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Joe Budden – She Don’t Put It Down (Feat Lil Wayne, Fabolous & Tank) [Music Video]

Wed, Feb 6, 2013 by

Here is the official music video for Joe Budden‘s “She Don’t Put It Down Like You” single featuring Lil Wayne, Fabolous, and Tank.

The visual, which was directed by Robby Starbuck, was shot in Miami back in November. This T-Minus-produced song can be found on Budden‘s No Love Lost album, available in stores today!

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  • Rasta

    Dope song boring video

  • flexin

    weezy rocking a deathwish skate top yessir!!

  • smile

    hmmm is it just me or did he look super bored for his part? and he shot it green screen so he was being lazy again

  • F

    LOVE IT!!!



  • Diane

    A chickens anthem….lol….

  • truk off

    swaggin with the trukfit hat

  • lol

    dope video but too many haters in the youtube comments section… wayne had a good verse -___-

  • blunt

    on my version joe budden has a different verse and there is no fabolous ?

  • No.1 $tunna

    Green Screen videos always suck….

  • Chris

    Whoever directed the vid is off with waynes part. Waynes an energetic soul, he shouldn’t of been told to just stand there and say his lines, and if that was the style the director wanted, then they should of had a close up on his face with some movement to the camera. The far angle shot where he’s just standing there looks awkward. It looks like tune shot it himself in his crib then sent it in to be edited lol.

    Expected more from this vid.

  • Bedolla

    This is the remix! But the added Wayne’s verse from the original and cut twista. Wayne’s verse is fire but his scene sucked balls! Why even do a video!

  • zer0

    @Chris yep, same thing ..

  • lilwayne4evver!

    yesterday i was looking for new dope songs so i looked up the list of the songs by lil wayne in the last few months and i found this! i said to myself: this song is fuckin dope, please do a dope video for it! and today i looked at this page and found a video that is dope, its different to his others but i love it! fucki all haters!!! weezy is tha fucking best rapper alive!!!!

  • Fred

    this nigga looks bored as fuck . he should of shot his part from his house and it would of been better

  • Mitha

    I like his verse

  • Lol Was Weezy like sick the day he shot the video??? he like seriously had no movement in that video. but its still a cool song

  • DOPE

    Lil wayne’s part of the vid SUCKS too much!!

  • LP

    Waynes part was shot in his bathroom with a cameraphone

  • ZipLiner

    One of waynes best verses since becoming Trukfit Tunechi honestly, its on topic, solid flow, good bars.
    BUT this video…. wonderful except waynes part Wayne…. smh

    i know its his new thing to only rock trukfit but it really ruined the vibe of the video..
    Joe, Fab & Tank are all well dressed then Wayne comes on lookin like he just rolled outta bed. Trukfit is comfortable sure… but every single item cant be trukfit its tacky and an eye sore, if a) he went in the closet and pulled out some 08-10 Wayne clothing and B) shot a live scene like everyone else this would be probably the best vid of 2013

  • Tic Toc

    Dope music vid

  • Hakkkkk

    The second i heared a wayne line about pussy i just ended the song

    He almost as repetetive with pussy lines as pusha t is with coke lines

    Fuck that fans deserve more than these boring ass topics
    First make your ass rich so you can put out bullshit out like this
    Im not filling it

  • marquaise i stay real while u dont

    Wtf man. The director needs to get his ass kicked for real Mr.Robby Starbuck is a ass of a director lil wyane look like he wasnt even apart of the video like they Distanced him from everybody im highly upset about this. And another why the fuck ppl be on this website hatin for nobody but normal ppl are going to read so kill that shit you be talkin

  • Yuuuh

    Ayee i like this!

  • none of yo damn business

    the song is a about fuckin idk y niggaz complainin about Wayne using pussy in alot of his songs and dats not all da nigga rap about so yall niggaz trippin after all he said it himelf he is all about pussy, money, weed and dat nigga wayne still go hard and Wayne waz freash in this video

  • Ibrahim Basree

    I like the remix version better.
    But cool video tho.

  • Young Teezy

    My big bro tunechi keep going hard and he stay swaggin his swag aint going no were but that trukfit hat iz dope snapback I hope he bring tht hat his verse he murder it including joe budden

    MOB to the END

    Martians 4 Life

    Rich Gang,YMCMB, We The Best, The Flamez, Flight School, OVO, Last Kings, Goon Gang, B.W.A

    Rich Forever
    Young Mula Baby !!!!!!!!!



  • MOB

    Wayne need to have some naked females around him

    Nigga look lonely and bored lol

  • Tha infamous

    Nigger Dwayne is a joke. The fact that joe made a video for a hit song off a mistake shoes u niggers and slut bitches that nigger Dwayne’s work ethic is nothing compared to even joe Biden.
    Suck a fucking dick whores.

  • muthafuckas say all wayne rap about is pussy money weed but you would too if everynight u seen the same thang

  • weezlefan

    haha, Wayne didnt even bother making an effort :p

  • Bruizer


  • dope video, wayne killed the song,dope verse

  • Pls, i need photos from behind the scenes of this video, i want the pictures of lil wayne rocking ‘I have a death wish’ pls anyone got it??? Danny pls

  • SeanTastic4Life

    i don,t getit why tune looks so bored i mean he,s making money !!!

  • LuvTunechi

    <3 WEEZY <3 ALL DAY ERYDAY!!!! ;+))) ALWAYZ LUV YU BABI; YU KILL THIS SONG BABI WHEN YU SAY, "Yu B Fukn That Nigga Like Yu Was Fukn Me, Fuk That Nigga, He Cant Fuk Wit Me, Im Tunechi Bitch N Yu Kno Dat, N That Pussy Throwback" ;+)