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Lil Wayne’s “I Am Not A Human Being II” Album Pushed Back To December

Thu, Sep 27, 2012 by

Lil Wayne I Am Not A Human Being II Album Pushed Back To December

Wow, the first push-back for Lil Wayne‘s I Am Not A Human Being II album didn’t take very long. Just 2 days after we found out the project was going to be released on November 13th, Universal Republic and Rap-Up announce that the new date for the album will be December 11th.

Maybe this was a sales move as more people may purchase the album as a gift for Christmas, or maybe Weezy just didn’t think he would of finished I Am Not A Human Being II by November.

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  • JonesFace

    would have*
    it’ll be out by 2015 don’t worry

  • Rajat

    As expected !!

  • Zly

    already expected

  • snoozy



    wow, that’s a new YMCMB push-back record!

  • Wayniac

    too early

  • 5Star

    Every single Lil Wayne fan guessed this hahaha



  • flex

    what the fuck wayne…..we gon need a sorry 4 the wait part 2 now homey…..i bet all my money that nigga tez bryant has everything to do with this smfh

  • WeezyFan

    It’s still less than 3 months away, so I dont know why you are all trippin

  • FeelingSpacey

    Yup knew it! I got No Worries cuz I still got D4 😀

  • pusha t

    i agree danny

    there is no other reason to push the album back so quick other than they dont think it will sell well. so if they put it out near christmas everyone will buy a copy for themself and a present

    its also not a ‘carter’ album so there is no hype around it to sell a million copies 1st week

  • Birdman

    This will be the first of many more push-backs, quote me.

    The album will drop in summer 2013.

  • tune

    they always push it back why? he said he was finished

  • tune

    they will push it back again like always…. at least 3 times!

  • Mp13

    And why am I not surprised haha. It will have the same pussy lines in it! So don’t trip everybody! Dedication 4 wasn’t worth the wait and look at the pushbacks and that was a mixtape lol

  • Typical Tune – Ive been going back – listenin to some older mixtapes lately, and i forgot how great Cant Feel My Face, and the Young Money Mixtapes (vol 1 &2) are. I hope CFMF2 somehow happens one day. Id also like to see Wayne do more with Currency.

  • Stretch

    Were my fukin money at. Runnin 35 yards like a runnin back. All my niggas stuntin wait we’re my fukin stunnas at. U get shot in da head duckin cuz I waz aimin were ya stomach at. Pow dere go da milly. Ugh I have no ceilings. Stay wit my niggas .like meek nd gillie. But I ain’t from Philly. Ima jersey nigga. Eat dese rappers like chocolate bars. Sum hershey niggas. I’m early nigga. So dats early money. First in dis race nd I’m barely runnin. I’ll murder a nigga on dey worst. Shout out to weezy happy birthday. Sttttrrrrreeeeetttttcccccchhhhh a nigga out.

  • KamZiro

    Hmmm No Wonder Why, I Was Suprised Of That, In November He’ll Drop A Book “Gone Till November” And The Album In The Same Month, That Is Really Suprising

  • Seriously?

    How can the person that runs a fansite no so little bout lil wayne..Danny you need to invest in sum more usefull references..IANAHB2 IS ALREADY DONE THERE ARE PPL THAT HAVE LISTENED tO IT FRONT TO quit sayin it might not be done yet. ITS DONE DANNY HOW DO U NOT KNOW THIS? Hes pushin it back cuz its gunna sell like shit cuz nobody even buys cds anymore regardless of tha artist..wayne is just too cocky and arrogant startin to lose respect for him. Like that video disposition..ok wayne that guys not safe in tha streets? Haha tunechi u r not gangster at all i would hip toss ur 5 foot ass grab u by ur dreadz and smack you..hes tough cuz hes got security lets see him talk any of that shit without a camera in his face that he ALREADY KNOWS WILL BE MADE PUBLIC! Like that skateboarding video tellin that cameraman hes gunna get shot…lmmfao BY WHO?? Nobody in yo crew would do shit..i love wayne to death but lets be honest he doesnt carry guns never really has got busted wit his fuckbuddys and isnt hard at all

    • If you are such a big fan, then you will know Wayne never stops recording until Tez actually tells him to stop and then Tez picks which tracks to put on the album.

  • Louisink

    Right U are Danny and whats with this dude saying his gonna slap Wayne and then saying U love him to death whats wrong with U dude calm down and who said he cant do something have U been in his company ar U with him everyday and not only gunz do damage he cant carry weapons parol is still on if U are so much of a fan Ud realise that

  • Louisink

    And yeah We expected a push back the Good thing is we got this one early so no dissapointment down the line

  • Trizzy

    Cut Wayne some slab! Itz his birthday for God sake ¤get it??¤ *disAppointd*

  • Tony Montana

    LOOOOOOL this shit is hilarious, two days, world record!!!

    And by the way Cortez is a douchbag and you can push back all you want I’m not buying I’m downloading, I’ll not give a single penny to those naggers, fuck off


  • mdjr

    I knew he was gonna push it back. The album is gonna come out like till march next yr

  • Lil Wayne india

    Had to be pushed back

  • Zackery

    HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA my last post on the first release date said it’ll get pushed back closer to Christmas, now watch!!!! He’s going to add a love song in there and release it in February on Valentines Day and if that doesn’t happen it’ll be release sometime in the spring. This is only the first push back.. whos ready for 8 more?!!??!

  • Check it.

    He pushed it back cuz nobody would care about his album.. I mean NOVEMBER 13TH .. THE WEEKND… TRILOGY.. Get it ?

  • mgomez

    hahahaha, this made me lol.

  • Hunter Ross

    This sux :/

  • Stretch

    I have a question do anybody else get offended or upset wen ppl keep sayin naggers or niggers.

  • Seriously?

    Danny M is that the best response u can that had nothing to do with what I said..the album is done and u say he just keeps recording cool nice evasive answer…AND OMG STOP TALKIN ABOUT LIL wAYNE BEING ON PAROLE IT DOESNT MEAN sHIT!…every fuckin idiot on here keeps saying that he sux cuz hes not smoking cuz hes on papers..I HOPE THESE PPL ARENT SERIOUS…do u no how easy it is to get away with smoking weed on papers FOR A REGULAR PERSON? And lil wayne makes many things clean ur system out. Parole means nuthing. And ya I do love weezy but im not an ignorant fan either…u guys buy into his goon shit like dumbasses..Rap is all entertainment..nobody is carrying gunz nobodys sellin bricks or killing mothers..its 100 PERCENT FAKE. They all come from wack ass hoods (lil wayne used to get his shit stomped everytime he went back to hollygrove when he was with bg) and i know that cuz i know niggas in tha Fifth Ward i dont read gay shit off google..his music is tha best but its still entertainment

    • Stop embarrassing ya’self. Real Wayne fans know he records every day and every night.

      Wayne might have 15 songs done that he could put out on an album, so he let’s people listen to those to hear their feedback, but that don’t stop Wayne from recording for the same album the following day and night.

      What I’m saying is Wayne just records his music and when the date comes to hand in the album, Cortez Bryant will pick around 15 tracks to put on it, while the other 500 will be used on other projects or stashed in his music vault.

  • Steedy

    It’s nice to see Danny actually talking real, half you “fans” try to make it seem you talk the truth by saying “I’ve been A REAL FAN SINCE 1998” or “I love Wayne to death but…” Like really? It’s just a push back of an album that Wayne has his thoughts on. It’s a long process, he’s got like what? A million tracks from Mixtapes and Albums, I can wait; It wasn’t pushed back to his birthday in 2013 or anything.

  • I really dont even mess wit wayne nowadays. Its too many new good rappers. I just listen to 01-09 mixtape weezy.

  • Stretch

    Den get off of 2012 lil Wayne site.

  • youngmealticket

    dont try and say you know people in the 5th ward… talking about rap being fake?

  • youngmealticket

    ^^^ @seriously

  • RomanEmpire

    @seriously You don’t know anyone from the 5th ward, nor do you know anyone that would have stomped Wayne’s ass because quite frankly it never happened. You sir are a walking piece of trash hypocrite.

  • Sam ymcmb

    I know it’s gonna get pushed again but guess what ?!! I AIN’T GOT NO WORRIES!!
    Haha lol take your time weezy just make something dope as fuck….like the rebirth album or carter 3 man….those were golden but still all the others like I’m not a human being and carter 4 were dope…please make something Cràzy as fuck oh and the song with that lil pussy Justin wasn’t a very good move but I hope your verse kills…MARZ/|\

  • Tunechi.F.Baby

    Wish the album would just drop on first release date for once to shut you fuckaz up !!

  • thor

    ppl who hate…let them do it, its there dam job. they shud be proud of themselves for it, keep it up.

    wayne fans KNOW hes changed, but to us any thing that drops is exciting and it will continue to be that way…juss saying.

    wayne will continue to be different and ppl will continue to hate..just cuz he doesn’t dress or act a certain way, this is exactly whats wrong wit the world. let him do him, cuz he aint changing for me or you. DEWeezy

  • Lil’ Tunechi

    You bitchez still cryin about the pushback but i just downloaded it from the internet. #dumba$$b!tche$

  • arth

    if everybody in this site were real wayne fans, they wouldn’t be worried, we would say “I ain’t got no worries!!!”

  • arth

    he should give us at least another 2 singles lol

  • achtx89

    Tez is an idiot if he thinks this cd is ginna go platinum with a pushback… I mean no worries is already beating up the airplay.. Unless weezy got two more bangers that will top the last singles… Cuz they were fire..he should drop it for halloween instead.. Perfect timing no worries is a club banger for sure

  • i love it KEEP on lil WAYNE

  • Rustykl


  • Lilwayne’s#1fan

    Good this will be a great christmas present for me (: plus The TRUKfit!!

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  • Carter18

    Yeah so long we have dedication 4,so stop trippin people