What Are Your Top 10 Favorite Lil Wayne Songs & Features Of 2012?

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What Are Your Top 10 Lil Wayne Songs & Features Of 2012

With one day left before it’s 2013, LilWayneHQ wants to know what are your favorite songs or featured verses from Lil Wayne that dropped this year? It can be any track at all, but it must have been released in 2012. You can even choose 10 songs from Dedication 4 if you wanted to.

If you can’t remember all of the Weezy records or features that came out in 2012, click here to view them in our archives section. My top 10 list would be this:

1. Lil Wayne – Burn
2. Lil Wayne – Awkward
3. Juvenile – Picture Perfect (Feat Lil Wayne & Birdman)
4. Lil Wayne – Bitches Love Me (Feat Future & Drake)
5. Lil Wayne – No Worries

6. French Montana – Pop That (Feat Lil Wayne, Rick Ross & Drake)
7. Lil Wayne – Magic (Feat Flow)
8. Birdman – Dark Shades (Feat Lil Wayne & Mack Maine)
9. Turk – Zip It (Feat Lil Wayne)
10. Tyga – Faded (Feat Lil Wayne)

Let me know your top 10 favorite Tunechi tracks of 2012 list in the comments section below.

Best wishes to you all for the new year Wayniacs!

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  • untillmyfaceturnpurple

    Awkward?! U Seroius?

  • Tunechiiiii

    For one, my fav was Put It Down Like U w/ Joe Budden!:)

  • Da Driver

    My randon top ten i enjoyed in 2012 and in no particular order:-

    The Question
    Bitches and Bottles
    High School
    So Dedicated
    Get Smoked
    Cashed Out
    Same Damn Tune
    Roman Reloaded
    Yellow Tape

  • good kush & alcohol

    stop hating

    awkward was dope

    thats my shit too danny

    happy new year to you and lwhq

  • ya bish niggas

    she don’t put it down like you
    60 rackz
    take it to the head
    banana clips
    born stunna remix
    roman reloaded
    same damn tune

  • chess

    I like em all

  • Fre$h

    Here is my list πŸ™‚

    Pop That
    Let It Roll
    Bands A Make Her Dance
    Banana Clips
    Hail Mary
    No Problems

  • untillmyfaceturnpurple

    Best lyrics definitely: Lil Wanye – Celebrate!!

  • Fr33styl3r

    1. No Worries ft. Detail
    2. My Bitches Love Me ft. Drake, Future
    3. 60 Rackz Remix ft. Jim Jones and T.W.O.
    4. Bitches and Bottles ft. Future, French Montana, Ace Hood, T.I. and Dj Khaled
    5. Pop That ft. Drake, Rick Ross and French Montana
    6. Bandz A Make Her Dance ft. Juicy J. and 2 Chainz
    7. Hello ft. Stafford Brothers and Christina Milian
    8. Hold Me Back Remix ft. Yo Gotti, Rick Ross, Gunplay and French Montana
    9. Mercy ft. Nicki Minaj
    10. No Lie

    Luv u Tunechi, happy 2013 to yall <3

  • HC

    The Question – Mac Miller feat. Lil Wayne

  • WayneFellOff

    1. No worries
    2. No worries
    3. No worries
    4. No worries
    5. No worries
    6. No worries
    7. No worries
    8. No worries
    9. No worries
    10. No worries

    Oh yeah also i have an 11th one and its 11. No worries

  • AmanU01



    Picture Perfect
    Bitches Love Me
    Hold me Back
    Zip It
    Bandz Make Her Dance
    Bitches & Bottles
    No Worries

  • adrian

    1. Picture Perfect
    2. Get Smoked
    3. Faded
    4. Zip It
    5. Pop That
    6. Bitches and Bottles
    7. Hold Me Back Remix
    8. No Worries
    9. Bandz A Make Her Dance
    10. No Lie



  • darnell

    tough list

  • slick

    Awkward was sick. And my bitch loved it too. Put it on while I fucked her good. That good kush and alcohol goes hard. Remind me off Wayne bbefore jail. And that ded 4 goes hard. Wish u would and same dam tune gets me the most pumped. 2013 gonna be a good yr for Wayne and I just got a new job making triple the money. Go out with a bang Wayne don’t go out like Jordan. And still bumping Ded 2 and the drought 3

  • Praew

    No worries !!!!

  • Trey

    1 – Celebration
    2 – Pressure
    3 – Work Hard, Play Hard Remix
    4 – Flowerz
    5 – Bitches Love Me
    6 – Turn On The Lights
    7 – Marble Floors
    8 – No Worries
    9 – Last Night
    10 – All That Lady

  • michael 2A562684 Add!!

    1- Magic
    2- burn
    3- grenn ranger
    4- celebration
    5- mercy
    6- no lie
    7- celebrate
    8- pop that
    9- no worries
    10- good kush and alcohol (my bitches love me)

    Happy new year!!
    Weezy F Baby! for ever.

  • Lil yanni

    1. No Worries
    2. Bands A Make Her Dance
    3. My Homies Still
    4. Pop That
    5. Burn
    6. No Lie
    7. Yellow Tape
    8. Ball
    9. SASARAF
    10. Take It To The Head

  • Lil tunechi β™₯

    EVERY SONG i love him<33333333

  • tune

    Hahahah @WayneFellOff I don’t like ur name but ur list is doope!

  • Tyrone

    1. Pop That
    2. High School
    3. Roman Reloaded
    4. Burn (D4)
    5. Bitches and Bottles
    6. Ball
    7. Faded
    8. Same Damn Tune
    9. Celebration
    10. Green Ranger

  • xxx

    1. Burn
    2. Picture Perfect (feat. Birdman & Lil Wayne)
    3. Zip It (feat. Lil Wayne)
    4. Pressure (feat. Lil Wayne)
    5. Bitches Love Me (feat. Future & Drake)
    6. Cashed Out
    7. Magic (feat. Flow)
    8. No Worries (feat. Detail)
    9. Turn On The Lights (Remix)
    10. Awkward

  • beejay

    hey danny my list-
    1- bitches love me
    2-no lie
    3-picture perfect
    4-wish u would
    5-zip it
    6-pop that
    8-turn on the light
    9-no worries
    10-as da world turns
    Danny 2013 wayne off proba. i hope he fucks wit autotune

  • beejay

    i 4got 2 add the question… da track goes hard

  • Kauan

    1 – Awkward
    2 – No Worries
    3 – Green Ranger
    4 – Bitches Love Me
    5 – She Don’t Put It Down Like You
    6- Take It To The Head
    7- Amen
    8- Bitches & Bottles
    9- As Da World Turns
    10- Bag Of Money

  • @ThatBoiFez

    1. No Worries
    2. My Hommies Still
    3. Bitches Love Me
    4. Get Smoked
    5. Green Ranger
    6. Magic
    7. Pop That
    8. Hold Me Back Remix
    9. Same Damn Tune
    10. Awkward (Too Sick!!!)

  • Cashed out
    No Worries
    Turn On The Lights
    Zip it
    60 racks
    Picture Perfect
    take it to the head

  • Lil Weezy

    1. Hail Mary
    2. Same Damn Tune
    3. Faded
    4. Picture Perfect
    5. Bands A Make Her Dance
    6. Hold Me Back
    7. Pop That
    8. Bitches & Bottles
    9. Why Stop Now
    10. My Homies Still


  • Brad

    Cashed out
    Same damn tune
    I don’t like
    No worries
    Wish you would
    Turn on the lights
    Get smoked
    So dedicated

  • Njidda

    No worries
    Bitches love me

  • zipo


  • zipo

    bitches love me
    turn up the lights remix
    high school
    bitches and bottles
    No worries
    i wish you would
    dark hade shades
    zip it
    the question

  • The Offical Norwegian Sailor Style
    1. Pop That
    2. Lover
    3. I Don’t Like
    4. No Worries
    5. Take it to the head
    6. The Question
    7. Awkward
    8. Faded
    9. Picture Perfect
    10.60 rackz // Magic feat. Flow // I Wich You Would // No Lie //

    Really hard putting together, couldn’t figure out which one that came on 10th… This is the greatest song from 2012, but i’m not totally sure if i like the order i put them in.

  • Ingrid

    I loved all of these songs… <3 Happy new year Wayne! <3

  • Ryan

    1. No Lie
    2. Burn
    3. No Worries
    4. Bandz a Make Her Dance
    5. Awkward
    6. Same Damn Tune
    7. Pop That
    8. I Don’t Like

  • shelby_f_baby

    1. Bitches Love Me
    2. Burn
    3. Yellow Tape
    4. Faded
    5. Yuck
    6. Wish You Would
    7. My Homies Still
    8. Awkward
    9. Zip It
    10. SASARAF

    Weezy for dayzzz. <3


    1.How to love
    2.Look @ me now ft. Chris Brown & Busta Rhymes
    3.My Homie Still ft.Big Sean
    4.No love ft. Kisha Cole
    5.Bandz Make Her Dance ft. Juicy J & 2Chainz
    6.Im Not A Star ft.Rick Ross
    8.Hold Me Back
    9.Zip it ft.Turk*
    10.I’m Single

  • Ryan

    9. Ball
    10. Bitches Love Me

  • young tunechi

    All of em but mostly zip it cus he murder. Dhat. Shit

  • Lil Weezy618

    Thats What They Call Me
    Bitch And Bottle
    Bitches Love Me
    Pop That
    Same Damn Tune
    Wish You Would
    Turn On The Lights(Remix)
    No Lie

  • Omar

    1. Picture Perfect
    2. Dark Shades
    3. No Worries
    4. Bitches Love Me
    5. Marble Floors
    6. Yellow Tape
    7. Burn
    8. Same Damn Tune
    9. My Homies Still
    10. Magic

  • Trey Heard

    Marble Floors

    No Worries

    Bitches Love Me

    My Homies Still

    Bands A Make Her Dance


    Wish You Would

    Bitches & Bottles

    Take It To The Head

    Turn On The Lights

  • chris

    picture perfect

  • DJ Arsonist

    1. Turn on The Lights Remix
    2. No Worries
    3. No Lie Remix
    4. Cashed Out
    5. Bitches Love Me
    6. Bands a Make Her Dance
    7. Faded
    8. Banana Clips
    9. Dark Shades
    10. Yuck/ Born Stunna Remix/ Picture Perfect/ Ice

  • all of tunes recent new records for 2012 all great !!! awkward was doppeeeeeee

  • Jason Obando

    1. No worries
    2. Burn
    3. Tyga- faded (ft. Lil Wayne)
    4. French Montana – pop that (ft. drake,rick ross & lil wayne)
    5. Amen
    6. 2 chainz – Yuck (ft. Lil Wayne)
    7. Juicy J – bandz a make her dance (ft. Lil Wayne & 2 chainz)
    8. My homies Still
    9. Bitches Love me
    10. Get Smoked

  • raheem garcia

    Marble Floors

    No Worries

    Bitches Love Me

    My Homies Still

    Bands A Make Her Dance


    Wish You Would

    Bitches & Bottles

    Take It To The Head

    Turn On The Lights (same list as the dude up there, but i love all of waynes song!)

  • danny prado

    1. No worries
    2. Burn
    3. Bitches and Bottles

  • Gio

    1. Bitches Love Me
    2. Zip It
    3. No Worries
    4. Picture Perfect
    5. She Don’t Put It Down
    6. Same Damn Tune
    7. Bandz A Make Her Dance
    8. Faded
    9. Pop That
    10. Dark Shades

  • nigger dwayne fell off

    back the fuck back


    coffin ft.busta rymes

    see dead people

    throw it away

    no love

    our house

    niggers need to open their eyes…

  • nigger dwayne fell off


  • nigger dwayne fell off

    btw 2013 is most likely going to be the year that the blog nigger dies of overdose or gets shot in the face by alex middler for being such a punk ass poser

  • Djime Carter

    1. Pop That – French Montana ; Rick Ross ; Drake ; Lil Wayne (the best)
    2. Yellow Tape – Fat Joe ; Lil Wayne (the best) ; Asap Rocky ; French Montana
    3. Marble Floors – French Montana ; Rick Ross ; Lil Wayne (the best) ; 2 chainz
    4. Dark Shades – Birdman ; Lil Wayne (the best) ; Mack Maine
    5. Bitches & Bottles – Dj Khaled ; Future ; T.I ; Lil Wayne (the best)
    6. Born Stunna – Rick Ross ; Birdman ; Nicki Minaj ; Lil Wayne (the best)
    7. Same Damn Tune – Lil Wayne (the best)
    8. I Don’t Like – Lil Wayne (the best)
    9. Good kush and alcohool – Lil Wayne (the best) ; Future ; Drake
    10. Take it to the head – Dj Khlaed ; Chris Brown ; Rick Ross ; Nicki Minaj ; Lil Wayne (the best)

  • 1 – Yuck ft. 2Chainz
    2 – Pressure
    3 – Work Hard, Play Hard Remix
    4 – HYFR ft. Drake
    5 – Bitches Love Me
    6 – Turn On The Lights
    7 – Marble Floors
    8 – No Worries
    9 – Last Night
    10 – My Homie Still Ft. Bis Sean

  • oh yeah, and happy new year to everyone at LilWayneHQ!

  • WeezyFannnn

    Danny M dope list..real shit. Happy New Year Danny and LWHQ.

  • I Love Lil Weezy

    There wasn’t any good song of Wayne this year, so this post is pointless…

  • Rickyrozay36

    1.bands a make her dance
    2.no worries
    3.turn on the lights
    4. Born Stunna (remix)
    5.pop that
    6.marble floors
    8.i don’t like (remix)
    10.wish you would

  • Swaggerchuckymcmb

    Ever song lil wayne put out wuz dopeee!!!! Big fan!!! Keep goin hard YMCMB!!!

  • LilMissSunshineAin’tSunny

    Happy New Years Eve to all my Favorites: 1.She don’t Put it down 2.All that Lady 3.High School 4.Ice 5.Green Ranger 6.Turn on the Lights a bunch of em!

    Too my Favorites are: 1.I love Hoes 2.I love when Bitches Blast Me 3.These Bitches Don’t Love Me 4.I tell Every woman the Same Thing Hoes and Classy Ladies 5.Love Is Nothing 6.I had a Lady who loved me for Me 7.It ain’t the Same 8.I used to Care 9. I truly loved You once upon a Time 10.I’ll always love our Kids! 11.I’m tired of playing with You 12.I’ll miss You πŸ™

  • 1. bitches love me
    2. i wish u would
    3. marble floors
    4 zip it
    5. cashed out
    6. no worries
    7. celebration
    8. burn
    9. bands make her dance
    10 ball

  • BestServedCold

    1. No worries
    2. Bitches Love Me
    3. I dont like
    4. Faded
    5. Bitches & Bottles
    6. Turn off the lights
    7. Bands A Make Her Dance
    8 picture perfect
    9. She don’t put it down like you
    10. Cashed out

  • Sara

    I love all his songs, but (with no order):
    Lover, Awkward, Dark Shades, Burn, Pop that, Bandz a make her dance, Turn on the lights, No Worries, So dedicated, Take it to the head

  • kyoh

    Lover, Awkward, Dark Shades, Burn, Pop that, Bandz a make her dance, Turn on the lights, she dont put it down like you, high school, Take it to the head

  • DerrellMNE7

    This was extremely hard to do, any of these could be replaced with Picture Perfect, My Homies Still or Cashed Out
    1. Bitches Love Me
    2. The Question
    3. Bitches & Bottles
    4. Turn On The Lights remix
    5. Burn
    6. Roman Reloaded
    7. Same Damn Tune
    8. She Don’t Put It Down Like You
    9. Awkward
    10. No Worries

  • Balla

    Love em all…thank you Wayne

  • bruno

    1. Bitches Love Me Ft. Future & Drake
    2. No Worries Ft. Detail
    3. Pop That Ft. Rick Ross, French Montana & Drake
    4. The Question Ft, Mac Miller
    5. Bands A Make Her Dance Ft. Juicy J & 2 Chainz
    6. Dont Like
    7. Same Damn Tune
    8. Picture Perfect Ft. Juvenile & Birdman
    9. Turn On The Lights Ft. Future
    10. Yuck Ft. 2 Chainz

  • 1. bitches love me
    2. awkward
    3. turn on the lights(lilwayne)
    4.no worries
    7.bandz a make her dance
    8.high school
    9.i dont like

  • firass so bad

    1. Lil Wayne – Burn
    1. Lil Wayne – Burn
    1. Lil Wayne – Burn
    1. Lil Wayne – Burn
    1. Lil Wayne – Burn
    1. Lil Wayne – Burn
    1. Lil Wayne – Burn
    1. Lil Wayne – Burn


    10. Picture Perfect
    9. Dark Shades
    8. Pressure
    7. Burn
    6. That’s What They Call Me
    5. The Question
    4. No Lie
    3. No Worries
    2. Wish You Would
    1. Bitches Evol Me
    As The World Burns Double G killed hat shit

  • d$pe

    Bitch what they gonna say?
    Still eating rappers on my fucking lunch break
    Bad yellow bitch with a tongue like a snake
    I let her suck my dick then I fuck her to some Drake And then I let that kush burn

  • d$pe

    Money on my mind I ain’t thinking bout no bitch

  • d$pe

    Money on the table, guns on the table

  • Lloyd

    Good Kush an Alcohol

  • kavesh

    1.Bitches Love Me
    2.No Worries
    3.Pop That
    6.Cashed Out
    7.So Dedicated
    8.Wish You Would
    10.Hail Mary

  • Daniel Vassallo

    It’s definitely too hard to pick a top ten list. Although, my top two are:


  • bagai

    1-No worries
    3-good kush and alcohol
    5-my homies still
    6-bandz a make her dance
    7-pop that
    8-sam dam tune
    9-no lie

  • Trizz

    Yo Wayne n Danny:

    Yo Danny & tune!

    1)zip it
    2)so dedicated
    4)same damn tune
    6)bitches n bottles
    7)banana clips
    8)no worries
    10)bands a make her dance.

    They’re all good tho

  • arth

    Some girl asked me: “did you hear the brand new lil wayne’s single?” I said “which one?” She said “lollipop” I said “bitch you stupuid?, that one was released 4 years ago!!” hahahahahaha ignorant people, poor of them! well here is my favos:

    1 Cashed Out
    2 Burn
    3 Turn On The The Lights (Remix)
    4 Wish You Would
    5 Take It To The Head
    6 No Worries
    7 Bitches Love Me
    8 Ball
    9 High School
    10 Bands A Make Her Dance

  • Joe

    4.-Bitches love me
    *tune the best*

  • vandelson

    1-no worries
    2-my homies still
    3-Dark Shades
    4-Same Damn Tune
    5-Bitches and Bottles
    6-French Montana – Pop That (Feat Lil Wayne, Rick Ross & Drake)
    7-Turk – Zip It (Feat Lil Wayne)
    8-Work Hard, Play Hard Remix
    9-HYFR ft. Drake
    10-Hello ft. Stafford Brothers and Christina Milian

    happy new year lil wayne hq Happy New Year from all the team young money cash money my bosses you guys are all my dreams for my nigga weezy YMCMB remains the es that I am your number 1 fa’m waiting in Angola trufit shit

  • Wayne 4 Life

    Top Lil Wayne songs of 2012!

    1. Same Damn Tune
    2. No Worries
    3. Zip It
    4. Bitches Love Me
    5. Awkward
    6. Wish You Would
    7. Burn
    8. S.A.S.A.R.A.F.
    9. No Lie
    10. Magic Feat. Flo

    * Happy New Year to all Lil Wayne fans and LilWayneHQ.com! Thanx for providing us Weezy fans with the latest and greatest on the best rapper alive! Much love to Lil Tunechi & YMCMB! Fuck all the haters (Seige).


    Wayne 4 Life

  • Real Life

    Bandz Make Her Dance
    No problems
    Get Smoked
    Bitches Love Me
    Work Hard Play Hard
    Zip It
    I wish You would

  • Dshizzo

    In no particular order cuz tune killed every one of them.
    1. Cashed out
    2. Picture perfect
    3. Burn
    4. Zip it
    5. Pop that
    6. Pressure
    7. Hail mary
    8. Magic
    9. High school
    10. Dark shades

  • LOL

    all of his old music.


    hey little wayne nigger musik loving fuckheads…. hope your new year is filled with dissapointment and u realize that ur supporting a crack headed fuck.

  • YMWeezYCashMoneyFBabyB

    1. romeo santoz – all aboard
    2. Ankward
    3. Wish you Would
    4. T.I. – Ball
    5. Turn on the Lights
    6. Kelly Rowland – Ice
    7. Bobby V – Mirror
    8. Mac Miller – Questions
    9. Thats What They Call Me
    10. DJ Khaled – Bitches and Bottles

  • Every song since Hot Boys untill he is dead.

  • Robert

    All of’em..!!

  • 100%

    1) Burn

    2) Jet Life

    3) Banana Clips

    4) My Homie Still

    5) Yellow Tape

    6) Dont Like

    7) S.A.R.A,R.A.F

    8) Pressure

    9) Work Hard Play Hard

    10)Hold Me Back

  • wayneee!

    best songs r: ball, banz a make her dance, bitches love me and enough of no love! i love this song, everytime i hear wayne i’m like: never stop making music, weezy is tha muthafuckin best rapper alive!!! happy new year bitches!

  • CruzIto

    He had good mixtape but Bitches love me is good and burn

  • Andretti

    All those songs Danny picked wack except Burn. Danny is a hypebeast.


    no doubt about it danny m and all little wayne fans are faggots. just like little wayne… he might now be a faggot in the gay sense but he’s a faggot in the i talk a bunch of trash that i cant back up in person sense… he’s just a nigger with a chip on his shoulder a bunch of drugs and the desire to rap and murder
    fuck him let him die slow.

  • Honestly

    I’m not gonna name 10 songs but the main 2 have to be No Worries and Pop Dat.

  • yeszur

    9.Lover (feat. Lil wayne )
    4. Picture Perfect (feat. Birdman & Lil Wayne)
    1. Zip It (feat. Lil Wayne)
    7. Jet life (feat. Lil wayne)
    2. Bitches Love Me (feat. Future & Drake)
    10. Banana clips (feat. Lil wayne)
    8. Green ranger (feat. J. Cole)
    5. No Worries (feat. Detail)
    6. Turn On The Lights (Remix)
    3. 60 Rackz (feat. Lil wayne and cam’ron)

  • yeszur

    11. Enough of no love

  • 1. No Worries
    2. Bitches and Bottles
    3. Bitches Love Me
    4.Turn On The Lights (d4)
    5. Magic (d4)
    6. No Lie(D4)
    7. Wish u would (d4)
    8. Enough of no Love
    9. Ice
    10. Motivation

  • darkshades
    60 rackz
    cashed out
    bitches love me

  • ineye gabriel

    1. dark shades
    2. burn
    3. pop that
    4. pressure
    5. enough of no love
    6. magic
    7, green ranger
    8. bitches and bottles
    9. banana clips
    10. jet life

  • J.M.I Β‘!

    1) No Worries
    2) Bitches Love Me
    3) Turn On The Lights [Remix]
    4) She Dont Put It Down Like You
    5) Dark Shades
    6) Banana Clips
    7) Wish You Would
    8) picture Perfect
    9) Celebrate
    10) Pop That

  • whatup doe

    1. Mirror (bobbyV)
    2. Turn on the Lights
    3. Bandz a make her dance
    4. Picture Perfect
    5. Pop That
    6. Burn
    7. Cashed out
    8. High School
    9. No Worries
    10. Bannana Clipz

  • LilFlash

    Don’t Forget “THE MOTTO”!!!!!!

  • Nigga_Its_MeYMCMB

    1. No Worries
    2.Bitches Love Me
    3.Turn On The Lights
    5.Not Lie
    6.Picture Pefect
    7.She Don’t Put It Down Like You
    8.Work Hard Play Hard
    9.All That Lady
    10.Marble Floors

    Nigga On Me Lol

  • Jhori Leonard

    1. Turn on The Lights (Lil Wayne’s version)
    2. No Worries
    3. Pop That
    4. Take It To The Head
    5. Bands A Make Her Dance
    6. Celebration
    7. Ball
    8. No Lie (Dedication 4)
    9. High School (Nicki Minaj)
    10. I Don’t Like (Dedication 4)

  • Shaq


  • Weezy F

    1. No Worries
    2. magic
    3.60 racks
    4. banana clips
    5.zip it
    6. bitches love me
    7. pop that
    8. bands a make her dance
    9. turn on the lights

    really tho…its was tough making this list, Wayne just that good

  • Weezy

    1. Bitches Love Me
    2. Zip It
    3. Magic Feat. Flow
    4. Turn On The Lights
    5. Picture Perfect
    6. Awkward
    7. S.A.S.A.R.A.F.
    8. Cashed Out
    9. Born Stunna Remix
    10. As Da World Turns

  • Eshall

    In no particular order!
    Game – All That (Lady) (Feat Lil Wayne, Jeremih, Big Sean & Fabolous)
    Lil Wayne – Bitches Love Me (Feat Future & Drake)
    Lil Wayne – Awkward
    Gudda Gudda – As Da World Turns (Feat Lil Wayne & Mack Maine)
    Lil Wayne – Turn On The Lights (Remix)
    PJ Morton – Lover (Feat Lil Wayne)
    Keyshia Cole – Enough Of No Love (Feat Lil Wayne)
    Mack Maine – Celebrate (Feat Lil Wayne & Talib Kweli)
    Lil Wayne –. No Worries featuring Detail
    Bobby V – Mirror (Feat Lil Wayne)

  • @TheReaL_I_L

    1.The Question. 2.Green Ranger. 3.No Worries. 4.Pop That. 5.Bandz Make Her Dance. 6.Get Smoked. 7.yuck. 8.bitches and bottles. 9.My Homie Still. 10.SASRAF

  • Hi! My name is Tunechi

    Burn – [Lil Wayne] D4
    I Dont Like – [Lil Wayne] D4
    Turn On The Lights (Lil Wayne Solo) – [Lil Wayne]
    BItches Love Me (Good Kush & Alcohol) – [Lil Wayne Ft.Future & Drake] IMNAHB2
    Wish You Would – [LIl Wayne] D4
    No Worries – [LIl Wayne Ft.Detail] IMNAHB2
    Bandz A Make Her Dance – [Juicy J Ft.Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz] – Stay Trippy
    Green Ranger [Lil Wayne Ft.J.Cole] D4
    Mercy – [LIl Wayne Ft.Nicki Minaj] D4
    BItches & Bottles – [DJ KHaled Ft.Future, Lil Wayne] Kiss The Ring

  • (1)Dedication!
    Remembered dos wayne words it’s also dedicated to whoeva u are! Whereva u are! Howeva u are!!
    Gr8 Tune!

  • kushedgod

    1. Burn
    2. I Don’t Like
    3. Bitches & Bottles
    4. Bandz A Make Her Dance
    5. Dark Shades
    6. She Don’t Put It Down
    7. No Worries
    8. Pop That
    9. Marble Floors
    10. Picture Perfect

  • Zay

    Way too many songs to choose from

    A dedication
    Same damn tune
    Good kush and alcohol
    Bands make her dance
    Turn on the lights
    Bitches and bottles
    I don’t like
    Marble floors

    And it’s not in order

  • Zaalon

    I forgot 60 racks haha top 11 for me

  • Dylan f baby

    Turn on the lights
    Good Kush and alcohol
    Bitches and bottles
    No worries
    Work hard play hard
    As da word turns

    Dedication 4 was best mixtape of the year “still eatin rappers on my fuckin lunch break”

  • Rohit

    no worries,mercy,hail mary,awkward,turn on the lights,my homie still,the question,no lie,take it to the head,roman reloaded……………………..best of 2012 by Lil’Wayne…………………………..its tunechi BITCH…………

  • 1.Demolition freestyle 2
    2.We be steaddy mobbin
    3.No worries
    7.My life
    9.Something you forgot
    10.Hail mary

  • 01.Hold Me Back (Remix). 02.Picture Perfect 03.A Dedication (D4 Outro) 05.No Worries 06.My hommies Still 07.Green Ranger 08.pop that 09.Bandz A Make Her Dance 10.Yuck

  • Sermed-Weezyf

    1. So Dedicated
    2. No Worries
    3. Turn On The Lights
    4. Awkward
    5. Pop That
    6. Yuck
    7. Faded
    8. Same Damn Tune
    9. I Dont Like
    10. High School


    1.Bitches love me
    2.Zip it
    4.Pop That
    6.Cashed out
    7.Hail Mary
    10.Work hard play hard remix

  • Amanda haaeman

    1) how to love
    2) no worries
    3) bitches love me
    4) pop that
    5) high school
    6) all that (lady)
    7) ball
    8) no problems
    9) mirror
    10) ice
    11) my homies still
    12) marble floors

    Omg I just love all his songs!

  • vodafon

    Happy New Year to all,from Romania.danny you know something about “You and I” song?.its supposed to drop with dedication 4..its dj drama on the song.wtf

  • ronie

    no worries
    bitches love me
    no lie
    same damn tune
    turn on the lights

  • jawad wayne

    awkward-bandz a make her dance-bitches love me-no worries-no lie-work hard play hard- HYFR-the motto-hail mary

  • Surpp

    Mystikal Original

  • Celine

    My Top 10 favorite Lil Wayne songs and features of 2012 is:
    5. No Worries
    10. Faded
    8. Dark Shades
    4. Bitches Love Me
    3. Picture Perfect
    7. Magic
    9. Zip It
    2. Awkward
    1. Burn
    6. Pop That

    … Happy New Year Weezy <3 …

  • Wayniac_Bitch

    My Top 10 favorite Lil Wayne songs and features of 2012 is:

    1. Awkward
    2. No worries
    3. My homies Still
    4. The motto
    5. HYFR
    6. High School
    7. Enough of no love
    8. Celebrate
    9.Take it to the head
    10.Turn of the lights

    Happy New Years 2013 a Weezy and Trukfit WORLD

  • Peter

    1 no worries
    2 same damn tune
    3 bands a make her dance
    4 pop that
    5 blunt blowin
    6 tie my hands
    7 tuemchis back
    8 yuck
    9 no lie
    10 every song that weezy has made

  • tony_montana

    If you said Awkward,SASARAF or My homies still then you really need to get 0ff whatever it is you’re smoking….

  • Young Pizzle

    I’m just gonna make a best features of 2012 list:

    1. Bitches and Bottles
    2. Dark Shades
    3. Pressure
    4. Banana Clips
    5. Picture Perfect
    6. Zip It
    7. Enough of No Love
    8. High School
    9. Pop That
    10. Bag of Money

  • Young Pizzle

    oh and throw Why Stop Now somewhere in there, I forgot about that one…

    also my top 5 songs he dropped would have to be:

    1. No Worries
    2. Bitches Love Me
    3. Turn on the Lights
    4. Same Damn Tune
    5. Cashed Out

  • Lil-Moe

    No worries
    i don’t like
    turn on the lights
    High school
    ball it
    hail marry
    pop that
    No lie
    I wish you would

  • six myles

    1. Pop That
    2. Take it to the Head
    3.bitches love me
    4. Yuck!
    5. Ball
    6. Bandz
    7. High School
    8. she dont put it down
    9. ice
    10. no worries

  • BabyTunechiβ˜†β˜…β˜†β˜…

    Every Fucking Song Wtf

  • young red

    NO WORRIES is the fucking best song in 2012 or probably pop dat

  • Eezy

    best song – FADED

  • victorwayniac

    1. awkward
    2. pj morton ft. lil wayne lover
    3. no worries ft. detail
    4. blunt blowin
    5. yellow tape
    6. bitches and bottles
    7. bitches love me
    8. take it to the head
    9.bandz make her dance
    10. tyga

  • victorwayniac

    10. tyga faded

  • AmyWeezyWife

    1- Awkward
    2- No worries
    3- Celebrate
    4- HYFR
    6- faded
    7-bandz makes her dance
    8-get smoked
    9-mercy remix
    10- sasaraf

  • Chanise

    My Top 10 , no particular order …
    β€’ Same Damn Tune
    β€’ Awkward
    β€’ Bitches love me
    β€’ Magic
    β€’ Wish you would
    β€’ I don’t like
    β€’ Turn on the lights
    β€’ No worries
    β€’ No lie ….. To tell ya the truth , every song is my favorite song from my husband lil wayne

  • Grace

    1- No Worries
    2- High School
    3 – Cashed Out
    4- Bitches Love me
    5 -Bandz a make her dance
    6- Faded
    7- Pop Dat
    7- Get smoked
    8- Celebration
    9- Turn on the light
    10 – All the others verses <3

  • deweezy

    No worries
    Bitches love me
    Cashed out
    Hold me back
    Pop that
    Bitches and bottels
    Take it to the head
    No lie
    Bag of money
    I don’t like

  • Lil Tunechi

    Banana Clip
    Picture Perfect
    Born Stunna Remix
    Bitches and Bottles
    No Worries
    Bandz Make Her Dance
    Dark Shades
    Pop That
    Cashin Out

    Year 2012 was wayne year on best features…2013 will be his year to get shit right who is the best rapper alive

  • Stretch

    Not in order

    1.turn on the lights
    3.roman reloaded
    4.no worries
    5.bitches love me
    7.hail mary

  • my top 10 & fav songs of tunechi are :
    1-No worries ft Detail
    2-Yellow tape
    3-High school ft Nicki Minaj
    4-Mercy ft NMinaj
    5-Bitches on me ft Drake
    6-No Lie
    7-Cashed out
    8-Faded ft Tyga

  • Jose alberto Perez Dominguez

    2-Pop that
    4-How to Love
    6-Bichis Love
    8-dark Shades
    9-Hail Mary
    10- All Aboard

  • Tay Luv Weezy

    1. No Worries
    2. My Homies Still
    3. Mirror ft lil Wayne
    4. Faded ft lil Wayne
    5. Hail Mary
    6. Yellow Tape ft lil Wayne
    7. Blunt Blowin
    8. No Lie (off dedication 4)
    9. High School
    10. Yuck
    I know I’m late

  • Ron

    i couldn’t choose between these songs
    1. Turn On The Lights (Remix) (Solo Version)
    2. Picture Perfect
    3. Lover (his verse from the music video)
    4. Bitches Love Me
    5. Celebrate feat talib kweli & Mack maine
    6. take it to the head
    7. 60 Rackz Remix
    8. Dark Shades
    9. Roman Reloaded
    10. Zip It
    11. Faded
    12. Pressure
    13. Bands a Make Her Dance
    14. So Dedicated
    15. Same Damn Tune
    16. Burn
    17. Green Ranger
    18. Wish You Would
    19. No Worries
    20. Hold Me Back

  • Bang My ==== BANG B-B-BANG

  • Big-nasty

    1.Turn on the lights remix (solo)
    2. Why Stop Now Remix
    3. No Worries
    4. Wish You Would
    5. Burn
    6. Roman Reloaded
    7. Awkward
    8. Bitches Love Me
    9. Banana Clip
    10. Flowers
    Any order will do


    1. Bitches love me
    2. Bands make her dance
    3. Pop that (everybody on that killed that shit)
    4. HYFR
    5. Cashin out
    6.No worries
    8. Faded
    9. Bitches and bottles
    10. Magic

    “Murk one of these soft niggas now I’m in court for a pillow case.”

  • klaus

    1.Lil Wayne Feat. Drake And Future-Good Kush & Alcohol (Bitches Love Me)
    2.Lil wayne – No Worries
    3.Lil Wayne – Turn On The Lights (Remix)
    4.Lil Wayne – No Lie
    5.Lil wayne – Mercy (ft Nicki Minaj)
    6.Lil Wayne – Wish You Would
    7.Lil Wayne – Cashed Out
    8. Tyga – Faded (Feat Lil Wayne)
    9.Nicki Minaj – High School (Feat Lil Wayne)
    10.game – Celebration (Feat Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Tyga & Wiz Khalifa)

  • 1-no worries feat detail
    2-lover feat pj morton
    3-yellow tape
    6-dark shades
    7-same damn tune’
    8-high school
    10-no lie ”dedication 4”

  • Robert

    Awkward def top 10 along with Bitches Love Me.

  • 1- Zip It
    2- Bandz A Make Her Dance
    3- Burn
    4- Perfect Picture
    5- 60 Racks Remix
    6- Bitches & Bottles
    7- Bitches Love Me
    8- High School
    9- Hold Me Back Remix
    10- Good Kush & Alcohol ( Bitches Love Me )

  • Saimon Beats

    Awkward Was Dope!!!

  • TJ

    1. No worries
    2. Bitches love me
    3. Turn on the lights
    4. I don’t like
    5. My homies still
    6. Bands a make her dance
    7. Enough of no love
    8. Hold me back
    9. Hail Mary
    10. Why stop now
    So many more tough verses though

  • DK

    (no order)
    No Worries
    Turn On The Lights (full version)
    Born Stunna (Remix)
    Bands A Make Her Dance
    Hail Mary
    Magic (Freestyle)
    Bitches Love Me
    Dark Shades
    Pop That

  • Letunechi305

    1. AKWARD
    3. SINGLE
    6. DEAR ANNE
    7. BURN
    9. I GET MONEY
    10. BILL GATES !!!!

  • Green Ranger

    I see Awkward on so many lists….I’m not hating so much as i’m just wondering…what the fuck is good about that song? I honestly thought it was a joke and was sort of embarassed for Wayne when i heard it.

  • these idiots put some older songs is 2012

    1. bitches love me
    2. no worries
    3. cashed out
    4. burn
    5. pop dat
    6. dark shades
    7. yellow tape
    8. banana clip
    9. bandz make her dance
    10 awkward

    these is the best list thumps up for FEARGOD

  • All SONGS of lil wayne is the best πŸ™‚ i love all the songs YEAH NIGGA BEST RAPPER ALIVE ^_^

  • All SONGS of lil wayne is the best πŸ™‚ i love all the songs YEAH BEST RAPPER ALIVE ^_^

  • 1. Cyeah Cyeah Cyeah Cyeah (ft. Gucci Mane)
    2. Born Stunna [Remix] (ft. Birdman & Nicki Minaj)
    3. Celebrate (ft. Mack Maine & Talib Kweli)
    4. Lay You Down (ft. Tyga & D.A. Wallach)
    5. Yellow Tape (ft. Fat Joe, A$AP Rocky & French Montana)
    6. No Worries (ft. Detail)
    7. As Da World Turns (ft. Gudda Gudda, Mack Maine & Shanell)
    8. Good Kush and Alcohol (ft. Future & Drake)
    9. My Homies Still (ft. Big Sean)
    10. Awkward
    this my top10 of year

  • Mazin Demonn

    1. Bitches Love Me
    2. Ball
    3 All That (Lady)
    4. Turn On The Lights (Remix)
    5. High School
    6. Lover
    7. Work Hard Play Hard (Remix)
    8. My Homies Still
    9. Hail Mary
    10. No Worries

  • ashleymulaharris

    no worries

  • tunechilionchis

    Cashed out
    Bitches love me (good kush and alcohol)
    Wish you would
    Bands a make her dance
    Pop that
    I don’t like
    Enough of no love

  • MoneyBoyLeaf

    Fav 10
    1. She Dont Put it Down
    2. Burn
    3. Ice
    4. Enough of No Love
    5.Pop That
    6. No Worries
    7. I Dont like
    8. Yuck
    9. Mercy
    10. Turn on The Lights remix

  • arth


  • Luke

    No Worries
    Pop That
    Bitches and Bottles
    Bitches Love Me
    Bandz A Make Her Dance
    Turn On The Lights
    Hail Mary
    All Aboard
    She Dont Put It Down Like You

  • fucktunchi

    1 “Good Kush & Alcohol (Bitches Love Me)” (featuring Drake & Future)
    2 “Good Kush & Alcohol (Bitches Love Me)” (featuring Drake & Future)
    3 “Good Kush & Alcohol (Bitches Love Me)” (featuring Drake & Future)
    4 “Good Kush & Alcohol (Bitches Love Me)” (featuring Drake & Future)
    5 “Good Kush & Alcohol (Bitches Love Me)” (featuring Drake & Future)
    6 “Good Kush & Alcohol (Bitches Love Me)” (featuring Drake & Future)
    7 “Good Kush & Alcohol (Bitches Love Me)” (featuring Drake & Future)
    8 “Good Kush & Alcohol (Bitches Love Me)” (featuring Drake & Future)
    9 “Good Kush & Alcohol (Bitches Love Me)” (featuring Drake & Future)
    10 “Good Kush & Alcohol (Bitches Love Me)” (featuring Drake & Future)
    milli times billi “Good Kush & Alcohol(Bitches Love Me)” (featuring Drake & Future).

  • 1-Pop That- French Monta (Ft. Lil Wayne,Drake & Rick Ross)
    2-My Homies Still
    3-Ball-T.i ft Lil Wayne
    4- Dont like
    6-High School-Nicki Minaj ft Lil Wayne
    7-No Worries
    8-Bitches Love me
    9-bitches and bottles
    10-take it to the head

  • 8=========D

    1 bitches love me
    2 awkward
    3 rich as fuck
    4 no worries
    5 bands a merker dande
    Fuckyou all bitches who don’t have a life

  • volcomnukka

    RICH AS FUCK IS THE SHIT!!!! My homies still was Big Sean’s jam, No Worries was ON FIRE that was wayne’s come back, Bitches love me SUCKS I lost all faith in Wayne how could you go from no worries to bitches love me BUT THEN on youtube I came across Rich as Fuck AND ERMEGERD! That shit is the old wayne! Thank you wayne you still got it in your somewheres!

  • Dylan

    Everyone forgot My Homies Still!

  • tunechi in this bitch

    1.Pop that
    4.hello ft stafford brother
    5.high school
    6.no worries
    8.dark shades
    10.yellow tape


  • WeezysAngel

    1. A Dedication
    2. Bitches Love Me w/Future & Drake
    3. Take it to the Head w/Khaled, Rick Ross, & Nicki Minaj
    4. Awkward
    5. Hello w/Christiana Milian
    6. Ice w/ Kelly Rowland & Enough of No Love w/Keyshia Cole
    7. Yeah w/ Gucci Mane & Chris Brown & Night & Day w/Lloyd & Trae the Truth
    8. Cashed Out
    9. All That Lady w/Game, Fabolous, Big Sean
    10. Hail Mary w/Trey Songz & Young Jeezy

    What a Year it’s been for you, Weezy Baby!!

  • helen

    Best Song ever is “sure thing” this shit make me slow down.. :d tunechi

  • Kirli

    1. Bitches love me
    2. No Worries
    3. Awkward
    4. Burn
    5. Rich as fuck
    6. i don’t like
    7. ball
    8. She Dont Put It Down Like You
    9. Yuck
    10. Enough Of No Love


  • Kirli

    ohh and 11. HYFR !!!!!!!

  • Γ‹_RΓΈΓ§k

    Bitches love me

  • Michael’

    Marble Floors,
    Work Hard Play Hard rmx
    Bitches Love Me
    No Worries,
    Zip It,
    Hold Me Back rmx
    Cashed Out,
    Turn On The Light CDQ/DIRTY.

  • Breezy f baby

    Awkward, f**k food, high school, down like you, no worries, she will, president carter,

  • Nary

    1.no worries
    2.Dark Shads
    5.Take It To The Head
    7.Samn Damn Tune
    9.Bitches & Bottles
    10. Yellow Tape

  • Katy

    She will
    6 foot 7 foot
    Bitches and bottles
    No worries
    My honise still

  • Young Teezy

    My top 10 songs

    1. Dark shades
    2. No Worries
    3. Born stunna rmx
    4. My Homies still
    5. Good kush & alcohol (bitches love me)
    6. Pop that
    7. Banana Clips
    8. Original
    9. Bitches & bottles rmx
    10. Magic ft. Flow


    Young mula baby !!!!

  • I love all weezy’s 2012 release buh I’m so much in love with
    Cashed out
    High school
    No worries
    Wish you would
    60 racks(remix)
    Dick pleaser
    My homies still
    Zip it

  • Swaggieksofso

    1. No Worries
    2. Bitches Love Me
    3. Awkward
    4. Ball
    5. Cashed Out
    6. Burn
    7. Original
    8. Turn On The Lights
    9. Work Hard Play Hard Remix
    10. Put It Down

    And a whole lot more!

  • Kim

    Hey What’s up I love Lil wayne all of his songs are the bomb keep rapping Wayne ur awesome ~love you~

  • Kim

    Yo yung mula baby whats up

  • Kim

    K I kno a lot of ya songs wayne so imma do a lil sumen fo ya aiight. Imma pick the world up and imma drop on ya fuckin head yea bitch imma pick the world up and drop on they fuckin head.

  • Lil Wayne feat. Drake & Future – Bitches Love Me 2 Chainz feat. Lil Wayne – Yuck Lil Wayne – No worries (ft.Detail) Lil Wayne – Cashed out Lil Wayne – Burn Lil Wayne – Wish you would

  • TeamTunechi

    1.Lil Wayne – Awkward

    2. Lil Wayne ft Big Sean – My homie Stil

    3. Lil Wayne ft Detail -No Worries

    4. Lil Wayne ft Future & Drake – Good Kush & Alcohol (Bitches Love Me)

    5. Lil Wayne – Turn On The Lights ( Remix)

    6. Juicy J ft Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz – Bandz Her Make Her Dance

    7. Game ft Chris Brown,Tyga, Lil Wayne & Wiz Khalifa – Celebration

    8. T.I ft Lil Wayne – Ball

    9. Dj Khaled ft Future ,T.I,Lil Wayne & Ace Hood – Bitches & Bottles

    10. Keyshia Cole ft Lil Wayne – Enough Of No Love

  • WeezyFan

    1. Yellow Tape

    2. Take It To The Head

    3. Flowerz

    4. I Can Only Imagine

    5. Pop That

    6. Yuck

    7. Faded

    8. HYFR

    9. I Don’t Like

    10 Same Damn Time

  • rebecca

    probably love me or no worries

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