Cam’ron – Love To A Diplomat (Feat Lil Wayne)

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Camron Love To A Diplomat Feat Lil Wayne

Back in June, 2012, Jim Jones warned us about a Dipset single that would be dropping in the future called “You Ever Made Love” featuring Lil Wayne on the hook. Now today the song finally drops, but it is just a Cam’ron record and the official title is “Love To A Diplomat“.

You can stream Cam and Weezy F Baby‘s “Love To A Diplomat” track after the jump below.

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  • tee eye

    weezy only has 7 words on this, it’s pointless.

  • 1st In Dis Bitch

  • Verve

    ayyyyyyyyyyy valentin in this hoe

  • first 8990

    First off, ,,, S/o to tha guys …

  • lilwayne4evver!

    youuu, wayne in this b!tch!!! weezy killed hiss verse!!

  • 89!90 Koo Freshh Gang

    First off, ,,, S/o to tha guys ….

  • Steve-0

    this is fucking terrible

  • Sir. T

    Yoh too many thumbsdown. Aint gonna dowload crap

  • Love

  • ball

    cam sucks, he needed to let wayne spit a verse so he could save the song

  • hamza tunechi

    wtf that was terrriiiible man

  • Kidz

    I don’t even need a download link for this song xD

  • yeezy f baby

    yooooo dipset and wayne collabs used to be so good….. the beat on this is wack as fuck too

  • Weezysucks #oldfan

    Pointless, and sucks ass!!!

  • Wayne is alright, but he needs the lords help. He is all about satan now…this nigga lost. Come back wayne

  • Trippy Banana

    The beat is stuupid lool
    Why put tune on this wack song

  • Wtf

    WTF this like Tyler, The Creator weird. Like one of his songs like sorta lyrical and but the instrumental. But the beat was dope. This is like I think my first time listening to Cam’ron and he sounds awful or at least not like himself. Idk

  • WeezyIzGod

    WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -_-

  • Khosta


  • boss

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  • YungGod

    This song is not featuring lil wayne, if he’s only saying 7words and thats it -_-. Terrible song


    Look what I just found on SoundCloud:

    This guy: DreamerChrisJ is awesome. He made 2 dope songs. He has TALENT, he has my RESPECT. His rapping skills are better than most rappers in the game today. Check it out. The first link is a original song he made called “Monster” and the second is a remix he made to Drake’s “Started From the Bottom” song.

  • Adeoginni Anu

    @Sir T A True Weezy fan won’t do that. Check it out ur self.

  • Ione

    The hooks tempo sounds like beat the shit

  • Khosta Aka Karitto

    Who the fuck keeps pretendin ta be me, I am the real Khosta.. Whoever’s pretendin to be me please cut that shit man! And this song aint bad, it just needed a verse from Weezy

  • rich

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  • gadza

    fuck all u bitches, this song is pure BS

  • gadza

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  • Tunchi’son

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  • DOPE

    Not Cool

  • Khosta

    @gadza fuck you for hatin, fuck err’body in here hatin on Khosta.. I’m Lil Wayne’s number 1 fan!

  • gadza

    I am a gay guy, I get dick up in ma ass err’day!

  • Karitto

    Go to Eminem’s number 1 fan site you’ll see that his first single will ft Lil Wayne, nas, 50cent and Andre 3000

  • untillmyfaceturnpurple

    na, im not feelin dis….

  • Sick you know. Go-go-go- … Weezy Go!

  • Khosta

    Im the #1 dickrider here!

  • Lil ZeeTune

    wack as fuck bt myb if tune had a verse wulda been dope

  • Showiz

    Gayest song of 2013?

  • Tunechilionches

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  • moneytalks7000


    Didnt u told us there are 2 songs droppin today ? 😀

  • Loyal fan

    Fuck all niggas who hate khosta!!

  • 23

    This track is absolutely, positively, 100% Grade A+ Garbage!!!!

  • africanAmerican

    @khosta jst go get ur fathas dick which is hard like ice and suck it like its about to melt

  • Loyal fan

    Fuck KHOSTA

  • lil ZeeTune

    yo guys cn u plz interprt this word 4 me (head) i jst dnt understnd,rappers b like gve me some head bt dnt knw wat it means

  • Khosta


  • tony_montana

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  • Karitto

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  • tony_montana

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  • tony_montana

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  • splash

    I am a wayne fan but he fell the fck off. I feel like I gotta find new music. theres never any exciting suprise song drops anymore, hardly any GOOD footage like the weezy blog he used to do; its all supra and mountain dew commercials with an annual publis service announement.. all visually boring with his broken dreads.. unlike the fly shit lean cup and tour bus with a guitar nearby that he used to do his little footage bits with. I’m not hating. I love wayne. I don’t even want him to be “the old wayne” I just want him to reinvent himself methodically and enthusiastically; the way em did. Wayne is just a watered down skater version of his old self right now. Wayne should fix his hair, put some skinny pants (which skaters do wear) into the trukfit lineup, and rap again crooning along to music (like on how to love, god bless amerika, bitches love me etc.) only works occasionally and he should do away with it like em did away with his accents. Evolve wayne.. with effort and career savvy charisma.


    Still waitin on them 2 new features 2day (:

    • One of the features was this Cam song, but the other one (the Jae Millz song) drops at 8PM EST tonight!

  • Khosta ft karitto

    Verse 1[khosta]: I say fuck err’body that hates me. You fuckin love to hate me, yet you hate to love me. I swear ‘3’ niggas can’t even ‘fuckin’ try me. I be in the ring all day and aint nobody dares to fight me. Give peace to the master, he gives you a master piece. And I’m the master in this bitch, fakes fuckin quit! Pay attention to my words, my talk aint cheap. Like toilets in rural areas shit is gettin deep. So who dares to diss me now, be a man and tell it to my face. Don’t fake to be me cause you aint got what it takes. Thy shall not lie but all you haters lie in shame. I’ma a preditor in this bitch I eat rappers that pray. Verse 2[karitto] alright Khosta I got you these bitches hatin on us huh! Like sleepin with an angel in heaven nigga holy fuck! The game aint a movie but no lie nigga I’m stunt. Smokin makes me sharp ironically I smoke a blunt. I feel electric cause I’m in charge. I’m in matric about to pass. Fuck the past but the future comes. But it don’t panic since it calms. So you still hate us? Well you must be stupid. Cause we’ll embarress you in public then your life’s useless. Boy I’m three times better than 2pac I got 6 pacs. Ask em bitches they’ll tell you they know my abs. It made me laugh that am niggas were actin to be us. But they just can’t act so I didn’t have to fuss. Don’t act to be the best if ya can’t act. I have a chance to stand and talk so I stand a chance… Bitch Outro[Khosta] man fuck em niggas, straight up. I got this bitch. I run this bitch like female’s marathon hahaha..

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  • what the hell happen to wayne’s dreadlocks its barefucked up wear a hat homie

  • Loyal fan

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  • anyway

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  • Kidd

    @khosta lol you not serious with those bars are you?

  • Triggerman

    its not Wayne’s fought I mean its not his song cam don’t know how to produce a song that’s all it is. cam told weezy u only have 7 words to say on my song that’s it so weezy said ok bitch if u going to be like that im just going to say something simple and be done with it cause that is some fuck nigga shit

  • Khosta

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  • Greedy

    wayne likes to fuck with these different out the world songs but he needs to see he needs to step up

  • LuvTunechi


  • Wayne 4 Life

    Wayne definitely needed a verse on this shit, but it was dope