot his parts the other day at Belvedere Skatepark.

Hit the jump to watch two behind the scenes clips and view a few pics!

Lil Wayne On Set Of Games Celebration Video In Miami

Lil Wayne On Set Of Games Celebration Video At Belvedere Skatepark

Lil Wayne On Set Of Games Celebration Video At Belvedere Skatepark

Lil Wayne On Set Of Games Celebration Video At Belvedere Skatepark

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  • Mac Miller


  • SweeetnesT

    love it!!!

  • Trizzy

    The lil nigga got ta wear em headphones before me, damn!

  • pusha t

    wayne rocking those red supras once again

  • Pee

    On September 11, 2012 at 7:01 pm Trizzy responded with…
    The lil nigga got ta wear em headphones before me, damn!


    And they are signed 😮

  • piru

    i wanna see game on a skateboard….

  • James YM

    Weezy’s swag is on point! I would cop those camo trukfit shorts but they aint out yet =[

  • ineye gabriel

    i just like the way weezy does things these day unlike what he was doing during spring . now his flows are coming back slowly well. i got a feeling that next year for wayne would be fire . cus he comes off probation.

  • Willy

    Did we ever find out why Wiz only has 2 bars on the whole song? lol

  • snuffuls

    Beautiful as always!!!

  • Banned From TV

    That old weezy swag.

  • tune


  • d4

    i agree with willy, his swag is turning back, he proved us he got still genius lyrics on d4.. so all he needs is weed to get his best flow back!

  • Mac Miller

    Naanh man , Remember ! Weezy told in an interview that weed and syrup have not effect to his music .

  • Mac Miller

    @Danny M What is your favourite song in Dedication 4 ? 🙂

  • Big Daddy Maine

    @Mac Miller but in another intervieuw last year he said it is harder without drugs.

  • dank

    Once again you guys act like being off probation will improve his flow and hell start smoking again.

    Almost every song since he’s been out… all from sorry 4 wait… and all from d4 He references his current drug use.

    You act like he’s the god but don’t believe him when he tells you he’s smoking weed in almost every damn song. Probation doesn’t stop someone who’s smoked for years… piss tests are easy to pass I was on prob for two years and never quit.

    He tells you in every fucking song about him smoking and rolling and lately even sippin yet you lame ass kids act like ….. ” o when he get off prob and start smoking again” fuck off with your young ass mentalities and listen to what he tells you

  • 4peat

    co-sign Dank.

    If you’re a true Wayne fan you can tell he is alreaady smoking and sipping. The problem is he has ran out of stuff to say. He needs to take a break.

  • tony_montana

    Swag on infinity! This is the best dressed Iv seen wayne dressed In a minute though. Those sneaks though GAWD!!!

  • Dank is an idiot

    Do you believe everything they tell you.??
    If they told you Santa Claus is real would you believe them too. -_-
    Wayne is only telling us he’s smoking because he knows that’s what we fans want to hear.
    You can tell by his voice that he isn’t smoking or on that lean.

  • big daddy maine

    @dank ahhahahahah he said by himself its harder without drugs what are you talking bitch

  • fuke


  • Enrique

    Yep hes smokin. U right. He got millions! Can buy the best shit to pass test! I can pass a test and im not close to rich. I can be broke and afford shit or do it the getto way to get it out ur system. So imagine the shit he can afford to get by a test. Wayne loves kush way too much. Bit im just glad hes not making such wack ass song and rem his roots. I dont skate can anyone tell me how fun, easy, or hard it is to skate high

  • Enrique

    P.s hes wearin his shades again

  • dank


    A probation officer can reference what he says in an interview because he answers direct questions so it implies truth in the answer he gives…. so he has to play the role in a public interview.

    So you believe that one interview that he has to stage his answers…But when he tells you about current drug use in every single song you don’t believe him?

    He can tell the truth in his songs and give reference in every single song and even make songs like Rollin entirely about poppin ex… why?

    Because a probation officer can’t reference his music as truth… that is his art and rap is about telling stories so any line or verse or song can be written off as entirely fiction and entirely made up/ said just to entertain.

    So if you still don’t understand the necessity of playing the role in an interview and the freedom he has to give easily 100+ lines of drug use references in songs while on probation…. then you simply don’t understand the politics even after me dumbing it down for you.

    And to the idiot talking about Santa you have it misconstrued…. your the 6 year old believing in Santa because of a staged answer in an interview and me and many others who understand the politics/difference between the restrictions of an interview and the freedom of a song are the adults that understand we are lying to you about Santa…. FUCKING RETARDS.

    For those that have trouble following… moral of the story: in the law and probation officers eyes interview implies truth so Wayne would get fucked for saying he does drugs while in a song he can tell us 100+ times hes using molly, smoking weed and lately sippin because he can tell the officer its fiction and just for entertainment in the song… and once again he can’t do that in an interview.

    I’m sorry that you little fucking kids still won’t understand even after this explanation of why he gives a bs answer in interview and tells you 100+times differently in songs and why the song is really the truth.

  • Eshall

    Weezy F. Baby and the “F” is for Fantastic.

  • dank

    I can’t believe I actually had to explain that so elementary and you little fucking kids are still gunna remain ignorant to the fact.

  • Enrique

    Did anyone catch any disses on Mercy? Or anyother D4 songs??

  • T@

    Every song on D4 was the same it sucked ass all talking bout the same shit in every line and it’s not even clever it’s dumb just cause he raps fast doesn’t mean he’s back just means he speeds up his dumbass lines. I’d rather listen to his old shit where the stuff he rapping about actually means something. “too many painfull memories shit hurt to say”

  • How can I download ds dedication mixtape?
    Tune is back he got his swagg n lyrics back…ymcmb

  • big daddy maine

    @dank you are thinking too much weezy isnt on drugs dont you hear his high baby voice and his stupid flow he is only rappin about drugs becouse he cant rap about something else

  • This nigga sure aint got no worries, he makin alot money, hes on top of his game, he got a beautiful family, no baby mama drama, Damn! what else could a nigga want?

  • dank

    I’m not thinking too much. These kids responses to him talk in about doing drugs 100+ times was… well he said once in an interview. The thinking to much was the fact that I had to explain the difference to an interview answer and him being able to be honest about drug use in 100+ lines since he’s been out.

    And I shut all them kids up and didn’t get a response.

  • martins

    Weezy you are absolutely the fucking best

  • chuck