Jay Electronica “Can’t Wait” To Work With Lil Wayne

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Jay Electronica Cant Wait To Work With Lil Wayne

Yesterday, Jay Electronica went on Twitter and answered plenty of questions from his fans. One of these questions was “[Are] you ever gonna collab with Lil Wayne?”, in which Jay answered “I can’t wait”.

If you didn’t already know, Jay Electronica is from the Magnolia Projects in New Orleans, which is where Birdman grew up, as well as a place where Wayne spent a lot of his time in his younger days.

Also back in 2008, Tunechi mentioned to DJ Semtex in an interview that he thinks Jay is “crazy” and he would be down to work with him after Electronica had an idea to do a Bayou Classic EP together.

So Wayniacs, would you like to see a Jay Electronica and Weezy F Baby collaboration? Maybe on Tha Carter V?

Jay Electronica Cant Wait To Work With Lil Wayne

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    • Jae Millz

      Exhibit A (Transformations) was literally the dopest song of all time. Imagine Weezy going in on that!

  • Milische

    In b4 Rothschild

    • Time


  • Time

    Jay is dope on the mic so why not….

    But I don’t really care if he on C5

  • Ya diggg

    Where the c5 single, I’m going mad over here waiting for it

  • fewcha

    they still not done a song together?

  • wayneskiee

    watch weezy carter5 single be some goofy 16 bars song

    • Love Me


    • Young Hitta

      No I think those days are over for Wayne. He actually cares for his music again.

      • T.D.E

        Yup just like he did before 2010.

  • Deontre Lewis

    Shout out to nicki booty #dedication5

    • Squad Up_23

      Nicki dope af

  • JustAGuy234

    Best bet is try and forget you ever heard a single was being released. So that way when it drops it will surprise you

    But most likely they are looking to clear production or a sample, as we all know Cash Money and YMCMB have a bad rep with paying producers and clearing samples on time which is why they always have pushbacks!

  • Frosty!!!

    Can’t wait for the weezy and Kendrick song to drop! Just know it’s gonna be be dope as fuck! And bring on c5 just praying that 1 of these days I’m gonna click on LWHQ and I’m on see the headings sayin : 1st c5 single weezy murdered it

  • Anti

    Hell yeah!!!!!

  • Love Me

    So much love from these artist’s these days,everyboby waNna be on tha carter V..including I

    • master v

      I think I know hu r u.

      • Love Me


        • master v

          I thnk ur regina carter?

          • Love Me

            Lol…nah bruh,I’m a dude…I’m just a big weezy fan…like you,and I know you got confused by my name…”Love me ” right ?

        • master v

          Oh I c I’m a big weezy fan wat kynd song do u have of weezy

          • Love Me

            Mainly albums like dedication 2,4 & 5, tha carter 2,3 & 4..no ceilings, and ianahb2….

    • master v

      The carter3 session,prefix,tha first carter and suffix are dope as hell,weezy is a machine the most artist wit lot of song

      • Love Me

        I’ve heard about those,I’ll try and download them whn I have the chance…weezy tha BEST!!!

        • master v

          Let’s hope wayne get back to dat weezy era wEre he was killin de game left nd ryt up nd down.

        • John

          ^^^ new fan -.-

    • corbin wells

      jay electronica is like 7 years older then wayne nigga they both from NO that’s why he want to work with wayne.

      • Love Me

        Hmmmm….still dope tho,buh its Em and wayne,Nas and wayne,Jay Z and wayne I wanna see again

        • corbin wells

          listen to eternal sunshine by jay electronica and you will change your mind dude has such a killer flow.

  • blahhh

    I could understand building hype for c5 but lying isn’t that… tez gave a certain week didn’t release and didn’t have any follow up information

  • lilkoomo

    i think it would be kool but where tf is the single ?? lol and pusha T must have liked moment cuz he havent said shitt yet ! HE Know that $hit Bangin

    • Love Me

      Tahahahahaha…I bet so..

    • BEE

      loooool, pusha pusha. wayne no longer gat tym 4 dat nigga. that debut-album-at-34-ass nigga.

  • YMCorey


  • Will

    Jay Z Probably Wouldn’t Let Jay E Work With Lil Wayne

    • Skenny

      LOL xD

    • corbin wells

      why wouldn’t he?

      • marcus

        jay-z is jay e’s boss

        • corbin wells

          yeah but jay z not gonna stop him from getting paid

  • Love Me

    Wanna see Em and wayne on the same song again…a hard ass song like 6foot…that would be mindblowing




      • Love Me

        That’s more like it,let’s just hope and pray

  • Young Cuban

    I wish Jay Electronica would stfu, and drop his album already. But then again I guess dude can chill since he’s making a ton ghost writing for Hova.

    • marcus

      i been waiting 4 years for his album rofl

  • CMB_

    Lol birdman didnt grow up in the magnolia, he’s from the 13th ward where B.G. Is from….but wtf where is that single? Ive been waiting for months now, lol

    • Across the canal

      Juve from the Nolia

      • CMB_

        of course he is

  • Skenny

    What ever ..

  • Worthless Mang

    lil wayne like almost 40!!!!..he needa start changing his things up ..

    • Skenny

      Almost ???
      Man he’s 33

      • Coolcat

        damn he is 31

      • Guest

        Actually he 31

      • fbg_jonesy

        hes 31

        • Skenny

          Oh that’s right
          I just missed counting

  • Smh, See Y’all Still Bitching About A “Imaginary” Single That Was Never Confirmed …

  • Linoh Locc

    Where da Carter 5 single at bro ?



  • corbin wells

    IF he on C5 it will top Mr.carter for top Jay X wayne collab.

  • D5

    now i think about it the album still may drop may 5th remember how they was sayin he want it 2 be a surprise for the people well when cortez and wayne said the single will drop this week it was just part of the plan maybe to get everybody excited about the album , so thats maybe the reason why theres no single nor release date yet u see everybody in YMCMB keeping quite abt C5 … he mite just drop out of nowhere like beyonce did with her album.. U NEVER KNO!!

  • Waynefan

    Still waiting for the single…

  • Tramaine Johnson

    Maybe C5 ??

    • awake

      are u asking if this is the c5 cover? cause its not



    • T.D.E

      That cover is legendary. The hand explains so much

  • C5please

    so tired of waiting

  • weezyf

    bet the single will drop may 5th

  • LP

    Mack Mane just said the last time they are going to push anything back is May 25, 2014

    • Jae Millz

      Shut the fuck up liar

    • LP

      Wait now its July 11, 2014

      • Jae Millz

        Mack Maine didn’t confirm shit. Fuck you

  • Jae Millz

    Come on Lil Wayne, time to get off the skateboard and get to work! #ThaCarterV

    • BEE

      no bro, dont put hitler/holocaust on anything meant to be funny. I get ur point tho.

    • razor


  • New002

    For some reason I feel like listening to “There is no Competition 2” now. #Exhibit F

  • john cunningham

    I’m promoter/manager id love to work with ymcmb myself

  • marcus

    wayne need a collabo with kevin gates on c5

  • Tramaine Johnson

    C5 Was Never The Same

    • Skenny






    • jsksk

      nigga suck a sack of baby dicks

    • Fuck hater

      Fuck you nigga

  • Tru

    One more classic.

  • It’s 4/20 now muthafuckas!!!

  • Young Hitta

    I cant wait much longer bro I just want the damn single!!! I don’t get it……I mean its not that hard, just drop the fuckin single. Tez can go jump off a fuckin cliff for all I care, I just want the damn single.

  • CV

    I feel tune is gonna drop that single today jus cause its 4/20 but prolly not. That’d be dope tho

    • Skenny

      What heppens on 4/20
      Is there a certain event?

      • LeTerance Corbitt

        It’s the annual smoke weed day…

        • Skenny

          Daaaaamn I should know about it
          Thanks bro

      • T.D.E

        Its a day where u can actualy legally smoke weed without getting arrested. Its also a cellebration of Bob Marley’s birthday. Matter of fact im bout to go to my homies dorm room tonight and we gon go get some bitches and get fucked up on some loud.

        #Happy 4/20

      • CV

        Nigga yeah theres a certain event. Get high AF lol. Plus tune did say he’s gonna do it big this year so why not do it big and drop A CV single so we can all blaze up and bang that shit

  • LondonB

    With Jays luck Wayne gonna be dissing someone on that feature

  • Best

    I think C5 is dropping on Wayne’s birthday September 27

  • hiphopfan

    Fuck these niggas having ppl wait! By time the single or Carter 5 drops I’ll be 30


    I would like them to do a song together.. but not on Carter 5.. The features on Carter 5 have to be minimal and bigger names than Jay Electronica.

    I’m looking for features from Drake, Kendrick, Eminem, and Tyler the Creator. Maybe one or two others but no more then that

  • Eric Toomer

    Of course we would. Did you here the ”We Made It” freestyle?!