Big Sean – Beware (Feat Lil Wayne & Jhene Aiko)

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Big Sean Beware Feat Lil Wayne & Jhene Aiko

Check out this brand new Big Sean single titled “Beware” featuring Lil Wayne and Jhene Aiko. The track will appear on Sean‘s upcoming album, Hall Of Fame, due to be released in stores on August 27th.

A music video for “Beware” has already been shot, so we can be looking out for that to premiere in the upcoming weeks! You can stream the Key Wane-produced song after the jump below.

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  • Dayne

    He’ll yea first

  • RyanM


  • 1st

  • cory

    my nigga tune a beast

  • Been Callin It from the N.O.

    First off its kool how many fans waynne has now. Its just funny to me cuz i REALLY been listenin to this nigga holla he was a monsta and the everybody seein it…Let me be the 1st to call thia too FLOW will be the next gangsta rap wayne in young money..believe that….its 504 till death

  • ck2

    Fucks wit. It

  • ilunachi


  • Rey

    wayne just be chilling on these verses now a days

  • buddy

    On June 25, 2013 at 3:53 am Been Callin It from the N.O. responded with…
    First off its kool how many fans waynne has now. Its just funny to me cuz i REALLY been listenin to this nigga holla he was a monsta and the everybody seein it…Let me be the 1st to call thia too FLOW will be the next gangsta rap wayne in young money..believe that….its 504 till death


    flow is in jail for murder so no he wont lmao

  • Seelz

    Big Sean > Wayne on this track 🙁

  • weezy fire baby

    nice chill song…..tune verse was nice too….

  • Ernesto


  • JustDoItWarrior

    Wayne killed it like always fair to ssy

  • Tunechilionches

    Its like 5 am .. In S.A and I’m downloading Wayne

  • Don

    Wayne did his thing

  • James


  • Kidd

    I havent heard it yet could somebody post the lyrics i would appreciate it

  • tuney

    Tunechi F Verse :

    Girlllll dont believe them hoes
    Cause they dont wanna see us together
    You already know you to fly
    but baby
    dont get your hair caught in the propellers
    I be tryna tell her these hoes is jealous
    You know they never like it when you Never say never
    long hair redbone but her pussy is hairless
    Mwuah i french kiss it like we in Paris
    I be screaming out aint no woman like the one i got but
    she be always worrying bout the one i fuck
    she say its going be me, myself, and i
    damn thatll make me a one eye fuck
    i was so mad
    damn you use to ride a nigga like a mopad
    but playas fuck up my bad and
    just to keep from crying i laughed



  • Thinkaboutit

    Wayne’s been doing the same old…hes been rapping about same things which im not complaining about im a fan. Just to everyone that will be coming soon “he fell off” nah hes doin him. Certain songs i can feel the old flow, and he shows out on his mixtapes and albums just overlooked because of leaks and delays

  • WhoaDere

    Kill em Sean !! Dwayne did his thing too

  • Pep

    Wayne always talking about redbone lyk ur daughter’s darkskinned “fell off” I’m done with this nigga drake has taken ur sport retire!!!

  • jonjonn

    man, i like this song but wayne gotta step it up again cuz he getting slept on by deez bum rappers. GET IT TOGETHER ( also free boosie)

  • Edo

    kool track forreal

  • what!?

    Smh. He should just retire. This is average at best. He stays saying the same thing only in different ways. It’s getting boring listening to these verses. I guess I’ll just have to keep listening to dedication 2 and Carter 2

  • Khosta

    Flow is the best rapper at the moment, Lil Wayne is second now

  • blaze carter

    ma man tune’z killin it….big sean tyt… track xo on point!!

  • tune

    @buddy attempted murder get it right homeboy

  • tony_montana

    Trust this Khosta dude to say the dumbest thing on here smh. I must say you’re very consistent dawg, I don’t think you’ve ever said anything that’s not stupid hey…flow’s not even in the top 30 best rappers boy! GTFOH!

  • Lil ZeeTune

    Weezy still good nd still the best,lovng dis track,fuck yall twkng shit bwt wayne

  • jessica

    Im the king a stuck up bitch i feel like miss piggy kissing a frog who u fuckin u cheatingbitch 😉

  • finally famous in diiiis

    Big sean killed it ! Weezy overkilled it tho !!!!

  • exavon

    he talks about redbones cause he chooses to get them now yes his daughter is dark skinned but shes also 15 which was 15 years ago decided to go with dark skin now 15 years later he likes redbones … and yellowbones and so on

  • OKE mixtape


  • Tre

    Almost can’t fuck with this dude anymore forreal, big Sean made Wayne look stupid on this track… Wayne made himself look stupid on this track…. Way too many other good artist for me to be wasting my time with Wayne anymore honestly

  • Khosta

    @tony montana get his new mixtape with the white list to flow when he uses his autotune. He’s like wayne in 2008..
    “Young money nigga all you niggas losing confidence. They say I sound like Wayne but I just take that as a compliment.”

  • Kidd

    Flow is a lil wayne knockoff like lil chuckee stop talking about him like hes so sweet he couldnt hold a candle to kendrick or for that matter lil wayne you cant tell me hes better than tune until you tell me when hes ever outdone him in a song read my words flow is not and will never be the best rapper alive

  • William

    Y’all don’t fuck with him but on LILWAYNEHQ

  • Kidd

    @danny m theres a new lil wayne song with asher roth called party girl you should post it

  • Lil Wayne line:

    Her pussy fits more than a dufflebag
    I walk all over that hoe, american flag

  • man wayne second to drake

  • Paul

    @William Thank You!!!!!!! So many people on here hating but they go on a Lil Wayne FANSITE, for fans! people go on a fansite and then hate, soooo are you a fan or not? lol They both killed it, they make a really good combo, besides, this is Big Sean’s track and Lil Wayne just did his thing, killed it and its fire.

  • if u a hater just stay away from the lil waynehq site otherwise u a fan.

  • YoungRikket


  • Khosta

    I be on flow’s site

    Flow is The Best Rapper Alive

  • Kidd

    Flow is ass

  • WezzyFbabeey

    this is lilwaynehq and not flowqh so shut the fuck up

  • LuvTunechi


  • Qiydaar

    FMOI @_302caesar_

  • lil tune

    @… Were did u hear that wayne line?? And this song is good, wayne did his part and put some punchlines there, so I’m satisfied with it.

  • arth

    First off all i’m a wayne’s fan, forreal, and this verses is all so boring, he keps rapping the same shit, same words, i guess the only words in his mind is pussy, money, my dick, and skate, he don’t give a fuck about YMCMB, being the best rapper alive, making really good music like he used to!!! This shit can’t be compared to C3, D2, No Ceilings, and even C4. What’s wrong with wayne!!!??? Why the jail affected him??? Since he was released he ain’t the same! Hope he’s planning. Something really really really great for C5

  • Young Meck

    @Been Callin It from the N.O. you late bro, FLow go hard from ever since, I been listening him from “Happy Halloween tape” I must say #Wolf go hard #TheFlamez

  • Koudin

    Lil Wayne waking up but wait until his probation is over_ the old Wayne is coming

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  • ooo good B.I.G and weezy gd beaT

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