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Feature Friday #1: Young Jeezy – Scared Money (Feat Lil Wayne)

Fri, Nov 15, 2013 by

Young Jeezy Scared Money Feat Lil Wayne

While news on Lil Wayne has been quiet recently, I am going to start a new weekly section on LilWayneHQ called “Feature Fridays”. If there has not been many updates on Tune in the week, once it gets to Friday I will post up a throwback feature he has done. I will choose a feature that dropped from between the beginning of his career all the way up to when Weezy went to jail in 2010.

For the first “Feature Friday” edition, here is Young Jeezy‘s “Scared Money” song featuring Lil Wayne that was produced by Boi-1da. This track was never officially released after leaking online in 2009, but it was originally recorded for Jeezy‘s TM103 album. No one can say Wayne didn’t kill this feature!

“More money than mistakes is what I’ve made; Money on my mind, I got my mind made; If money grow on trees, I’m tryna find shade”

You can listen to “Scared Money” below and view the full lyrics here. Please let me know in the comments section if you would like me to carry on and post a “Feature Friday” installment every week?

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  • johny


  • cvfgf

  • @dat_boy_thor

    Great song future classic for weezy and jeezy

  • Empire

    Is that Drake’s father in the picture? LOLOLOL

  • I Ain’t Nervous

    I miss this Wayne 🙁

  • Yes please by all means nessesary more weezy! YMCMB!

  • tht song is dope especially weezy verse and danny pls whats happening with weezy he is so quiet i hope he cooking something great……….ymcmb rich gang we the best

  • sooo woooo

    yes danny do this every week

    show these new fans what they missed

  • ymcmb truk

    yall dumb…. weezy just come off a tour so he obviously chilling with his family and probably skating

  • Hunter

    Yes please carry this on!!!! Awesome idea

  • spittaRGM

    @hunter check this out bro http://www.sharebeast.com/3wwis32m8jb4

  • MALI

    keep it coming

  • Ymcmb

    Damn!! Wayne murdered this shit!!

  • raw tune

    his whole verse was fire

  • Tune

    Breaktime – Tyga Ft. LilWayne >


  • ‘Cream in my pocket, strawberry flag nigga’

    Wat yall know bout dat line???

  • ronie

    great idea danny

  • luzuko

    yessirrr!! im the king of #capetown king of #jozi on one hand i juggle dem both i hate jeezy though @zukomqolo on twitter ill sure follow u bek

  • luzuko

    yessirrr im the king of #capetown king of #jozi on one hand i juggle dem both i hate jeezy though @zukomqolo on twitter ill sure follow u bek

  • YoungGod RigoRigo

    lil wayne is music!!

  • I like that u doing doing this honestly DANNY

  • lilWizard

    actually you can also drop some unreleased/leak songs and not only futures. Nice idea BTW

  • I like this danny, you should continue with it

  • bodybag weezy right here

  • Patriots

    Danny great idea but u should do them even if its not a slow week but next week hit em wit “Death Wish” that song wit jada and wayne

  • CheyCheyLuvTunechi

    Im pretty sure I remember this frum 09. It sounded more familiar as I listened tu it. My Boo Weezy alwayz kill it!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

  • ZipLiner

    great, verse old wayne! these Feature Fridays will remind you guys how good wayne WAS and show you that his new features and stuff arent up to par. (not hating its just honesty)

    Keep this going Danny its a great idea and make sure you go as far back as you can he has some great features from the days of 500 degreez and carter 1 even did a feature or two before his debut album

  • Don

    Great memories man but don’t worry Wayne gone start killing shit again

  • Mosh Ope

    Yes loving this Feature Friday but would be kool if you can provide a download link along with it aswell

  • TunechiLioncheis

    Dope idea.. keep it going!!!!!

  • Issiah

    Wayne doesn’t need to be working right now. What he should do is just chill, skateboard and be the father he wants to be. Once he is really focused on music then he should do his thing. He just got off tour. I respect Tune and his craft. He just needs a break. Let the music find you Weez. Forget anyone who wants to feature you, work on your stuff!!!

  • NonMfckinFactor

    Yes Danny I think you should keep doing ‘Feature Fridays’! I think for next week’s edition you should put Slim Thug’s ‘Fuck You’ with Weezy.

  • Weezy fucking killed it! such a good verse. Lil Wayne da best

  • Bunz

    U go Daniel!!

  • wtf

    Just pay attention to the flow.. Weezy F Baby

    Good stuff Danny

  • nfs444

    Smackdown – Pharell ft. Lil Wayne

  • Nutzstaydraggin

    @danny next week please put last of a dying breed OMG HE SLAuGHTERED THAT VERESe “AND IMA MC I MOVE THE CROWD LIKE MOSeS LIkE the Red Sea I wear red like roses go against me and you’ll be Dead like roses” you can literally feel Wayne’s charisma and energy on that song please and thank you

  • YM



  • patriots

    @ Nutzstaydraggin yeah that was crazy too how he said, “and hip-hop ain’t dead it just had a heart attack, but you see I keep it pumping,yeah I got that heart back, so just call me little Carter or little cardiac” man Wayne is the greatest of all time also I think that was 2010 for people who say he feel of after no ceilings

  • lost on the road

    Or how about that lost- gorilla zoe ft. Lil wayne

  • Martian

    Better yet -damn I’m cold- bun-b ft. Lil wayne . wezzy killed that shit.

  • Best

    Nice song, carry on Danny!

  • Wayniac7

    Song is dope,great idea Danny,carry on!:)

  • WeezysAngel

    We are already very grateful for what you do for us @Danny M! I think this will keep us satisfied while Mr. Carter rests. Carry on!


    I’ve got hundreds of these awesome features.

  • Klay Wisseh

    Yeah I like this, Danny if possible could you have a download link on these please?

  • Percy Mack

    @SPITTARGM,,,stop rappin while u ahead homie..your quality sounds like u recorded in a bathroom and your lyrics are Wack Dawg..STOP IT and yes DANNY PLEASE KEEP POSTING THROW BACK WAYNE VERSES EVERY FRIDAY!

  • GREAT idea. I think u should also make a section on the site that has a list of all the Feature Fridays, or streams of all the songs

  • Does anyone else besides me realize this is a 3 year old song.

  • Nalgon

    @SPITTARGM, Omg You Suck Sorry You Are Sorry Like Fuck.
    It Sounds Just Like The Other Said,You Recorded In The Restroom,Where You Taking A Shit While Doing That.
    You Make Cheef Keef Sound Like The God Of Rap.
    Cheef Keef Makes Sense Compared To You

    But We Know Wayne The God 😀

  • Aaron

    Please continue with Feature Friday’s

  • chad

    this verse was a classic! has to be one of his better verses from that lyrically insane era he went through…

    “you niggas running from the money, i treat it like pussy, i got the money cummin'”

    This was back when nobody even compared to Wayne’s insane skills

  • scared money

    Yeah continue these this was refreshing to see an old song like this

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