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Lil Wayne’s “I Am Not A Human Being II” Album In Stores Now!

Tue, Mar 26, 2013 by

Lil Wayne I Am Not A Human Being 2 Album In Stores Now

Lil Wayne‘s tenth studio album, I Am Not A Human Being II, has officially been released worldwide today. Show your support for Weezy F Baby by purchasing a copy (or more) from your local music store, iTunes, or Amazon.

If you order the deluxe edition of I Am Not A Human Being II, you will get 3 bonus songs: “Lay It Down” featuring Cory Gunz and Nicki Minaj, “Hot Revolver” featuring Dre, and “My Homies Still” featuring Big Sean. You can also buy the album from Target and that will include a bonus track called “Shit Stain“.

Hit the jump to view some scans from Tunechi‘s I Am Not A Human Being II album packaging and click here to read the lyrics from the project.

Lil Wayne I Am Not A Human Being 2 Album Booklet
Click to enlarge!

Lil Wayne I Am Not A Human Being 2 Album Booklet
Click to enlarge!

Lil Wayne I Am Not A Human Being 2 Album Booklet

Lil Wayne I Am Not A Human Being 2 Album Booklet

Lil Wayne I Am Not A Human Being 2 Album Booklet

Don’t forget to leave your feedback in the comments section below with your thoughts on Wayne‘s album and how many copies you think it will sell in the first week!

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  • first

  • Dry Carter

    IANAHB iiiiiiiiiin thiiiiiiiiis BIIIIIIIIIIITCH

  • LilWayneAddict

    i think its gunna sell at looks 500K first week ! Album is dope, going buying it today ! Shout out from Ireland !

  • Kayvin


  • @official_X_

    800-1mil 1st week

  • Oscar Galvan

    I don’t know if it will sell 1 million but it is a good album, probably going to buy it today

    Hey @danny, is it available at walmart now?

  • Malik

    The album is good it ain’t carter 2 or 3 but it’s dope better than any album out

  • Lil Wayne

    only songs worth listenin to from my bum ass album are God Bless Amerika, Trigger Finger, and Trippy Kit

  • Lil Wayne

    I saw a butterfly in hell today

  • Empire

    I dont think it will sell a million first week.

    Maybe 400,000 to 500,000.

  • f baby

    the top 3 songs are god bless amerika, romance and back to you…..


    300k (200-400k)

  • Angel

    I have had this album on repeat since it leaked last week
    It’s a good album but no way near his best piece of work
    Hello is my shit though

  • the album dope as fuck i had ths on repeat best rap album ths year

  • dipset

    1 milli first week!! 🙂

  • can’t treat these hoes like ladies maaaaaan

    This is one of the best weezy’s albums!!! 5 milli 1st week!!! \=D/

  • C3 the boss

    I fuck with this album everyday… I love ROMANCE, thats ma shit

  • MattK

    Damn, I might just buy this one.

  • imma spare everything but these nigguhs

    Yo danny watchu think of the album!!???

  • yt

    the album is decent, but not the carter II wayne i was expecting, no where near it

  • sexy did it again…well like he said , he is best rapper alive ,(no body can take that away from him

  • AmanU01

    maximum 300 copies dude

  • Weezy did it again….well like he said , he is the best rapper alive (no body can take that away from him)

  • I_G_M_F

    fuck yall sayin this my shit the holl album IANAHB2 CANT STOP LISTIN TO IT it goin to sell alot fuck yall sayin best two songs are ianahb and Trigger Finger

  • Jaz

    Who got shit stain download link!!!!

  • Anonymous

    The album was indeed decent. But it was not what I expected, If you think it about it, this is what got kicked back over 3 times. And also, I do not believe Wayne put his all into it. He just kind of dropped this out there for his fans. Hmm.

  • Kremajr

    1mil,..Shit stains dope as fak,gat mah copy yo bitch nikka wantin a download link go suck a dick,buy da album or stay mumb,stfu

  • lilwayne4evver!

    finally!!! i just preordered it and now i got it!!! best songs (we didn’t know until yesterday) are IANAHB, romance, trigger finger, god bless america and back to you! all the other songs are great too but these are the best! the ‘worst’ song is hello because i don’t really like the rock in it! gonna be the album of the year! YMCMB bitches!!

  • @becguyzlax

    Got it .Album of da year..shit stain is dope

  • weezy da beast

    already purchased ..

  • Meezy

    Can anyone do an unboxing for this? I bet its like 2 chainz’s album
    Seems like a good a album but doesnt match my favorite, tha carter iii


    Worldwide? LOL the latest Waynes album here in Greece is IANAHB, not even c4 lol.. I think im gonna order it :/ Btw I think itll be like 750k sales

  • Meezy

    Can anyone do an unboxing for this? I bet its like 2 chainz’s deluxe digipak
    heard some songs, it seems like a good album but doesnt match my favorite, tha carter iii

  • Sind

    Already bought it!!!!!!!

  • rickylal

    come on we all know this album sux bbutlets all go buy it mann serioously grab that b15 bux out ur wallet n fuckin buy it, who gives a ‘fuck waynes a legend, even tho i fuckin hate wat hes become , just go fuckin buy it the rap games fycked up its not his fault

  • Tha fuck!!! One ofg not on here…romance..good…all ways taking the
    good songs off…just like carter 4 3…3.5 for dat

  • Ravi

    straight fire…….

  • Khosta

    How come the album will arrive in aprill here in South Africa, this is so unfair and I cried when they told me that in our best music store. They said IANAHB2 will arrive in Aprill, so pissed cause I wanted to support him and assist in first week sales

  • My Trigger Finger Itchin’

    Trigger Finger is a ”full punchlined” song!!….and probably gon be the best of the year with that Soulja’s beat its straight fire…bumpin it til am tired!

  • Edo

    1st wk sales for a Wayne album should be 500k or more

  • weezy da beast

    @My Trigger Finger Itchin’
    it’s juicy’s beat…soulja produced wozers

  • Edo

    Dope Albums still to come with Weezy in ’em include Tyga’s Hotel California, Big Sean’s Hall Of Fame, Rich Gang:Flashy Lifestyle, Drake’s 3rd studio album n so forth….

  • Zodiac

    Props for the lyrics Danny. I’m just waiting for Shit Stains now.

  • Weezy93

    IANAHB2 beeen on repeat all dayyy

  • EiuK

    She gets DICK,WEED & IGNORED..dats a D.W.I nigga..mehn i so fuckin luv TRIPPY KIT feat juicy J,God bless amerika & shit stains..dis album is dope!It may “NOT” be as gud as Tha CARTER III or IV lyrically..but hey c’mon mehn…honestly,it’ll probably be in contention for album of d year,no kidding! GO WEEZY GO #TEAMWEEZY#

  • i am in iran i cant buy it hear
    but how much is it?

  • Daniela


  • LilGreen_TRUKFIT

    500k min.

  • lil wayne is the legend m gon buy 10 copies 4 ths

  • lil teo

    this album its so gooooooooooooooooood, gonna sell 1000000 in the 1 week

  • My Trigger Finger Itchin’

    @weezy da beast, thnx 4 the corrections, its Juicy J n Crazy Mike who produced that trigger finger…I confused

  • lil wizzy

    this album its perfect ,i love it

  • asdfghjk

    Already got it, and daaaaamn. Such a disappointment):

  • i dont care what anybody says this album is great and the bass is awesome af

  • Gunplay goes hard!!

    ”We Tripple C’s, they Tripple L’s: Lames Love to Lose”
    #Gunplay in beat the shit

  • Gunplay goes hard!!

    Banana Clips vs. Beat The Shit???
    your views….

  • Khosta

    Trigger finger, IANAHB and God bless America be the dopest lyricaly. Love days and days, back to you, hot revolver, love me, no worries, trippy and curtains though

  • Khosta

    Trigger finger, IANAHB and God bless America be the dopest lyricaly. Love days and days, back to you, hot revolver, love me, no worries, trippy and curtains though!


    by Far Lil Wayne’s best album since tha Carter 3 ….Ima Go buy This Weezy Went Ham in this 1 And LAY IT DOWN GOES STUPID!!!!!!!!

  • Khosta

    “we don’t feel you like an elephant gettin fucked with a tick dick” aargh Wayne is sick

  • Khosta

    Im 18 and I still cry like a little bitch cause i Cant get IANAHB2 I need lil waynes dick up my ass cause i got no life in africa

  • Khosta

    Im have aids cause im in africa

  • Khosta

    Im a nigger

  • Yung’n Bonz

    Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiik album ama get t

  • Team tune

    Shit stain is a nasty song one of the best records on the album

  • whatupdoe

    Am i the only one that likes his “Trippy” joint on This ? Shit is straight firee

  • IANAHB2!

    i did have high hopes for this album, but its the shit, hardest album since carter three, still not as good, but this shit go hard! gunwalk and back to you are sick! 800,000 in the first week!!

  • aakash tiwari

    weezy rocks…….!!!!

  • Samuel

    Albums dope IANAHB

  • doped_king

    This album is da shittt. Fuck siege’s mum, sis and daughter.

  • samuel

    Wowerz, trigger finger all’s dope

  • trill

    850k the first week. Shit been goin hard since last week.

  • WeezyFbabyBIGGESTFAN

    850k-a mil this album is the shit!!! In my opinion his 2nd best album behind Carter 3 Weezy Tha best rapper alive an always will be I can’t even pick a favorite they are all so damn good

    btw. weezy u rock that shit!!

  • Lil wayne #1 fan

    Best album ever

  • wayne fan

    Nice, but i think rebirth goes harder. real talk.

  • erick

    this is album is like a ” i can do what i want” album. he just messes around if you go in expected something else you will be disappointed. but i think this album is okay and definitely not carter 2 wayne. it did what it was supposed to.

  • Amerikus

    I was one of the 1st ppl at Target this morning. I love it. I even cried on number 6. How does Wayne keep doing this.???????

  • lil k

    the album goes hard as fuck….all the songs are good
    i jus hav 2 get the Shit Stain record now

  • ctwins3644

    will someone please explain the concept of buying more than one copy of an artist’s album? Unless you are gifting the others it is absolutely foolish.

  • erick

    honestly this sounded more like a mixtape then an album but not a wayne mixtape if that makes sense

  • Little Wayne KILLA….

    lol, stop fantasizing you booty fucked groupies. only a lil wendy stan would say some dumb shit. this trash album will not even sale 300,000 in the first week. and that will be Baby buying all that shit. Im not stupid, Baby will be wasting his own money today. lol, bum ass niggas. you and I know its over for lil wendy. look at all the other critics at other blogs, lil wendy fell off, and people are seeing how garbage this faggot has become. only the stans will waste there parents money on this hsit. and the lil wendy fan base aint shit, cant be taken serious, when you wear tight leggings and skateboard, and have gay piercing on the nipples. thats how a lil wendy fan is like. you clowns are not a serious threat. lil wendy will not sale that much, wake up little kids….the party is over..

  • Ohhhh shitttt this album is thee greatest and I think we are pushing a million copies 1st week! And 2,5 in two weeks! #Tunechi!!!!!!! Pussssy!

  • Tunechi Jr.

    The album is GREAT! Tha Carter II Wayne ain’t back like that MTV interviewer said, but it’s still great! When I heard the snippets, I thought the album would suck, but I was sooo wrong! I personally think its better than C4 (which was good but not that great). Only his Carter albums sell around 1million in a week but I think this album deserves it too! The first IANAHB didn’t sell as much, but maybe that’s because Wayne was in jail

    Enjoy the album everyone!

  • hmm not the best from weezy but it will do but romnce is dope

  • JayEemCee

    Album is sick. Trippy, back to you, curtains and god bless amerika all go hard as fuck

  • Loyal fan

    Dope album!!!!

  • BestRapperAlive

    C3 + Rebirth + D4 FLow = IANAHB2!!

    pure madness for real this is going stright to nr1 no dought

  • weezy da beast

    shit stains is dope as fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk

  • flystealth

    Weeezy BACK!!

    Hot revolver my SHIT!

    This album is CRAAAAAAZY EVERY 1 sayin its a CLASSIC!!

  • flystealth

    Weeezy BACK!!

    This album is CRAAAAAAZY EVERY 1 sayin its a CLASSIC!!

  • This album is OK just ok imma lil wayne fan but this nigga run out of shit to say, theres no storytellin, but its ok not bad.. No worries is my shut wen I heard that I thought he would kill this but its wack the dopest tracks, love me rich as fuck,no worries,curtains,trippy,trigger finger,gunwalk.. The rest are avarage exept wowzers which is shit lets wait and hear c5 but this nigga fall off imma real nigga i listen to real nigga shit like jeezy,kanye,big sean,j.cole.. Big seans album gonn be better than this and j.cole buy j.cole’s album yo coz he sick and he dont just talk about pussy he talks bout real shit us niggaz can relate to… But buy this shit too I want it to be the hieghest sellin album

  • Young Teezy

    Congrats big bro da album iz dope R.A.F and My Homie still and amerika and last but not least Gunwalk they all dope tracks

    YMCMB x RICH GANG x The Flamez x L.A.T x We The Best x Lat Kings x OVO x TRUKFIT
    still untouchable

    Martians 4 Life
    Trukfit MOB to the END

  • ctwins3644

    btw best song on this album, and probably the only one I will add to my oldschool wayne sounding playlist is the intro (ianahb). reminds me of 3 peat from c3, only with a sick piano beat

  • Tity boi

    Anyone else notice he put himself down as dwayne the president carter in the producers bit

  • Tune(ManOnTheMoon)

    Dope album one million first week
    gunwalk, trigger finger itchin and god bless amerika the best songs brrrrrrrrrrrr

  • ….

    Garbage … to all you fake lil wayne fans who probably don’t even know what “The Leak” is, Lil Wayne hasn’t been good since No Ceilings.

  • shawn

    did romance not make the finally cut? I bought it on iTunes and romance wasn’t on it


    @ Ggggggggggggggggg. You can’t relate to pussy?

  • Khosta

    This album too dope, just needed 1 song like ‘how to love’ or ‘tie my hands’

  • morriskalb

    hate to say it but i was dissapointed .. not worth replaying , ! simply not a classic

  • bunz

    Romance! Sick

  • doped_king

    lol @ lil wayne killa, im sure u feelin like some terrorist or sumthin on dis site,…… but u just a fuck boy. Considering the amount of times u comment, it shows dat u re indirectly supporting wayne by giving this site some hits.
    If u cld cross my zone, i’ll run circles round ur pussy ass nigga.

  • bluesclues

    hottest tracks , gunwalk trippy, trigger finger, back to you, hot revolver, wowzers… i deleted ‘Hello’ and pretend its not on the album.

  • lilsandy_

    i fell in love with the piano on the first song…..want to play it!!

  • Trukdawurld

    All songs are the shit. Love this album

  • Streetz


  • liltunechi06

    Done bought 2 copies to support my dawg. prolly go get a few more. Albums sweet af an gunwalks my favorite.

  • Streetz

    Bro “God Bless Amerika” is fuckin awesome

  • Jeremy

    Tell me why shit stains is the best song on the album and he ain’t even put it in the regular tracklist… Also the chorus from shit stains was made on the carter documentary

  • i wndr y people comment abwt pussy as being bad i’ll ask u want wayne 2 talk abwt thngz he not into em and dat would be unreal weezy dont tell no lie he split playz gud lyrics arwnd pussy dat showz he got talent dan other rapper in the game

  • 30 Min. to New Orleans

    @Jeremy Yeah, I like the song shit stains but I was disappointed that the album didn’t have the actual song from the documentary. Rumor is that the song MIGHT be on Birdman’s Bigga Than Life album…

  • YunG based god

    got my copy at target. shit stain is bangin

  • Khosta

    @Danny M when will this album arrive in South africa’s music stores ?

  • Khosta

    @Danny M when will this album arrive in South africa’s music stores ? And can somebody please right the shit stains chorus lyrics here


    Shit Stains is too goof

  • i think its one of his best album he went hard on it my fav is god blees amerika but they all dope three shit stains man just heard that he murded that shit straight bars great album wayne


    shit stains is the hardest track on the album

  • 1 million first week!! I already bought 3 copies. YMCMB we the best.

  • DON

    FIRST OFF THIS ALBUM IS GR8 i hate to sound selfish but im honestly ready for NO CEILINGS 2 now but in the mean time this is what im bumpin

  • DON

    I SAID IT B4 and i will say it again Wayne IS THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE!!!!!!!! I feel bad for ever doubting him. Hopefully b4 he drops Carter 4 he makes a NO CEILINGS 2 since he talkin bout retirement which i doubt lol…. I HOPE HE DONT

  • Dshizzo

    Momma said take wat chu want i took IANAHB 2

  • ths album is dope i wndr hw wayne keep on puting hit music lyk ths i wish i was lyk hm

  • Loyal fan

    Shit… i stay at south africa and the album hs nt arrive in any music stores in mzansi. Pissed bt i’ll wait until it arrives. And maybe buy 3 copies to support my nigga TUNECHI.

  • Tahir

    So im at Target tryna cop INAHB2 but they already out em Cds …no CDs left on shelves … go Wayne

  • Killa_rodrick

    This album go stuuuupid!!!!!!! Wayne did it again

  • Chris

    Absolutely love the album. very impressed. And that’s from a lifelong Wayne fan.
    5 fav tracks, no order is
    Back to you
    Trigger finger
    Best the shit
    God bless amerika.
    And the intros so dope.

    I think it will sell no less then 500 thousand first week

  • Ravi

    shit stain is the shit man, can’t believe this is an exclusive extra. Should be on album…….729k 1st week

  • i want a vid 4 romance o god bless amerika

  • Bri


    Lil Wayne on Sizzurrp + Kush= Beast Mode

    Can’t believe this is an exclusive extra! Should’ve been on the album !

  • C-Minor

    How did “Shit Stains” only make the Target version? That song was dope, should’ve made the deluxe tracklist.

  • Rhino

    The best song on the whole album is Trigger Finger!!!!

  • James_tunechi

    I love this album it’s fuckin amazing. And can you please put the comment section back on the iphone app for LWHQ thanks! I reackon he will sell 1000000 millions sales first week!

  • Sir. T

    My ranking TOP3
    1. Love me
    2. Romance
    3. IANAHB

    Best lines from IANAHB ”Im at my crib butt naked b¡+[# she say my dick can be the next black president..” and ” i was fucking even before my dick grew hair..” even though Tune couldn’t feature good artists but de album awesome….

  • LSDrug

    Shit Stains killed the whole album :O

  • Triggerman

    where can i download shit stains i dont have target where i live

  • No1TuneFan

    Beat the shit goes fucking hard , Wayne’s first verse was fucking mental , top songs in order of best , beat the shit , trippy , gunwalk , trigger finger , day and days

  • weezy goes hard in everything he does.i’m from south africa,i haven’t got the album yet but i downloaded all the tracks and they are amaizing.wordplay,punchlines,metaphors.eveything is so perfect.wayne is really not a human being coz no human can think like him.he is the best,greatest,dopest rapper alive.he takes a stupid beat and makes it clever and tunechi!i salute you my homie

  • Lilwayne fan

    Bro I love shit stains 10000 million heart song on repeat bumping in ma car smoking a blunt yuppp #songoftheyear #albumoftheyear lil wayne is officially back a Millie first week love every song it’s almost as is the twin of the carter 3

  • call me TUNE & watch me act like TUNECHI

    Damn!…readinq al viz comments I just be like WTH I’m I still doinq here & haven’t gotten ma own copy..buh is nah just ma fault I guess it haven’t arrived Africa yet & I dn’t knw how lonq we gon keep on waitinq for it..mtchw!..Anyways I’m from WEST AFRICA precisely NIGERIA in case if it cam when I’m unawares someone shu please hulla @ me wif ma Email

    Thanks Y’all
    GO TUNE GO TUNECHI GO WEEZY F and the “F” is for we “FEEL” yhu alod boo


    I don’t know if I should but this from iTunes. It’s not his best work, he could of done better, but I like some of the songs. What should I do?

  • YmSalute

    Anyone notice how much writers wayne has on this album?.X “Best rapper alive” should make up his own shit

  • YmSalute

    Anyone notice how much writers wayne has on this album?nd solo songs?.X “Best rapper alive” should make up more of his own shit

  • Kinda late danny….

  • junie

    Besides ianahb and god bless amerika. The album is HORRIBLE I MEAN HORRIBLEEE i mean WTF happwned to this dude


    It’s good- I was hoping for a song like right above it… I miss that flow he had but this album should be platinum in no time


    Why isn’t shit stains on the regular version? It’s FIREEEE-

  • @becguyzlax

    Weezy got recycled lyrics on 2nd verse shit stain..but still the song is fire

  • That kid

    Hey Danny is there a way you can tell weezy that all his fans want shit stains video already

  • philly c

    I personally think he should’ve left hot revolver off the album. I like the original version with Weezy using the autotune and Kevin Rudolf on the hook. If he was gonna put it on the album I would of preferred he’d of just used the original instead of redoing it.



  • Angelooow

    Hell nah this shit right here!! Straight joke!!!!! Wayne where u at my dude this tune chi nigga has such a lazy flow! Where is the hipped ready to murk flow at?? Come on you guys can’t really think he killed it! I went and bought it and I liked 3 songs that’s it come on wezzyF!


    I don’t know why people say “weezy is back” ..Wayne never left . All he has been doing is trying out new shit Nd that’s what makes him the best rapper alive . He’s not scared of anything and gives a two fucks about what people think . He doesn’t do his music to please his fans he does it cus he loves doing it . Like he says ” I do what I want ” . This album is dope as fuck like every other album he has . #LIL WAYNE #YMCMB #TRUKFIT#1 MILLION FO SHO

  • Anthony

    By far the best song is… Back to you

  • Burnin my kush blunt

    This album rollin like a bitch,my damn neck hurtin lol

    Wanye came through once again,i have to say its classic my nigz

    All haters bend between yours legs and kiss your nuts

    Milli +’s first week BITCHES!! / FUCK OUTTA HERE

  • View Song Activity [Verse 1]
    Tunechi.. uhh
    Walked in the bank like my shit dont stank
    Bitch Im from New Orleans everybody ain’t
    Pockets never empty Weezy F, full tank Try to check me and I’mma leave that check
    Tongue kiss that pussy make that woman have
    Im in this bitch throwing up blood like a ulcer Real nigga like a mothafucking slave
    I R I P these niggas like a page Uhm, Hello how you doing Sir?
    Doctor Carter MD, that’s Mur-der
    Bitches ain’t shit and niggas ain’t neither
    Bad bitches I get atchu like Sinus
    These niggas is fake like a bosom
    And everybody is on edge untill you push em Haha but the pleasures all mine
    Cuz on my watch, Im the greatest of all time
    Tunechi.. [Hook]
    And I dont know how fake feel nigga
    Cuz all my life I’ve been a real nigga
    Yeah all my life I’ve been a real nigga
    Dont fuck up my night im like
    Whuz poppin? What yo friend name? What yall drinking on? Come get a __ change
    I brung my AK, Im on my A Game
    Bitch Im a A hole leaving shit stains
    Ho.. [Verse 2]
    I’mma asshole but I dont give a shit
    Like a hard dick, Im in this bitch
    Im sharp Im cold, Ice pick
    Top off the Maybach, nice tits I’m from Hollygrove, I used to hang with L I make them bitches (HUH), they waiting to
    I’m on some gangsta shit, knock your head off
    Bark up my tree, thats a dead dog
    Where them hoes at? tell ’em I said wassup
    I like a shaved pussy, no razor bumps I got that paper bitch, come get a paper cut
    Dont gamble in that pussy not even Lady Lucks
    I make them straighten up, and fly right
    When life hands you lemons, find a limelight
    Yeah and the pleasures all mine
    Cuz on my watch, Im the greatest of all time Tunechi.. [Hook]
    And I dont know how fake feel nigga
    Cuz all my life I’ve been a real nigga
    Yeah all my life I’ve been a real nigga
    Dont fuck up my night im like
    Whuz poppin? What yo friend name? What yall drinking on? Come get a __ change
    I brung my AK, Im on my A Game
    Bitch Im a A hole leaving shit stains
    Ho.. [Verse 3]
    Uhh, I like my alcohol straight bitch
    I can’t stop stunnin, I need my brakes fixed
    Yeah Im on that shit, like a fucking maggot
    On the road to riches, you niggas stuck in traffic
    Stomp a nigga out, keep the party going Kick them hoes out if them hoes annoying
    But if they friends bad, then them hoes can join
    Im bout to shoot a porn, Im casting broken arms
    Got money on my mind, pussy on my agenda
    I beat that pink pussy magenta, fuck being
    gentle- Man Im hard, these niggas is simple Gun to yo
    I smoke till I look oriental, High as a window
    And I broke these niggas like pencils,
    Bitch I meant to, dick in her dimpels, lick it I tremble
    I swear, this shit is mental, fuck it my rent due
    I school yo ass and suspend you.. you bitch you
    Its Tunechi.. [Hook]
    And I dont know how fake feel nigga
    Cuz all my life I’ve been a real nigga
    Yeah all my life I’ve been a real nigga
    Dont fuck up my night im like
    Whuz poppin? What yo friend name? What yall drinking on? Come get a R change
    I brung my AK, Im on my A Game
    Bitch Im a A hole leaving shit stains

  • man this album was the shit hot revolver and hello was the songs i didnt like but rest of the shit once again was hard like he went ham on this shit going platium cant stop talking or jaming to it album of the year that god bless amerika is my fav man i never thought u fell off always been the best rapper alive that shit stains tells it

  • I forgot to mention those are shit stain lyrics.tha song nearly killed the whole album..shit stain,shit stain

  • morriskalb

    ok this is the best line i ever heard in hiphop. so creative “she suck so many nuts fuck around find squirrels in her throat ” lmao wayne how u think of that. days and days ft 2 chainz

  • bunz

    “these niggas think they hard, these niggas just nipples” lol

  • bunz

    i think he’ll go GOLD first week

  • Album dope didnt expect him to cum with straight bars like this he killing all these rappers

  • Siege cousin from down the street


  • may it sell lots and lots…

  • Khosta

    @calvez sane: thanks for the lyrics, now those lyrics make me wana hear the song more. They are dope tjo the punchlines…@loyal fan that’s why I want to move to America

  • Dont Hate

    “Tryna be a step ahead, but a few feet behind// two fingers to my head, POW!!, piece of mind”

    #GodBlessAmerika – this joint is jus GREAT!!

    I do think he couldve dun better with this album, but I also see the strategy being played here. Its gon make alotta money, the album is good.

  • Khosta

    Just downloaded shit stains and that aint tunechi rappin there, it’s weezy…listen to the flow in the last verse. Dopest track in the album!

  • AV3sms

    To all wayne Fans and especially the new ones. My cousin got caught up in the Carter 4 area wayne. I told him it was not that good. I am not a human being 2 not that good as well. You dont even hear the passion he had before. Each album is getting worse. I followed waynes Career. To me he lost it. All he is now is a club rapper. Not even a MC. How can you call someone good when he cant freestyle. I know in Carter 3 he says Im to paid to freestyle. Well, that is wrong of wayne. Why Eminem, Royce da 5’9 are so much better than him and bunch of others. I study every MC. The album is not that good. At least Carter 2 or Carter 3 had some substance and his later stuff. But this is just sad. I understand he can rap on any beat. But what happened to giving us a song with his true heart in it. Once and a while and stop running from the MIrror like the song MIrrors. I feel like The only time i seen him poured his heart was when Georgia Bush, Something you Forgot, Tie my hands and other tracks. But in this album there was no substance attt ALLL!. He is just a disposable rapper to me now. Yes he might have a creative line here and there. But thats it.

  • EiuK


  • EiuK


  • Tunexx

    @Eiuk it is.. a just fucked a clock and let it come in time

  • Commmoooonn tez u should’ve put that Shit stain in the deluxe version this song is fireeeeeeeeeee
    Weezy pls drop a video to this song let everyone hear it cuz this song will be no.1 in no time

  • I need the shit stain

    i need the downloadlink 2 shit stain

  • oh geez,the album aint that good,but when will the hate stop.when coming to music we wont have the same taste.wayne rockz,and surely its going to sell alota copies.stop the hate.waynes the best

  • Dman05

    Can anyone tell me when tickets go on sale forward the USA tour.??

  • bunz

    @khosta are u thirsty for something here?

  • Kremajr

    Shit stain s da Bestest,y’l nikaz lets buy as many copies as we kan,realshit #lilTunechi

  • Khosta

    @bunz: what the fuck do you mean?

  • ronnie

    its hard for a reall lil wayne fan to like this album i mean it has a few alright songs like intro, god bless amerika and trigger finger but he should had more refrences to why he is not a human being like his lost his creativity i wish he could stay on track on a song instead of raping about jail then next minute his off talking about bitches stay on target fking expected so much better from this album

  • Diabolic

    I Used To Be This Guy’s Fan, But Then I Realised That There Are Rappers Wayyyyy Better Than Him E.g Diabolic,Immortal Technique,Hopsin Etc…Fuck Him And Everybody That Love Him!!! He Can’t Fucken Rap

  • TEAMynq’mula for real!

    @Diabolic diabetes…yhu’re so fake azz niqqa..
    Yhu. Mentions names of rappers that never existed in this planet..Go get a new watch cuz times av changed try to be realistic okay!

    By the way wahchu doinq here cuz here iz neither diabolic or waheva site..I guess yhu shudn’t be postinq here neither

    And less I forget FUCK YHU one more time for beinq so FAKE!!!

  • McSK8

    I’m thinkin this gana b awsum and I’m also thinking about 1 nd a half million copies projected this first week of release…let’s w8 and c Tunechi Lee h8erz……I 4gt Truckfit amazeeeez..ouwt biatch

  • Diabolic

    @TEAMynq’mula for real! Keep On Dick Sucking Wayne, I Came To These Site Cuz I Wanted To See Pussies Like You Who Still Think Wayne Is Raw.. It’s Clear That You Don’t Know What Hip-Hop Is.. FUCK YOU And EVERY Lil Wayne’s Fan Around The World.

    FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!

  • #Shit stains# js killed ma bro dwn here in Nigeria!! Sombody help!!

  • @diabolic u shld go into ur room nd play wit ur clitoris instead of wasting tym here talking shit bout Wayne ( d rap world president) i also dare u 2 drop d name of a rapper more raw dan WAYNE.

  • john

    let me be the first to say I HATE THE DELUXE EDITION BOOKLET!!!! Buy the regular disc.. the booklet is better.

  • i see erbody comparin d old Wayne to d new Wayne lol@ dat. dey do dat cus dey cant compare any of their fav rapper to Wayne so dey had to compare Wayne to Wayne. Dats d.a.f ( dumb as fuck )

  • I_G_M_F

    Diabolic your ass muss still like him u on his fan page and nobody out their better then him fuck u sayin keep your shit to yourself bitch ass nigga befor we gunwalk your ass

  • by d way, ianahb2 is also d.a.f ( dope as fuck ) dats exactly wat it is.

  • I_G_M_F

    BEST RAPPER ALIVE lil wayne fuck a fuck nigga who dont know so YMCMB OR DIE BITCH

  • Khosta

    I’m from a GanG Cause I’m a G from the begining to the end…G an G

  • Khosta

    Circle of pussies got me fuckin around

  • Khosta

    I’m cool all the way like ice in a journy

  • Khosta

    Like a religated team I am out of your league…my punchlines are dope, don’t hate. It shows that I was influenced by Wayne

  • john

    let me be the first to say I HATE THE DELUXE EDITION BOOKLET!!!!
    Did they make a mistake when they printed it out…serious question

  • iyke


  • I’m Wiz Khalifa High

    Negative Infinity. Won’t sell one copy. Cause the album sucks. And so does the rapper. He can have a orgy wit all you fans for all I care. #Taylor Gang #Wiz Khalifa #Tyler, The Creator #OFWGKTA #Loiter Squad

  • Khosta

    Wiz Khalifa is 1 of the wackest rappers we’ve ever had in the game. Tyler da creature is even wacker…

  • @im wiz khagina high. U can go suck wiz dick elswhere. dis is a Wayne fansite not a wizkhalifa bitches site.

  • TEAMynq’ Mula for real

    All this fakerz cominq up here tew diss WAYNE hehehe…I laff at Y’all cuz Y’all are jez as useless as the last four letters in QUEUE

    Yhu can go ahead an advertise yhur non existinq wack rappers buh I don’t fink here will be a safe place to do vat

    T U N E A L W A Z B E T H E B E S T R A P P E R A L I V E!!!

  • wael999

    This album is fuckin dope!!!! Let’s just hope eminem don’t drop his album this year so that tunechi can win best rap album!!!! YMCMB #IANAHB2

  • AK


  • Khosta

    @Ak keep that to yourself and listen to some other artist because he doesn’t need you..

  • AK

    I get dick up in my ass daily

  • I’m Wiz Khalifa High

    I don’t know what pussy tastes like, that’s why I don’t listen to Lil Wayne. I’m gay and I’d suck Wiz Khalifa’s dick everyday

  • partez

    you are going crazy man

  • Dante

    Any disses on the album?

  • J stanley

    Album sucks……

  • N.o till I G.o

    Im from new orleans Born and raised andI’ve been a wayne fan long before the most of you. Unfortunatley the Internet makes people think they know a artist so well. Stop being such Stan’s though shits annoying. Wayne has some shitty and some great okay songs. Ianahb was trash. C4 was way better IMO

  • Hick

    You can get shit stains on for free

  • Dungas

    pretty meh but huge improvement over c4, IANAHB, back to you, trigger finger, beat the shit are dope songs

  • Khosta

    Everybody be sayin it’s better than c4 but does any of the IANAHB2 tracks have lyrics like 6 foot 7 foot, blunt blowin, president carter, she will, nightmares of the bottom, mirror and how to love?

  • Svntivgx

    If this will not sell a milli in first week, then i don’t know.. Because this is weezys fucking best album since C3!!

  • God bless America ths Godless America

  • fucking scubz

    This album is such a rip off in new zealand wayne released the delux version for 18 here they charge us 32!

  • j-young

    i see sheet in hell 4ck iluminaty go weeezy

  • r2row

    Bought the album and was a little disappointed… Its an ok album, but definitely not meeting up to Wayne’s potential. Half of the songs he sounds doped up and careless. Regardless, I will always support my nigga.


    Just listen to the intro.. he just killed every rapper in existance

  • And never forget about the singles, they are part of the album also, Raf, No worries, Love Me and mhs. Hard as my dick. Shout out from central america, Honduras. I bet yall ignorant asses wont know where this is..

  • Nito

    A millie in the first week #see me walkin with a limp thats ma gunwalk

  • Manye im so fuckin tied of niggaz tlkin bout where’s the carter 2@3 wanye

    Really ok i get it but damn wanye aint finna remake dat shit,why try to remake a classic smh

    Thats why we appreciate those albums so much,the closest you will get to dat is by soakin up the lyrics that sound similar to those albums

    And why compare carter series to Ianahb 1@2
    Thats like jordans to reebok seriously

    Long story short this is a tunechi classic
    Niggaz must forgot,this is the hipster era kid

    Substance gone some what lack in dis era,but bars,oh yea wanye got this shit,runnin it looool

    Appreciate what it is/classic TUNE

  • Jeremiah

    Lil Wayne’s “I Am Not A Human Being II” – Review by Jeremiah Rabbitt

    Lil Wayne’s latest effort marks his tenth studio album, and it is the follow up to his 2010 release, I Am Not A Human Being. The new album stays consistent with his IANAHB series in sound and content, blending rap, pop and rock music with oddball lyrics from left field. Wayne manages to deliver an abundance of sound with his tripped out beat selection and his ability to change rap flows throughout. Lil Wayne even tries his hand at singing as well – and somehow pulls it off in his distorted, raspy, rocker voice.

    The album opens with Wayne rapping over piano instrumental and serves as the introduction to the album. Here, he sets up what is to be expected for the entire album: witty punch-line rapping, braggadocios commentary, his love of drugs and women, and violence.

    The heavy hitters on this album are the songs, “Gunwalk”, “Trigger Finger”, and “Curtains”. All three of these songs have harder beats and stay true to Wayne’s hip hop influence as he raps about being the man and being a G.

    Lil Wayne’s pop-rock influence shines bright on songs like “Back To You”, “Love Me”, and “Romance” as the New Orleans native croons over pop-rock beats about his love for women and drugs. On these three songs, Wayne’s knack for improvisation leads the songs to be a success, as he writes and records the songs at the same time. It’s as if the beats speak to him, and he speaks back.

    Throughout this album Lil Wayne is extremely diverse in vocal performance, however in lyrical content the album falls short. The topics of women, drugs, violence, and money ring throughout the entire album and occur on every song, except one, which is “God Bless Amerika”.

    This is by far the most thought-provoking song by Wayne and is the standout track on the album. Here we get an existential, smarter Wayne as he questions American government, politics, and religion as he says “my country tis of thee/sweet land of kill em’ all and let em’ die”. Unlike most of his braggadocios songs, here we see a more vulnerable side to Lil Wayne as he contemplates the mistakes he has made in his past as he raps “will I die or go to jail today?”

    Lil Wayne’s I Am Not A Human Being II as a whole is a success despite its weak lyrical content. The MC makes up for its bare lyricism with entertaining vocal performance and beat selection. The sounds of this album make Lil Wayne’s latest effort worth listening to.

  • geezy

    All haters must kiss to that phucked up nigga tokin bout eminem royce da 5’9 and em…look dawg you can freestyle but it takes creativity to be able to create a HIT, that’s y doz Bitchez Fell off centuries ago u dumb Fuck, this shit is commercial not underground, weezy been the underground king long enuf…now his just getting that benji franklin nigga…I agree eminem is a better MC but where the Fuck is HE?…no rapper in the mother fuckin planet has weezy’s work ethic…he had seizures now watch Him put yo Dumb fuck rappers to bed…no dick rides str8 facts nigga weezy is boss hate it or love it…his clock says hiz da best of all time, Best rappers Don’t give time outs nigga they press till that final whistle nigga. Weezy makes HiTs turns cracks to mountains biach!..#team wEezy SA

  • maria_latina_wayne

    i absolutely love this album i love all songs i think but i’m not sure i going to buy a 2 album/cd of lil wayne I Am Not a Human Being II

  • Horseshoe G.A.N.G

    Let’s get this lyrical murdering under way
    Put this niggas way under, no delay andale
    Make this niggas lay under
    Dirt, the undertaker’s taking over
    No wonder they getting ate by the eighth wonder
    What you saying sorry like apologies
    My poisonous bars got toxicologists
    Analyzing my anthologies
    Can’t harm me, why pop at me
    It’s like I got hereditary sensory autonomic
    Why box with me, harder to hit than a lottery
    Why bother me, kill cats like curiosity
    We enter the place and niggas shake like they just strippers
    They hate this niggas because we make figures like a pottery
    Y’all upset me like a nun who’s bad
    I’m deadly with my one-two jab
    I can punch through, gun proof glass
    Kill shit when I wreck, Conrad Murry
    I’m responsible for this mics death

    Now That’s What I Call Hip Hop… Wayne Can NEVER,I Mean NEVER Have Metaphors,Punchlines Etc. Like That… NEVER!!!!

  • Ymcmb

    Album is sick..dumb mufuckers dont even listen to lyrics half the shit he says goes over these clowns heads he’s still the best rapper until someone dethrones him no one will run the game like wayne did for 5 years straight and still be relevant for how long he’s been, granted he ain’t on the carter 3 wayne level but he don’t have to be he’s accomplished everything he’s just having fun now he earned that so fuck you haters go listen to Kendrick Lamar or someone who will irrelevant in 2 years

  • Lil Wayne’s song ” back to you ” its just amazin! especially if u know his Story!!!!!!!! 🙂 Wayne i love u no shit!! (no homo!!)

    *I miss you in the worst way, ride that dick no speed bumps
    No redlights, no stop signs, just get to Lil Tunechi*

  • AV3sms

    To Geezy. I listen to some Commercial Hip-Hop. But see this is the thing about Eminem He doesnt have to feature on every song to get sales on his album as you noticed. He just features one or two songs and he stays true to his art. So i don’t know what you talking about. I don’t mind the topics of beating up pussy and etc. Cool. Great. But there was no substance in this album what so ever. I can compare others MCs or Rappers to Wayne who at least has more substance than him in his album alone. New and old. Woop de doo wayne aint washed up. But he ain’t doing nothing new! I MEAN NOTHING! I have some of his music. I will always be a fan. But I have a right to my opinion call me hater idc. Im glad he is getting money great. What does he do that is actually worth giving the fans. Yes I understand he cant make a classic every time or on every song. But at least. Be creative instead of the same old same old. He talked about jail, He talks about Pussy, He talks about guns, and so forth. What I want from Wayne is something different. Instead of the typical. Dont front though Geezy you know he lost it. 2Chainz is an exact recreation of Wayne in a sense. Both you use the same simple metaphors and same topics. I mean Come on I cant be the only that sees this. Except 2Chainz is way worst than Wayne I mean way WOrst. But Wayne has way more flows. Wayne should talk about Politics more and etc. Issues that really matter other than rotting ur brains cells from the same old thing. Don’t get me wrong either I like waynes work ethic He taught me Hard work pays off. that help motivate me into the MC i am today. But nah yall understand that. From the point of view im coming from. But its okay. I have respect for wayne but not his lyrics. I love metaphors and similes but not all the time. But anyways to leave this long note on a close. I hope wayne album does well. Wish the best for him and his career but he is not the same. thats all i got to say.

  • Kleiven92

    I poseted a link a way bak btw: (shit stains) a good song… still awaiting moderation but fuk that ;)..
    I think Lil Wayne use the same lyrics to often. I think the songs are so similar, fair enough that they are bonus, but what about the “Back to you”?
    We have heard some of it before?

    I’m a big fan and do not care about it.
    What I’m wondering is what you guys think?

  • #FuckYall

    @AV3sms Did You Like CARTER IV , Beacause Alot Of People Dont Like C4 But It Was Full Of Songs That Meant Somethin’ To Him & Alot Of Ppl Out There But Wen It Comes To PUSSY GUNS & JAIL Ppl Dont Like It Either & If Your A Real Fan You Wouldnt Care About Pussy Guns & Jail , We Hear It Enough From Ppl Who Hate Wayne #IANAHB 2 Leeetssss Goooooo ! 1MILLION FIRST WEEEK !

  • Kaplun

    they are saying wayne is gonna sell less then 200,000 🙁

  • CM_B

    They said IANAHB2 is only gonna sell 190-210K in the first week, I’d say atleast 300K at the most

  • Kaplun

    carter 4 sold almost a million

    and this sells 200,000 thats nuts

  • Triggerman

    mixed reviews like always

  • Alex-G

    @YMCMB, your head is so far up your damn ass. ALBUM FUCKING SUCKED. wayne is DONE.

  • Stoned

    DAMNNNN lil Weezy just created the best stone song ever…..listen to this in the dark with your eyes closed and blast it O.o

  • Khosta

    The thing is, even if wayne release somethin more serious without much sex references and stuff people will still hate. Example, the Carter 4…it’s solid but they hate it. The reason is that Wayne is too successful now everybody is jealous of him. They are just jealous, even if Wayne released an album like carter 2 I bet em haters were goin to say where are the punchlines. So I don’t care bout anybody anymore, even if I was the only person listenin to Wayne, I won’t stop because he always delivers for me. To me each album he releases is better that his previous. In South Africa Wayne has been named the king of hip hop, like Michael Jackson was the king of pop. And back to you stands out in this album and it stands out in this game!

  • Fast money

    Fuk wit me wrong/ and I’ll knock the muthafuggin snow off of ur cone, my nigga — weezy dissin Gucci mane on the low?

  • tony_montana

    This Album makes me appreciate C4 more,even though C4 wasn’t that good,it was still 100 times better than this…IANAHB2 is the worst album in the history of hip hop,the people that are supporting wayne on this album are the people that don’t want the “old wayne” coz if he sucks this bad & still gets sales then what reason does he have to try harder?!…y’all lil wayne stans are the dumbest I swear! *shrugs*

  • JTheMan

    Back to you is brilliant. Beat that was catchy but he could have came a lot harder.. I honestly feel like gun play out shined Wayne on that track because his delivery was so raw and gun play is whack to me. IANAHB2 (the intro) was just too real for hip hop. Say what you want but Wayne is definitely not rapping the same and you can tell the difference from the songs recorded during c3 c4 days from the songs recorded today. I still fucks with him and I actually bought the album unlike most of you

  • tony_montana

    I get dick up in my ass everyday

  • tony_montana

    Forgive me people, I know nothing about hip hop

  • #FuckYall

    @Khosta EXACTLY !

  • Weezy F Baby

    And the F is for faggot

  • S.O.S

    Are we #teamtunechi #wayniacs #weezyaddicts allow that IANAHB2 only sells 190-210k ??? We should do sommething #RT

  • Vahe

    What the fuck is happenin to weezy???
    Last mixtape (Dedication 4) was crap, now this album is hard to listen to.
    Before that lil wayne’s lyrics were outstanding. Now its like that fuckin new kids that “rap” only about how real nigga they are, how much money they have etc.

    What happened to crazy wordplays n shit???

  • Oscar Galvan

    IDK man weezy needs to step his game up!

  • Oscar Galvan

    On the song sh!t stains he used some lyrics from “Sweat”, “The American Dream”

    Wow weezy come up with some new things!

  • JGreen

    Trigger Finger is a diss to Gucci Mane haha knock the snow off you’re cone… Took me a minute to catch it

  • Khosta

    @S.O.S you’re right we have to do something, we can’t let it sell 200000, that’s that kendrick lemar amount not Weezy

  • Bitch

    @ JGreen thats beat the shit dipshit

  • Young Money Cash Money Obama

    He bout to retire anyway he don’t give a fuck he just tryna make sum more money on his way out lol.he sound like he just freestyling now but still going the hardest to me

  • GOT IT =)

  • Lewis P

    Anyone else noticed Romance isn’t on the album?

  • My hubby is doin it biggg! Fo real…he’s tha rapper in tha game n I’m soo proud! Wonderful album!

    P.S.- Weezy….i’m definitely one of the bitches who love u!

  • All the songs suck except for Rich as Fuck, bitches love me, trigger finger, trippy, and beat the shit in my opinion. Lay it down and shit stains are also decent

  • lt it sell a milli first week ths album is dope as fuck i rock with it coz it rock

  • Weezy F Baby

    And the F is for fisting my anus

  • geezy

    Look yall are RYt wEEzy Has changed but what I Like is that the nigga is still standing and his on a new song on a weekly Basis…His the best Of all Time man currently no Rapper is above his. Belt yall know dat…wen was da last million sold, and still so nigga has made an album to exceed a mill…watch the throne had the potential but it had a few HiTs(great work from KANYE and JAYZ) but c4 murdered dat shit…weezy is saving the best lines for C5 bitches and it will sell 2million B-lee dat biach…by da way the pussy pussy lines are getting old, but HiS songs are Just Hitz

  • young tune

    I’m laughing at this pussy-niggas and d pussy-shit dey saying about wayne.. shit IANAHB II is Great!!!

  • Flapper dawg

    I just found the new shades Weezy wears in Mack Maines ‘Celebrate’ video!

  • donkeykong

    lil wayne stuff stinks

  • donkeykong

    commercial, annoying and obscene

  • LOL

    This is honestly his worst album out yet. Listen to his older music and compare it to this. I’ve been a fan for years, but it’s gotten worse over years. Wish the old wayne was back 🙁

  • Michael

    I like Wayne i really do. I ain’t in to that comparing to his old albums shit but damn you got to look at it like this, this album has no meaning no purpose except one song.. God bless Amerika! What type of shit is that? Who wants to listen to how much pussy he fuck all day? I want the Wayne back were he actually made you go fuck did he just say that??? Wait a minute rewind that let me listen again! Wayne needs to get back to rapping for a meaning instead of just talking shit on a beat and then puttin it out excepting us to buy it! , nah tune am sick of this shit u either get that hunger Back and stop letting all the money and fame to your head and get back to the carter 2 Wayne which killed and I mean killed every single rapper on this earth. He the best no doubt about it he just needs to show it. Peace tune I really hope you get the hunger back, till then I won’t show interest and tbh drake the best rapper in YM right now! Still support tune but damn get it back homie. Peace

  • rapfreak

    This Album is a Flop,all y’all saying dope as fuck,i guess all you wanna hear is bitch fuck and pussy weezy we need real rap not fuck pussy and bitch get back to the studio and do something Good

  • Sam_2Four

    Beside the song ‘Hello’ the album was pretty much good

  • AV3sms

    @Fucyall Listen I can debate all day on this. No offense. But its fan like yall don’t see the big picture. Why Hip-Hop lost its touch. If wayne started talking about positive none of yall would buy it. Cause everyone is consumed with this negativity hip-hop. See all i see is yall fans feeding into his and other hip-hop artist alike bullcrap. I still have the drought 3 and Carter 3 in my itunes yu know why. Those were his greatest moments to me. Yeah he talks about guns and etc. But like I said before was his heart for the game. Again Carter 2 was good but it wasnt wow. Lets face it though. As a Fan. Have to understand there is a point and time where Hip-Hop has to change and lets mke it positive. I do like commerial hip-hop like Ace Hood but have you noticed in all his albums so far and mixtapes he still uses something to reach ppl in a positive way and truthful. Like in his latest mixtape starvation 2: F da World, Why, and so on. Cant name all of them on top of my head. But you get my point. Yes he talks about guns and women. Cool but he at least uses his brain once and a while to talk about life. See, Lil waynes I want yall to look up Real Hip-Hop its up to you if you want to look it up. Im going to give you names of different artist. Tell me they not better than any commerical rapper. Mr.J.Mederios, Macklemore, Hopsin, yall should know Lupe Fiasco, K-os, Gemstones, Dizzy Wright, Crooked I, Braille, Sho Baraka, Royce da 5’9, Ab-Soul, yall know Kendrick Lamar. Just to name a few. All these artist have somethings in common that is Pure Hip-Hop and positive and truth. One..they have lyricism. Two…they can story tell. 3…they have some positvity in there songs. Yeah some talk about weed but what MC or rapper doesn’t. I can take yall back in the 80s but none of yall would be interested. Some dont have all 3 some have 2/3. But at least they bringing something better. Now its up to you wayne fans to stop buying into the simple bullcrap and get into something better than french Montana, 2chainz, waka flaka, Gucci Mane, LIl Bs, Soulija Boy, and much more. Time for yall to wake up.

  • A

    Why hot revolver keeps coming back???

  • Ravi

    Bilboard predicts it will only sell around 190k-220k first week and debut on no.2 at hot 200 …….

  • Ineye gabriel

    Please bit*hez is album is toilet material crappy album . I am ashamed of saying I’m a Lil Wayne fan. Seriously when Wayne used to be Wayne everyone pays attention but now he just about sucking sick and drinking . I don’t see any content in his music no more . He started dying since the day he picked up a skate board . No flows .no brilliant punch lines nothing . Tbh Wayne has lost it. He ain’t worthy of being called a rapper anymore .

  • Ineye Gabriel

    You can call me a hater but I won’t sell the truth Wayne ain’t worth listen to anymore all he does is to broadcast sexual immorality in his music and that ain’t rapping where is the Wayne I kneww on songs like something you forgot ,3 peat, let the beat build , certified remix, miss me, tell everybody , demolition ,wasted. It’s so pain to witness what he has become now #icryforweezy #weezyisdead #skateboardkillsrapperzbeware

  • justanotherfan

    This album is ok in my opinion. I like the songs like trigger finger, gunwalk, and god bless amerika . However, songs like romance, wowzers, and hello he could’ve left OFF. I’m still buying it though you should too!

  • erick

    is it me or is rebirth a great album? why do people hate on it so much??

  • LSDrug

    Well if you ever been a druggie for long time and you have to take a break, is very hard to stay calm and etc, you know what i am talking about, and you need to do something to stop thinking at drugs, he chosed the skateboard a new activity that will make him less thinking about weed. He is now taking pills because MDMA ecstasy doesnt stay so long in your system becasuse they are chemicals so that wont appear on probation, well and maybe some psyhedelics like shrooms. So he is trpping, he is much talking about the pussies because you know wayne loves pussy alot and when he went to jail he had no pussy so he must got frjustrated or something, and now when he came back hes only talking bout pussy. when he will get back on weed everithing will be ok, i am sure of that.

  • i even look good in the broken mirror. Tunechi is the best rapper alive. Weezy my nigga wat story 2 tll abwt ths Godless world my nigga just split watever cms out of ur head

  • LSDrug

    And maybe i am paranoia but some of the lines in the album i think they are for Illuminati. lik

    “Got so many hoes, I’m hoe’in, but she the only one worth knowin’
    And yeah I do my dirt, but that’s for the flowers to grow in
    I ain’t trippin’, but she be trippin’
    They ain’t got shit on me, but she keep sniffin’
    Look girl, just gimme that brain and I’ll return the favor”

    ” I’m real these niggas Sci-Fi”

    “Cause I live by the sword and die by the sword”

    “Everybody wanna tell me what I need
    You can play a role in my life, but not the lead”

    “She say: “cause I really need somebody, so tell me you’re that somebody”
    Girl I fuck who I want, and fuck who I don’t”( I think he means that he does what he want. but he has to do things that he doesnt want buthe has to do them cuz of illuminati)

    Also the number 9 is pressent in most of the songs maybe in all.. i dont know if thats something o.O i am tripping.

  • Weezy F Baby

    And the F is for fugly

  • Tunexx

    @LSDrug absolutely none of that is illuminati your dumb as fuck

  • Sups

    @LSDrug. Dumbass none of that’s illuminati

  • Wayne

    @lsdrug u dumb deep shit u fucken retarded

  • Wayne

    @lsdrug u dumb deep shit u fucken retarded lol

  • Hi! My name is Tunechi

    Trigger finger and gunwalk almost have the same chorus. -.-
    So did lilw ayje play the piano in IANAHB?

  • tommy

    hey Danny any word on how many albums sold yet?

  • donkeykong

    nicki minaj surpassed lil tunechi

  • spittargm

    weezy y u put hot revolver on here I remember that song frm 09….. but the album I like my fav tracks are.. romance, gunwalk, trigger finger, trippy beat the shit, lay it down, shit stainz shit u could say all im not judgmental towards gud lyrics

  • Khosta

    I suck dick for life!

  • god bless amerika, bitches love me n no worries best songs… yo danny wen is DEVOL dropping I’m sure dat one is gonna be a killa n also can’t wait 4 C4 not a being 2 wasn’t dat good


    Maybe dont sell like the Carter IV, but still sell more than other rappers.

  • Tru

    The cops on my dick, the Feds on my nerves.
    I walk it like I talk it, got legs on my words.

  • arth

    Not bad, at all, but it’s not as great as the first IANAHB… his flow is very very similar to D4, beats sound like a Rebirth 2, themes are so damm repetitive, and there are too many featuring artists, but he shoulda included more like Cory Gunz, Drake, Rick Ross, Tyga, Mack Maine, etc. I don’t even know who Shane Heyl is lol.
    I knew this wasn’t going to be as good as C3 or C4, but it’s not so bad, it’s just ok, I’m not dissapointed as a Wayne’s fan, but I didn’t like it as C3 or C4.
    I can’t wait for C5, I certainly know, even though this album is quite good, it’s the worst thing weezy has made, he can do better, he has done better, and he will do much much better in the future!!!

  • stacksondeck


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  • Brandon

    best album ever

  • We tha best FUCK tha rest … YMCMB WHORE