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Bill O’Reilly Thinks Lil Wayne Plays A Big Part In Why Employment Is Low Among Black Males

Fri, Jul 26, 2013 by

During his Fox News show last night, Bill O’Reilly went on a “money, jobs and race” talking point to share his thoughts on why he thinks unemployment is high among black males in the United States of America.

The political commentator believes that the main reason for why many African Americans are not succeeding in finding a job is because in poor neighborhoods there is a lot of chaos, violence and very little discipline in public schools. He then went on to blame Lil Wayne‘s music too.

Before going on about Wayne getting dropped from Mountain Dew for his controversial lyric about Emmett Till, O’Reilly plays the leaked version of Tune‘s “Karate Chop” verse and then proceeds to call it “garbage” and “stupid rap”. He also starts to criticize Al Sharpton for doing a book deal with Cash Money Content, which to Bill, is a company that “markets vile stuff” and “harms black children”.

What is your thoughts about this Wayniacs ❓ Even though I am not from America and I am a white male, so I’m not too sure if my statement will count here, but Weezy F Baby‘s music has only ever motivated me to work hard and get what I want in life.

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  • Matt


  • Cut-Tims

    Bill Oreilly is a racist bitch.

  • 100

    how you gonna blame lil wayne cause some people are lazy and dont want a job? thats the parents fault not wayne

  • dummy

    Cash Money Content, which to Bill, is a company that “markets vile stuff” and “harms black children”.



  • swiggy

    bill Oreilly is a racist motherfucker!!!

  • t(-_-t)

    That’s some fucked up racist shit i mean everything about obama seems about right but blaming a rapper that usually doesn’t rap that terrible things. he just needed some black dude to blame

  • I don’t get it

    With all those percentages not many people like lil wayne maybe 40% of America are weezy fans. So fuck that white repulican idiot I’m 19 years old and successful as fuck and all I listen to is wayne I hate other rappers. Jus wayne I love wayne.
    Pussy rappers like chief keef & meek mill rick ross y not blame them. Yu kno why? Because they kno my nigha Tunechi Lee is the greatest of all time

  • Jacob

    I agree with him. I’ll start by saying I am a huge Weezy fan. But when people live in the world he portrays with drugs guns and violence obviously there will be problems. Its not Waynes fault at all its just something he portrays that isn’t good. People who live in the hood are usually black so these things happen there its not waynes fault they happen he just makes the things sound ok and if you hear that from a young age it might mess with you. So before you bash this guy just think. And if you think waynes the reason this stuff happens just listen to Wayne in Misunderstood he saw this shit and explains it.

  • Kidd

    @Danny M you have unemployment is low i think it should be employment is low

  • Kenny

    When I was a kid Lil Wayne and Birdman came to my neighborhood and passed out clothing books and school supplies and showed us that we can be something too. I grew up got in trouble a few times, then thought back and soaked in what the said. Got off my ass got 2 jobs to pay for bills clothes and food for my family and eventually was able to have enough money saved up for college, I am currently in school for Engineering. I am a Lil Wayne fan. I am a Young Black Male who has been in the prison system as a Minor. Bill O’Reily is a Racist and has written off Blacks and being “dumb” and “Lazy” for YEEEAAARS. He Did the same thing to Ludacris in 2003.

    Fuck Bill O’Reily and Fuck Fox news and Fuck anyone who agrees with this trash.

  • That be some special bullshit that man be talking. I think there is a lot of other people that can be blamed instead

  • Seelz

    At least I can blame Wayne for why I’m not working this summer 😀

  • get em

    weezy need to make a new song straight dissing this racist fucknigga

  • Oh Godless Amerika

    This guy hates all black people.

    He talks about black rappers every day and blames them for things wrong with this country.

    Snoop Dogg, Kanye West and Cam’ron already ethered this guy anyway, Wayne doesn’t need to respond.

  • Don

    This guy is beyond retarded lil Wayne is the cause of unemployment? Get out of here at the end of the day people make their own decisions if lil Wayne music is so called the reason why African Americans are unemployed then it’s that persons fault. They have the will power to want to be successful and if they don’t that’s their problem. Smh this idiot just wants somebody to blame shut up with that fr fr. Wayne can talk about what ever.

  • Don

    I listen to Wayne most of the time but I know what I have to do to be successful. Some people would say because Wayne works so hard at what he does that they want to be like him so like I said this dude stupid just wanted to blame somebody. Want somebody to blame, blame the people that are unemployed cuz wayne is definietly not the problem. Smh

  • Don

    Wayne inspires a lot of us so bill go sit down somewhere and shut up

  • Love Live Life

    Danny you are 100% right.

  • Ym soldger

    First off danny your right second bill shut yo racest bitch ass up

  • Weezy fan

    Wayne is just one person you cant blame one person for everyones problems bill needs to get a life the more you hate the more rich wayne gets

  • Ym

    Wayne aint the problem the pepole are there not motivaded and most pepole are to lazy to go out and get a job im 18 I listen to wayne every day I got two jobs what does that tell you

  • truker

    fuck fox and bill….i hope wayne fucks your wife and raps about it u racist bitch…..i’m doing pretty good for a black person n my family too

  • Tunechi’sWife

    Great! So first Bill O’reilly blames Marilyn Manson and also puts him down in a fuking interview, (which Manson out debated him!yay!). He then also starts blaming Lil Wayne. Why all me idols? I swear if I EVER see Bill ln the street I will fuking kick his ass for saying shit about Marilyn and Tune thats bullshit! Fukk u Bill O’reilly! You stupid piece of garbage! How does it feel to be put down! MUTHAFUCKA FUKK U IN YO ASSHOLE BITCH!

  • thetruetc

    i am white and this motherfucker pissed me off bc wayne does lots of good things for charities and helps anybody he can i mean like wtf this is soooooo sorry of him to try to damage waynes career which is against the law he needs to fall off a cliff its his rich publican ass reason that jobs are low and that people have kids out of wedlock you old racist piece of shit

  • pippies

    Why would pick on Cash Money and Wayne there is plenty more artist that says bad stuff for children and saying this piece of garbage for his i personally think karate chop is really bad but even if u say that its garbage on TV its your opinion and it may shock other people idk i thinkt hats really dumb and songs doesnt controls ppls mind

  • LP

    America got 2 big problems.
    1) Ghetto people (black, white, hispanic, chinese, whatever) want handouts for everything. Look at Detroit, it has been bailed out once and they are asking for another bailout after the first failed!! Get off your asses and be somebody, stop thinking people owe you something.
    2) Rich people have become too greedy. Big corporations have put out small businesses, bailouts were used to pay for vacations and bonuses of CEO’s, and rich people taking advantage of loopholes like Goldman Saachs and the aluminum thing recently

  • CiS

    poor neighborhood with violence does not = black neighborhood racist fuck

  • realtunefan


  • Don

    Smh I already said what I needed to now can we get some D5 news

  • True story

    I don’t like to agree with white people, but the man is right.

    Wayne is trash, he promotes violence and his raps are garbage.

    Listen to real hip hop. Nas and Kendrick.

  • Trajin Cheirs

    How is he gonna be blaming Lil Wayne for this? Lil Wayne is what hard work is. He put a skateboard park in New Orleans, and I feel like that’s helping keep crime off the streets. I’m not gonna lie, Karate Chop wasn’t that good of a song, especially that line he said about Emmitt. I’m a really big fan of Weezy and I think he needs to respond to this. Employment is poor, not just in the black community, but in just about most communities. And Bitch O’Reily has no right just point in out blacks, that’s the really bad part. Mane this pisses me off I don’t even feel like typing anymore.

  • NBwill

    He likes to speak ill of others’ work.
    But What did he do besides talk?
    It helps children?

    He is a racist bitch!!!

  • Trajin Cheirs

    If I could go out there and reach O’ Reilly, and tell him what “truth” is………

  • TruTH

    Wtf?? So only back kids listen to lil Wayne? Ignorant ass. This the type of dude to blame video games and movies for the actions of killers

  • volcomnukka

    I like how Bill O’ Dumbass says “If you want to know about Emmit Teil, read my book,” and then the white trash republicans buy his book! Lol Lil Wayne makes the world a better place

  • SeriouslyTho

    Wow, man. Lil Wayne is making kids buy a skateboard and go skate. Bill’s talking shit and doesn’t know who Lil Wayne really is. But blaming and pointing out at Lil Wayne fucking disgusts me. Racist ass bitch right there. So next time he says kids are to blame for talking ghetto, the one to blame is Bill for stating a stupid ass opinion.

  • dominique.F

    lnities..ea with each other? what a stupid ass bitch. Lil Wayne doesnt have nun to do on how these people act. maybe black people dont get these jobs because of all these White boss ass pussies dont want us to work for them cuz of our color. Has Bill’s bitch ass ever thought about that? If he has such a problem with this than why doesnt he donate his money to these poor people neighborhoods since He’s so damn rich. What he said really is fucked up. And his dumbass doesnt even know that cash money is where dreams come true. btw its my first time makin a reply on here. 🙂 just speaking my mind.

  • chris gant


  • Lil Wayne

    Album: Lights Out

    Song: Grown Man

    I can’t blame his old ass I bet he secretly loves lil wayne like every other lil wayne hater. Hes pry bumpin carter 3 right noww hahaaha

  • Take this shit down please Danny right now

  • D5

    black folks aint the only ones who listen to wayne hell ther are probbaly more white fans than blavk fans

  • Weezyvswayne

    @true story kill yorself

  • Trajin Cheirs

    I pray birdman let’s Wayne diss him

  • Orriize

    I think Wayne can sue him.

  • nic456pmo

    Dat pussy old fart mothafucka sayin shit dat happen way long before wayne time how u gonna point a finger at any man wen u got three pointin back at u n wen diss ur ass o rielly jux remember the golden rule punk ass bitch at dis moment im thinkin bout tupac r.i.p dawg

  • Caro

    He doesn’t now SHIT about weezy! i’m an argentinian white girl, but as Danny said, weezy just encourage me to work and put effort in what i want
    i don’t give a fuck about what an old bitch say.

  • Johnny

    Fuck this old fuck

  • Austin

    This guy is an idiot, I’d love to drop him on his head

  • Queezy

    I dont really think its waynes fault. He puts out what he thinks and feels, and ppl interpret their own opinions and experiences into that, and sonetimes stray from the point of the music. Wayne doesnt control what the african american population does, noo one can, no matter how much the government tries. Its just the fact of the matter that people are lazy and we should all learn to deal with that until those ppl can get their priorites straight on their own.

  • Mikey

    Why does he think it’s Lil Wayne’s job to parent these kids. He’s a father of four, not 7 billion.
    Lil Wayne as well as Eminem and most rappers ARE harmful to children, so why are these kids listening. The only people who can be blamed are the parents. It’s not Lil Wayne’s job to raise their kids

  • Queezy

    All all of my fellow african americans that are commenting saying fuck bill o riley weezy doesnt give a fuck blah blah blah, we are only pushing ourselves lower into the sterotypical sights of those who act an talk like they are better than us. Theres a time and a place for everything, and i understand how when someone takes a shot at a character or figure we love,we can take it personally sometimes. But we can combat this by expressing our opinions without using hurtful racial slurs and cursing. Giving him a reason to see our point of view isnt in cussing him out or telling him what hes saying is going unheard, because obviously it isnt. But if we ever want to make a difference, it starts within ourselves

  • dalow

    I’m south african 17yrs nd black,the only thng wayne has done for me is inspire me,wayne makes me wanna b as successful as he is
    So fuck an old bitch ass peasce of white trash(nt being racist)dat talks shi!t abt wayne
    Weezy shuld jst do a “MISUNDERSTOOD remix”

  • Roci

    Bill is 100% gay

  • Bill

    how all of you skeletons wrapped in electrical tape(black people) gunna say he is racist?? Hes racist because he showed how lazy 58 percent of black males are? If it was a black guy who said that yall would be supportiing him you dumb fucks. And all you black people who say “we was slaves” bitch no you wasnt your black ass ancestor was. Always acting like everybody owes you something , and yall all unemployed because every one of yall niggers think yall a rapper, bitch jut cus u black dont mean you can rap. IM TIRED OF PAYING FOR YOU FOOD AND YOUR UNEMPLOYMENT F’N NIGGS, (that 58 percent) -sincerely , The whip Cracka! (The guy who whips yo black ass)

  • dalow

    @bill FUCK U nd nd suck O’ rilleys dick….NEW SLAVES/BLACK SKIN HEAD ur’ll r da muthafuckers that kanye is rapping about hop u die BITCH

  • Waka Fuckher Flame Yoo


  • ape shit

    This old fart is really blaming wayne?? Fuck FOX and Bill.the media really need to stop trying to make wayne look bad.its a personal choice to listen to his and cannot be blamed for millions of people’s personal choices. Its just like that fat bitch tried to sue Mcdonalds for being overweight n obese. These people are so ignorant and need to do something with their lives instead of sitting around and blaming people for their mistakes

  • ape shit

    This old fart is really blaming wayne??? Fuckkk FOX and Bill.the media really need to stop trying to make wayne look bad.Its a personal choice to listen to his and cannot be blamed for millions of people’s personal choices. Its just like that fat bitch tried to sue Mcdonalds for being overweight n obese. These people are so ignorant and need to do something with their lives instead of sitting around and blaming people for their mistakes.

  • This man can a big mean green dick & swallow red cum

  • LewisP

    This is bullshit, I’m 17, listen to wayne on a daily basis, smoke a lot of weed but I’m a shit hot mechanic and weezy’s music does nothing but motivate me to me successful and get what I want, whether that be pussy, money or weed, I’ll get that shit


    This guy is fucking stupid! Just as the hole FOX networks is!…

  • khosta

    I am 18 doing matric in South Africa. I’m an A students and thanks to wayne. He has motivated me to study hard. Next year I’ll be studying chemistry in Cape Town’s famous university

  • khosta

    Lol I meant A student not students

  • khosta

    Meants student not students

  • Siz Jorj

    I think that bill is right cuz imma big fan of weezy n I’ve been listening to his music for past 3 years n guess what I’ve failed 3 years.. I think Wayne is the reason cuz before Wayne I was a linkin park fan n I was a average student but after listening to Wayne I failed…… LIL WAYNE RUINED MY LIFE….. from now on I’m no longer a wayniac….

  • lil teo

    he’s a bitch. he dont know whats he are talking. he probably ha e djelous of weezy. he sucks

  • lol

    all of you ignorant blacks on here posting racial slurs and hateful things just show the level you guys are on. did bill say any racial slurs/hatred? he was just stating facts. maybe if you guys had more morals and had more intelligence genes in your dna you would be worth something.

  • TrAaVoLtAr

    Lil Wayne Is A Musician Not A Politician & You Mr O’reilly You Just Another Confused Admirer, Thats A Hater By The Way.

  • dalow

    @khosta WE r proudly S.A citizens nd proudly wayne fans


    black people are poor uneducated and unemployed because they voted for a president strictly on race and the fact that it’s acceptable for them to collect welfare money out of the paychecks of actual hard working people. wayne is one of the most educated rappers and he has nothing to do with this. he builds skateparks to keep kids off the street and rebuilt his community after a hurricane. please tell me what he’s ever done to harm anyone. I would love to sit down with bill whatever the hell his name is to talk to him

  • If you let music ruin your life your dumb as fuck
    Because rich white people love lil wayne everytime he have a concert it be more whites than any other race soo im not blaming lil wayne for ruining some people life, everybody got there own mine sooo in my eyes he’s not ruining no one life..

  • MAK

    @lol u must be a white person….yo white ass needa stop and look at some of these white ppl too. Some of em just like some us black ppl uneducated and unemployed….man y’all white folks still racist to this day and ion give a guck wat y’all say….that’s why I say fuck y’all white mfs, come to tha hood and see wats gon happen to ya

  • Kidd

    What about dumb niggas like chief keef that inspire people to rap without an education most of the time when wayne raps about violence hes telling something that hes done or has seen hes not telling you to do it on top of that he has a lot of inspirational songs like tie my hands georgia bush shooter etc but he doesnt mention these songs cause hes being particular also you cant really call it stupid rap the way he put it was kinda foolish with the emmitt till line but you have to admit more people than ever knows about emmitt till because he said it the google searches for emmitt till went drastically up when he mentioned it so in a way hes kinda informing people though he did it in a wrong way finally he hasnt mentioned lil waynes latest move the god bless amerika video the video is inspirational and opens americas eyes on how the hood is and how they have to live because the limit on resources lately he has been apologizing for his actions though i liked it better when rappers didnt apologize for their mistakes cause its like apologizing for being so with him trying to be forgiven isnt that an effort to be a better person bill just wants to play the blame game when one of the true motivations for violence is the american government

  • Kidd

    We should ask bill what he does for the community instead of blaming everyone else

  • Kidd

    @true story if thats your point every rapper has promoted violence in some way nas kendrick tupac eminem biggie the list goes on and on it doesnt matter if its true hip hop it just matters if theyre sending a good message an dnot every rapper can do that always especially if thats how they were raised

  • Kidd

    @bill its people like you who get away with saying ignorant and racist remarks but you still dont see bill oreily doing a story on that and to your dumb comments how are you going to call someone dumb when you cant even use proper grammar im black but obviously im smarter than you and what an ignorant comment first you say we werent slaves but our ancestors were i agree with that but then you say that your a whip “cracka” no i dont think you were alive to be a whip “crack” think about what you say before you say it and if you ever call anyone dumb make sure that what you say makes sense have a nice day smh

  • What just because he is a sucessful rapper so then that means all rappers n mucians that talk about sex drugs or whatever are to blame GROW THE FUCK UP U N UR PATHETIC POLITICS YOUR JUST HATING CAUSE HE MAKES MORE $$$ THAN U DO STFU

  • We want d5

    The fackt that fox let this guy on tv shows how stupid & ignorent that tv channel is

  • Rowan

    I fuckd his wife

  • tunechi fan

    Wayne inspires a lot of us so fuck da bitch fucken racist

  • *AWEEZY91*


  • Cortez Bryant

    @Danny M Hey man can you post this as an update video its on YouTube its about this topic you posted about Lil Wayne on Employment issues. It makes me feel upset that using Lil Wayne as the blame of many Unsuccessful people. A shame on them.


    I feel what bill orielly is saying. He is not blaming lil Wayne specifically. He is blaming the culture that praises drugs sex and more drugs. He is saying the culture that many black communities is part of the problem. If rappers that many people idolize rap about violence and shit… What do you think blacks will feel obligated to live like? (just my opinion)

  • I always knew that muphucka was a racist. He van go to hell for all I care. Fuck that nigga, hoe ass nigga.

  • Storm

    As Tyler the Creator said, fuck Bill O’Reilly

  • Whers d5

    Im sick of seeing this guys face danny pleas take this down pleas

  • realtunefan

    Wayne inspires kids to be active, get money, and be thereselves there is nuthin wrong wit dat so billy can go suck a dilly

  • Dayne

    Im a white male and that was racist. I love Lil Wayne and have always been a huge fan and I know the rights and wrongs in life. Because Wayne has a gun, pops molly, and does the things he does do I do it? NO, I love Wayne for being who he is. The problem with American and kids these days starts at home. I actually go to school at Kent State and and studying to be a early childhood education major back in my home city where there is a lot of poverty: Blacks, Whites, and Hispanics. Wayne has nothing to do with the poor production of this country, you cant blame a person for doing them.

    “Tired of all this hatin, but I thank God for my patience” – Tunechi

  • dipset

    If bill had to watch the PSA 3…he wouldn’t have said that..ever since I watched that I gave lil wayne the full respect

  • Random white guy

    Im white and i feel sorry for this guy. He’s clearly racist as fuck and doesnt know what he’s talking about. Everyone is having a hard time with this financial crisis. Doesnt matter who you are or where you from. Its a shame that people still make distinction between people with different skin colours. I feel ashamed listening to this guy. Lil Wayne is one of my greatest idols of all time and he inspired me to do many things in life and accomplish a lot. In this case i have only one thing to say;

    Marley please DO (if you know what im talkin about)

  • Peace Of Mind

    Bill if you hatin u just need some…..

  • HC

    Rap promotes fucking every slut that will let you, “getting money,” being a bum druggy. Its fun to listen to until your entire culture starts to be based on it

  • dalow

    PSA 3 listen u bitch
    Wayne inspired me by saying “until they start printin money dat is written WEEZY F BABY cnt have Dats wen ima stop getting it bt until dat they ama try 2 get every dollar they print” dats weezy F baby talking 2 TIM WESTWOOD

    MY TWITTER @IAM_DALOW pls follow me wayne fans I will follow back I PROMISE

  • Flow

    Fuck Thi stupid guy he got no type of respect because hemad wayne making more then you. its only rap muthafucka they can what the fuck we want now ya ppl read this you bitch you.

  • Fuck u all….sme of us hve no other choice but to just stuff it out the way it came, besides, Wayne aint to blame coz he is not the first n wnt be the last, real black man vision is not to settle for less n besides we hve a history whereby a black man was robbed off his God given inheritance, the white dnt wanna talk about but just makin movies n bein on lead on each case that brings mula, n a black son feel left behind, however in this age of revolution, with half freedom a black man vision is to be rich n outshine this white superior thing……im not racist, not political, im just lyk Wayne of Orleans…n im ridin too one hell of a spaceship to piss off every unjust hatred….a black man is the word n the white are the paprs

  • waynefolife

    Bill, you’re fired. *_*

  • Don

    PSA 4 coming soon lol but where is that D5 news at

  • 30 seconds to young money mars

    Bitch o fagot sucks big fat nuts everyday all day and gets it in his asshole and loves it so much he calls him himself the bill the buttaker haha that’s how he got his show by sucking fat nuts and dicks and taking it in his asshole he’s known for that fuck Wayne haters suck it easy Ymcmb RG

  • jerrad

    True story shut up get the fuck off this page if u dont like wayne me personally wayne is not the cause

  • iyke

    Damn,wayne is constantly misunderstood#proud of him**

  • Young Pizzle

    Nothing Bill O’Reilly says hold any weight, to be honest.

  • Reggie Jackson

    thats some Bull S### its not lilwayne fucking falt anyway its the parents theres a reason why they put laws on the purchase of explicit things and label different things at the store as explicit its because of that. dont blame some stupid shit on lilwayne and ymcmb. some racist stuff damn.

  • Tunechi Chubs

    Damn now they blaming my Wayne’s music for unemployment among black males in America. Dunno about no one else but when I see Wayne or hear his music I wanna go after creating wealth for myself and my kids. Seems they just jealous of the influence he got on youths.

  • mina

    You got to be kidding me.. How could this be Wayne’s fault? I mean, really?
    He makes music, so how can they blame him for unemployment among black people? Seriously, that’s just fucked up. I can only talk for myself, but all Wayne has ever done is inspire me and m and do what I want no matter what people think about me.

  • lol

    he never once said this was directly lil wayne’s fault for how immoral and uneducated and lazy the majority of black people are. he was stating lil wayne is one of many examples. you all are ignorant and will never learn and will remain a product of your environment.

  • t(-_-t)

    also why the fuck is this news show playing an illegal copy or karate chop remix

  • Tunechi-_-Kim

    This old mothafucka should suck a nigga dick for sum trukfit , love u tunechi !

  • Tunechi-_-Kim

    Bill o’reilly !! Suck my dick mothafucka !!

  • tune3chi

    Why will lil wayne be blame because of some crazy lazy ass niggas without job… Fuck’em dwag.

  • Kevin Meck

    Fuk u Bill O’reilly…….
    Lil Wayne is 1 of e grtest black men to ever step on Earth
    u racist punk stop hatin and go get money
    lil wayne motivates us
    he supports hardwork
    nd lil wayne himself is successful coz he works hard
    dont spit wat u dont kno bill

  • mddeezy

    This is why I can’t stand FOx, Hate rich white ppl talking about shit they know nothing of!! Fuck Amerika

  • mddezzy

    They still Madd Obama got re-Elected? Really…LMAO

  • Eshall

    Fuck you Bill! You privlaged Caucasian male! You know nothing about the struggle of minorities. I detest that you have decided that ONE musician is the cause of unemployment. That is so ludicrous it makes me angry. Fuck haters Lil Wayne do your thang! You got more money than bitch ass bill anyhow!

  • Lolatellem

    lol weezy is definitely not the reason for crime and low employment its this racist ass country they make it so hard for black ppl to accomplish our goals. wtf Wayne music 1997-2007 was waaay more explicit back then than it is now all he talks about now is eating pussy and skating no harm done lol
    We all know Bill O Reilly is really mad about Wayne “accidentally” stepping on the flag lol .

  • LIlTune

    First off he talking straight bullshit , lil wayne always gunna have haters. So he need to get tf off lil wayne dick if you ask me.

  • wayniac

    Fuck Bill… Talk crazy man, highway to heaven..

  • This bill o’reilly must be the dumbest guy living right now,he did’nt even give a good reason with proof,lil wayne raps and makes his money, he don’t give a fuck what some Bill guy has to say, because there is not much employment for blacks,this Bill o’reilly must be the dumbest guy living…wait, did i say that already

  • Umair

    Fuck O’Reilly, talk shit everytime

  • Umair

    Fuck O’Reilly, talk shit everytime.

  • illmatic27

    Bill dont forget, that Miley Cyrus is still twerkin’)))

  • Eastside/World

    Fuck Bill with his racist ass it’s hollygrove or die

  • KUA2

    It’s true that music can influence people’s behavior but you cant just put the blame on the artist, it’s up to the parents to PARENET THEIR KIDS!!!! plus, african americans arent the only ones who listen to Wayne’s music, I’m not black but i still listen to his music and it hasn’t caused me to imitate anything that he raps about bcuz i was raised right.

  • cacawayne

    cant help but agree but O’Reilly comes off racist

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