Asher Roth – Party Girl (Feat Lil Wayne)

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Asher Roth Party Girl Feat Lil Wayne

Asher Roth just released his new mixtape, The Greenhouse Effect Volume 2 , and on the tape was a Lil Wayne feature. The song, which is called “Party Girl“, samples Eddie Murphy’s “Party All The Time” record from 1985.

You can stream and download “Party Girl” after the jump below

Download: Asher Roth – Party Girl (Feat Lil Wayne)

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  • itsdup

    Shit’s Fire

  • Babcy

    Just can’t stop listening to “terrorist” ft Big Sean

  • young money

    If it wasnt for lil wayne this song would be garbage asher roth is gay

  • weezy fire baby

    its beware you idiot ^

  • ThatsMyGunWalk

    Anyone know what Tune is saying before his verse?

    “Stop talking that shit ’cause no matter what you say you still a Young Money bitch!”

  • Run Rabbit Run

    Danny this is a remix, Asher dropped this song without Wayne in 2012.



  • Edo

    @Bab cy…. I guess u confused “Beware” with “Terrorist”

  • 666

    On June 25, 2013 at 6:10 pm ThatsMyGunWalk responded with…
    Anyone know what Tune is saying before his verse?

    This – “Tunechi is what they call me baby”

  • Weezy totally is d owner of da sonq..da sonq iz laak so crazy..Weezy YO da BOSs..1 Love man

  • Yaaaahh

  • How yalll tunechi fans doing ^^^^^^^


    Asher Roth sucks.

  • Dipset

    Tunechi does this all day and he got barz not railings

  • Loyal fan

    Love the track!!!

  • Such a good song!! It’s on repeat! The beat! The sample!! Such a good mix of everything. & of course WAYNE KILLT IT my nigga. YMCMB

  • ck2

    And people be claiming weezy fell off just listen to his lyrics

  • love lil wayne

    love weezy

  • Justdoitwarrior

    Wayne killed it just like meek mill did when this came out before

  • denilson

    Lil Wayne Is The Best Part !
    Fuck Haters

  • Its my birthdaY today….. Birthday wishes???

  • Ducksick999

    The eddy murphy song is really dope
    But weakly used
    Should have sped it up so it sounds cooler

  • Bawse

    Them bitches in the photo all look ugly.

  • Wayne 4 Life

    Lil Wayne Verse:

    My girl like other girls
    How awesome is that?
    I let my homies run the train right off of the track
    She wasted, swallow don’t waste it
    She just tell me to cum like invitations haha
    Yeah she on one, she drink she smoke
    A jump-off like a sinkin’ boat
    Then I go overboard, I pray she sober lord
    But I can’t picture that with a Polaroid
    And she look at her watch and it say it’s party time
    She say here’s to livin’ life on the borderline
    I say, you go girl but stop talkin’ that shit
    Cause no matter what you say you still a Young Money bitch!

  • Nick

    @Bawse have you seen the rest of Dayami Padron(The one with the green on) there’s a reason that she’s around. She’s the one girl from Faded (Tyga song with Wayne)

  • Lil ZeeTune

    Damn i lov weezy vers,goes hard as fuck

  • Um?

    This song came out last year with meek mill instead.

  • NOLA

    How the fuck does wayne go from killin it with the bugatti freestyle , and then doing garbage ass verses on this and the big sean track???? WTF wayne i remember when no matter what he came out with he was killing it everysong…… we only get good verses every onve in a while. I thought i would never say hea falling off and i still dont think so but he is capable of so much better so why doesnt he do it??? Is this some type of strategy or something? Does he not want to go hard when he is featured and its not his song?? I need answers someone let me know, because this bullshit and the last song is NOT wayne material not even close!!!! And if u say he killed this or the last song then u dont know any of waynes truly good verses i been a fan since i was 8 yrs old, since the block is hot. To end this lil rant. THIS IS NOT EVEN CLOSE TO WHAT LIL WAYNE IS CAPABLE OF , he sounds bored unmotivated and like he dont even gove a fuck about rappin no more, someone tell me what they think if u a true fan u know this is BULLSHIT!!

  • Don

    @NOLA well this certainly not one of his best verses but it was kinda nice man. And as far as Wayne goes who knows what his strategy is maybe he is
    Waiting to be off probation at the end of this month to get back again lol jk but idk I’m sure we will get that spaz out Wayne back #WayneTheBest

  • tellemisaidit

    “I let my homies run the train right off of the track
    She wasted, swallow don’t waste it”

    What a good example he is setting for how women should act…him and fake ass (literally) nikki minaj.
    G-A-R-B-A-G-E verse

  • ogie

    Tunechi is still tha greatest of all time. #weezythabeast

  • ogie

    But I think still Tunechi need a lil motivation,

  • patriots

    damn the song is called party girl what do yall expect from a song called party girl how you compare bugatti remix to a fucking party girl yall so damn dumb

  • Truth







  • LuvTunechi


  • Qiydaar

    FMOI @_302caesar_

  • Patrick2709

    Lil wayne will you be at the X-Games in Münich???

  • volcomnukka

    Lil Wayne did his thang on this track. Evem though he didn’t go in, you can tell he was takin’ it easy on this and he still whooped the beats ass! Thats my nigga!

  • Nordiep

    Tune is on vay kay know

  • Hush

    I am still waiting for God Bless Amerika, when it will be?

  • Hush

    I am still waiting for God Bless Amerika, when it will be?(video)

  • EnazK

    The song sucks. Same shit he always says and talks about. Pussy pussy pussy. It’s annoying. He needs to find something new.

  • Kyle

    Wayne was going in; what the fuck are y’all talking about?

  • hard tune

  • Am_Alievn1

    what is the name of the girl in the middle of a green jacket