Lil Wayne & TRUKFIT Announce A Competition For A Fan To Win A Necklace

Thu, Dec 12, 2013 by

Lil Wayne and his clothing line TRUKFIT announced a competition earlier today, so that one fan can win an 18K yellow gold custom diamond “Truk Da Wurl” pendant. The necklace, which is valued at $3,500.00, is made by Avianne & Co and Tune has been spotted wearing one at most of his appearances over the past few years.

In the clip above, you can watch Weezy F Baby confirm this competition is legit while outside of The Hit Factory in Miami. To win the pendant, you must follow the TRUKFIT account on Twitter here and retweet their tweets from December 12th to December 15th.

Good luck!

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  • King Dwayne

    WEEZY F! if you hatin you just need some pussy

  • tunechi f baby

    i dont giv a fuck about this pendant cause i dont fucks with twitter but the fact that wayne was in front of a studio recording this video can only be good news…..still waiting on the c5 single

    • Michross

      I wish it was good news he’s sitting on a half pipe .

      • tunechi f baby

        but outside of the studio… not on a half pipe at a skatepark or on his crib roof

  • freakjasp

    @Danny M didn’t see a thread on the forums about this so i’m gonna ask here:

    am i wrong or do you just have to retweet the tweet where they announce the competition? cause that’s all they wrote in this tweet and you said in the article you have to retweet all tweets from 12th to 15th decembre. or do i just get it wrong?

    • You’re right, but in the statement that got e-mailed out it says retweet the various tweets over the next few days in December, so I’m not 100% sure.

      • freakjasp

        i read through the rules on the trukfit homepage and they didn’t say anything about the other tweets. dunno, don’t think you have to

      • freakjasp

        btw, which e-mail? do you get one when you take part or something?

  • Real Niggah

    Wayne please wear a different hat every so often. I’m fed up of seeing you rocking the same Trippy hat in every pic and video.

  • Itz Diezel Muhfka

    Search “LouDiezel” on Youtube … Check out a few tracks

  • Patrick H

    Over 3k for that chain?

    You can buy one that looks EXACTLY the same on eBay for $30

    • pusha tonne

      r u stupid……its 18karat gold

      • Patrick H

        iIt doesn’t matter it still looks the exact same as fake gold

  • ap

    new wayne verse on abstract and the dragon

    • freakjasp

      no, its old homie

  • Don

    That verse from Wayne on that Busta and Q-Tip mixtape>>> is that recent @Danny ?

    • freakjasp

      not really, a few weeks old homie

      • Don

        Oh damn he killed it lol

        • freakjasp

          he just said about 2 sentences to introduce the song, he didn’t kill it tbh

          • Don

            I’m not talking bout Thank You there is another song on there with him and he has a full verse go listen to it

            • freakjasp

              already listened to it, just thought you talked bout the thank you song, the renaissance rap remix is great, but old

              • Don

                Oh lol I feel you

            • Sean Smith

              What song?

              • Don

                Renaissance Rap Remix on Busta’s new mixtape

  • realness

    Weezy is always so nice to his fans dont see that other Artist are making that and give us so many gifts..he even gives the crowd his clothes and shit like that..god bless him

  • ds2

    @DannyM today on instagram @Marlly_Gee started following me. I’ve been trying to figure out if this is the real . Lil Chuckee follows him and he posted a pic of them together and today he posted a picture of chase n cache. And he posted a picture of him and fuek. Do you know?

  • inewwiththis .

    is the competition just for United States fans? or for the whole world?

  • zak

    Fuck that truckfit necklace..give us music!

  • Michross

    @tunechifbaby I wish it was good news he’s sitting on a half pipe..

  • jimmy bond

    2013 was a bad year of wayne cuz he dident get no nominations this year and i just look at rolling stone the best mixtapes this year n he not even on this year i think the reason y he not givings award cuz the emmit till shit got me mad n i hope 2014 he come back on top

  • Sandile Hlongwane

    Wayne on that Q-tip n buster song killed it,his flow is almost lyk on ignant shit

  • Shaquan James

    Damn wayne really fell off hard I mean dude ain’t even relevant any more. Smh

    • JayHighAss

      Fck out of here with that BullShit nigga ..

    • Ant

      Bet everything Wayne fucking ova yo favorite artist Gtfo from the fansite making negative comments Makes no sense to b on this site if he’s relevant

  • Omari Mtibiro


  • Kushy Kush

    Weezy f tha greatest battle any rapper, fuck over yo favourittte

  • Ant

    Why is it ppl on Wayne’s fansite hating I dont get it And yes ppl Wayne is about to make that return his “loyal” fans been waiting on If u hating u just need sum PUSSY

  • Toqua McGhee

    F Dat, If you don’t like wayne, and don’t want the necklace, or do want it, and know you not getting it, stop hating and reading and writing about him. Now What Lil Wayne for life! Thanks for all you do!

  • ronnie

    @lilwaynehq:disqus weird how Wayne didn’t get inspired from skating in his video Drop the world with Eminem

    • Yeah it took a kid to inspire him when he was released from prison.