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Lil Wayne Sits Courtside At Notre Dame vs. Baylor Women’s Basketball Game [Photos & Video]

Thu, Dec 6, 2012 by

Lil Wayne Sits Courtside At Notre Dame vs Baylor Womens Basketball Game

Last night, Lil Wayne attended the Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs. Baylor Lady Bears NCAA women’s college basketball game at the Purcell Pavilion in St. Joseph County, Indiana to support his friend Skylar Diggins. The final score of the game finished 73 – 61 to Baylor.

Weezy F Baby sat courtside with T@ and Boo rocking all TRUKFIT apparel. After the game had finished, Wayne went on Twitter to tweet: “Just left the Notre Dame game and it was a good one! And the people were super kool there. Luv! Now I’m goin sk8!!!!!!! Good game Sky!”

You can view more photos and watch a a short clip of Tunechi watching the women’s basketball game after the jump below.

Lil Wayne Sits Courtside At Notre Dame vs Baylor Womens Basketball Game

Lil Wayne Sits Courtside At Notre Dame vs Baylor Womens Basketball Game

Lil Wayne Sits Courtside At Notre Dame vs Baylor Womens Basketball Game

Lil Wayne Sits Courtside At Notre Dame vs Baylor Womens Basketball Game

Lil Wayne Sits Courtside At Notre Dame vs Baylor Womens Basketball Game

Pics via Chad Damp and Joe Raymond

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  • skylar diggins

  • owen

    i bet they fucked each other at half time lol

  • 2nd

  • yes

    phone open, with dhea at the 1 before last picture xD

  • Spitta

    Looks like he is too busy on his phone to be watching women play basketball :/

  • thabit

    nice camo pants.

  • NoGravity


  • truk yo gurl

    wicked pictures !!!

  • -Dash-

    If Wayne is hitting Skylar, shout out to him foreal.

  • Philweezy

    Dope swag from Wayne and nice shoes he’s changing his swag

  • derrick


  • pilves

    lil wayne listening MMG ? or what ?

  • JOSH_27

    look at wayne phone he bumping that mmg album! dope

  • Lmfao

    Took ya long enough danny..good pics tho lol. @derrick i was thinkin tha same thing. Id sneak a shot of wayne tho everytime haha. Nice kicks. If i was there I would stand up at tha end of tha game and yell DWAYNE MICHAEL CARTER! WEEEZZYY! Just until i get his attention. Half those ppl prolly dont even know who he was. Lol

  • B.Jeff

    Wow he actually wore something acceptable in public this time

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  • Kushpurp

    Danny, you know wayne got that video out with supra shoes right?

  • addicted to mula

    I love wayne and his snooty girl attitude but he needs to start talking to Mr forreal Mr carter

  • I LOVE Lil Wayne and ALL Notre Dame players!! I went to the game… sat on the court and I met Lil Wayne!! IT WAS AWESOME!! He has too many tats though! AND he purpoded to Skylar. She said no. They wouldnn’t even look good togother!! LUV THEM BOTH THOUGH!!

  • Shaq

    That nigga got on tha new fuckin J’s nd they dont come out until christmas….. SWAGG!!

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  • bobby

    wayne sure know how to pick em’ minus nivea (face wise) lol . skylar is fine ad sexy as fuck!!!!!!

  • Lil Kay-bee

    I simply don’t understand what yal haters of weezy are looking for on this site, I mean if you hate him so much why try n know more about him…n as 4 kanye west,he needs some tutoring 4rm weezy *i have no respect 4 him what so ever*…enough about de haters!!!…Weezy looks gr8 just that I prefer his past style it was more dope but dis new 1 is also cool…Love you Dwayne…n stay hate free! Mwah!

  • K Dawg

    actually the bred 11’s been out for years….they’re just being re-released again… definitely coppin them shits next week tho