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Feature Friday #8: Pinney Woods – Be Aiight (Feat Lil Wayne)

Fri, Jan 3, 2014 by

Pinney Woods Be Aiight Feat Lil Wayne

A Billionaire Buck song featuring Lil Wayne surfaced online last month and even though a lot of people thought the Wayne verse is new, it is actually from a Pinney Woods record titled “Be Aiight“.

So this only makes sense that this week’s “Feature Friday” installment should be the Pinney song, which was produced by Aktual and released back in 2009.

“Young Tune, no animation; Bitch I do me like masturbation; Young Money, Cash Money till I’m killed nigga; Bet my funeral be over-packed with real niggas”

You can listen to “Be Aiight” below and purchase the track off Amazon here!

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  • Lakshay

    First in this Bitch!

    • jjdestructs


  • Kiid Phantomboyz Jay

    Im here

  • Kiid Phantomboyz Jay

    Damn tune I know all ur songss nigga most of dem !!

  • JustAGuy234

    you know how Wayne has talked about doing SO MUCH extra stuff over the last 8+ years. How he ALWAYS was in the studio? and see how now people are getting old verses from him? My guess is if he can’t get back to his old self hes just gonna re use the stuff he been saving so he doesnt go out (retire) on a bad note. kinda smart in my opinion!

    • Ronald’s

      Even riff raff got an old verse lmao…..

  • All those new weezy fans thought this verse was new #shameonthem

    • TwizzieTwitch

      actually i was listening to wayne since 06 and i thought it was new. i dont understand how hearing a song before anyone else determines if your a real fan. thats some lil kid shit

      • Boo

        It’s okay, you’re not a real fan, don’t worry about it.

      • i didn’t say it makes you a real fan tho

    • Tune

      i dont understand whats wrong with weezy having new fans?? last time i checked thats great news! Hopefully they can catch up on all the great weezy music. #AllHailWeezy

    • cj

      anybody that comes on this site and leaves a comment period is a fan

  • Dominick Henderson

    Weezy changed music fuck what ever you heard

  • Leonel CuffyoChick Pierre

    Nobody cares if you’re first in this bitch

  • fewcha

    look what lil wayne is holding in his hand in the picture

    • Aids


      • fewcha


  • Young Tune

    People thought he only called himself tune after he came out of jail and started skating but as you can see with this song he didn’t.

    • Boo

      He been calling himself that since Sqad up days boy.

  • Killa

    Is that Kanye west on the hook?

  • Nfs444

    Ummm… Pretty sure this is a Kanye West song! @Danny M

  • Nfs444

    LOL @ this cheap imitation of the REAL song from 2009

  • Nfs444

    I’m pretty sure this isn’t straight up official and that he just recycled this old Kanye song hoping nobody would notice!

  • Alissa

    For somee reason That pic reminds me of 08 wayne lol

  • Jb

    Damn!!!! I cant stand these new generation wayne fans. They think they know everything about wayne but they dont. First off wayne been callin himself tune since the hot boys so do your fuckin research. It wasnt till 08-09 that he added the chie for tunchie. Remember right before he went off to rikers he explained the hole sanareo. He said it started off with his grand mother calling him tune as a kid and he began using it when he got older for the music. so do your fuckin research before comming on here talkin that bullshit and Ive been a Wayne fan since 03 so u cant argue with an original. Another thing, iimm getting tired of all these shit braiins commin on here talking about weezy and tunechie as if they are 2 different people like shut that shit up frfr. And the last thing, stop talkin bout the way wayne dresses. Do u buy his clothes??, Do u put food on his table??, Do u even knoww him personaly??……………………….Exactly!!!! He is a grown ass man annd he can wear whatever the fuck he wants towear and if u dont liike it O WELL!!!!

    • Zane Kirkwood

      You sound a bit mad. Some people aren’t sure. Don’t get all mad about it bro. Cool down. Tune, Tunechi, Wayne, Weezy, he got many different names. Who cares about how he dresses but you don’t need to rant about it. Lol.

    • Sheihk

      you sound gay as fuck. sit down bitch boy

    • lmao

      “tunchie” “hole sanareo”

  • Nathan Bryant

    Classic and I heard it before. Voice was better then. Such character.

  • Nathan Bryant

    When he used to spit and other rappers would spit and not just say what’s entertaining.

  • Nathan Bryant

    He had an old mixtape called raw tune with scoob.

  • $N$

    danny knows erethang bout wayne, erethangggg o_o

  • thug8200

    he spit this same verse on small things to a giant

    • He didn’t.

      • The Truth

        Not at all sir. Maybe you should go listen to small thing to a giant again lol.

  • nfs444

    Hasn’t anybody heard LV’s and Autotune 2 by Kanye West… Jesus y’all struggle

  • MichaelR

    You’re making me look stupid @DannyM.

  • Shandra

    U people r gay as fuxk. GROW UP lol.

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  • Shew Andkicks

    Weez can you please stop trying to sound like these new rappers to fit in, you were great doing YOU, thats what got you to the top my g, get back on it bruh i know you still got it in you..