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Pepsi Drop Lil Wayne As Their Sponsor For Mountain Dew Over Emmett Till Lyric

Fri, May 3, 2013 by

Pepsi Drop Lil Wayne As Their Sponsor For Mountain Dew Over Emmett Till Lyric

PepsiCo have decided to drop Lil Wayne as their sponsor for Mountain Dew after his Emmett Till lyric on Future’s “Karate Chop” remix.

Weezy F Baby apologized to the Emmett Till family earlier this week with a letter, but they have recently come out and said that they don’t view the letter as an apology and that they want to meet Wayne.

If you follow hip-hop, then you will also know a similar story happened to Rick Ross recently. Reebok dropped Rozay for his lyrics on Rocko’s “U.O.E.N.O.” song were he rapped about drugging and raping a woman.

In my opinion, I really don’t think Tune will care too much about this. I guess it will also mean that we won’t be seeing anymore “DEWeezy” campaigns.

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  • best fan ever


  • lawl

    this is some bullshit

    is free speech not allowed anymore?

  • Sj408

    The tills just want money

  • fuck yall bitches!! Wayne do ur thang ma boy!!!


    Is the Americas Most Wanted tour going to be cancelled also ? I know that was sponsored by Mountain Dew.

  • #1Stunna

    Fuck Emmett Till’s family for real. They making a big deal over nothing. Wayne shouldn’t of even apologised for anything. Now he looks like a pussy cause the letter didn’t work.

  • weezy1

    they just want to meet Lil and they do this because he’s a famous rapper that’s it

  • mula

    well i aint drinking mountain dew anymore
    fuck them
    weezy should of sent the till family some free trukfit

  • bobbyhoho

    I’m sure he cares, this will most def make wayne go broke!!! >.>

  • Mariana

    Mountain Dew is the one losing, I think Wayne don’t give a fuck about this, cause he stills RICH AS FUCK!

  • D0me

    Why did pepsi make wayne a sponsor in the first place after he said the same emmett till line on drought 3???

    and why did they not drop him when the remix came out??? its because of the emmett till family are bored



  • baby tunechi

    Fucked modafuckas…..fuck dis hoes weezy, we with ya till d end

  • rock n roll

    it was emmett’s fault in the first place for whistling at a girl when he shouldnt of

  • nolan


  • milly___millz

    exactly!! like wtf ever happend to freedom of speech? i mean damn

  • blacka don

    man fuck them they did wayne dirty even after the letter! aint nobdy tell his ass to holla at a white woman in the first place! lmfaooooo


  • ThisIsMe

    Wayne deserved to be dropped for spitting that ignorant ass shit. Anyone who disagrees needs to turn off Wayne’s wack ass bullshit coon music for 5 minutes and read a book for Christ sake.

  • Flayme

    WOOOOOOW…I think Lil Wayne offended me too. So I’M going to need 2 meet him. ALSO! No offense to anyone. But…ok…Emmitt Till, I guess if u really wanna meet Wayne……p.s. YO they JUST lyrics!!!!

  • #504

    @nolan really though lol and @blackadon LMFAO son im crying

  • Fukoutaaahere

    People gotta realise

    That freedommof speech is something else then just staright out insulting someone especially a dead person

    Its lack of respect and has nothing with a opinion i thought wayne was a tad smarter then this
    But this just prpves what a fucking idiot he is and has to take responisbility for his stupidness

    Just like rick ross implying rape is not freedom of speech its fucking stupid to say and good that there concequencies for their dumbness

  • Kayla

    Don’t nobody drink mountain dew anyways. I just PRAY the tour isn’t cancelled.

  • the truth…………….

    @thisisme nigga stfu true what wayne said was file but kanye said fucked up shit about emmet too. nobody said shit to him. tyler the creator raps about rape like its a joke and disrespects god and people praise that nigga music and he has a show on tv. smfh so fuck you bitch hop off this FANsite nigga

  • kush & drank




  • tiffany

    yesssss @thetruth…..

  • paul diaz

    i’ve heard kanye say a fucked up line about him too . but people was sleep though i guess -__-

  • DwayneCfan

    the stupidest thing i have ever heard, honestly emitt till happened so long ago, their are comedians that make fun of the holocaust and 9/11 and don’t get anything about it but lil wayne who has done so much for so many people gets so much crap from idiots because they’re so ignorant. im ashamed to be alive in this kind of a community where everyone is so sensitive over something so stupid. I loved mountain dew but DEW to this i will never purchase mountain dew or any pepsi product again.

  • tyga’s hairline

    i agree @kush&drank and @truthis…..
    and im lol @blackadon

  • Kurrupt

    I dnt drink no f**kin mountain dew no more so the Tills can stick their heads tween their legs & kiss their asses f**ke em all

  • jay_b

    @kushanddrank exactly cause i never drank that shit anyway lmfao

  • yonnie



    what wayne said was fucked up but i mean rappers have said worser shit.


  • YoungTunechie

    Damn man, the emmit till family is hungry for some money!


    shawn you’re so right

  • lacey

    @shawn ,@truthis… >>>>>

  • 17TH WARD

    everybody knows wayne is the (metephor king!) so i feel thats all he was doing in that line but as a black man he shouldve thought that one over instead. some people out here (fake caring n shit over though) niggas probably wouldnt have even known who he was until wayne rapped about it ol dumb asses. its cool though tune gon’ bounce back w/ something new soon watch

  • Cortez Bryant

    Good news fans or fellow friends, Weezy and I am now thinking of coming out with our own Soda Company that will bring the world different tastes just like his Muisc.

    Still theres no name for it as of yet, but we’re thinking of something like… “HIPC” – Hip-Hop’s Ingredient People’s Connection.

    What do you guys think ? Please we need you guys honest as can be feedback.
    Send me emails at MangerCortez (the at sign) . Com

  • kevin.j

    fuckin right @17thward and shawn thats real shit homie these people biased af nowdays fool

  • monique

    man fuck they company they couldve stood by wyane and that letter against them thirsty bitches

  • Ya they just want a $ettlement to keep their mouthes shut, and the Mountain Dew commercials sucked anyway.

    @Cortez Bryant You are a fucking retard if you think people will believe you are the real Cortez Bryant, especially when you spelled manager wrong and that’s his job…

  • Nevermind, the real Tez probably would spell his own job title incorrectly. Proceed.


    come on nigs you already have the BET channel and why can’t you just be happy with those

  • Shaq

    This shit said he prolly aint mean shit by that. Reebok nd pepsi some whack ass companies anyways he was gone bring them millions THEY FUCKED THAT UP

  • LetTunebeTune.

    FUCK EMMIT TILL’S FAMILY! Wayne doesn’t deserve being dropped over exercising his freedom of speech! Fuck all them Bitch ass Pepsi people. Lil Wayne is the man for shit he says. You can’t fuck with him. Lil Wayne doesn’t deserve to be treated wrong for a good ass verse.

  • autotunechi777

    r country hasnt been free for a long time and this just proves how much freedom we have lost. say goodbye to freedom of speech. fuck the till family dickriders!

  • old weezy

    in the first place weezy said stupid thing at that lyric the second thing he apology and it was in the past for now , i hope this fuck family stop going after lil wayne money be cause they should all be killed

  • GreenRanger

    Not a big deal anyways, All those Mountain Dew commercials were cheesy as fuck and its not like he needed the money lol.
    The whole things got me thinking though, like how in the fuck is the Emmett Till line so wrong, or rather how is THIS the thing that gets him dropped from MD?
    He has said so mush worse shit

  • Dizzy

    Fuck Mountain Dew

  • Lilweezywee

    Karate chop sucked anyways!! Better make a better album than IANAHB II that album was wack!!! At least make it seem like you care for rapping still! Going through the motions my nigga!!

  • tony_montana

    Man everyone who’s on here talking about “freedom of speech” is ignorant as phuq tho for real. If a bunch of racist people beat a member of your families to death and some rapper made a joke out of it, would you still be talking about “freedom of speech”?! SMH!

    And all you naïve ass people talking about “wayne don’t give a damn anyway”, if wayne didn’t give a phuq he wouldn’t have apologised in the first place!!! He’s gonna lose a lot of money from this, that’s just the sad truth,so he’s probably bummed about it.

    IMO this could have been handled differently, Pepsi shouldn’t have dropped him because I mean he did apologise afterall, but its whatever though!

  • Sticki

    OK TILL fam or watever u got what u wanted can he have his peace now hypocrites!!!

  • tunechi_lee_f_baybee

    @tony_montana PREACH!!!! Fuck the Till family doe 🙂

  • Khosta

    I told yall like 3 days ago didn’t I ?

  • Eshall


  • Alec

    Shut the fuck up! Shut up! Wayne made a completely insensitive comment about somebody who lost their life. You are all uneducated douches. The lyric was “beat that pussy up like Emmit Till.” That was unnecessary and rude. The family deserves money, and pepsi has every right to be angry. They are putting wayne up as a role model, and he says shit like this. It puts a bad image on pepsi. Of coarse there is free speech in this country, that why wayne was aloud to publish a song saying that, but free speech does not mean that everybody has to like what you have to say. Pepsi didn’t like what wayne said, they did

  • Maggz

    Fuck Tills family

  • chal

    wayne got millions he said it before ill repeat it for you HE AINT GOT NO WORRIES

  • Mxm FUCK that all that money-time-energy n pOwer wasted juss cOza stupid lyrics… U Americanz care waay too much bwt shit FUCK the Tills! (GET OVA IT.. Feelin’ like all yall want is publicity)

  • Y.O.L.O

  • ape shit™

    This is bs…what happened to freedom of speech..if that was da case all rappers would b apologizing to Ppl for using em in their songs. Straight bs!!! F**k these Ppl!!

  • ape shit™

    Fuck the Tills!!!!

  • Amweezy

    Damn that is so fucked up and absolutely ridiculous… 1st of all why did Emmitt Till’s family contact specifically Mountain Dew to drop Lil Wayne from their campaign… Wayne is involved with a lot of campaigns n sponsorships so why just go after this particular company? So very fishy… They obviously must have a hidden agenda behind their actions… Wayne never apologize for who is and what he says so for him to go out his way to specifically apologize to this family shows a great deal of consideration and should be rewarded instead punished for his freedom of speech… If he was not Lil Wayne and this wouldn’t be publicized this family would not give a good God damn! Amen… Let sleeping dogs lie shish

  • @Alec, u’re being dumb. if Pepsi really wanted to drop lil wayne, they would’ve done it as soon as the song came out. so shut the fuck up with that nonsense. and if u’re saying he got what he deserves, u’re an idiot. if they real felt so strongly about th

    @Alec, u’re being dumb. if Pepsi really wanted to drop lil wayne, they would’ve done it as soon as the song came out. so shut the fuck up with that nonsense. and if u’re saying he got what he deserves, u’re an idiot. if they really felt so strongly about this typa shit, why didn’t they protest against him back in the drought 3 days???… u know why, its ’cause at that time, he didnt have as much money as he does now. the Tills are a bunch of Leeches (if u ask me). yall are dumb for backing the Tills on this. I’m not sayin what Wayne said was right, but im sayin dat its kinda obvious that the Tills aren’t doing this coz it hurts them or degrades em (if it did, they would’ve came out back in 07), but they just want some publicity and abit of Waynes money. they got him dropped, so why the fuck do they wanna meet him? (secret fans i ges). he even apologiesed, but noooo these fucks are deadset on bringing a young 95 millionaire down, for no GOOD reason. And as for Pepsi…they are gon lose the lil’ customers they had, over their dumbness. Some of y’all need to stop and think before you blindly hate on Wayne. (forgive me for any typos)

  • stinkpot

    lets start a #fuckmountaindew campaign

  • @Official_X_

    In my own opinion,Wayne did nothing wrong
    He has said much more worse shit about other people too,they didn’t come out suckin on waynes dick…n to me,he dint tink d lyrics was rude,he only wanted to be funny,which he did,cos it got me laughin..
    The Tills family just want some publicity,they won’t get it

  • Cockpound

    @thetruth you a real nigga for that. Emmet till a bitch idc if he alive or dead he’s family’s some bitches. Wayne tryna do is thing witch he’s done for over 17 years very well better then anybody else as a matter of fact. N some bitch ass little family gona try to call him out ? Like forreal why does everybody try n fuck wit tune this nigga minds his own self. Every rapper alive or even singer says or does something to offend somebody in so way forum or fashen. For a example. Rappers say things about wemon. Wether that’s good or bad that’s not for me to say. They talk about what they feel n if Wayne can’t say what he feels you might as well kill the nigga. But that’s right nobody will, nor can. If you don’t like Wayne get the fuck out of here!? I understand being a hater everybody is one. I hate Rick Ross. Because his raps are shit but he still makes more money n gets more girls then my ass ence fourth I’m a hater. But I’m not on Rick Ross website leaving hater comments against him ? Because I don’t care bout him. Like you shouldn’t care about Tunechi if you don’t like him good for you join the other 3millon people that don’t but let the people who do love Wayne like me n the true fans be on this WAYNE site with out having to read your irate comments your all faggots anyway for not liking Wayne but be a faggot some place else cunts

  • lol? Emitt family they’re on hunger strike so dey need money from tunechi

    They playin dump games with tunechi?

  • Purp

    Its funny how you guys think he losing ALOT of money he’s not at home needing any money from MD

  • fuck MD!!! tunechi forevevr!!!

    Lil Wayne would be broke now if everyone took he’s lyrics to heart,that nigga has said far worse,niggerz in the hip hop industry are being targeted by these organizationz who are seeking publicity! The till family won’t get nothing from weezy that’s a fact!!! Enough of this bullshit we need more music Weezy!

  • Miyo

    Most people knew Mountain dew from Wayne… So in the long run… M.D. Goin’ to lose

  • Tahir

    Fuck this ,i ain’t coping anything from pepsi no more ..fuck pepsi,fuck mountain dew,fuck the Till family

  • Tahir

    Shit is stupid ..did Pepsi think Wayne is a messenger of God when they made him md sponsor? They signed a fucking rapper

  • Wayne’s World

    Wow really!! It’s just a freaking rap that wayne did!! Nobody really be paying attention to the lyrics anyways. People also probably didn’t know who Emmet Till was in the first place!! But Watever. Since people tryna make a big deal outa nothing. Pepsi made a a mistake too they should’ve just left Wayne still Sponser it I bet later on they fin want Wayne back and Wayne better say No!!

  • Trukfit M.O.B.

    Wayne need to beat that family with his skateboard and rap bout that shit too.

  • AFgun

    “beat that pussy up like Emmett till”. that implies that he is a pussy. it pokes fun at how brutally he was beaten.

    his intention of course, was to stress the fact that he will pound that pussy so hard that he will murder it. referencing emmett till helps him get that point across quite clearly.

    this is a black dude that was brutally murdered by racist white men. ur giving those white dudes props with this lyric. the family members and supporters of those white guys probably laughed their ass off at that line, while it opened up old wounds for the family of Emmett Till. Wayne himself is a black man so it does not make any sense for him, especially as a father, to say something like that.

    these are the same people who were offended by that LL cool j verse lol

    nobody cares about this line because it offends black people. had that been a blow job reference to 9/11 or something, he would have lost every single endorsement deal he’s ever had and his career would be over so fast that most people wont even get to hear the song.

    don’t just say things for the sake of saying them and actually use ur head sometimes when you guys speak. we all know what freedom of speech and censorship is. dont use that card on this type of shit. there is much more wrong with this picture than some freedom of speech thing.. people should be able to express themselves how they want but the same way, antisemitism and intolerance of a persons sexual preference is not acceptable by society, neither should this.

    people think there is nothing wrong with wayne saying this, yet would b against him dissing gay people. u all know if he dissed gays he would be dropped by everyone. and thats just a preference of your sex life. this is an actual life.

    doesnt that show u how backwards the world u live in is? you people are fucked

  • themunches

    Why do people always want to drag side issues in here. He wasn’t forced to do anything. He worships money and so his money was threatened and he caved. That is the extent of his integrity.

    Like someone was going to lock him up. I love apologies that begin with explanations, “What had happened was…”.


  • Haha

    The people defending wayne on this are probally to dumb to take a shit By them self

    Bottom line
    Kanye used it in a different way
    Look like emmet till

    Wayne calling him a pussy is just foul

    Next time he might be praising hitler or sucking devil dick
    Ill bet the low iq of you brainless retards would even know a way to defend those statements

    Good to know wayne makes mOney off suckers who truly have no morality whatsoever
    He should be proud

  • Khraze

    Fuck pepsi
    aint nvr goin tuch eir drink evr
    #tunechi do ya thang#

  • Tsulli504

    Wow what did pepsi expect????! He is a RAPPER he is constantly saying offending shit! And they gunna drop him over a line? Get the fuck! O well ut their loss

  • Tsulli

    Hey haha u silly bitch , why are u on waynes website if u are such a hater??!! And then taking to tine to write on WAYNES website if u dont line hin?? And fyi he didnt CALL till a pussy go listen to it u silly ignorant bitch because u know u listen to all his music and visit his website eveyday! But yet u hate him HAHA

  • this real shit,fuck dew fuck emit,we are still supporting weezy untill the end,weezy fuck them hoes they are nothing to you,you are the best rapper alive,we like ya nigga

  • The voice of reason

    The line about emmet till could have been avoided, true enough. But I personally dont believe Wayne was taking a direct shot at Emmet or his family by making that statement. To the person above me saying that Wayne called Emmet a pussy, is rather lacking in the comprehending department.

    It simply was a metaphor expressing how bad/hard he would beat her pussy up. Nothing about his statement directly, nor indirectly, called Emmet a pussy. All of these people is acting overly dramatic about something so stupid that it shouldnt even be taken serious. Metaphors/puns/ word play are not even meant to be thought about seriously. What makes these things sound good usually is when you’re high or drunk and just vibing. Unless, you are particularly fond of metaphors and word play. Then you should know automatically that its just fun and not meant to be taken serious.

    Nevertheless, it really is being over dramatized. Someone before me said it best. Rap culture says things worse than this all the time, and nothing is never said about it, or happens. People generally love it. Maybe im being a little insensitive, but id rather you all dramatize over women being called bitches and hoes (and being proud of it), gettin fucked up on molly being incoherent and acting stupid, worrying about fucking bad bitches but you dont have a house nor Job to take care of the kids when they come along. These are current issues in our community/society that you can surely dramatize over (protest with signs and all), rather than be over emotional (sensitive and dramatic) about something that happened so long ago in a different time, day and age than we are living in now. I understand this family lost a loved one in a very harsh and careless way, and it is sad as well as unfortunate. But it seems they are doing a little much, over a lyric, which had no ill intention to degrade that family or emmet till directly. They sent their letter, Wayne (and or his representative) replied with an apology letter assuring them he will never reference emmet till in a song again. They pulled the entire verse from the original song before it hit stores, Wayne removed the lyrics from his catalog and promised to never use nor perform those lyrics. It was over let it go, but now seeing this only solidifies the whole entire argument that this family is doing a bit much. Sincerely, The voice of reason

    Sn. Yes, and this all coming from a “Proud to be Black” brother.

  • SobSMG

    It aint cool to say some stuffs just cuz you can apologise. Uncle Wayne was just doing his usual word play but I guess it hurt the Tills family. Uncle has apologised and that’s him Manning up to the fact and admitting he was wrong so if Dew is dropping him, its their Loss. Uncle WAYNE do yo thang! Keep playing with them words. TRUKFIT Nigeria

  • Filet minion

    I think the Till family is seriously just milking the fuck out of this. They want to meet wayne? Hahaha they just want to meet a celebrity and are milking the shit out of this to do it. I hope wayne doesn’t give them the time of day.

    Pepsi dropped wayne for this? Because ONE family said so? Gaaaaayy

  • @becguyzlax

    I guess now Gorge bush will sue wayne for gorgia bush ..seriously WTF

  • Alec

    i think you guys need to look up who emmit till is. And once you find out why that comment was wrong, then you will finally shut the fuck up. And also look up what free speech is, because free speech does not say that everybody has to like what you have to say. Your all idiots, and have no life. You support weezy even when hes an insensitive douche.

  • Loyal fan

    Fuck Pepsi !!!

  • Rational

    Yall gotta get off Waynrme dick! That nigga was wrong accept it!

  • SpittaRGM

    Man what the fuck is wrong they just some racist pricks they hate hearing they kind being put out there fag ass people.. i swear freedom of speech was apart of this world

  • Lovely





  • me

    As a blackman Weezy ws stupid n ignornt 2b sayn tht shit inda 1st plce….bt he apolgised.bigup 4 still it ws up 2 dew 2 xcept hs apolgy or nt,n they dnt…..probly cause it ws convenient 2 drop him ova ths,10 to 1,they cnt affort hm anymor n ths ws jst a nice xcuse 2 dump hm,othrwise he cld hv sued thm if they jst decide 2 break da contract 4 no reason….realy fishy how ths prticular sponsr ws approched,y didn’t da till fam also contactd othr sponsrs,my guess is they we’re jst used by dew 2 gt rit o weezy… let me say a blackman(south african)I truly condone degrading ppl who paved da road in wich we r walkin in nw…..u fucked up weezy,bt we still lov u

  • Trebles’ Garcia follow me on fb.

    Dam weezy has health problems, his album sells late, he gets drop of his spincership.. I mean ima weezy fan to death but im woried. I wouldnt want my fav rapper ti fall of the high horse

  • ape shit™

    @haha@Alec@lovely@ u guys r fuckn stupid… nuff said!!Wayne haters shouldn’t even b allowed here in da first place..leave!!

  • tune

    first reebok drop rick ross for his line. don’t nobody ware reebok no more any ways AN DEY DROP HIM

  • Lil Wayne Shited on the illuminati cd ianahb2 with god bless amerika, that’s why this is all happening.!!! Yo Weezy I never expected this from u,, representing like T.I and tupac, don’t let Em change u, u got mad respect from me after that, I will always bump ur real shit loud and proud!!!!!!!!

  • By the way to that person who commented with the name “haha” ,,,, FACK YOU (I know how to spell “fuck you” but this word has been modified to mean face fuck you)

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