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Riff Raff Previews Upcoming Single Featuring Lil Wayne In Kansas City [Video]

Sat, Dec 21, 2013 by

During his show at The Riot Room in Kansas City, Missouri on December 19th, Riff Raff treated the crowd and played them his upcoming song with Lil Wayne. When listening to the preview, some of you Wayniacs may recognize Weezy‘s verse from a track that leaked in 2008 called “So Many Guns, I’mma Shoot One“.

Riff Raff mentioned earlier this month that the song, which is currently untitled, was supposed to drop two weeks ago, but he told the audience in the clip above that he hasn’t even recorded his verse yet. However, the track will appear on his upcoming Neon Icon album, due to drop on January 28th, so if we don’t hear the collaboration this month, we should hear it next month for sure!

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  • Patrick H

    Wayne was like fuck this dude I aint doing no verse for him….he can have this old verse

  • Dillanology

    Damn, Riff didn’t even do a song with Weezy. It’s just from that “So many guns, Ima shoot one track” -__-

  • Special G

    Fake weezy fans gonna hear this and be like wow tha carter 2 weezy is back smfh. Riff raff probably paid $100k for this verse too lmao

    • tedd

      Lmfao i was thinking the same thing…the new wayne fans are gonna say that

  • he has to stop working with artists like riff raft and soulja boy

    its a joke -_-

    • josh_66

      EXACTLY! wayne know this nigga is a joke thats why he playe dhim and gave him some OLD shit lol. riff raff dont know no better lol

  • tunechi f baby

    “I’m getting bread, I’m getting head up in a new Coupe
    Might be ya bitch, might be ya sis, it might be them two”

  • Dizzy B

    lol nigga gave him a old verse he don’t even know it.

  • Tune Knowledge

    Idgaf that the verse is old.. That track sounds like fire!

  • mak_l_jones

    thank god! i was pissed when heard tune was working with this fucking parody of a rapper , but seeing as how he gave him a throw away throwback … im laughing

  • tedd

    Riff raff is fake, hes making a mockery of black people its all an act this guy is doing…Im glad wayne gave this clown a old verse he doesn’t deserve a verse from the best rapper alive

  • JustAGuy234

    a) riff raff is lucky tho.. if i was a rapper i’d MUCH rather get an old verse from 2004-2009 weezy f baby than get one from trukfit tunechi. So having an old verse that he KNOWS is FIRE is a good idea.

    b) i think C5 will be dope NOT because wayne comes back to the top but remember how over the years he always talks about how much extra music he does? well i think 90% of C5 will be him using some old stuff we never heard some FIRE from back in the day.

    God Bless

  • jjdestructs


  • Lil Tunechi Or Young Tunafish

    Hopefully some good news or a single from ‘Like Father Like Son ll; Tha Last MOB’ coming soon, Birdman has been mentioning it several times this past week on twitter which makes me believe they are preparing for the release of a single probably sometime around January

  • vazec

    I was really feeling this but no wonder its so good if its from 08

  • tony

    how is riff raff fake? the guy just started rapping out of nowhere he admits that i don’t see what’s fake about him.
    you don’t have to like his music to admit he is probably the if not one of the realest rappers out, i don’t see him lying about selling 1000 keys or killing 80 guys like most rappers, ya’ll niggas got fake all the way wrong

  • Ya heard me

    Riff Raff got trolled.

  • youngfneff

    rif raf is complete fucking joke. he’s so sack and he calls this a new lil wayne verse hes a faggot white trash

  • Tune

    weezy Gave him an old verse and HE AINT Even know it. lmaoo

  • Louis Rich

    I have a better quality version of this up on YouTube.

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