Jeremih – All The Time (Feat Lil Wayne & Natasha Mosley)

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Jeremih All The Time Feat Lil Wayne & Natasha Mosley

Jeremih releases the first single from his upcoming untitled album that is set to drop later this year on Def Jam. The song is called “All The Time” and features Lil Wayne and Natasha Mosley.

You can stream and download the FKI-produced track after the jump below, courtesy of Billboard.

Download: Jeremih – All The Time (Feat Lil Wayne & Natasha Mosley)

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  • Aaron Tropf

    Terrible 🙁

  • Aaron Tropf

    First!! Haha

  • ya bish

    wow jermih and natasha suck so bad

  • E.M.

    Another pussy average verse 🙁

  • Waste!

  • Linus

    I think it a good vers but i think he’s in to many songs about love/pussy/hoes right now….

  • hands up

    weezy couldnt even save the song lol

  • xxx

    smooth track and it sound like old wayne but not the lyrics lol

  • DmoneyorNoMoney

    This Song Hot!!!!!! Hoes Gone Like This

  • tune

    wayne always wins. mad or not.

  • weezy

    man whoever say he didnt kill his verse is stupid…. ” ima blood and she anemic, we perfect ” he murked it,

  • 2nechi

    Ayooooo hu ever hating dis ish is a fagott , weezy went GaGa on his flow , slow pace epic crazy , kis his ass if u hating.

  • Shad

    yeah like always weezy kill it but da rest of dis song was shiit -__-‘

  • me, lt

    shit song good wayne verse but kinda short again why he aint spit few more bars thats nothing to him u would think

  • Mitha

    In luv with this..

  • wizzle

    wtf this song already was on jeremih mixtape, they just added wayne

  • WeezyIzGod

    Fucken Weezy Killed AGAIN!!! Dope Ass track..Glad He didnt pop out wit his skatin n trukfit shit, Young Mula Baby sayin is better..Keep em cummin BlOOD!!!

  • Calves

    Could we get the old wayne back I mean Raw Tune nt Tunechi


    Wow that song sucks

  • Hell&Back

    He aint rappin he jusg talkin
    Dafuqs dis shit?

  • On that Good Kush

    damn it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Fuck this shit …………………………………..
    Pussy for Breakfast, that’s how I start my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I make her say,”Young Mula baby”

  • jojo_x

    This song sucks … lil wayne is jdm

  • Orriize

    The more you listen to Wayne’s verse! It gets better, god.

  • morriskalb

    this song is actually dope for when u in the zone !! makes u feel good !

  • damn wayne killed it,

  • Bawls

    This song was on Jeremih’s Late Nights mixtape. They just added a Tune verse.

  • Siege

    Good job tune. That’s da old you. 🙂

  • Gmoney

    If Jeremih didnt spit a verse, and wayne went two verses deep, this song would of been on another level. Especially with this beat being triply, something like ‘i feel like dying’.

  • t(-_-t)

    i mean it’s got a different feel but nothing i would pay for

  • LuvTunechi


  • Swezy


  • Tunechi99

    The beat and hook is stupid.

  • I like this. I could f*ck you all the time. Tunechi verse makes this song though.


    Mane all you bumbs stfu! This song is dope as hell.

  • DrizzyYMCMB8

    Damn Another Pussy Verse <3 Sick Wayne We Want More Of Those

  • NotAHater

    Niggas albums sound like love letters

  • TCJ

    I can dwell high on that song – Weezy went in.
    Imma cut out WeeZy verse and bang with it

  • tony_montana

    Y’all need to stop saying wayne made the song,Honestly…The only wack thing about this song is waynes verse…just sayin’

  • aaddaamm

    Best thing was Lil Waynes Verse…

  • MuRpH_902

    Dont usually ever post even if i do like the track, but this is the WORST fuckin song and verse ive hear scince fuckin IANAHB. Wayne is dead and this Weezy guy fuckin spits a good verse every 10-15 tracks??? this aint what i was down with. HOT BOYS WAYNE WHERE U ATTT!!!!!?????!!!!!????!!!

  • tunechi

    the somg is great fuck all the haters

  • Deno Jordan

    swag skate and swag more my nigga fuck haters baker team hard man he should skate with them

  • Mcuzz

    Fucc all the floods!!! but Wayne, the song is a hit, you would only know that if you know how to fucc with the bitches, or if you a real bitch that know wut to do with a real Nigga in they face. Wayne you always go kill it no doubt, but that sexy azz Natasha stole the show … hit her for me too Cuzz!