Stream & View The Lyrics For Lil Wayne’s Verse Off Game’s “All That (Lady)” Song

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Stream & View The Lyrics For Lil Waynes Verse Off Games All That Lady Song

Last night, the snippets for Game‘s upcoming Jesus Piece album, which is due out on December 11th, were released online. When listening to the preview for a Cool & Dre-produced track called “All That (Lady)“, you can hear Lil Wayne‘s full verse.

Hit the jump to stream Weezy F Baby‘s verse and read the lyrics for it! The full record will also include verses from Big Sean and Fabolous, as well as a chorus from Jeremih.

Uh, you my lady and that pussy feel like a haven
We can make babies, let’s be creative
She say leave them tricks alone, but I’m a skater
I love her like her daddy told her no man would
I got a lot of bad bitches, she the only one good
I get her flowers for nothing, she smiling and blushing
If I don’t answer my phone, then we probably fucking, yeah
She love my tattoos, ain’t got no room for her name but I’mma make room
She let her hair down, we have a stare down
She say I’m glad you ate it, where my cap and gown?
Told her I could be yo’ chauffeur, dick like a limo
Multiple orgasms, that’s my M.O.
Haha, red-bone pretty
I kiss her from titty to her clitty

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  • splash

    first in this

  • Nick

    Weezy on top as usual. Truk yo girl.

  • Weezy_SA

    I kiss her 4rm her titty 2 clitty TUNECHI!!


  • splash

    good verse too.. not as good as what i heard on dedication 4 tho

  • LilFlash


  • :)

    The lyrics are a bit “ehhhh” but his flow was good

  • JSPR

    YEAH!! Finally a Tunechi verse about sex!

  • C5

    “Multiple orgasms, that’s my M.O.”

  • young chop on da beat

    weezy really be getting his old flow back….

  • Superman

    You’re dumb if you expect Wayne to drop a lyrical verse on a Game feature

    He doesn’t have to prove he is the best anymore

    Wayne will save his lyrical verses for his own albums

  • kenny

    i liked it
    sounds good

  • sleezydoesit

    stay off that lean boy!!!!

  • good


    We all know Big Sean will kill everyone on this song

  • Lmfao

    Dude wayne killed it, she said im glad u ate it wheres my cap and gown???? Dammn line of the year haah and waynes verse on High School actually has pretty good flow..

  • Lil Tune

    Lil Tune pliz giv yr fans a reason 2 continue defending u during all hip-hop debates, multiple rape on the same topics..pussy, money, redbone, sex SMFH, get off the skateboard and get back in the studio, still a huge fan till further notice, #CarterDocumentary#

  • Trizzy

    “Told her I could be yo’ chauffeur, dick like a limo” dope ass line lmfao… Datz a long ass dick


    it would take a moron to come up with that line and a dumber person to appreciate it… im graduated where;s my cap and gown sounds nothing like im glad u ate it. he’s fuckin retarded we need a real rapper that can think of real shit cuz this little nigger dwayne stuff is pathetic these days… eventually he is going to run out of words about interrcourse.

  • sam tunechi

    its abt time smone tells wayne to stop rapping abt pussy. we need some matured verses frm wayne. when jayz raps u c some sense of maturity in it. wayne is 30 and we expect dat frm him. am ur biggest fan pls do dis for me.

  • maroeeee


  • Danny M


  • Young Pizzle

    damn, I wanna know who Wayne’s been fuckin recently… whoever it is has inspired damn near EVERY verse of his in recent memory, lol

  • Gmoney

    Too many haters on lilwaynehq. It makes no sence. if your not a fan then gtfo


    little dwaynes fanbase is full of whores and haters… gmoney you have no idea what rap is about, u probably are some fugly bitch who blares dwaynes blashpemous musik in ur daddy’s car without the slightest remorse for your love of the niggers. u ought to be sent to africa and forced to live amongst the nigger monkey’s so that you can see what a plague they really are and stop using them as a fix for youre whorish lifestyle.

  • Philly C

    Of all the songs Game could of put Wayne on…..he goes and puts him on this type of song. Disappointed in Game !!!!


    wayne is better than anyone on good music.

  • JJ

    I’m glad you ate it, where my cap and gown? GOD DAMN!!! that’s what I miss

  • LP

    She say I’m glad you ate it, where my cap and gown? Ill line, reminds me of something weezy* would have said, definitely not tunechi aka all I know is pussy

  • LilFlash

    What does the line I’m glad u ate where’s my cap and gown actually mean??

  • real talk

    glad u ate and graduate where’s my cap and gown now u get it bro????? and i agree with @philly c on this one another song about bitches = more pussy verses from wayne smfh u suppose to be the best rapper alive and u still on the same shit

  • LilFlash

    Ooooo shit!!! haha hard af!! I appreciate it

  • FreshR

    Game the best rapper alive

  • THA INFAMOUS….. how long it take u to type that? lol get a life.

  • Detox?no one cares

    Game dope

  • @tearDropptune

    “I love her like her daddy told her no man would ”
    Same verse from pussy money weed………

  • Bailey ave. *62*

    yo for all yall who say all lil wayne rap about is pussy but yet say the song is about girls well then wat tha fuck he susppose to rap about but when he dont rap about what the song about yall say he dont now how to stay on topic yall some fucking haters yall come on his website for his fans and just hate on him like he owe yall something yall real fucked up


    less than a minute

  • Dmoney9106

    One of waynes best verses of 2012 BY FAR dumb asses he barely said anything about pussy besides “clitty” thiis man is a lyrical genius everybody has to respect what this man has done to the game “I got a lot of bad bitches she the only one good”

  • tunechi jr

    ” Im ‘glad you ate it’ where my cap and gown?”

    Grad-u-ated Pure genius……


    that line is like something eminem or crooked I would create but way worse and not even correct because glad u ate it and grad u ated are not phenetically the same.
    wont back down -eminem
    i gave bruce wayne a valume and said settle youre fucking ass down im ready for com bat man, get it calm batman

    thats a good line that actually has context…. nobody should give a fuck about some nigger who “loves” to lick pussy… rap is about fight music not a bunch of whorish teenagers and faggot ass dudes fawning over some old yoda looking shit brown nigger.
    fuck little wayne and anybody that love him

    d money and gmoney should fuck and have a dumbfuck kid who watches gay nigger porn all day.



    to analyze the gLad u ate it gRaduated line some more let me just say that nobody every graduated anything to receive a cap and gown simply for licking a vagina.

  • gmoney

    THA INFAMOUS Your crazy dude

  • FreshR



    get my name out of your mouth.

  • direct 103

    If you dont fuck with Wayne then fuck yo life

  • pussy niggas hating on Tune yall need to get a life

  • Je5us piece best album of 2012-2013

    Kendrick needs to thank Game, cause if Chuck taylor never came out there would Be no Kdot. GAME Is the West Coast savior he put it back on the map after Pac (Rip) passed. This dude is a truu… master of ceremon a quintessential artist the true west coast king a living legend of hiphop im not jus tlkin i studyed his music like he studyed Jay THE DOCUMENTARY BEST ALBUM SINCE READY TO DIE Je5us Piece dec 11


    niggers and wizzle and the game will burn in hell.

  • YM

    tha infamous is so dumb da nigga said nobody every (and yes he said every) graduated anything to receive a cap and gown for licking vagina bruh lil wayne know you dont get a cap and gown for eatn pussy he said it becuz g-r-ad u ated sound like g-l-ad u ate it and when u graduate wat do u receive a cap and gown

  • tha InFaMoUs

    ^youre a faggot for that one. i hope youre child is retarded.

  • Gmoney

    Nigga lets fight



  • YM

    are you mad infamous seige cuz im right you dont have nothing to say plus wat eminem said didnt even rhyme

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