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Lil Wayne – Same Damn Tune [Music Video]

Thu, Sep 27, 2012 by

Here is the music video for Lil Wayne‘s “Same Damn Tune” remix over Future’s “Same Damn Time” single. The visual was directed by DJ Scoob Doo and basically includes lots of different clips of Weezy skating. Cameos can be seen from professional skaters and some of the Young Money members!

Same Damn Tune” appears on Tunechi‘s Dedication 4 mixtape.

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  • Slim Dunkin

    Nice video…. I actually like skateboarding now

  • thabit

    first from nigeria!!

  • Aye yeah bitches I’m 1st happy bday to ma nigga Wayne ymcmb for life I fuck with y’all nigas

  • thabit

    i also love skatin now cus of lil wayne… he really influences people in a positive way these days

  • @Greaminati

    Lol @Thabit why are you lying? I’m also from nigeria and there is no skatepark in nigeria! Talkless of skaters. If to say i no catch you, na so you for lie for these yankee guys…lolz

  • Shaun Simpson




  • sportman

    that shit was hilarious when weezy got mad and threw his skateboard at the ramp….

  • Cow

    What kind of crappy music video was this ? Fuck Scooby Doo

  • Geezy

    Hey guys i am a nigerian. There aint no standard skate park in 9ja bt people skate in lagos nd i skate in ibadan city all cos tunechi. Follow me on twitter @Oladeleayo

  • F Baby

    When a video drop for No Worries ??

  • cartman

    no1 curr about nigeria or if there is a skatepark there 😐

  • Big Wayne

    Little Wayne’s worst music video of his career? I think so….

  • mojo

    scoob doo went from directing steady mobbin to this? lmfao that dude stay failing at life

  • Goonz

    This was my least favourite song off D4

  • Chris

    wtf? This shit is funny. Skating? Real g haha

  • Nice video tunechiii

  • Nick

    yo guys I’m still laughing at Wayne in court the other day ahahahahahaaaa

  • Enrique

    Raw! And one of my fav songs on d4! Happy b day weezy f

  • Who tha fuck is EBJ

    First of all this isnt the united nations nobody gives a fuck bout nigeria. Wayne is from american and so are his fans..ive heard foreign rap no wonder u listen to ours…and Same Damn Tune is one of tha best on D4 he just went ham the whole favorite part of tha whole tape is the beginining of this song…DJ DRAMA FUCK THESE NIGGERS! how goon he said it and then wayne just blew the beat apart..shits tight fuck a music video who cares dont watch half of em anyway

  • Mulafreak JR

    man dj scoobdoo sucks so hard the vid is so damn bad just ruined it all man, i still love the track but, scoobdoo should do sth other than direct worse vids

  • lawl

    the first 40 sec are good scoob doo, but after that you only see skateboard shit.. i mean comeone its a tunechi video!

  • Yuck!

    Man fuck all ya’ll for hatin for no reason *shit* stop with tha hatin Wayne is Wayne the niqqa still got it if yu aint a believer then suck a big dick Team Tunechi til tha day i die #Yuck!

  • Surpp

    Dope video but want more tunechi in the clip,

  • Katie malone

    Lovv It <3

  • B-treezy

    I’m surprised, Wayne isn’t awful at skateboarding, but compared to all the other dude’s in the video he looks like he is haha

  • Tony Montana

    😀 Boob on youtube!

  • Jsharp

    Anyone who thinks wayne is coming back to his orginal rap from back in the day think again he skateboards used to dress with swag now he walks around with truckfit

  • lawl

    @danny m do you know when vid of No worries will drop?

  • @lawl

    Why do u guys ask this guy questions like that? He doesnt know wayne or have any insider info that the rest of u lazy asses cant look up on google..he usually posts all his shit wayyyy late hours and hours after its already being promoted on twitter. Danny is just obsessed wit wayne and doesnt know how to listen to other music..wayne is tha shit but if u dont think MMG or Grand Hustle shit bangs then get tha fuck on

  • lawl

    @lawl , u really talking like u a 12 year old boy

  • Clayton

    Follow me on twitter I follow back! @Mt_Clayton

  • @Greaminati LOL

  • Untillmyfaceturnpurple

    0:14 i miss the weezy sports center….

  • Tony Montana

    @Who tha fuck is EBJ
    You really dony know nothing about foreign rap so be raped and if you want to become less ignorant see this :

  • Tony Montana

    @Who tha fuck is EBJ
    You really dony know nothing about foreign rap so be raped and if you want to become less ignorant youtube + Booba Bakel city game

    And by the way yea fuck Nigeria

  • casto

    @Tony Montana and fuck america idiot

  • Gio

    Hey Danny or anyone else Is there a Untagged version of D4 yet ?

  • tinaphoo

    wow hot! I remember when Wayne first started skate boarding lol if at first you don’t succeed you try agin then maybe u can be like the best rapper alive I guess in my dreams lol! bread over bed I like !!looks like he had a great b day he really deserved he works so hard and he needs fun to and I think skate boarding is positive!!!! just as much as its fun:-!=-O;-):-P

  • Nasco Lionchess

    “I said I might retire……but yall know I be high”. So glad my Blood said that shit. Hip Hop aint the same without Tune. *Bloodgang Piru* braaaat!

  • tunechi in dis bitch

    @tony montana fuck you nd whatever shit you rep…

  • Tuuunnnnnccciiii 😀

  • Yep!

    “I’m gettin me, is you kidding me? That big booty, them pretty feet, them Swisher Sweets with that Purp…CHURCH…with the Priest!”

    – ♥ that line. : )

  • @JustCallMeGidi

    Am from nigeria too but dere r cool places to skate in lagos ff @JustCallMeGidi

  • shaggy joe

    Dat 4real @jsharpm…..shout out 2 ma nigga wayne

  • maxi cruise

    happy belated birthday lil wayne

  • happy belated birthday lil wayne