Lil Wayne Tells Sports Illustrated An Interesting Story About The Manning Family

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Lil Wayne Tells Sports Illustrated An Interesting Story About The Manning Family

For Sports Illustrated‘s Monday Morning Quarterback column, Peter King chopped it up with Lil Wayne to talk about American football. During the interview, Tune mentioned that when he used to play the sport, his position that he would play was fullback.

Weezy F Baby also spoke on how he became a Green Bay Packers fan, why he loves American football so much, Richard Sherman, Peyton Manning, Super Bowl XLVIII, and shares a story about the Manning family that he heard from one of his homies.

You can read the interview below!

How he became a Packers fan:
“They won the Super Bowl in my hometown, and I was hooked. I am not missing a Packers game. Never. I don’t care what kind of world I am in, where I am. When the Packers are playing, I’m watching. This year was tough. When A-Rod (Aaron Rodgers) went down, I was in a lot of pain.”

Why he loves football:
“It’s such a natural thing… I don’t know, really. I love it more than anything. The physicality of it, I think. On Sundays, I just sit there, and everybody knows—no phone calls. It’s understood by the people around me—when the games are on, no calls for him.”

Richard Sherman:
“To me, the Richard Sherman thing … I think he does it, I don’t want to say for attention, I don’t believe it’s for attention, but I believe there is a technique to what he is doing. It all of a sudden doesn’t seem so natural. It seems like it used to be Richard Sherman loves to trash talk, but now, it’s kind of a technique. Not natural. I’ve seen people go back at him, and when they tell him something back or he gets his face busted, there’s no more barking. That tells me, I’m really not like this, I’m really not aggressive. I think it’s Richard Sherman mouthing off … I know the media likes to say he’s backing it up with his play. Well, Richard Sherman comes from the same place I come from, the street, and he’s doing a lot of talking where he really can’t back it up. I think he’s a shutdown player. But a great player? No. Great? I don’t think he’s a great player. Now if he plays great against Peyton, that will be huge. If he performs tremendously, that will [change things].”

Peyton Manning:
“He is special. He is one of a kind. I am glad I am able to live to see him, to see the kind of things he is doing.”

The Manning men: Father Archie and sons Cooper, Peyton and Eli:
“I have a story about Peyton. A guy who has been on the road with us, he was like an uncle to us, he told us this story. When he was in jail, about to come home, he was put on one of those work-release things in New Orleans. Every morning, real early, he would clean the schoolyard of the (Isidore) Newman School (where the Manning kids attended). Because he was a prisoner, he would have to clean the schoolyard at 4 or 5 in the morning. There was not one morning, 4:30, 5 in the morning, he wouldn’t see Archie, Peyton, Cooper, or Eli out on the field. He’d see Archie throwing passes to Cooper, or Peyton throwing routes to Cooper. I don’t know if people know this, but it was Cooper who was the prodigy. He [the roadie] would tell us the story, you know, like it was destined.”

Super Bowl XLVIII:
“Honestly, I don’t want to use the word ‘surprised,’ but it is unexpected to see Seattle in the Super Bowl. I expected Peyton. He’s been there before. And I love Russell Wilson. But they are not playing in Seattle. I just can’t see Peyton losing.”

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  • Presidential.

    A Packers fan from New Orleans…..

    • Ej McCarty

      Wayne bandwagons in sports.

      • YMCorey

        How??? He had a packers hat on in the fireman video.. He’s always been a Red Sox fan.. He’s been a laker fan since the sqad days.. Kobe used to send wayne a framed autographed jersey every birthday.. Wayne sends him a album everytime too.. I mean of course you gonna like your home team too but they’re not the favorite.. He only went to the heat games because he’s a fan of the sport and he lives in Miami.. Wayne wade and lebron are still good friends.. People fall out all the time

    • ol’ boi

      and? im from n.y. and im a bears fan win or lose! just because you live somewhere or is from somewhere doesn’tmean you have to be a fan of that place’s team’s fool. smh

  • where are the interviews asking weezy about new music???

    • realness

      Naah cmon all magazines already report about the new young money album and carter 5 album. They don`t need an interview because birdman wayne and cortez said everything we have to know as they announced it. And all the other albums like LFLS2 will come “soon” lol. Btw nice read..

    • 86TiLLiDiE

      More like where was Weezy at the Grammys? Dude needs to step it the fk up.

      • why would he go when he didn’t get any nominations?

        • Kidd

          Thats the point

  • wtfisthis

    we dont care wtf he feels about another person”s family anyway. boring interview btw

  • Time

    Bandwagon Tunechi

  • Gudda Gudda


  • yoooooo come on

    why does wayne do these sports interviews like anyone cares what he says about sports

    wayne’s fans are from his music so if he aint talking about music no one cares

    to me this is the worst wayne interview i have ever seen posted on lwhq

    • 86TiLLiDiE

      More than half of the stuff on here is just stupid. fkn pictures and what not theres no more music, not even features. He’s a let down to his fans, honestly.

  • untillmyfaceturnpurple

    BTW what happened to “Weezys Sport Corner”?

  • Levi Blue

    These fucking pop ups && ads are pissing me off Danny boy

  • JayHighAss

    I’m a settle seahawks fan & I’m from Oakland Cali bay area home of the raiders & 9ers but I love the Seahawks I’m no banwagon but Weezy u can’t say Sherman isn’t a great player cause he is just watch on Sunday no one throws his way

  • Jc

    People are dumb as hell. There is no more music…okay….but a “let down to his fans” come on man. He has been the hardest working person in rap for more than the last 10-15 years. The dude deserves a break. He doesn’t owe you anything. He worked his ass of for your entertainment and you can’t even respect his privacy a little bit? He could retire right now and I would still love Wayne. He can never win or do more than he’s already done. Nothing will ever be good enough or enough music to satisfy some of you unappreciative “fans.” So ridiculous.

    Yeah I’m lookin at you @86tillidie

    • Dawn Bosley

      I ditto everything Jc said…and I’ll love any music Wayne puts out from now to whenever…he’s a living legend come on guys…how many of you talking on here have even heard 1/2 of Wayne’s lyrics I have over 800 tracks on my iphone and each and everyone has lil wayne on it! How many do you have? What did you think of D2 and Da Drought 3? Even better Tha Carter and Tha Carter II? Tell me your opinions and maybe I’ll take time to listen to your bullshit for once!! ✌️Btw thanks for the article Danny!

  • CMorrow2

    Go Hawks

  • Aish-Thaks

    Fuck Tha Grammys

  • Genevieve

    yea dig wayne’s raps alot especially wiv nicki the beats make hell lot of sense really u’re AWESOME nd so are your beats lol and also ‘DEDICATION 5 WAS DOPE’ No Offence Wayne nd peeps hw mant up’s do i get for this cuz i ‘m ballin real hard tho neva played bball as a kid #lmao#