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Lil Wayne & Justin Bieber Hit Up The Studio To Work On New Music

Fri, Apr 11, 2014 by

Lil Wayne & Justin Bieber Hit Up The Studio To Work On Music

This week, Lil Wayne and Justin Bieber have been working together a lot in the studio. Early Wednesday morning, Tune was spotted smoking weed outside of the Hit Factory in Miami and this morning, both him and Bieber were spotted leaving the same studio at 6AM.

Justin shared the above image on his Instagram page with the caption: “Me and Tunechi in the studio”. There is no word just yet on what project they were working on, but maybe it was Tha Carter V?

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Lil Wayne & Justin Bieber Hit Up The Studio To Work On Music

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  • T@

    Please no don’t do that to tha carter v

  • Young Cuban

    Why is Wayne working with this little bitch, and I hope and pray it isn’t for Wayne’s Carter V album.

    • Thuglife400

      Smh sad I have to say this but if Bieber bitch is on C5, I will not be buying or supporting that shit, I just can’t do it!!!!!!!!

      • Thuglife400


        • Skenny

          A conversation between weezy & JB
          JB: Hey Tune, I wanna be on your CV.
          Weezy: Hell not you stupid bitch.
          JB: I can ride your dick.
          Weezy: Ok den Xx.
          LOL xD

          • Eric

            Actually, that’s the converstation I had wit yo momma last night bitch!!!!

            • Skenny

              Fuck off you crap pocket
              Ain’t no body fuckin wit yo mom asshole

              • skennys mother

                I’m a fat whore that gets fucked by randoms like Eric.

      • Young Cuban

        Agree, that’s going to fuck my mood up, and I’ma go download that shit. for free

      • Alexis

        Jb on the hook will be pretty good if you think about it

        • Chrisbreezy

          Jb on nothing pretty good

    • #1tunechifan

      I was gonna say the same thing

      • Jae Millz

        You ain’t no real Lil Wayne fan. You got Tunechi in your name fuck boy. If you were a REAL Lil Wayne fan your name would be “#1WeezyFan”

        Plus everybody knows Weezy is better than Tunechi

        • Skenny


  • 5*$tunna

    Wackkk..more collabs with flow,cory,bidman,tyga,drake needed

  • Young Cuban

    I feel like Justin Bieber is riding the YMCMB wave, since his career is declining he needs to associate himself with relevant people.

  • Tru

    Why he don’t dress like that for a music video?

    • Cause he won’t have a stylist to dress him for the studio. It’s all his stylists fault.

    • Cocaine Biceps

      u honkies are weird yo

  • fewcha

    bieber on the first c5 single lol?

  • I do not want Bieber on C5 smh.

    • Bryan

      wowww nigga, u are always the first one commenting in these posts, do u have a fuckin life

      • marc hare


      • kayjaycuh34


      • Paul Pastor

        He wasn’t even the first one… And why are you all up in his business whether he is on this all the time or not. Do you have a fuckin life for even noticing?

    • smokey420

      His not goin to be on tha carter v bcuz weezy knows Justin will fuck everything up

  • 5*$tunna

    Lil nigga was doin pushups one day he was in jail ); thinkin he get buff

  • B!tchItsTune

    If justin bieber is on carter 5 I’m done! F!ck that!

  • Alexis

    Backpack was an ok song ….it just needed more wayne

  • King Weezy F

    Off Topic, Where the fuck is tha Carter V single, Man fuck Tez been 3 weeks

    • Alexis

      It comes out may 5th

      • Jae Millz


        • Skenny


          • Alexis

            Um actually 2014

            • Skenny

              I don’t think so ..


      Tbh I think that nigga Tez has a mental problem of some sort. If you think about it his job is easy as fuck, all he has to do is release singles to the fuckin internet as soon as Wayne is done recording. He been doing this shit with every fuckin Wayne album since C3. Wayne really needs to just man tf up and fire this nigga smh.

      • #FUCKTEZ

        From now on we should start a #FUCKTEZ campaign and every body put #FUCKTEZ at the end of your comments. We are going to keep doing it until we get the single. My homeboy works with @youngkidcreez on twitter and we bout to set up an account called @FUCKTEZ so come support us when we get set up. We launching the account on April 18th. We got have a twitter and Instagram page so come follow and support us and don’t forget to use #FUCKTEZ at the end of your comments. @ FUCKTEZ, COMMING TO TWITTER AND INSTAGRAM ON APRIL 18TH!!!!!! FOLLOW FOLLOW FOLLOW!!!!!

        • Alexis

          Single comes out may 5th

  • Salder

    Why Justin B ? Every body hate on him know more then ever, this would be not good for wayne to do a song with this fake singer. Wayne had to make rap song and proved that he can be great again. Please no jb on Carter V…

  • President Carter

    If Justin Beiber is on C5 I know at least 10 people raising the suicide toll this year! SMH

  • AK

    IF Justin Bieber Sings the hook and wayne will rap, believe me it will be a hit
    and i dont know why yall hating on justin bieber , if i also had 160 million on my back account i will be doing the same shit he did and maybe worser lol

    • Jae Millz

      wtf do you even speek english?

      • DΓ‘verson Souza


      • AK

        Sorry about my english man, im actually from amsterdam

        • 27med

          Don’t be sorry

        • Mike


      • KD Tho


    • supermamba17

      I use to not like his music when he was younger but now i think its cool. His song with Chance The Rapper is pretty good.

      • Jae Millz

        *Chip Tha Ripper

        • Slateer

          *Fake Jae Millz,the faggot

  • Nukey

    They would of been working on JB’s new album, backpack is JB’s best song and thats because of Wayne s verse, I’m not a jb fan but I wouldnt mind hearing a collab if it was just verses from weezy nd jb on The hook, jb deffo won’t be on CV unless it’s a certain number 1 hit, I hope if it is a Wayne song then it’s for his devol project which I think might serve as ianahb 1 was originally was going to be and that was as an ep to build up hype for C4 but then Wayne went rikers and ianahb became an lp so yeah I hope devol drops as an ep before C5 or else will never get it…..

  • 5*$tunna

    Wayne ..Never say never lmfao the end

  • Guest

    As much as I dislike Bieber, their last collab was on point. No complaining here

    • Jae Millz

      The (Original) Gudda Gudda probably disagrees

      • If he was the original, he wouldn’t need “(Original)” in his name

        • [Original] Gudda Gudda


    • Skenny

      Both of yall are fake

  • Ken JR Lopez

    Bieber and wayne sounds interesting πŸ™‚

  • Ted Tandilashvili

    i dont want JB on CV .

  • New002


    • Skenny

      I see what you did there


    Nooooo don’t need that negativity on his final album

    • Skenny

      final album?
      You mean final “Tha Carter” album


        He said its his final album as a solo artist, ask Danny M.

        • Skenny

          Oh shit πŸ™
          So he probably continuing on features only πŸ™
          Damn πŸ™

          • Nukey

            We should get collab albums such as Like Father Like Son 2 and maybe Big Tymers Album to come out after or before Tha Carter 5 as well as Wayne saying he’ll get in the studio for any future rich gang or young money albums πŸ™‚ but a solo album would come a hefty price which I’m hoping Birdman will match/ pay that much to get Weezy to make a new solo album in a few years time!

  • Daniel Son

    Wayne is a genius. If he wants to work with Justin Bieber and do a song for CV, it’s alright because Wayne knows what he’s doing. He’s done collaborations with worse people and made big hits. In Wayne We Trust.

  • young pash

    I bet if weezy drop a record with justin it will be a hit. I hope justin on the c5 bump the haters ^_^

    • CV

      I Tried telling them

  • Ohh man.

  • Can’t fucking wait hahahah!!!

  • Deee

    The song will be dope

  • Emmanuel Kesse

    I think that it would be great if justin would be on C5 now… Before y’all motherfuckers cover me with insults…. I’m not a big jb fan but let’s face it the guy has a great voice and is super popular…so if they have a song together on C5… Not only will it be a hit.. But it will also draw more attention Wayne’s album.

    • Rasky will be like mirror but in dis case its jb

      • Skenny

        It will be historical if it “Mirror (Remix) Ft. Justin Bieber)

  • [Original] Gudda Gudda

    Hating on Bieber in 2014 is lame

    • Skenny

      He is “All-Time” lame :/

  • Devo

    wayne creates music, beiber creates music

  • Alexis

    Carter V single comes out may 5th

    • Skenny

      Idk why
      But I’m probably believin you

      • Alexis

        Good lol and obviously the single will be with drake

        • Skenny

          You a brain teaser lol

  • eljiireese

    fuck you jae millz

  • eljiireese

    and fuck yall

    • Skenny

      Fuck you 2

  • Skenny

    First of all
    Im not Justin Pancake ass Bieber fan
    But forreal, justin and wayne were
    Ammaaaaazzing !!!
    On that “BackPack” hit
    I really hope a good one again

  • Rasky

    am OK with it, after all backpack was a nice song. nd ofv cus wayne kws what he is doing he wont fuck his C5 album

    • Skenny

      Damn man
      You need a spellin lesson

      • Rasky

        dude.. am just short cutting my knows(kws) of cause (ofv cus)..

    • Rasky

      dude.. am just short cutting my knows(kws) of cause (ofv cus)..

  • Linoh Lcc

    Gay ass bieber BETTER not be on Tha C5 !!! #OnThaReal #1hunna

  • Linoh Lcc

    Honestly< gay as bieber is gana ruin da C5 IF hes in it….
    I pray to good hes not in it…

  • Martiansfromouttaspace

    Its a secret y’all shhh be patient let weezy get back on his alien martian shit hopefully while hes smoking getting high he focused better and spitting hotter verses please don’t kill his vibe just let tune be him trust me he’s a real musician and go hard $$$ Lol its huge and gonna be unthinkable

    • Martiansfromouttaspace

      Birdman Jr is back and gonna show the world why he’s da best rapper alive and gonna be on his Alien shit dat real fans love cash money records $$$$$$ weezy f baby da fireman coming harder

  • Davidson Lumas

    I swear if wayne asked some of u guys on here to suck his dick half of yall would damn.. ride his soo much dawg thats crazy

    • haters SMH

      You always cum up here and mention gay shit that’s gay nigga u very suspect you the only one I see up here talking about some gay shit its called bein a Weezy fan but I do agree with you on one thing some of these niggas up here do go over the edge worrying about wat another man is wearing getting mad because another man cut his hair wat tats he got and other shit but if you are so called a fan you wouldn’t be up here bashing him or dissin him everyday not saying that you have to agree with everything that he is doing cause I don’t even agree with everything he’s done but I’m a true fan I’ll even admit to being a die hard fan but I do listen to others like meek mill Kendrick Ross and more if u a fan u not gone be on here hatin

      • Davidson Lumas

        Where in that sentence did I bash weezy. Common… really im a fan but some fans are soo dam pathetic

        • haters SMH

          I said u be bashin Wayne cuz yo ass usually come up here and bash him so I was sayin in general dumbass

          • Davidson Lumas

            W.e idc.. lol niggas in here be saying im a fake weezy fan like im ganna get my feelings hurt. Cmon gtfoh im not that sensitive Bout a guy idk like u stans

            • weezyforlife

              i would love to suck wayne’s huge dick

    • Slateer

      Also, Eminem stans are way worst. Go to an Eminiem fanpage and talk shit. Shit just go to Youtube and talk shit to Eminem fans. Each artist has a his dead hard fanbase and it should be obvious by the name ” Lil Wayne HQ” that this is Wayne’s die hard fanbase

    • Skenny

      A lot of gay people are here


    Nobody pay Davidson Lunmas any mind he juss up here to hate as he usually dose to get a reaction from all of u he has no life Smh that nigga love talkin bout gay shit.

    • Davidson Lumas

      Eat my dick bitch… and learn how ro spell does.. its not dose

      • Skenny

        lmao xD

  • Malik

    Man anytime Wayne in the studio is a good thing man y’all need to cut it out

  • JayHighAss

    This is not Carter V … Wayne is not that stupid to put bieber on C5 NO WAY !

  • Snuggs

    Ha! Awesome ….Nicki Minaj n Robin Thicke on C2…Robin Thicke n Babyface on C3….Bruno Marz and JOhn Legend on C4 haha now another awesome chorus voice CV…Justin ..hmm haha wayne is smart …Wayne wants a hit πŸ™‚ CV nigga!

    • CMB_

      Nicki minaj wasnt on tha carter 2, that was Nikki not Nicki Minaj. She wasnt even on Young Money in 05

  • Time

    Soulja Boy was with them in the studio

    • Skenny

      Tha song is fukked up now

  • wayneskiee

    dawg i bet the c5 single is gona b some bitch singing and mayb weez or shud i say tunchi spittin 5 fukin bars a verse..nd only 2 verses

  • niggas getting work up over this shittt!!…..smh they just recording a song……. nun of yall know whether its for C5 or not just calm and stop jumping to conclusions……

  • Alkiuris Alvarez Rodriguez

    i hope its not for the carter V ..i dont think bieber is good enought to be on a carter akbum

    • Skenny

      Nice one ^_*

  • LondonB


  • Random Thought

    Don’t give a fuck if Beiber is on or off the Carter V, as long as it sound good to my ears, I’mma be alright with whatever. I know wayne has something incredible in store for us.

  • Chuck_Brazy

    Hopefully it’s not for C5. If it’s probably gonna be a hot single with JB on the hook.

  • Truth

    Let the man take his time so y’all dont start complaining about his will come and we know it will so just be patient and my nigga wayne is gon prove errbody wrong

  • bieber killer

    this shit better not go on c5

  • Best

    Wayne knows what he is doing, I love that backpack song, it’s good. If this new song is for C5, believe me it’s going to be 100% better than that backpack song, it’s going to be a great song!

  • Skenny

    I can believe this time the song
    Will be Lil Wayne featuring JB

  • Dillon

    No fucken way this must be for C 5

  • TunechiSwe

    it gonna be a hit if it is for C5

  • clew

    Biebz newer shit it nice, but don’t let him on C5

  • bsk_rich

    quit judging before the song even drops. what type of fans hate on a song that hasn’t even came out yet smh. y’all are ridiculous

    • Skenny

      It’s releasin after 147598 years as well -_-

  • ym100%

    Wayne should hope on something similar to this with his autotune flow

  • Carl Ferguson III

    Working on that Tha Carter V he got that bitch in 5th gear

  • Swezy

    Noooo way jb shouldn’t be in c5!! C’mon c5 gonna be a classic album, don’t need a pop singer like jb on that!

  • Uncle Sam

    Everyone assumes too much. How do anyone of you know it’s for C5??? You don’t. What if it’s a JB song featuring Weezy for a JB album???

  • CV

    All y’all are haters. Idgaf bieber is nice. 90% of his songs are hits. Backpack was a little off but this is for CV its gonna be a classic. Y’all will be rockin with it watch… another smart move from Tune

  • TwizzieTwitch

    This song gonna be hot. hes getting beiber on the song to attract those lil girls. plus bieber can sing nigga…cmon. you know he gonna kill that hook. have you heard “Hold Tight” By Bieber? that shit cold!its new time period hes working with whos hot now. not no damn Juelz Santana

    • Skenny

      Yeah my nigga
      Lil Wayne gonna kill everyone with his CV !

  • Anti

    Noooooooo don’t do it Wayne. Please don’t have bieebr on the carter v

    • Skenny

      Lil wayne knows what tha hell ge doin
      So stop complainin

  • Uncle Sam

    You guys are fucktards that keep asserting it’s gonna be on C5, and you don’t know shit. It’s most likely a song we’ll not here for 2 more years like Backpack was, which also WASN’T on any Wayne albums. It could be on a JB album for all anyone knows.

    • Skenny

      Hell not on a JB album
      Cuz he already released an album about 2 months ago
      So probably on that CV !!

  • Chuck_Brazy

    My prediction: The single is going to drop in May & C5 is gonna be pushed back to 2015. I already prepared myself for the long ass wait. Anything sooner than that is a fucking miracle. #C5 #WhatUpFive???

  • ahmed

    i wish Rihanna on C5

    • Skenny

      Rihanna and lil wayne are amazing if they do a collaboration together πŸ™‚

  • Skenny

    I dont need a CV single
    I dont need a music video
    I just need a new lil wayne verse
    That’s all.

  • TUNE

    CARTER V 2015<


    That carter V seem like its gon be like detox never coming out

    • Skenny

      Time will tell bro :/

  • jaayjaay

    senile video just dropped

    • Skenny

      It didn’t drop

  • william240sx

    Fanboys sound like faggots on here. “Dont complain he know what he doing” who tf wants justin bieber on c5 ridiculous

  • Skenny

    Fuck all tha fake motherfucking fans
    That are only being for fucking with me