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Lil Wayne Says “Fuck You” To Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Over Racist Comments [Video]

Sat, Apr 26, 2014 by

Above, Weezy F Baby shares his thoughts on the racist remarks caught on tape from the Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

Lil Wayne says that if he was a current Clipper player, he would quit straight away and wouldn’t play for the team again. He also mentions that an apology or a team meeting would not make up for what Donald has said either.

“Fuck you, that simple, that easy!”

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  • Pete

    Here is this weeks weezy Wednesday episode hah!

    • 86TiLLiDiE

      Purple and Yellow nigga

      Let’s trade Nash and Farmar for CP3

      • Don_Hooper19

        Lol hell ya

    • This and that other video from today – the one of Wayne skating.

    • CARTER V

      haha good one, but no.. this weeks weezy wednesday will be him celebrating 420 i guess.

  • Ron

    I’m Ron Burgundy?

  • fewcha

    “purple and yellow nigga”


    how much more awkward can dj scoob doo doo be lowering the camera after Wayne’s talking…. his job is to be a hoe

    • I’ve never seen anyone suck more at their job than him.

      • 86TiLLiDiE

        Suck dick*

      • Jae Millz

        At least he gave us that studio session of “She Will” before Tha Carter IV. That was pretty dope… Maybe he’ll start giving us more studio session videos as Tha Carter V is about to drop? IDK I’m talking outta my ass

  • Why did scoob Doo zoom into on this shorts at the end lmfao.

  • Millz

    S/o to Weezy for this one

  • wizzle f


    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      ghoulish part 2 coming soon

      • Daniel Son

        Ft Gudda.

      • Jae Millz

        That is such an old joke.

  • Alicia



    Was the close up to the microscopic trukfit logo necessary.

    • Time

      Two words: Scooby Doo

      • brandone

        it’s *scoob dumbass -__-

  • Malik

    Nino brown 3, C5,and the rich gang movie is all i need from Weezy this year.

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      only 1 of those is ever coming out and thats c5

      • Time

        And I bet you it don’t even come out this year :-/

    • Guest

      Nino Brown 3 was announced in like 2010 or something. I remember he stole everybodys money for the pre orders… Rich Gang was announced back in early 2013, that ain’t happening… Tha Carter V, maybe coming out 2025

    • Jae Millz

      You forgot to mention The Drought is over 7.

  • Time

    A Scoob Doo video with actually new footage of Wayne in it.

    A Wayne video were he is not talking about Euro.

    What is the world coming to?

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda



    Yo wtf is taking that buy the world record so long? Got damn it almost ruins any momentum music has when you take too damn long to drop it after bringing it up that new music is coming.. The best route is the Beyonce route or what Jay z did. Just drop it one day out of nowhere or give a two week notice with snippets

    Example .. You saw that beats commercial with Dr Dre and kendrick.. Why tease that song so early if kendrick’s album not set to drop until september or later..

    Also youtube J cole ft. kendrick lamar temptation.. Look at the date of when the song was previewed.. Why tell us a collab album coming.. 3 years later and counting.. Still nothing.. I haven’t mentioned carter v bc we all know how cortez do. He think he the shit and know what he’s doing. He aint shit.. A damn single should have been out.. Idgaf if Wayne in the studio with Mannie Fresh.

  • Paulina Perez

    Perfectly well said.. Self PRIDE, learn that MOTHERFUCKERS!!!

  • Lil Will B

    Umm… anybody goy a link to what he said?

  • learning off of experience

    Real shit Fuck bol he a nobody didnt even know him before this shit anyway wasnt even worth anyone time … ^5^/

    • Intellectual404

      Bro he owns a NBA team. Your ignorance of him doesn’t make him irrelevant lol. WTF is wrong with people now a days.

      • learning off of experience

        Your right but his achievement has nothing to do with his ignorance twards our people simple as that forget how rich he is or what he has an apology would be nice for starters but that wont ever change how people look at him .

  • Linoh Locc

    Lol . I want More C5 news

  • lil wayne is a coward clown

    lol nigger fuck urself and go back to africa

  • #TeamFaztLyfeENT.

    Nigga readin’ off cue cards and shit.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck that RACSIT basted

  • Anonymous

    Why they do a close up on his knees

    • Jae Millz

      Trukfit product placement

  • mortimerr2014

    Is wha sterling said worse than wayne sayin “beat that pussy up like emit till?”


    • goldentiger3

      It’s all for the art, i’ve never taken a rap lyric seriously since NWA. What sterling did was ban a whole race from coming to his games for being dark skinned, thats pretty much going back in time again.

    • BEE

      yo, that lyrics was disrespectful, no doubt but u will be shallow minded to compare the two, the latter reflects the deep rooted racism in corporate america that still exists today.

      • intellectual404

        Both of you are saying that lil wayne is not responsible for irresponsible remarks. Stop being fans and be realist. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN STERLING AND WAYNES REMARKS.

        • BEE

          Wayne or not, I will ALWAYS be more offended about a white man’s racial remarks than a black man’s consequential ignorance regarding race.

  • Slateer

    Hey guys you know Im not just using this place to advertise cause I’ve commented here a few times but could you guys please check out my song? Its a collab with my team and we are just tryna make it.(Im the second guy btw)Please just at least listen please. Its a dream

  • laura

    Mr lil Wayne I’m sure you faced discrimination in the music industry How did you handle it? also how prevalent is it?

  • LondonB

    scoob need a real job foreal tho and weezy need a new camera crew ls. scoob be really thinking he be giving us the scoop and he swear he be putting in work wit his camera editing skills

  • C5 2015

    Lol how ironic is this….. Maybe Wayne shouldn’t use the nigga word in his raps so much or talk about shooting people

    • BEE

      How does that have anything to do with anything? Is that the excuse for racists these days? BLACK PEOPLE HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO USE NIGGA, maybe if they were never discriminated against by white scum of this kind they will never have to use the word so much and maybe they will never have been associated with gun violence, does that make sense to you?

      • Intellectual404

        You make no sense. So internalized racism by blacks is acceptable but racism by others isn’t?


    Donald Sterling girlfriend set him up tho smh you can’t trust these hoes….. These hoes ain’t Loyal

  • Racist pièce of shit

    Psa : lil wayne .. 80 per cent of nba franchise owner are racist .. Maybe the Lakers too.. Ask yourself why they let kanye new slaves song played…they will treat you like a pharaon untill theý´ll Bust your nose off like the phénix ….r.i.p m. Jackson … A real black man .. Not a nigger

  • Racist pièce of shit

    All yall that lashed out….. Stop makin a fixation on Donald bitch ass… They are all the same … And take a right listen at what he said… Dont show the world you are with black people..,, when he said the world he meant not me n you .. But the white élite … Trust me …. owners in NBA are 100 Times more racist than Donald bitch ass…. He fucked n loved a mixéd girl.. And almost cryed at the end of them discussion ….

  • Racist pièce of shit

    Excuse my french … Im a arab from france

  • Zay zay

    You respond day of when it come to bullshit we don’t give a fuck about but when it come to some c5 news u all closed mouth and shit

  • Countin’AllDay

    Fuck that..Im selling all my Sterling silver

    • Jae Millz

      Nigga you ain’t got no sterling silver. More like plastic sporks and paper plates my nigga

  • Skenny

    The same hat from “high school” video.

  • LuvTunechi

    Fuk Sterling!!! Hes a fake! Suk mines n My BabiWaynes dik, yu Bitch!

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  • Zaysmoove

    Fuck Don Sterling, CP3 come to tha real LA team rs

  • Nick

    Tell it like it is Lil Wayne. Plus,Clippers should be owned by Magic Johnson. I know you can’t force a sale, but it will unfold on its own because the blaze of the fire has already begun.

  • Brianna

    Hes a very intellectual & well spoken man. Always has been. Its obvious that he is intelligent. I know you gotta promote but that zoom at the end of that simple ass logo was tacky.

  • Best

    I say fuck Donald Sterling and anybody that love him 😛

  • LilMissSunshine

    Nicely done!!!
    WELL SAiD.
    ♡ #YouGoBoy!!! 😉